A man who uses the 'Date Rape' drug gets double the pleasure for the price of one.
"The Date: Chapter 2" : By Bigwayne 2013

**Contains: Drugged sex, D/d young and older incest, watersports, anal, oral, lesbians, racist derrogatory speech, sadism.**

Thank you for reading these, but as I always say, you have been warned. If the N-word offends you, don't bother to read this. It uses the word liberally in this chapter.


Journal entry; Date: 9/23

It's been a while since I updated this journal with an entry. It is now 3 months after that first amazing date involving the voluptuous woman and her young preteen daughter. As I said in previous entries since starting this journal, I've been using the psychiatric drug Rohypnol on women I pick up at bars and clubs. It makes them very succeptible to suggestion, makes them eager to please, and lowers their inhibitions dramatically. The drug numbs the reasoning and willpower centers of the brain. They protest what I make them to do for me sometimes, but they still do it anyway. They have no control. Plus it has the added benefit of removing any memory of me and what I do to them while they're under the drug's hypnotic influence. I even bought a ring with a secret compartment in it so I could easily dispense the drug into their drinks. The top of the ring flips up on a hinge. I have merely to open the trap door and lean my hand sideways over my victim's cocktail to dispense it.

I've used the drug about 15 times now on various women. Some of them were around my age (31), and some of them were cougars, women nearing 50 who wanted a fling with a younger guy. The older women seem like they would do as I asked even without me having to give them the drug because they liked that a younger guy was attracted to them. They were very eager to please and let me do some wild things to them to keep me interested. The ones I didn't drug, though, I had the disadvantage of them remembering my face, even though I gave them a fake name. If I bedded too many of those, I had to relocate and start prowling around a new bar or club for some fresh prey.

Then there were the younger, closer to 20 ones whom I usually had to resort to using the Rohypnol on to clinch the deal with them. While I'm not really old at 31 and still have a fairly good, toned body, the younger girls still saw me as 'That guy over 30', which meant I had to really impress them before they'd even let me get close to them without snubbing me. But as long as I was plying them with drink after drink for free, they usually hung out with me long enough that I could slip the drug into their drink and sneak out the door with them.

There was this particular 22 year old brunette last month who was partying with some of her sorority sisters at a club. It was especially hard to get to her with 4 of her friends sitting around her cock blocking me. I had to buy a round of drinks for the whole lot of them before they would let me sit with them at their table. During the second round I purchased, I managed to open the lid on my special ring and stealthfully drop a dose of powdered Rohypnol into her margarita. When she had consumed the entire drink, I asked her to dance so I could get her away from her group. As we danced, the drug started kicking in. I could tell by the way her demeanor changed, from that of a college girl who was just out for the freebies her good looks could get her to someone who seemed more receptive to the dirty little innuendos I was whispering in her ear.

We danced away from her giggling friends to the other side of the bar, hidden by the other people dancing out on the floor. I asked her if she was willing to go out to my car for a quick romp, and with the drug's help, she eagerly said "Yes". I escorted her out the side exit and led her over to my car in the rear of the bar's parking lot.

I suggested she give me a BJ right then and there. As she was merrily sucking away on my cock, before I had a chance to start the car and drive her to a motel, one of her sorority friends came outside, spotted us in the car, and walked over to the car from out of view. I saw her look in through the passenger window, holding my date's purse in her hand. That was why she came looking for the girl. Her ebony friend stood there and stared at the girl while she blew me. But instead of reacting shocked or ashamed, she smiled and cheered the girl on. When I realized we had an unexpected audience, I started to zip up my pants to hide my cock from the girl, but the one giving me a blowjob stopped me.

"We don't have any secrets in our sorority house. She's seen me suck a guy's dick before. Hey, you want me to see if she's interested in joining us?" Before I could answer her, she raised her head up from my lap, rolled down the window, and spoke to the girl standing outside. "Hey Jenna, you want a little of this action?"

The shapely, mocha skinned beauty looking into the car at my 9 inch stiff cock and replied with a hearty grin "If he buys us some tequila, I'm in!"

Apparently this wasn't their first 3-way with each other. I happily agreed to stop and buy a couple of bottles of tequila to keep the party rolling. The girl's friend squealed giddishly and slid into the back seat. I drove away from the bar and headed to a nearby party store that was between the bar and the motel I was taking them to. Once I got the tequila, we drove for about 15 minutes to the Huggy Bear Motel. I got us a room with a single queen sized bed, paying with cash to hide any paper trails that might lead back to me, and we went inside. The girls were eager to drink some more before we did anything together, so I poured them both a paper cup full of tequila each. I dropped a crushed pill into her friend's drink so she would be as helpless as the gorgeous brunette I had already doped. It only took about 20 minutes of drinking until the black girl was as unsteady and agreeable as her white friend.

Once I was sure they were both under the influence, I suggested they disrobed for me while I dug out my digital camera. I sat in a chair acros from the foot of the bed as they obediently did a little sexy strip tease for me, removing each other's clothing gaudily until they were both completely naked. The brunette had a nice pair of C-cup sized breasts on her that hung to the bottom of her rib cage, suggesting that they were most likely natural and real. The black girl, on the other hand, had obvious breast augmentation done to her. She was a full DD-cup, if not a little more, and her ample breasts did not sag one damn bit. They were just as stiff and jutting straight out as the day she had them put in. They almost looked unnatural, sticking straight out from her lean chest like that. She 5 foot 9 and only weighed about 120lbs, and her slender frame made the skin over her implants outline the silicone filled bags distinctly. But even though you could tell they were completely fake, I was still unable to take my eyes off of them.

When I snapped out of my delirium, I told them to take turns sucking on each other's breasts for me. They didn't oppose me. The black girl, Jenna, scooped up the brunette's soft breast with her hand and placed the hard nipple on her bottom lip. She closed her full lips around the stiff point and began suckling on it hungrilly as I aimed the camera right at them. When it was Barbara's turn, she leaned forward, put both of her hands on one of Jenna's hard breasts and held it in place as she devoured her friend's hard nipple, feeding herself noisily upon the imitation teat. Jenna pulled her pretty face into her chest and moaned softly as her friend sucked hard upon the breast. They took turns sucking on each of the other girl's big breasts, even offering all four of them to me to sample a couple of times.

Their breast feeding was also combined with a lot of groping, hugging, and kissing on one another. Their hands explored their nudity, sliding up and down their smooth bodies as they sucked and kissed upon one another in front of me. This further supported my theory that they were a little bi-sexual at their sorority. I know it sounds cliche like a Penthouse letter. Every guy dreams of finding bisexual and lesbian sororities, but I actually lucked up and found a pair of girls that were just that, and not ashamed to show it, either.

The black girl was really getting into her friend's sexual advances. She was urging the girl on with very vulgar encouragement.

"Yeah, girl, suck my mother fucking tits! Suck my tits harder, you horny bitch! Suck them 'til you taste milk, you fucking slut!"

She grabbed Barbara's hair and pulled the girl's face down onto her large breasts to make sure she didn't lose any suction on them as Barbara went from one breast to the other. When it was Barbara's turn to make Jenna suck on her tits, the vulgar talk was reciprocated.

Barbara grabbed the back of Jenna's head and held her big breast up to the girl's mouth, rubbing her nipples around on Jenna's thick lips like she was teasing her friend with it.

"You like that, you black bitch? Get those big lips on my tits and suck 'em, you fucking cunt! Suck my fucking white tits, you dirty little whore!"

Even though I thought Jenna was going to go off on her friend for bringing up their races, she never said a word about it or looked offended by it. Maybe that was part of their kinky friendship, I dunno? Instead, Jenna grinned up at her sorority sister and locked her lips down onto Barbara's hard nipples, sucking in her cheeks deeply as she attempted to withdraw some sort of fluid from them. Barbara held the girl's head tightly against her breasts with both hands, groaning from the immense pleasure she was deriving from it.

When their lips were becoming numb from overuse, I gave them a break.

I said "Now get up on the bed and let me see how friendly you can be on each other."

Jenna asked "What do you want us to do?"

I said "How about you both start french kissing each other and gradually work your way down your bodies and we'll see where it goes from there."

Barbara and Jenna climbed up onto the queen sized bed and layed down next to each other with only a foot of space separating their naked bodies. I stood up and hovered next to the bed with the video camera in hand to catch all the action.

Jenna leaned her pretty face forward and opened her succulent mouth, jutting out her long tongue. Barbara did likewise and they mashed their pouty lips together, grinding their snaking tongues around in one another's mouths greedily. They both draped a leg over the other girl, causing their manicured pussies to appear behind them. As they frenched each other passionately, I reached down to Barbara, since she was the closest, and squeezed her round little firm ass with my free hand. Then I slid my fingertips down to her protruding pussy lips. I rubbed the smooth labia lips sensually.

