The continuing saga of a young girl's intimate relationship with her reclusive father.

"Me and Dad In The Woods: Chapter 3 ": By Bigwayne 2012

The continuing saga of a young girl's sexual adventures with her reclusive father on their secluded farm.

Contains: Incest, young female, bestiality, male domination over his young daughter, oral, anal, watersports.

If such themes offend you, thanks for looking but perhaps this storyline isn't for you. Please feel free to read the other 2 chapters of this to familiarize yourself with this story. Again, thanks for reading.


The next day after tending to the animals on the farm, me and Daddy set up the video cameras in our bathroom in preperation for the upcoming movie we were making of our sexploits. We hung one directly over the jacuzzi with the help of a special tripod Daddy made himself out of a couple of tripods we owned. It had a long extending arm he created himself years ago for filming us in bed from above. The other camera was mounted on a regular tripod stand and aimed straight at the hot tub to film us from the front. We studied where we would have to be to remain in the lens' view and aligned the cameras to give us the best shots at those angles.

We also brought out what we call the 'Joy Box'. It was the clear plastic foot long container that we keep our sex toys and lube in. Just a few assorted plastic and rubber probes that are mostly made for someone my size and age. There's one regular penis shaped dildo with a suction cup molded on the end where the balls should be that Daddy uses on my asses every now and then. But the majority of the dildos are just slender probes about the thickness of Daddy's thumb. Inside were a couple of tubes of K-Y gel as well. All was set for tonight's pee-fest.

After a light dinner, Daddy got some of his Lasix fluid removal medicine out for us and gave me only half a pill due to my size and weight. He himself took a full 40mg tablet. He got them from the doctor after we started doing the pee play with each other. Those little pills sure do make a person have to pee a lot. We both drank a lot of iced tea and water before and after dinner to prepare for tonight.

While we waited for the medicine to kick in, me and Daddy readied the jacuzzi and rechecked the camera angles once more. Then he got out the hot water bottle and mixed up some of the vanilla scented enema water inside it. Two watery bowel movements later I was cleansed thoroughly and ready for our wet encounter.

I always like to have our home made movies act out some sort of a sexy theme in them like the X-rated videos we sometimes watch. Tonight Daddy was going to pretend to be a plumber who was here to fix the hot tub and gets carried away with himself, and I was to be the poor helpless girl who was left at home to let him in after her parents were called away from the house unexpectedly. Great premise, huh? Well, it was fun for us anyway. A little play acting is fun every now and then. When we had decided on the theme of our movie, Daddy set up a third video camera downstairs aimed at the front door from the outside. He would edit that footage in with the rest we filmed upstairs later on the computer.

Daddy even went out to the garage and got his toolbox for authenticity. He dressed in a denim work shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of his denim shorts. He used the remote in his pocket to start the camera rolling, then knocked on the front door just like a stranger would.

When I opened the front door to let him in, I greeted him wearing a stretchy halter top, Daisy Duke cutoff hip hugger shorts that rode very low in the back to show the top of my ass crack, and a red thong whose strings I purposely pulled up high on my hips to show above the top of my revealing shorts. His eyes roamed all up and down my body admiring the view.

Daddy got the play acting going. In a southern drawl he said "How do there, pretty little miss. I hear you need someone to clean out your pipes fer ya?"

I leaned against the door frame and rubbed my hip with my hand. "I sure do, Mr Repairman! I think I might need a big strong man to give my plumbing a good looking over." I said in a come-hither tone playing up the whole helpless innocent girl routine. "Come on in, big boy. I'll show you where the hot tub is upstairs."

Daddy waited until I strutted into the house to grab the porch camera from it's perch. He held it and aimed the lens directly at my ass. I was swinging my hips a bit to show off the lower half of my ass that was hanging out of the revealing shorts I wore.

"This shore is a mighty purdy house you have there, Miss......"

"The names Millie. Millie Wannafuck."

"Nice to meet you, Miss Wannafuck. I'm Joe. Joe Bigdick."

