Part 7 of the other 6 stories
I woke up around 3PM and noticed that my shorts where stuck to my butt and
legs from all the dried up dog cum. I needed a shower real bad. I then went
into the bathroom and 'peeled' off my cum stained shorts then jumped in the
shower. While I was in there, I began to look at the scratches on my sides
that Rascal had given me when I was submitting my naked body to him. Just
by looking at them you could almost read them like a book and tell what
happened to me last night. The scratches around my chest is where I was
mounted and started to get fucked. The long scratches around my stomach
area is where his paws had slid down when he was really pounding any at me
hard. And the deeper scratches on the front of my thighs is where he was
pushing my ass as close to him as possable while his knot formed inside me
and locked us together as he then began his breeding with me. I jacked off
while thinking of Rascal fucking me and how close I was to getting caught
by who-ever that was in the truck. When I got out of the shower, I picked
up my shorts and hid them in the dirty laundry basket... I didn't want
anyone seeing them and asking me what was all over them. I then went back
into my bedroom to change my sheets and stuff, because they too had Rascals
dried up cum on them. When I went back into the laundry room, I thought I
had just way too much stuff with cum on it, and I didn't want my parents to
see any of it. So I then just did my own wash that day to avoid any

The next day, I had recovered enough to go back to school. My asshole was
still alittle tender from Rascals fucking, but I was good with it. It was
a normal day in school that day until I reached my PE class. When I was in
the locker room getting ready to put on my PE clothes, Lyle came over and
asked me why I was not in school yesterday. I paused for a second, not
knowing what to say, and then I said "Well, I got tied up with something."
Lyle then looked at me strange and said "My dog didn't hurt you when he
fucked you the day before did he?" I laughed and said "No, It was not your
dog." I then lifted my shirt alittle bit and showed him one of the freash
scratches on me. Lyle then said "Oh wow dude! You got fucked by your
neighbors dog again didn't you." I then gave him a little smile and said
"yup". Just then the bell rang, so we had to head out to the PE field. As
we walked out the door, Lyle said "Hey, I will see you later." and he then
headed off to his coaches area which was a diffrent coach than mine. We
later meet back up in the locker room when class was ending. As we shere
changing out of our gym clothes, I noticed that Lyle was really checking me
out when I was Quickly changing my shirt. He then came over and said "Man,
that dog must have fucked you hard because you got scratches all over you."
(since it was lunch time now) I said "Meet me at the main cafe in a few
minutes." He said "ok" and we both got dressed and left the locker room.

When I had gotten my food, I saw my friends at our normal table but I was
more intrested in seeing Lyle since we where into the samething. I then
spotted him comming out of the cafe with his tray, and he signaled to me to
follow him, which I did. We both then sat down under a tree on the side of
the cafe where we could be alone and have nobody around us. He then just
blurted out (as he always did) "You had me kinda worried yesterday when you
didn't show up for school since the day before I fucked you and then my dog
fucked you too. I thought maybe you where hurt or something." I then said
"No, all that was cool, but I got horny again a few hours later and went to
see my neighbors dog later that night." Lyle then said "Fuck dude, I can't
believe your letting a German Shepard fuck you..That's a big dog! His knot
(yes, he said 'knot' and not 'ball' this time) must be must hurt
like hell."

I then said "Yeah, it hurts at first but once it's inside you, it seems to
find a place in your ass where it plants itself and grows big in you with
less pain for some reason." Lyle then said "I really want to know what it
feels like to have my dogs knot inside me, but everytime we fuck I always
get worried that it will hurt too much, or my parents will come home early
and catch me tied up with Buster." I then thought for a second, and said
"Well, if you really want to go all the way with Buster, you can come over
to my house with him. My parents never come home early." Lyle then paused
for a second and said "Where would we do it at your house?" I answered
"You can do it in my bedroom or in my garage if you want since my garage is
full of stuff, so they don't park their cars in it..the garage is almost
never opened up, and there is plenty of room in there for us if you want."
Lyle then thought for a second and said "Your garage sounds like a cool
place to finally let Buster fuck me all they way..Wanna meet after school
by the gym bike racks and then goto my house to pick up Buster?" I said
"Ok" and we then both stopped talking for a bit and ate the rest of our
When we where done with our food, Lyle again just blurted out "Fuck, Im
horny now. I wish there was a place where we could go right now and fuck."
I then looked at his pants and saw that his dick was hard as a rock. It was
easy to see as it bulged from his jeans pressing up against his thigh. I
could even see the outline of his mushroom head on his hard cock. Needless
to say, I was horny too, and I said "Do you want to fuck me right now?"
Lyle then said "Hell yeah dude, your a fox! and all this talk about me
getting fucked good by my dog later has me horny as hell!" I then said
"Dude, it's only 2 more hours before school lets out..once your dog is done
fucking you in my garage, I will let you fuck me." Lyle then said "Wanna
ditch right now and go to my house and fuck?" I answered "Dude, I will be
in so much trouble if I do that..Just wait till after school." Just then
the bell rang which ment it was the end of lunch time. We both got up and
adjusted our hardons and started off to our next classes. But Lyle tried
one more time to get me to ditch school with him, which I again told him
"no way".