She moaned a little and told her ebony friend "He's..... Mmmmmmm..... He's rubbing my fucking pussy, Jenna. Uhnnnnn, it feels so fucking good.", as if she was telling her to get her hornier. And it worked, too.

Jenna responded "That's what's wrong with you white bitches. You're happy just to get your pussy rubbed. Us black girls want our pussies licked and fucked by you honkys! You gonna do that for me, white bitch? You gonna eat my mother fucking black cunt?"

Barbara grinned devilishly and said "You know I am, you black fuck! I'm gonna eat that nasty black cunt of yours and I hope you cumm in my mother fucking mouth."

The friendly racism added a bit of kinkiness to their slanderous sex talk. I could see why they said it to one another. I was almost expecting the white girl to drop the N-bomb during one of their sexy chats, but she never took it that far. I kind of doubt Jenna would have gotten offended by the word while she was under the influence of the Rohypnol I gave them both. I decided to see if I was right.

I climbed over to the other side of the bed and kneeled behind Jenna's full, round apple shaped ass. I started rubbing around on her exposed pussy lips just as I had done to Barbara. She cooed as I flicked my fingers back and forth across her moist labia lips briskly.

I whispered to her "How does it feel when I rub your nigger pussy like that, bitch?"

I was pleasantly surprised when she leaned her head around to me, smiled seductively, and said "I love it when you play with my fucking nigger pussy, honky! Here, get a good handful."

She raised her leg for me and gave me full access to her snatch. I cupped her shaved pussy in my hand and rubbed my fingers all along her smooth cunt lips. She moaned and kissed on Barbara that much harder.

I said "I'll bet you've had a lot of nigger dick up in this sweet pussy of yours, haven't you, you nasty nigger cunt? A lot of nigger and white dick up inside you. That's what you nigger girls do is fuck big black dicks, isn't it?"

She moaned out in between frenching with Barbara "Y-Yes! I love a big, fat nigger cock up in my tight little nigger pussy."

"You're just another nigger whore who likes to fuck and suck big fat cocks, aren't you, you dirty little slut? Say it."

She stopped kissing on her white friend long enough to look back at me and say, with a devilish grin, "That's right, honky. This nigger loves to get fucked in her pussy and ass by a big, fat nigger cock."

I smiled. I had no idea the drug would take away a person's offensive threshold so completely. The black girl was calling herself a 'nigger' now.

I looked over at Barbara and said "Treat her like the nigger she is, you fucking slut! Make her eat your dirty cunt like a slave."

Barbara looked up at me with a seductive smile and pushed Jenna down onto her back. She threw her leg over her friend's body, kneeled on one knee, and put her pussy right in front of Jenna's chin.

She looked down at the ebony beauty and said "I want you to eat my dirty cunt, you fucking nigger! Eat my wet pussy, you fucking black bitch!"

Jenna grinned and pulled her head up to Barbara's dripping gash , greedily driving her thick tongue up into her friend's slit and vaginal canal. The brunette gripped the headboard and held on for dear life. The black girl devoured her poor snatch ravenously, making loud slurping sounds as she drilled the squealing girl's gash.

I looked down at Jenna as she ate out her co-hort. "That's the way to do it, nigger. Eat that fucking pussy like there's no tomorrow. Maybe if you're a good little nigger, I'll let you fuck your tight pussy on my fat cock. Would you like me to fuck you, you dirty nigger? You want me to fuck your nigger pussy for you?"

She mumbled incoherently in agreement "Mmmm-hmmmm."

As Barbara force fed Jenna her hairless pussy, I reached down and spread Jenna's legs far apart and knelt down between them. her shaved snatch was fully exposed to me now. First I rubbed the stubbly pubic mound slowly, causing Jenna to get more aggressive with her cunnilingus on Barbara. Then I raised my hand a gave a small, sharp slap to her tender labia lips. She shrieked from the slight tinge of pain, but she was helpless to prevent it from happening. Barbara had her effectively pinned beneath her body. I gave her gash two more sharp slaps, causing Jenna to squeal out again from the hard impacts. It was about the fifth slap on the cunt that her squeals of pain changed into just soft moaning each time I slapped her groin.

I said "There you go. Nigger girls know when they can't do anything about their pain. They just have to lay there and take it. You want me to stop, nigger bitch?"

She whimpered meekly "Mmm-hmmm."

Instead I slapped her pussy 3 more times briskly. "*SLAP-SLAP-SLAP*". She just whimpered softly. Then I reached up to her massive hard breasts and pulled up on her nipples hard, stretching the fake mammary up into a point. That made her start squealing out in pain again. Her cries were muffled by her horny friend's cunt covering her mouth. She tried to squirm out from beneath Barbara's body, but she was pinned down completely under the girl's weight. I pulled on each of her erect nipples roughly until her squeals mellowed into groans.

I climbed over beside the horny duo to see Jenna's pretty face under Barbara's ass. She had a few slight tears streaming down her soft brown cheeks from the pain I had caused her.

I looked down at her piteously and said "It's okay, my little dirty nigger. I won't do it to you any more. It's Barbara's turn now."

I reached over to Barbara's heaving chest and pulled out hard on her stiff nipples. She shrieked in pain when I did it to her and tried to cover her breasts with one arm to prevent me from doing it again.

"Owww! That hurt, you fucking bastard. Stop it!"

I moved her arm away and slapped her breasts hard.

"You keep your fucking arms down, you nigger loving whore! I'll do what I want to do to bitches like you." I didn't really say like I was a dominatrix or anything. I just said it authoritatively like a father would tell his young daughter.

Barbara put her hand back up on the headboard obediently. I pulled out on her other breast just as hard as I did the first one. When her hand started moving toward her chest again, I grabbed her hand and put it back onto the headboard. She didn't try to protect herself anymore after that. She merely shrieked in pain as I played roughly with her tender breasts over and over until they were a nice reddish shade. She'll probably wonder in the morning how her tits got so sore.

As I abused poor Barbara's dangling udders, I looked down at Jenna and said "See, it's not just niggers I like to hurt. I hurt the white whores, too." I slapped both of Barbara's bouncing breasts hard to emphasize my assertion. "You horny bitches are all the same, niggers and white ones alike. You just want some dick and you'll do anything to get one."

When my hand got a little sore, I set the camera down on the night stand so my hands would be free. Then I grabbed Barbara on the shoulders and pushed her down onto her back. I pulled Jenna up and made her lay down on top of her sorority sister in a 69.

Now I want you both to eat out each other's horny cunts like the dirty whores that you are. Here, get those big nigger lips down on her pussy and keep eating her out, you fucking cunt."

I pushed her head down onto Barbara's smooth groin, whereupon she resumed eating her friend's wet pussy once more. I pushed her round, soft ass down onto Barbara's waiting mouth, which immediately started licking and slurping upon the black girl's shaved pussy just as relentlessly.

I picked up the camera and zoomed in on the furious action. I could plainly see Jenna's wrinkled little anus as well as the pink flesh inside her dark slinned labia lips. Seeing the contrast of bright pink against the darker skin on a black woman's body has always been a big turn on for me for some reason.

As Barbara concentrated on the girl's tender clit area, i slipped my middle finger up into Jenna's wet vagina. She cooed and moaned softly as I worked the slippery digit in and out of her pussy repeatedly.

I said to her "Is that what my little horny nigger wants, to have me stick something up into her black pussy?"

She moaned "Y-Yes.... please. I-I want to be fucked sooo bad! I need some big dick up in me...... please."

She was grinding her cunt against her friend's licking face very vulgarly, mashing her pussy down hard against Barbara's pleasuring mouth. I inserted another finger into her gushing cunt and pushed them in and out of her vaginal canal swiftly. She grunted and moaned lustfully with each deep inthrust of my hand. Jenna doubled her efforts on Barbara's oozing gash as I fingered her dark exposed pussy for her.

I was feeling a little antsy from watching the lusty pair work their wonders on one another's groins up on the bed. My dick had been hard for a good 20 minutes now and was yearning to explore both of those groins. I sat the camera on the side table by the bed and shed my clothing in a flash. My cock was standing straight out at the girls, almost acting like a Quagmire style divining rod pulling me in their direction. I left the camera on the night stand and aimed it at the action on the bed. I needed both hands free for this.

I crawled on the bed and knelt in front of Jenna's pretty face, which was bobbing up and down on Barbara's splayed pussy. I leaned her head back so she would be looking up at me.

I said "I think it's time you showed me what your black momma showed you to do on a man's dick. Suck my fucking dick, you nigger bitch! Suck my white cock until I shoot off in your big, fat lips! That's what you black bitches like, a big, fat cock on your big, fat lips. You're my little nigger slut, aren't you? Say it!"

She quietly whispered "I.... I'm your nigger bitch."

"Say it louder. Barbara didn't hear you." I commanded.

After a short pause, she closed her eyes and repeated it to me, only loud enough for everyone to hear.

"I'm.... I'm your..... your dirty nigger bitch! A dirty nigger who likes to fuck guys and girls."

Barbara was eagerly eating out the black girl's cunt sloppily at the opposite end, but stopped long enough to utter "Mmmmmm, I love this nigger pussy! I LOVE IT! *SLURP-SLURP*". Then she resumed her cunnilingual activities upon Jenna's sweet pussy.

Jenna was thoroughly humiliated. I even had her best friend calling her a nigger now. But I wasn't quite done with the derrogatory treatment. I lifted Barbara's ass up until the cheeks rested against my abdomen. Gravity folded her legs back against her own belly, which completely exposed her pussy and asshole to me and Jenna.

I told my dark skinned temptress "You have to work for it before I give you any dick tonight. Lean forward and eat out her crack for me, nigger! Eat it all, even her asshole!"

Jenna seemed a little hesitant to comply when I mentioned the salad tossing, so I had to remind her who was in charge. I reached over and slapped her sore breast hard. The impact made my own fingertips sting a little. She yelped and grabbed her breast in a vain attempt to protect it from me. I pushed her hand aside and smacked it hard again.

"You get down here and eat her ass and pussy, you fucking black bitch! DO IT NOW!" I ordered.

Jenna shyly leaned forward and put her mouth against her friend's sopping pussy. When her tongue started darting in and out of the white girl's cunt, I told her "That's a good nigger. Good little black whores know when to do as they're told. Your dirty momma taught you well."

I pulled her head down and pressed her pretty face firmly against Barbara's wet gash.

"There you go. Get that tongue up in her fucking snatch, bitch. Eat that dirty cunt like the whore you are. I'll bet your Daddy used to come into your room at night and make you suck his big cock when you were a little girl. Suck his big nigger cock for him. You seem like the kind of girl who was fucked by her dirty daddy. I'll bet you fucked him every time your momma went out of the house."

I didn't give her a chance to reply to my deplorable accusation. I just held her head down against Barbara's sloppy cunt, and she continued eating out her drunken, doped college friend relentlessly. When I attempted to move her head so that her mouth was directly over Barbara's wrinkled asshole, she acted hesitant and tried to keep her face over the girl's pussy. But I was insistent.

I commanded her "You're GONNA lick her asshole tonight. You don't have any choice. You have to do it. Do it now! "

I pulled down hard on her aching nipple, making her shriek with pain.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!" she shouted aloud. "Noooo.... please don't..... I don't want to." she begged

I pulled her head down and pressed her soft lips down against Barbara's anus.

"Stick out your tongue and lick her asshole, you nigger cunt!" I told her. "Eat her asshole now!"

It took her a half a minute to comply with me, even with the Rohypnol in her system. Finally, I saw her jut out her long tongue and touch it against her horny friend's brown collared asshole. She tested it first to see if it tasted bad by touching the tip against the wrinkled orifice. When she encountered no adverse flavors on it, she gradually relaxed and started licking at the hole like she was licking on a woman's clit bump. When Jenna kept going on her own, I let go of her head and let her go at it. She placed her hands on both of Barbara's round ass cheeks near her anus and pulled the soft masses apart to expose her asshole more. Her tongue lapped at the hole briskly and thoroughly.

Barbara, driven to new heights of lust by the black girl's anal attention, did likewise on Jenna, and told us so.

"Oh my fucking GOD! That feels so good on my asshole! Lick my dirty asshole, you black cunt! Eat my fucking asshole! Ahhhnnnnn!"

Barbara was writhing around under Jenna's body as the girl licked upon her friend's tight asshole. I pulled on Jenna's hands that were spreading Barbara's cheeks to make the taboo orifice open slightly. When her tongue jutted out, the tip of it slipped down into Barbara's asshole just as I had wanted it to. Her current doped state of mind made her forget that she wasn't still licking on her friend's cunt anymore. She stuck her tongue down deeply into the brunette's hunching ass like it was her vagina, drilling it in and out of the stretched opening vigorously.

Barbara was beside herself with lust. The anal action being done on her was scintillating. She was eating out Jenna's pussy frantically in response. Her tongue was hungrilly darting around on the black girl's tender cunt flesh. Both girls were moaning and squealing in unison as they passionately ate each other's groins like animalistic nymphos. I wondered if they got this hot and heavy with each other when they did this normally at the sorority house?

Their impassioned efforts on one another achieved their intended goals. I felt Barbara starting to twitch against my abdomen as her climax came to a head. When she started groaning loudly and bucking in my grasp, I knew she was cumming, so I pushed Jenna's face down against her asshole and held her there. As her white friend succumbed to a mind numbing orgasm, she screamed out loudly, her cry of passion echoing off the motel room's walls.


Barbara's pussy gushed out all over Jenna's gorgeous face as she came. The excitement of feeling her best friend climax pushed her over the edge as well.

She exclaimed out loud "Me TOO!! UHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!" as her orgasm hit her slender frame with immense force. She started shaking uncontrollably on top of Barbara as the overwhelming sensations coursed throughout her naked body. When their climaxes started to ebb from their spent bodies, Jenna fell over in a quivering lump next to her equally satisfied college pal. Both were breathing heavily as they recouperated beside each other, kissing and caressing one another softly as their strength returned.

I looked down upon the lovely juice coated pair. Both girls had the other one's shimmering climactic secretions all over their pretty faces like a glazed doughnut. But it was time they got me off as well.

I crawled over to Jenna and made her lay on her back. I held my cock in my hand and touched it upon her thick lips.

I said "Now it's time we put that pretty mouth of yours to work on me. Open wide and suck my dick, you black cunt! Get those big nigger lips on my white dick and suck it hard!"

She looked up at me pitifully and said with a glazed expression "You..... you shouldn't call me a nigger. That's a bad word."

I said "I'll call you whatever I want, you nigger slut." I grabbed one of her large DD mammaries and squeezed it as hard as I could. She yelped in pain. "You're gonna be mine and Barbara's nigger bitch tonight. Now suck my fucking dick before I hurt your fake tits some more."

She obediently did as I asked. She turned her body to face me, then opened her mouth wide. I put my dick inside her mouth and she immediately inhaled it deeply. Her head bobbed up and down on my dick as it grew steadily in her very accomodating mouth. She wasn't a stranger to blowjobs. She knew how to use her tongue on a man. Her long tongue slid against my foreskin as her mouth moved back and forth. When just the head of my cock was in her mouth, she licked the tip of her tongue at the hole in the end of my cock as if she were trying to stick it into my urethra, which felt amazing.

She replaced my hand with her own, feeding my cock to herself. I put one hand on top of her head and moved it in rhythym with her head bobbing back and forth. Every now and then I would pull her face in toward my groin and drive a coupe more inches into her mouth. She would pull back and gag for a second when I touched the back of her throat, then resume servicing me.

Barbara was laying behind Jenna, her naked body pressed up against the black girl's back with her head resting upon her friend's shoulder, watching her friend suck me off. I could see in her expression that she was wanting my cock in her own mouth really badly.

I looked at Barbara and asked her "Hey, can you swallow a man's cock all the way?"

She grinned devilishly and replied "I sure can. I deep throat my boyfriend all the time."

I pulled my cock from Jenna's mouth and aimed it higher toward Barbara's face above her. She opened her mouth wide and I stuck it inside. She clamped her lips down on my erection and, after a few tries, she managed to fit my thick cock down into her tight throat with no problem. I grabbed the sides of her head and shoved the entire length of my cock inside balls deep, then started face fucking her like it was a pussy. My pubic mound was slapping against her chin as I forced her to swallow all 9 inches of my dick. She layed there and let me do it to her over and over. I would let her catch a breath every now and then, but then I would shove it back in and throat fuck her deep and fast.

Jenna slid out from under us to get out of our way and sat on her folded legs on the bed, watching us curiously as I violated her friend's gorgeous face repeated. One hand was behind Barbara's head and the other was cradling her jaw, pulling her face up onto my stiff cock to get it as deep into her throat as I could. She just layed there on the bed and took the abusive treatment without complaining.

Jenna felt a little left out sitting on the foot of the bed unattended. She meekly asked me "Wh-what do you want me to do now?"

I looked at her and said "Why don't you get down here and finish eating out Barbara's asshole for her."