During my next two classes, It was impossable to pay any attention to
what the teacher was saying. The only thing on my 16 year old mind was Sex
after school with Lyle and his dog in my garage. It felt like time was
ticking so slow that day as I waited for the end of school. But Finaly 3
PM hit and it was time to go meet him at the bike racks, which was on the
other end of campus from where my last class was. I started walking and had
to stop by my school locker to but some of my books in it and when I was
done I noticed Lyle was in the locker bay right next to mine. So I went
over and met up with him there. The first thing he said when I walked up to
him was "Ready to go have some fun!" I replyed back with "Heck yeah!" We
then started walking off campus towards his house. During our walk Lyle
asked me "Are you sure your parents wiil not be home today?" I said "Yes
dude, they won't be home for at least another 3 hours." He then said
"Cool, because I really want Buster to fuck me all the way today!" I kinda
laughed and said "He will, and your going like it a lot." Lyle then said
"Fuck! This is going to be awesome!" I then looked at his pants and I could
see that he had a boner, so I knew he was ready to be fucked good today.
When we got to his house, Lyle unlocked he front door and we both went in
to go get Buster. Lyle went into the kitchen and grabbed and came out with
his dogs leash. We both then went to his back door to get Buster. The
second Lyle opened the door, Buster came running in and was happy as all
heck. He was running in circles and he was just all excited. I then asked
Lyle "Is he always this happy, or do you think he knows whats about to
happen?" Lyle laughed and said "I don't know...lets find out." Lyle then
got on the ground on his hands and knees, and Buster jumped right on top of
him and clamped on to Lyles waist and began tring to hump him. Lyle then
looked up at me and said "I think he knows." Lyle then got up and put the
leash on Buster and said to me "Lets go". We then headed out the door and
where on our way to my house. My house was about 7 blocks away from his,
and we where going to be walking right past the Auto Repair Shop which was
still going to be Open, so I knew Rascal would not be there, and this time
we where going to be on the sidewalk and not cutting through it. When we
reached the Shop, I was kinda nervious for some reason..I don't know why.
As we passed by the front gate, that was wide open, I looked in and glanced
at the grassy area where Rascal had fucked me 2 days ago. I then saw my
socks that I left behind still laying on the grass where I had put them.
Lyles dog then just stopped at one of the fence poles and began to pee on
it. As Lyle and I stood there waiting for his dog to finish peeing, Lyle
said "Buster must smell the dog that this place has." I acted all cool, and
said "Oh yeah, what kind of dog?" Lyle then said "It's a big mean German
Shepard. I never see it here during the day, but sometimes when im walking
Buster at night, we see it." I then said "Really, a German Shepard
huh.. like my neighbors dog that fucks me.? Lyle then laughed and said "I
don't know what your neighbors dog looks like, but this shepard is big and
mean, and would tear you up if it had the chance." I then thought to
myself 'Yeah, he's torn me up a few times....and little do you know, thats
the dog that fucks me." We then continued towards my house and I said to
Lyle "Would you ever let that Greman Shepard back there fuck you if you had
the chance?" Lyle then said "Fuck no dude! that dogs mean! I would never
even get close to that dog. I then said nothing (but wanted too) and kinda
left it at that.