I let go of Barbara's jaw and pulled on one of her ass cheeks to spread it apart for Jenna to get to her asshole. She folded her leg to expose it even more for her friend. Jenna looked at the girl's wrinkled anus somewhat hesitantly, then finally leaned forward and licked her long tongue out cautiously against the opening. Now that she didn't have her friend's tongue working in and out of her pussy driving her lust, she merely licked on the outer edges and made no effort to penetrate the smelly orifice like she had before.

I said authoritatively "You get that tongue up in her ass or I'll really hurt those fake nigger tits of yours, you dirty cunt."

Under the influence of the Rohypnol, she obeyed. She put both hands on Barbara's ass cheeks and spread them wide, causing the girl's anus to open slightly. Jenna looked up at me as if to say she really didn't want to do it, then compliantly jutted out her tongue until half of it disappeared down inside Barbara's rectum. She drilled it in and out of the small opening repeatedly and quickly, causing Barbara to squeal with delight.

"There you go, my little nigger bitch. That's a good girl. Get that tongue of yours deeper in her dirty asshole, slut. Eat that shitty asshole for your nasty girlfriend."

Jenna was jabbing her entire tongue down deeply into the white girl's ass now. She would glance up at me every now and then as if she was seeing if I approved of her efforts. I would smile back at her to show I was pleased, and she would close her eyes and continue reaming out Barbara's asshole for her. After a few minutes, I let her take a break to rest her weary tongue. I figured what was good for the goose was good for the....., well, the other goose, since I was the gander of the group. I decided it was Barbara's turn to return the favor to her horny friend.

This time I layed Barbara on her back, then made Jenna kneel down facing away from her straddling her face, which put both her pussy and her asshole right above it in perfect view.

I said to Barbara "Now it's your turn. I want you to eat out her dirty asshole."

After feeling how good it felt on her own asshole, she was eager to please.

"I'll be glad to eat her ass for you." she said excitedly.

No sooner had she stopped talking, her tongue shot out at Jenna's tight anus. I saw her plunge her whole tongue up into the black girl's asshole and rectum. She probed and licked at the wrinkled opening lustfully, driving the pointed muscle as deeply as it would go. If she tasted any unwelcome flavors up inside, she never let on that she had. It was as if she was pushing her tongue wildly into another woman's pussy.

Jenna cloes her eyes and slowly rocked her ass against her friend's gratious mouth, enjoying the amazing sensation she was feeling inside her asshole right now. The camera on the nightstand caught every glorious moment of it.

I stood up on the bed in front of Jenna and put my dick against her thick lips. She instinctively opened her mouth for me. I gripped the shaft of my hard cock and teased her with the head of it, moving it around on her lips and inside her cheeks without letting her get it. Her head bobbed around in an attempt to wrap her lips around it and suck on it.

I told her "I want to hear you call yourself a dirty nigger again before I'll give you some dick. Go ahead, tell us you're a dirty nigger and you like to get fucked with white guy's dicks. Do it."

She looked up at me with a lusty but ashamed glare. "I'm a fucking dirty nigger! There, you happy?"

"No, not yet. I want you to say 'I fucked my Daddy and all the boys in my family like a dirty little nigger. I fucked them ever since I was 10 years old.' Say it."

She paused, then repeated the awful statement to me with the same disdain in her eyes.

"I'm a fucking dirty nigger slut and I fucked my Daddy and all the boys in my family ever since I was 10. Now can I have some dick?" she asked.

"I guess so. You are a good little nigger cunt. Here is your reward."

I aimed my dick against her soft lips and pulled her head down onto my hard cock. She opened wide and sucked half of my erection right in. Her cheeks sunk in as she applied hard suction on my dick. I moved her head back and forth until she started doing it steadily on her own. I put my hand on the wall behind the bed to steady myself on the bouncing mattress.

"Mmmmmmm....," I said, "... there's nothing like the feeling of a nigger's fat lips sucking your dick for you. Did your mommy teach you how to please a man? I bet she did. I'll bet you learned how to be a lesbian by eating your momma's nasty cunt while your dirty daddy fucked you both. You like eating a girls pussy and asshole for her, don't you?"

She didn't speak. She merely nodded her head in agreement, but for which question I was unsure.

"I'll bet you used to have dirty dreams about having sex with your momma, didn't you, you fucking black slut?"

Surprisingly, she nodded her head again.

"Did you dream about your black momma eating out your nasty pussy for you?"

Again, the reply was an affirmative nod of the head. This girl was beginning to make me think it wasn't just the drug I had given her making her say this to me. I kept on with the interrogation.

"Did you ever sneak into her room and watch your momma and daddy fuck each other?"

After a short pause, she nodded her head once more.

I grinned and said "You liked seeing your nigger daddy fuck your momma?"

Another nod as my cock disappeared halfway into her mouth again and again.

"Did it make you horny and make you play with yourself?"

Her head nodded.

"What did you do about it?" I queried.

She pulled her mouth off of my cock and replied "I..... I went into my room and fucked my pussy with a fat Sharpie marker."

"Oooooh, that sounds nice. Horny little girls shouldn't stop themselves from doing something that feels good to them." Now for the big question I was dying to ask at this point. "Tell me now, if Daddy told you to fuck him, would you?"

The Rohypnol I made her take must have had similar traits to that of the CIA based truth serum called sodium pentathol, causing her to lower her guard and be completely honest with me against her better judgement. She blew my mind with her candid confession.

"Me and Dad have fucked already. Lots of times." she said with a serious, yet playfully sly expression, almost as if to see if I would be shocked by her illicit, taboo statement. I wasn't really prepared for this stunning revelation. I wanted to hear more about it, though. This was going to be good.

I asked her "How old were you when he fucked you?"

She replied "I was 12 when he fucked me the first time. It hurt because his dick is so thick. It took a lot of baby oil to get my pussy wide enough to fit him in me."

I was totally blown away. Here I was degrading a girl who's father had forced her to have sex with him at the tender age of 12. But my curiosity won out over any sense of compassion I might have felt for her situation. I needed to hear more.

I said "Did you like him fucking you?"

"It was okay, I guess. The next time he fucked me, it didn't hurt at all. My pussy just felt stretched and full. After I got used to it. Daddy would fuck me 2-3 times a week when Mom was out of the house."

"Is that why you like to fuck so much now, because your Daddy raped you when you were a little kid?"

"I.... I guess so. I don't know." she replied rather groggy from the drug.

"Well, if you were MY daughter, I'd want to fuck you, too. You're so pretty and have a great body."

She coyly smiled when I said that to her. "Thank you." she said gratiously.

"When was the last time your perverted Daddy fucked you?" I queried.

"Spring break this year. I went home and he fucked me almost every day."

My damn cock was about to explode even tho she was only jacking me off while she spoke. Her story was so kinky and perverted, it turned me on more than I had been in quite a while. I imagined some big black man built like Michael Clarke Duncan throwing her down on her bed and raping her over and over putting his big, thick meat stick up inside her illegal cunt day after day, right under her mother's nose. It seems I was developing an affinity for incestuous situations, first with the woman I gave the drug to originally and her young, underage daughter whom I made join us in our sex, and then her telling me her own father had already stolen her virginity, and now with this ebony goddess who is still her father's fuck slave after all these years.

I had to pull my cock out of her hand before I shot my load all over her gorgeous face. I wanted some pussy wrapped around my dick before the night was over and she wasn't helping matters jacking me off. I knelt down between Barbara's legs to prepare for a good fucking.

I said to Jenna "Your story really turned me on. But tell me, why do you still let your Dad rape you like that?"

She smiled and admitted with a horny leer "It's not rape if I want him to fuck me. I went into his bedroom lots of times when *I* was feeling horny, too." .

I grinned at her honest candor, admitting she liked having sex with her horny father. I leaned forward and french kissed her deeply. Our tongues gnashed together wildly in our mouths while Barbara was busily invading the girl's yearning asshole, digging deeply into the tight waste chamber. Jenna groaned passionately as her sorority sister ate out her reamed asshole energetically. Her tongue soon became too tired to continue, so I had Jenna turn around and lay on her belly on top of her friend. Barbara pulled her legs up out of my way so I could scoot closer to her exposed cunt. Jenna straddled her legs over Barbara's belly and lowered her ass down until their massive breasts and smooth pubic mounds were touching. Both of their groins were fully accessible to me now. Their pussies were shiny and wet, soaked in their own juicy vaginal excretions from all the foreplay and anal stimulation. I had my choice of either of them, but I planned on fucking them both.

I told them "You two lezbos kiss and grab each other while I figure out who I'm gonna fuck first."

They complied with my suggestion. Their faces came together and the girls immediately started kissing each other very passionately, their tongues sticking out and licking the other's profanely for my pleasure.

I played with Jenna's upturned ass first, squeezing the soft, round cheeks firmly with one hand while my other one explored her wrinkled asshole and gushing pussy. I rubbed my fingers across the loose skin of her puffy gash, pushing them up into the slit to caress her clit bump. She moaned loudly when I raked my fingertips back and forth vigorously across the over sensitive lump at the top of her womanhood.

She exclaimed lustfully "Oh my fucking GOD, I love it when you play with my fucking clit! Ahhhnnnnnnn!"

Her groin pressed backward against my hand as I pressed the rough fingers against her pink flesh and massaged her clit relentlessly for a couple of minutes.

I asked her "Does your dirty Dad play with your black pussy like this before he fucks that sweet nigger cunt for you?"

She moaned "Y-Yes, he plays with my pussy all the time. He fingers me until I cumm on his hand, then he fucks me with his big dick afterward."

"Tell Barbara what your Dad does to you when he rapes you." I told her.

She looked down at her college roomate and said with a gleam in her eye "Daddy fucks my little pussy for me."

Barbara said "That is so fucking hott, letting your Dad fuck you like that. God, you're such a fucking slut, you nasty black bitch, and I love you for it! I am sooo hot for you right now."

She pulled Jenna's head down to hers and started french kissing her black girlfriend amorously once more. I turned my attention back to the lovely bare ass displayed in front of me. I buried 3 fingers up into Jenna's tight snatch and worked them in and out of her drippy cunt forcibly to get her really worked up. She grunted like an animal and pressed her ass backward against my hand when I shoved them in as far as they would go.

"Please....... please......." she begged, "..... Please fuck me! I need some goddamn dick inside my fucking pussy!"

Jenna grabbed one of Barbara's breasts and pulled it up to her mouth. She clamped her full lips onto the girl's nipple and tried to extract whatever fluid might be inside the ample mammary. Barbara groaned from the intense vacuum being applied to her breast.

"Shit! Shit! Ahnnnnnn, that feels good, Jenna. Suck it harder, bitch! Suck it!" she commanded.

As they played with one another, I pulled my hand from Jenna's flooded cunt and put my fingers into Barbara's mouth. When she tasted the flavor of the black girl's pussy on my hand, she greedily sucked the thick excretions off of my hand. Twice more yielded the same results. She seemed to love the taste of another woman's sex juices.

Finally I was ready to plunge my rock hard cock up inside this ebony goddess. I gripped my dick firmly, placed the tapered tip of it against her clenched pussy, and drove it in hard without any warning. Her pussy was so wet by now there was little resistance and it went all the way in easily.

"NNNnnnnnnggghhh!" she yelped as I invaded her tight birth canal and forced my dick past her tight muscular cervix and into her womb. Her groan was muffled by the bruised tit she was devouring.

I asked her "Is that what you wanted you nigger slut? To have a guy fill your nasty cunt with his fucking dick? To fuck you like your Daddy fucks you?"

She broke her liplock on Barbara's C-cup breast and exclaimed lustfully "YES! Yes, I wanted it so bad! Fuck me like my Daddy fucks me. Fuck my dirty pussy hard! I want it so bad."

"Before I do, I want you to beg for it. Beg for me to fuck you by calling me 'Daddy'. Beg for it, nigger. Beg your Daddy to fuck your nasty nigger pussy!"

In her drug induced and horny state, she would have agreed to most anything I said. She loudly chanted "Fuuuuuuuuck me, Daddy! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it..... fuck it...... fuck it! Fuck my tight twat. Fuck it, Daddy! Please..... fuck my little cunt, Daddy. I want it sooooo bad."

I smiled and gave the poor girl her wish. I pulled my cock nearly all the way back out of her wet pussy until just the bulbous head rested within her, then thrusted my hips forward again, forcibly driving it all back up inside her reproductive tract. I fucked her dripping cunt hard and fast, slamming my pubic bone against her taint and ass cheeks over and over again. Each time I drilled my cock deep inside her, her brown, slender body was pushed forward from the impact. Jenna grunted every time our bodies made contact.

"Uhnnnn.... Uhnnnn.... Uhnnnn....." she groaned each time I slammed into her soft, round, upturned ass and cunt. In between grunts, she would further the incestuous roleplay with moans of ......

"Oh Daddy, I love you so much."
"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuuuuuuuck meeeeee!",
"Fuck my little nigger pussy faster, Daddy!".

I tried to put myself in his place. Here was this hott little number living under his roof. There's no telling how many times her Dad looked at his little girl and got a boner from it. Seeing her naked when he gave her a bath, or walking in and seeing her nude in the shower or while she was changing clothes. I know it's wrong to think of a little 12 year old as a sexual object like he did, but I could see what drove him to it. This gorgeous ebony beauty was very hott and tempting at 20. She must have been equally as appealing as an adolescent. Boys her age must have been turned on by her as a kid. Why would it matter to him if she was his daughter? She was still a pretty girl in his eyes, I figured, if she had held her current curvyness throughout her entire life. I've seen some of the 12 year olds at the community pool. Some of them were developed enough to start eliciting signs of their future appeal to boys and men even at that age. Their asses were growing rounder, and the way their pussies pressed a nice impression of camel-toe against their bathing suits. There might not have been much boobage at that age, but take the general shape of an athletic girl that age and stretch it into a 5 ft 6 adult and you'd have a damn fine appealing woman on your hands.

Would her father not jack off to his naked daughter if he saw her in a porno and didn't know who she was, like if she was wearing a mask throughout the video? Society was the one who branded incest with it's taboo stigma, not him. His perverted libido saw her as a hott, shapely girl, not his off-limits daughter, and like any man would do when he sees someone sexy, her father acted upon those kinky urges, society and the moral majority be damned. And besides, she herself said she began to enjoy having sex with him soon after he molested her, so what was the harm in their having sex together as long as she didn't get pregnant from it.

I was pounding Jenna's gushing pussy relentlessly as she writhed around on top of her white co-hort, who was busily sucking upon the black girl's artificial DD breasts hungrilly. Barbara's body was undulating against the underside of her lusty partner, their bellies sliding lascivously against one another in a hypnotic love ritual. Barbara had Jenna's massive breasts squeezed together with both hands and was moving her mouth from one nipple to another alternatively back and forth. Jenna loved the dual attention we were giving her.

She moaned "Holy FUCK, you white bastards feel good on my nigger body. K-Keep fucking my nasty pussy, Daddy! It feels so goooooood! Uhnnnnnnnn!" as me and Barbara pleasured her at both ends.

I fucked the brown skinned beauty for about 5 minutes, then pulled out of her pussy and pushed down on my cock to aim it at Barbara's splayed cunt right under it. She gasped loudly as I pushed it up inside her wet slit to the hilt as forcibly as I had on Jenna. And just as it had with Jenna's wet twat, her excitement from the lovemaking provided plenty of lube to let it in easily. Her pussy wasn't as tight as Jenna's was, but I didn't have to jump up and down to hit the sides of it, either. Jenna's pussy felt like she could control the muscular lining of her vagina at will and make it clamp down on your dick. Maybe that was why her illicit father is still fucking her to this day, her ability to make her pussy feel like a hand is gripping your dick.

The girls alternated between who's breasts were being assailed. Jenna would suck and grope on Barbara's C-cups for awhile, then Barbara would fondle and feed upon Jenna's DD's for a few minutes. They went back and forth between frenching each other passionately and gnawing on one another's boobs while I fucked them both furiously, slipping my dick out of one's slimy pussy and sliding it up into the other one's wet cunt after pounding it a short while. I was slapping the side of Jenna's voluptuous ass with my open hand as I fucked them both, poor girl. Hers was the one that was the easiest to reach, being right in front of me, so it bore the brunt of the abuse. Her folded calves were in the way preventing me from spanking Barbara underneath her.

I told her "Daddy has to spank you for being a dirty little nigger whore." and gave her jiggling ass cheek a few good hard raps with my open hand. "You're nothing but a little nigger cunt who fucks her dirty Daddy and has dirty lesbian sex with other girls at college. Just another fucking nigger slut who can't get enough dick, so she fucks her daddy to get some."

She yelped whenever my hand made contact with her soft ass, but she never stopped kissing on Barbara or playing with the white girl's tits when I spanked her. She would just mumble "Yeeeeees, Daddy....... I'm a bad little girl....... Mmmmmmm..... Fuck me, Daddy.......Oh Daddy....." and kept right on lezzing out with Barbara.

Barbara was beginning to get really turned on from our slave roleplay. Her hips were raising up and down swiftly against me whenever it was her turn to be fucked as if she was trying to make each thrust I made inside her cunt a series of smaller quick in and out fucks. Her hips were moving faster than mine, she was getting so excited and turned on. Finally, she went stiff and held her ass up off of the bed so our groins would impact harder.