A few minutes later, Lyle, Buster and I reached my house. My garage door
had an automatic door opener button just inside my front door, but I didn't
want to use it because I didn't want any of my neighbors seeing us go into
the would look kinda strange..and plus once we where in the
garage, there was no button in there to close it.
I then told Lyle to come in and bring Buster around to my back yard where
we could enter my garage from the door around back. When I opened the door
to the garage, Buster was quite eager, and went inside very quickly. Lyle
then said "This is perfect, do you have something to put down, so I don't
have to be fucked on the cement floor?" I then found a large piece of
extra carpet and spreaded it on the floor, and said "You ready?" Lyle then
took Buster off the leash and said "Yup, im ready." He then kicked off his
shoes and looked over at Buster and said "Ready boy, Ready to fuck me."
Busters eyes where locked with Lyle's, and his tail was wagging quite
hard. I then said "It looks like he's ready to fuck you." Lyle then took
off his shirt, revealing his scratch marks, which made my already hard cock
even harder by seeing that. AS Lyle tossed his shirt aside, Buster came up
to him and began sticking his nose in Lyle's crotch area. Lyle then pulled
his pants and boxers down at the sametime and kicked them aside as well. He
was now standing fully naked in my garage, and Buster was already starting
to lick at Lyle's ass. Lyle then got on the ground on his hands and knees,
and Buster really started digging into Lyles 16 year old ass with his
toung, cleaning and prepping Lyle's ass for the fucking that was soon to

As Buster licked away at Lyle's ass, Lyle began to moan with each hard
lick his dog was giving him. I watched as Lyle would raise his ass higher
and higher as his dog just kept prepping his ass for his cock. Then Buster
stopped and mounted his master. Buster grabbed onto Lyle's chest and took
hold of Lyle and at the sametime he began to pump his hips looking for
Lyle's hole. Lyle began moaning again as Buster was missing his target, and
I watched as Lyle moved his ass around to help Buster find his
hole. Suddenly Lyle let out a huge moan and looked over at me and said
"He's in me." I then saw Buster clamp down even harder on Lyle as his hips
really began to pound away at Lyle's ass. Lyle was moaning and moaning
with each thrust Buster was giving him and his face had the look of total
bliss as his dog just kept pounding at him. About a minute into it, Lyle
looked at me and said in a shaken voice "He's deep in me and getting
thicker." I then said "Do you feel his knot yet?" And he said "Not yet,
but damn this feels good." I was just about to say someting else, when all
of a sudden Lyle started moaning even louder, and at the sametime, I
watched as Buster slid his paws down to Lyle's waist and started to pound
even harder at Lyle. Lyle then looked over at me again and said "I feel
it...fuck..oh's in me...fuck it hurts." I then said "Just take it
dude, the pain will go away once his knot finds it's place in you to take
hold." He then said nothing and bent his head down as Buster just kept
pounding at him. Lyle then began to moan even louder and started saying
quite loud "Fuck me Buster! Fuck Me good buddy!" I then noticed that
Busters hips started to slow down his fucking of Lyle, and I asked Lyle
"Are you ok?" He then turned and looked at me with a face of pain and sweat
and said in a low voice "Were stuck together." I then watched as Buster
gave a few more humps at Lyle's ass and then just stop. Buster was
breathing hard, and so was Lyle, and I knew that they where tied together.

Buster then moved his paws back up to Lyle's chest and kept ahold of his
master/bitch. I then watched as Lyle adjusted his ass under his dog. He
moved his ass up higher to be closer to his dogs cock, just like I would do
when Rascal would tie with me. I then said to Lyle "Are you alright?" He
slowly rose his head and looked at me and said "Dude, Im fucked" I then
said "What do you mean?" Lyle then took a few seconds to answer me, and
then said "Dude, Im tied up with my dog right now and I can feel his dick
Way up inside me..and every second I can feel his cum shooting into me."
Just then Buster started to dis-mount Lyle, and Lyle moaned loud as Busters
cock twisted inside of him as Buster and Lyle now where butt to butt with
each other. I then watched as Lyle quickly moved his ass around at got as
close to his dogs ass as possable. When Lyle and his dog where both done
moving around, I looked at Lyle and said "Are you ok dude?" Lyle quickly
said "Oh fuck dude! That hurt! I thought I was going to feel his knot pop
out of me when he did that, but NO it just stayed in me and did not move
out of me at all." Lyle then bowed his head back down and begam to give
slight little moans. I then asked him again "Are you ok?" And he said
"Yeah, I think so...His knot is pulling at my ass, but now I can really
feel his cum shooting into me...oh fuck dude, his cum is really filling me
up." I then just watched Lyle bend his head back down and kept moaning each
time his dogs cum squrited into him. Needless to say, I was horny as hell
seeing him stuck together with his dog, and I wanted to jerk off OR
something real bad!