She yelled out "YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! FUCK! FUCKING FUCK!" in the motel room when her pussy started convulsing uncontrollably. Her cunt drew up as tight as Jenna's pussy as a flood of slimy discharge soaked my cock inside her. I pounded her groin hard and fast to make her orgasm more intense until she collapsed on the bed underneath Jenna in a smiling trembling heap.

Since Barbara was done for now, I decided I wanted to see Jenna face to face while I finished on her. I pushed her off of her shaking friend roughly and positioned her on her back looking up at me. She had a horny gleam in her eye like she was scared of what I was going to do to her, but at the same time she was excited because she was getting into the rough play, too. She grabbed both of her huge breasts and massaged them lustfully as she looked up at me.

She said in a coy voice, grinning "Daddy, are you gonna fuck me some more?", almost like a little girl.

I replied "Yeah, my little nigger, Daddy's gonna fuck you again and then some!".

"I want Daddy to fuck my little pussy again. It felt so good."

I looked at her massive jugs and asked her "Why did you get those fake tits? Don't you nigger girls all get big tits naturally?"

She said "Daddy bought them for me. He said if I fucked him good, he would pay for them."

"What did you have to do to him to pay for those big tits?"

"I sucked his dick and fucked him for 2 weeks straight, every night when Momma was at work before I left for college. He paid for them for me."

"I'll bet you would have fucked your Momma to get those big tits, wouldn't you?"

She smiled broadly and replied "Yeah, I would.", and I believed her, too, since the Rohypnol was acting as a truth serum on her.

I asked "Does your Mom have big floppy tits?"


Did you see your Daddy suck her big floppy nigger tits that night you peeked in on them?"


"Did you see your dirty Momma suck your Daddy's fat dick. too?"


"I'll bet you wanted to suck it too, didn't you?"

"Yeaaaaaaah." she said grinning slyly.

"Well, if you like dick so badly, here, clean her pussy juice off of mine."

I crawled on the bed next to her beside her head and held my cock out to her. She shifted her head sideways and started licking the vaginal secretions off of my balls and foreskin like it was a popsicle, lapping her tongue from the base to the tip very noisily. She cleaned the head by putting the end of it in her mouth and rolling her wet tongue all over it roughly. Her head rolled around as she sucked on it, putting further abrasion on the already sensitive glans. It felt so amazing that I had to take it away from her before she made me cumm in her mouth. She went "Awwwww." when I wouldn't let her have it back.

I crawled back between her legs and shoved her knees up to her chest to expose both her pussy and her asshole to me.

"Now I can get back to fucking this nigger pussy of yours, you fucking slut." I gave her labia lips a couple of sharp raps with my hand to tenderize the loose flaps covering her tender pink flesh. She yelped but didn't try to protect her pussy from me like before. I smacked her pussy 3 more times. She just layed there and took it, though I could tell it stung her pussy when I did it. # more times and she barely flinched. Her eyes got a little watery, but she never reacted more than uttering a slight muffled whine.

I asked her "You like it when I hurt your pussy like that?"

She whimpered "N-No, but you're making me let you do it."

"That's right.", I told her. "Little niggers have to lay there and take it."

I smacked her exposed cunt 3 more times fast. A small tear fell from the corner of her eye, but she never tried to stop me.

I said "Are you letting me do it so I'll fuck you?"

"Y-Yes, Daddy. I want you to fuck me again. Please." she replied meekly with drugged, pleading eyes. Her hand went down to her groin and rubbed the sore skin surrounding her pussy vulgarly, playing with herself as she spoke. Her middle finger dug at the swollen clit bump at the top of her wet womanhood. She cooed as she fingered herself for me.

Since her hand was in the way now, I reached down to her right breast and pulled hard on her bruised nipple. I knew they were sore only because she flinched when my hand got near her breast, not from any discoloration. Her mocha skin concealed any bruises or redness that may have been on them. She yelped and became teary eyed but her hand continued masturbating her pussy. I pinched the hard nipple as hard as I could, and while she did cry out in pain, her hand never stopped once. It dug at her dripping vagina and clitoris the whole time. After about a minute of tenderizing her massive breasts, I was ready to get my dick wet again.

"Now we'll see just how badly you want to get fucked, nigger."

I said it somewhat callously. Even though I've always tried to treat everyone I meet the same, there was just something about the way I was able to treat this drugged black girl like a slave that turned me on, perhaps a little too much. My inner racist was showing it's ugly little head on this poor hapless girl and I felt somewhat ashamed for letting it control me so much tonight. But when would I ever get a chance to debase a black person and not have to worry about any consequences from saying it? When's the last time you got to say 'nigger' out loud without worrying about gunfire zooming at you?

I made Jenna hold her long legs up out of my way. She grabbed the back of her knees as instructed.

"Are you gonna fuck me now, Daddy?" she playfully asked.

I replied "Yeah, Daddy's gonna fuck that sweet puss for you, cunt."

I rubbed the head of my dick all along her wet, shimmering gash from her clit down to her wrinkled asshole. I rimmed her vagina by moving the head of my dick around teasingly in small circles just outside of her pussy. She was getting anxious.

"Please, Daddy! Please fuck my nasty pussy for me. I want it so bad, Daddy. I want that big dick in my little pussy."

I asked "Is that what you used to say to him when you were a little girl before he molested you at night?"

She feigned innocence and giggled "Y-yes." in response.

I stuck my cock about 2 inches inside her and repeated the circular teasing.

"Is this what your Daddy did to you? Did he stick his fucking black cock in your nigger pussy and fuck your dirty puss for you?"

She groaned breathlessly when I tickled her cunt with my cock, hardly able to keep from pushing her body toward me so she could impale herself on it.

"Y......Yes, Daddy. Pleae fuck my nasty pussy for me. Please Daddy.... PLEASE!" she begged with longing eyes for some relief from my teasing torture.

I said "Would you do anything to get me to fuck your nigger pussy right now?"

She sighed heavily "Oh GOD.... YES! Please Daddy, fuck me..... FUCK ME!"

"Then close your eyes, open your mouth, and keep it open no matter what. You got me, nigger?"

"Yes, Daddy. I'll be a good nasty girl for you if you fuck me." she assured.

"Okay then, do it."

Jenna obediently complied. She opened her mouth wide and closed her alluring eyes for me. If only she knew what was coming.

I pulled my cock out of her vaginal opening and sat back on my folded calves. I gripped my stiff dick in one hand and squeezed my abdominal muscles tightly. Since I was completely hard, it was a struggle to do it, but finally I managed to apply enough inner pressure with my abs to produce a thin stream of tequila fueled piss out of the end of my urethra. It came out slowly and dripped down upon Jenna's taut belly, splattering all over her smooth skin, until I applied more force. The yellow stream gradually grew longer until it reached her massive tits and chin.

"You hold still and don't move at all, little slut. You just lay there and take it like a good nigger whore." I ordered.

I could tell she was slightly uncomfortable from the way she was moving her jaw out of the line of fire. It was all she could do to keep from putting her hands up in a vain attempt to stop the smelly urine from getting up on her face. She gripped the blanket covering the motel bed tightly to keep her hands down.

I pushed a little harder and finally hit my mark. The end of the stream landed right in her open mouth. She coughed and gagged a little when the acrid taste hit her tongue and spat the piss out. I stopped pushing and halted my pissing.

I instantly corrected her. "NO! You lay there and let me piss on you. Don't you move at all, nigger!"

She looked up at me with pee in her eyes and angrilly whined "You.... you fucking pissed on me and got it in my goddamn mouth!"
The Rohypnol made her somewhat compliant, but it didn't supress her irritation with me.

"That's right, and I'm gonna do it again, you piss slut! If you move this time, I'll make you swallow it!" I said sternly.

She backed off from her tirade and layed her head back down onto the bed. Her mouth slowly opened up again and she closed her eyes in preparation for the second onslaught.

I clenched my abs again and soon out came another stream of pee which landed right on her beautiful face. I tilted my cock and the nasty pissfell into her mouth once again. She jerked her head slightly when she tasted the salty waste, but she kept her mouth open this time. When her mouth was full, I made her play with it a little.

"Now gargle it and stuck your tingue up in the air so I know you can taste it."

I heard Jenna blow some air bubbles through the awful smelling fluid like it was mouthwash, then she jutted out her tongue through the middle of the pool of piss as instructed. Her face was grimacing the entire time from the nasty taste in her mouth.

Barbara was laying beside us watching her friend's humiliation with disgusted curiosity, laughing at the poor girl's pitiful situation. I decided to let her feel what it was like. I aimed my dick in her direction and pissed all over her gorgeus face and soft breasts.

"How do you like it, cunt? Have some more piss."

She threw up her hand to stop me but I just moved my cock around and pissed all over her anyway. When my pee ran out, she was just as fired up as her dark skinned compadre.

"What the fuck, man? You fucking pissed on me, mother fucker!! You nasty bastard!" Her anger with me was quite apparent.

I said "What's good for one of ya is good for the other, you fucking slut!". To further her humiliation, I said "Now french kiss Jenna, bitch. Lick her pissy tongue like it was her pussy."

Her ire told her not to comply, but the drug told her to do otherwise. Reluctantly, she leaned her face over Jenna's and put her full lips against the black girl's soft lips. I heard the pee in Jenna's mouth sloshing around through the skin. It pleased me to no end the power I wielded over them thanks to the Rohypnol in their systems. When they came up for air, I could see pee dripping from Barbara's lips. She was also grimmacing from the awful flavor of urine in her mouth now.

I said "That's a good white slut. You're no better than this horny nigger. You're both a couple of fuck cluts put on this earth for men to have their way with you. In fact, lets have some more fun. Barbara, put your head over here by my dick."

The drugged coed got up on her knees and leaned her head over Jenna's groin by my erection. After making her suck it deep into her throat for a short time, I pulled it away, grabbed her head, and held it firly above Jenna's exposed gash.

"Okay, my pissy nigger slut, now you piss right in her fucking face."

I pulled down on Barbara's chin and forced her mouth open, holding it directly above her smooth, hairless groin. She raised her head to see what I was doing. My urine ran out of her mouth and poured down her chest and belly. She got a devilish smirk on her face since she was going to get to abuse someone else for a change. She grunted and out came a splattery torrent of amber piss from her peehole right into Barbara's face and mouth. The white girl closed her eyes and screamed "EWWWWW!!!!" as her sorority sister got some payback for laughing at her earlier when she was the victim. I held her pretty face over the black girl's pussy and made her take the full brunt of the thick yellow stream. The stinking aroma had a slight tinge of tequila smell to it. I don't know how much they drank at the bar before we met, but Jenna had a LOT of urine in her. It seemed to take her almost half a minute before her piss ran out. I wiped Barbara's mouth across her friend's pissy cunt as an added measure of humiliation.

"There, bitch.....", I said to Barbara, ".... How do YOU like getting pissed on?"

She gasped for breath and stuttered "I... I hate it, you mother fucking bastard!"

To shut her up, I turned her head and fucked her throat hard like a pussy. Her throat felt tight against the head of my dick. I fucked her like that for 30 seconds before letting her breath again. She gasped for breath heavily with drool running out of her mouth.

"That's to remind you this mother fucker if your master tonight." I slapped her ass cheek hard to assert my authority. She backed down and meekly succumbed. "Now clean the piss out of Jenna's asshole. Get your tongue down in there and get it all out."

Barbara glared at me with daggers in her eyes, but she did as I asked. She pulled Jenna's ass cheeks far apart and stuck out her long tongue at the tight opening, I watched her tongue push into the ajar sphincter and delve down into Jenna's dark rectum. She rooted down into the nasty outlet and lapped at it like a pussy. Jenna put her hands on top of her friend's accomodating mouth and pushed it down firmly against her asshole. Barbara's anger subsided the more her lust built back up again. Soon she was just as horny as Jenna was again. As Jenna writhed around on the wet bed covers enjoying the white girl's attention. I would occasionally grab Barbara's head and throat fuck her to keep myself hard.

Soon I was yearning for some pussy on my hard cock, so I pulled Barbara off of her friend's groin and sunk my cock deeply into Jenna's tight cunt. She gasped aloud when I put it in her to the balls quickly in one stroke.

She shouted "Yeeeeaaaah, Daddy! That's what I want! I need your big dick in my nasty pussy. I want it so bad. Please fuck me hard, Daddy! Fuck me like you do Mom!"

My hips swayed and rebounded heavily against the black girl's round ass as I fucked her pussy forcibly over and over. I put Barbara's hand up onto one of Jenna's DD breasts and told her "Hurt her tits while I fuck her."

Ever compliant, she took the hint and started pinching the amorous black girl on her hard brown nipples. Jenna yelped in pain but didn't attempt to thwart her friend's assault , even when the white girl slammed her open hand down hard upon her nipples and aureolas or pulled up on them cruelly. Tears were welling up in Jenna's eyes from her aching tits, but they also expressed a highly excited, horny leer as well. She was finally getting fucked good, and she wasn't about to do anything to stop it. She was gnawing her bottom lip suggestively, staring at me with lust in her eyes.

My cock went into her clenching pussy over and over, pulling me in with her incredible Kegel abilities. The damn walls of her cunt were squeezing my dick like a vice. It was like I was fucking that little girl from my first Rohypnol conquest.

Barbara was pinching and squeezing the abused girl's imitation breasts very callously. Jenna's breasts, though dark brown, were beginning to show visible damage on them. Round welts were appearing on the soft skin from the slaps and hard pinches Barbara was giving them. Her poor aureolas were completely stiff and swollen now. They stood out from the rest of the tit like small domes in the center of them and were reddening. Barbara was kissing and sucking on them as much as she was hurting them.

I fucked the mocha girl hard and steadily for a good 10 minutes, all the while as she hunched and writhed lustfully underneath me. Her passion and the drug had put her in a state of frenzy. She was even spanking the top of her slit with her own hand while I fucked her pussy to heighten her excitement. Her and Barbara were now french kissing wildly and playing with one another's pained breasts, completely lost in the moment. It didn't take long for Jenna to fall prey to her own building excitement.

She screamed "YAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!" as she came hard. Her pussy grabbed my dick like a hand and held me tightly inside her. I could feel the juices of her orgasm squirting out from around my cock. She was shaking uncontrollably while her body thrashed around. Then suddenly, right in the middle of it all, she just simply went limp and passed out. The immense sensations coursing throughout her body had overwhelmed her brain, causing her to faint dead away.

"Holy shit, will you look at that!" I said to Barbara.

She nodded her head and replied "Yeah, she does that when she gets really worked up. She's passed out on me lots of times when she cummed. She'll be out of it for 5-10 minutes."

"Really? Aint that something." I said amazed. "By the way, has she ever told you about her Dad fucking her before tonight?"

"Yeah, she told me about it when she first joined our sorority. We were doing each other when I got out this big, black dildo to use on both of us. When I was fucking her with it, she whispered 'Daddy....Oh Daddy'. I asked her about it afterward and she told me about him molesting her as a kid."

"And you didn't say anything to her about it, like tell her to call the cops?"

"Fuck no! She said she liked fucking him, so I let it alone."

I looked down at the helpless girl sympathetically, laying there out cold on the urine soaked bed. I tried shaking her on the arm, but she never came to. Then I got a dirty idea.

I looked at Barbara and said "Get down here and get her asshole good and slippery for me. I'm gonna fuck her ass."

"Okay." was all she said about it. The groggy coed got on her knees and leaned her face down to the black girls groin. I pulled out of Jenna's drenched pussy and fucked Barbara's throat to clean it off. Then I pushed her face down against her friend's dark crack and she dutifully stuck her long tongue out and plunged it into Jenna's asshole without hesitation. Jenna was semi relaxed being knocked out, so her tongue slid down into the sleeping girl's anus easily. She ate out her helpless friend's asshole greedily for me, delving down into her rectal cavity as far as she could reach.

I told her "You really like eating ass, don't you?"

She raised up, looked me dead in the eye, pushed her middle finger down into Jenna's asshole, pulled it out with small flecks of waste on it, and proceeded to clean the dirty digit off with her mouth. She sucked her finger completely clean, even showing it to me afterward to prove her point.

I snurled my nose at her disgusting dedication. "Damn, you are one fucking nasty bitch, you know that?"

She smiled slyly and said assertively "I'm the nastiest bitch there is."

"Then why did you get pissed when I pissed on you?"

"Because I wasn't ready for it. I would have let you do it probably if you had given me a heads up."

"I'll remember that next time." I said, even though after tonight, there would never be a next time. "Now lay your head down on her belly. I may have need of your nasty services in a minute."

She layed her chin down upon the black girl's smooth pubic bone in a 69 facing my groin. I had her hold Jenna's legs against the girl's belly, then went in. I grabbed my hard cock and pressed the tapered tip against Jenna's partly gaping asshole, then plunged it down into the dark recesses of her rectum. Her relazed state offered no resistance to the anal invasion. Deeper and deeper my cock went in until my balls rested against her upturned ass crack. I grabbed her ankles for leverage and rocked my body on my folded legs. My cock fucked her ass deeply with every hard inthrust.