Lyle then rose his head again and said "Once my dog pulls his dick out of
me, I can still fuck you right?" I then said "Hell yes! But since your
going to be stuck together for at least 15 more you want to
suck my dick while I wait?" Lyle was quick to answer "Hell yeah dude!" I
then pulled my pants down and got on my knees on the carpet stuck my hard
cock right on his lips. I knew he was not going to be able to move too
much since he was tied with his dog, so I let him take my dick in his mouth
and get comfortable with sucking me. He was sucking me quite well, and
since my eyes where looking at his ass and his dogs ass pressed against
each other, I knew I was going to cum quick. About 1 minute later I felt
myself about ready to cum, and I said to Lyle "Im getting ready to cum."
Lyle then started sucking me harder. I then began to move my hips and fuck
his mouth as I felt my cum shooting into him. When I was done cumming,
Lyle kept sucking at me for a bit, then let me pull my cock out of his
mouth. I then saw him making swallowing motions with his mouth as he
gulped down my cum. He then looked at me and said "Awesome dude!" I then
sat on a chair with my pants still down, since I knew Lyle was going to
fuck me next, once his dogs knot releases him.

At this point, there was nothing to do but wait for Lyle and his dog to
untie with each other. As I sat in the chair and looked at both of them, I
watched as Lyle would keep adjusting his ass with his dog. I then said "So
how does it feel to be tied up with Buster?" Lyle looked over at me with
an empty look in his eyes and said "Dude, it feels ok..but his knot is
fucking huge in me right now! I move my ass sometimes to see if I can get
it to move, but it just stays put in me." I then said "Yup, It will be
locked inside you until he is done cumming in you." Lyle then said "Fuck
dude, I can feel every squirt of his cum still shooting in me right now. My
insides feel all heated up from the amount of cum that is already in me,
and yet his cock is still putting more and more in me."
I then said "Trust me dude, when he is done and pulls out of you, your
going to be so full of cum that it is going to be leaking out of you."
Lyle then moved his ass closer towards his dog and said "The more cum he
puts in me, the hotter it gets inside me...It feels so awesome." I was
kinda blown away by that, so I said "Well, now that Buster has fucked you,
and tied with you, Are you going to let him fuck you again sometime?" Lyle
was quick to answer with "Fuck yeah dude, now that he has his knot in me,
It feels great. It hurt at first, but now it feels great inside me..Thanks
dude for letting me come over to your house and letting me finally get
fucked by my dog 'all the way." I then said "No problem dude, we can do
this everyday after school if you want." Lyle was quick again with "Fuck
yeah, that would be so cool. How about you getting your neighbors German
Shepard and we both get fucked and tied up at the sametime in your garage."
I then paused for a few seconds and then said "Well...I don't know if that
could ever happen since the German Shepard is not really my neighbors dog."

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I had a staffordshire terrier , he'd suck my cock and tounge fuck my asshole with what felt like a foot of tounge lol he loved sucking my dick and was a cum slut just loved my cum I never could get him to mount tho . He did let me suck his cock a few times couldn't get him to cum but it was really hot and hard he seemed to like it he'd thrust in my mouth . I sure would like to get ass fucked by a dog but all I ever have happen was a female standard poodle would suck me off and lick my ass also I tried to fuck her but I couldn't get my cock in her I was 14, then. And didn't know much I was 35 with the male dog

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I love the story i wonder how much cum a dog shots


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hes not writing it hes stole it off from another author. go to nify and look in the beast section for s story called auto repair shop dog

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i have been fucked by a great dane dog several times its my sons dog he goes away to work so i look after dog soon as i get to his house the dog starts licking my arse through my cloths and get a hard on as son as i strip off hes fucking me mmmmm

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i have been fucked by a great dane dog several times its my sons dog he goes away to work so i look after dog soon as i get to his house the dog starts licking my arse through my cloths and get a hard on as son as i strip off hes fucking me mmmmm

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