Barbara leaned down and began eating out her unconscious friend's oozing gash hungrily as I fucked her asshole mercilessly. She was grinding her own drippy slit down against the black girl's chin to stimulate her own clit. She licked and fingered Jenna's pussy ravenously.

"Damn, I love the taste of a girl's pussy when she gets off!" Barbara remarked, then returned to eating out the slimy cunt.

Every now and then, I would pull my sticky dick from the knocked out girl's asshole and offer it up to Barbara. She would immediately open her mouth, whereupon I would cram it down into her welcoming throat. She paid no attention to the disagreeable flavors that I know were all over my dick. She just layed there and let me pull her face up on my groin and fuck her mouth with a few quick thrusts, then she went back to the cunnilingus on her unconscious friend while I fucked the black girl's ass again. What a trooper.

My own cumshot was building in my balls quickly. My strokes were quickening the more aroused I became. My hips were flying back and forth, slamming hard against the black girl's jiggling ass. When I could hold it back no longer, my balls started convulsing, pumping the nigger's ass full of thick, salty cumm. Long ropes of gooey sperm shot out of my cock into her rectal cavity. When the last splurt had been ejected, I pulled my slimy cock from her asshole and put it against Barbara's pouty lips. She swallowed the entire thing into her tight throat and removed every bit of brown debris and splooge from it completely. I kept fucking her neck until the poor fellah gave it up and became too soft to manage. I found a dry spot on the queen sized bed and flopped down upon it to rest. I was dog tired now. We had been at it for nearly an hour now. My legs felt like jelly and my softening dick lay back against my lower belly.

Barbara was disappointed that I had deprived her of a hearty protein shake, deciding instead to waste it up inside her friend's unconscious asshole.

"Hey!", she said irritatedly, "I wanted that sperm!"

I replied "It's all yours, right in front of you. Have at it."

She looked down at the black girl's partly gaping asshole, which had been reamed very effectively by moi, and spotted the thick white goo down inside Jenna's rectum. She pressed her open mouth against the unaware girl's anus and applied hard suction upon the opening. I could hear her tongue digging around in her asshole trying to get at the salty ejaculate.

I remarked "You are a fucking weird bitch, you know that?"

She merely replied "I told you I wanted that sperm, and I don't care what I have to do to get it, either."

Disgusted with her utter lack of self control and respect, I said "Just don't expect me to kiss you right now."

I was starting to get worried about our nubian victim. Her climax had made her pass out, but she should have awakened by now. I reached over and shook her again to rouse her, but it didn't help. She was out of it and didn't seem she was going to wake up anytime soon. Perhaps it was the Rohypnol affecting her so soundly. I knew after researching the drug's effects that there was a period of sleep that the victim experienced while the drug erased the information from the brain's neurons, eliminating all memory of the previous day's events. Maybe she climaxed so hard that it caused an early activation of the Rohypnol's memory wiping slumber period.

At any rate, I got up from the wet bed and headed toward the bathroom to shower off the sticky fluids and odd aromas from my body. I emerged feeling refreshed and clean. I looked on the bed and saw Barbara laying next to a still unconscious Jenna. She was pressed right up against the sleeping girl's body softly caressing the black girl's abdomen and breasts in the afterglow of yet another orgasm she had achieved from grinding her horny cunt against the passed out girl's pointed chin while I was washing the funk from my skin.

I asked "You think she'll be okay?", concerned that I might be called in for question if she didn't wake up.

Barbara assured me "Yeah, she'll be okay. She usually wakes up by now. I don't know why she hasn't got up by now. Maybe she drank too much tonight."

'She sure did', I thought to myself, She drank one glass too many I figured, the one that had my inhibition blocker in it. He He.

I gathered up my clothing from the floor and my camera from the nightstand. I turned it off. After dressing, I told Barbara "You guys can go ahead and sleep it off here if you want. I paid for the whole night. Just peel off that wet blanket. The sheets may be dry. I would stick around but I have an appointment in the morning. Here's cab fare to get you both back to the dorm."

I laid $25 on the nightstand. I almost felt like a hooker's John leaving money behind like that, but after the spectacular night of kinky sex they had given me, I figured they had earned it, even though they wouldn't remember it in the morning.

I wanted to do one more thing before I left the naughty duo. I wanted to see this infamous couple Jenna knew as Mom and Dad and what they looked like. I rummaged through the black girl's purse and dug out her cellphone, thinking surely she had a photo of them on it. I located the image gallery and found a picture she had saved on the phone of her raping father and her quite attractive mother. Instead of him being the big bruiser type I had imagined him to be, he was quite normal looking. He was about 45, medium build, and fairly good looking, sort of resembling Tommy Davidson in the face. She had a picture of Mom on there as well. The woman was quite attractive and shapely. I had imagined her as a big, fat stereotypical 'mammy' type that was too obese to be attractive to her husband anymore, and that was why he resorted to fucking his own pretty, shapely 13 year old daughter. I could see where Jenna got her good looks from. They looked a lot alike. I think that was what drove her pervert of a father to start molesting her. He saw his beautiful wife in his daughter, just in younger form.

I scanned through all the saved numbers and found a couple marked 'Mom Cell’ and 'Dad Cell'. I used it to take a picture of the two girls naked on the bed together. Barbara mugged for the camera and made a goofy face. She kneeled beside her sleeping friend, pulled Jenna’s legs back against her chest to expose her groin, and plunged a couple of fingers into Jenna's upturned ass as a lark. I went over to the chair in the corner and typed out a text that read :

"I love you, Daddy! I can't wait until I'm back home again. I've been craving that thick fat dick of yours so bad while at college. I think we should include Mom the next time I'm home and we fuck. College has taught me a LOT of new ideas to try out when we fuck again. It's made me want Mom to join us, as you can see in this picture. Try to talk her into having sex with us from now on. I'm craving her pussy like you wouldn't believe. The three of us will have so much kinky fun when I come home. Enjoy the picture of me and my sexy girlfriend. Love ya, Jenna!”

I attached the sordid image to the text and clicked “SEND”. I turned off the phone after it was confirmed as sent so Barbara wouldn’t try to answer it when the helpless girl’s distraught mother tried to call her back to question her about the illicit text. I could see her father getting a skillet across his head tonight after her mother read this. I’m such a mean bastard, but it was no skin off my back. Neither girl would remember me after tonight and Jenna’s mother deserved to know what was going on under her nose. I wiped my fingerprints from the black girl’s phone and gingerly dropped it back down into her handbag.

As I was about to leave, I heard a low murmur coming from Jenna’s lips. She wasn’t coherent in the least, but she was finally showing a little life again. She stayed asleep even when Barbara rolled her around on the bed to get the piss soaked blanket out from under her naked body. As I suspected, the thick blanket on top had absorbed the bulk of the urine we sprayed on it. The sheets were still dry underneath. She tossed the wet blanket into the floor for the maid to worry about. I did help by tucking them into bed.

As I stood beside Barbara and pulled the white sheets over their naked bodies, she reached over and caressed my cock through my pants. She cooed and said “I wish I could give him a good suck as a parting gift. You don’t have to fuck me, I just want to suck it again. I like the way you fuck my neck, baby. Please?”

I didn’t have a chance to respond to her request. In a flash my belt and zipper were undone, causing my pants to fall to the floor. My shorts were stripped from my ass by her clawing hands. My limp cock hung down droopy from my groin. Without warning, Barbara leaned forward, opened her mouth wide, and filled it with my flaccid cock, sucking on it hard to entice the blood flow into it. In about half a minute, she had gotten me completely hard once more. And as promised, she only layed there on the edge of the bed on her side and sucked me off. Her hand was digging at her drenched pussy furiously from the front while her other hand was probing her tight asshole with her middle finger. To assist her, I grabbed her head and fucked her face and tight throat deeply while she frigged both of her holes like a nympho. When we were done, she had gotten off again and had received the much wanted mouthful of cumm she had been craving.

As I left the motel room, I turned back to see Barbara nestling her head on Jenna’s shoulder with her body pressed up against the unconscious girl’s naked body to share body heat under the sheets. Her arm was draped across Jenna’s belly with her hand tucked up under her back in a sweet embrace. She yawned and closed her eyes, so I turned out the light and left quietly. I grabbed my video camera from the night stand and drove off into the starry night, satisfied with the evenings’s kinky events. I wondered what Jenna's mother must be doing right now. Was she sleeping and wouldn't see the dastardly text until morning, or was she chasing her perverted husband around the house and calling the cops? Maybe the text would spark hidden desires in her, ones that would pique her own dirty curiosity and make her give my suggestions of incest a try. As proven tonight, sex is always more fun when there's 3 instead of two.


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