"Well, we'll see about that later perhaps." I grinned up at the camera in his hand and winked. "Follow me upstairs and I'll show you where the broken hot tub is."

As I ascended the stairs, I climbed each step very slowly and methodically. I'd step and swing my ass far to that side, then I'd take another step and sing my ass way over to the opposite side. Daddy stayed about 5 steps behind me so the camera could see my half naked ass better from below.

Daddy said "Do you happen to have a seesaw to go along with that swing of yours, pretty lady?"

"I've been known to have very good up and down action." I retorted with.

We walked into the bathroom and Daddy sat the camera down on the sink, aiming it toward us both standing beside the hot tub. He clicked the remote in his pocket and the other two cameras we had set up earlier began filming as well.

I sat down upon the edge of the jaccuzzi and spread my legs wide for the cameras to see. I said "I just don't know what in the world could be wrong with it. Do you think you can fix it?"

"What's it doing maam?"

"It just doesn't seem to be making any bubbles. See?" I pointed at the calm soapy water.

"Let me take a look at it." he said. He got a screwdriver from his toolbox and pretended to check something on the side access panel.

After a minute he rose to his feet and flipped the switch. The motor started running and making all sorts of suds in the water.

"Looks as if your wall outlet needed to have a big male cord end plugged into it was all."

I acted excited about the so called repair. "Ooooh, you don't know how grateful I am to have our hot tub running again. I'm forever in your debt. I like to take a lot of baths in it, sometimes 3 a day." I put my feet over into the water and kicked them around a bit. I jutted out my chest to show off my hard nipples protruding through the cloth of my tight halter top, and caressed my inner thighs with my hands.

"Taint no problem there, little pretty girl. Now about my fee."

I acted worried. "Oh no, Mr Bigdick. Mommy and Daddy were in such a hurry to leave that they forgot to leave your money with me to pay you. And they won't return home until about midnight. What will I do?"

Daddy looked my body over thoroughly and said "Well, I'll tell what I'll do. I need to be paid for my services, so maybe we can work out a little arrangement. You can work off the bill by fixing my little problem."

I acted all innocent and naive. "And what problem would that be, Mr Bigdick?" I asked.

"Well, it seems to be cleaned out too. My pipe is a bit clogged and I need someone who can suck the clog out of it.". Daddy rubbed his bulge through the cloth of his shorts. He was already firming up and visible from the outside.

I played up the virgin role more. "Oh my, Mr Bigdick. You certainly live up to your name. But I'm just a little girl. I've never done anything like that before." My hands massaged my bare thighs seductively.

Daddy walked over beside me and said "Oh, I'm sure you'll do just fine, pretty litle lady."

He took off his shirt first, then his sandals and shorts and tossed them in the corner. He wasn't wearing any underwear. Then he climbed into the bubbling water and stood right in front of me with his stiffening dick mere inches from my small face.

"Oh my!" I said. You really DO have a really big dick, don't you?". I stared directly at it and watched it swell bigger and bigger. I don't think that big thing will fit into my mouth."

"That's okay Miss Wannafuck. He's 'one size fits all'." Daddy grasped it by the base and waved it in front of my mouth. "Now how about paying for your bill, you pretty little cunt!"

Still play acting, I pretended to be hesitant at first to open my mouth so he could put his dick in there. "I don't think I wanna do...."

"Okay then miss. I'll just have to take you to court and sue you for everything your parent's own."

"No-No. Don't do that! Okay, I'll do whatever you want me to do."

"That's a good little cunt. I knew you'd see things my way." he said smiling evilly like a villian from an old black and white movie.

Daddy tapped the head of his hard dick against my thin lips. I slowly parted them and he pushed the head into my mouth.

He said "Now start sucking on it like it was a straw and lick it like a sucker in your mouth." Daddy put a hand on top of my head and moved his dick around in my mouth with the other, pressing it against my inner cheeks so they would bulge out. "Suck it like the little slut that I know you are."

Me and Daddy had agreed we could get a little rough with our dirty talk when we planned out the video's theme. I told him he could say some of the more hurtful names and such since it was for the movie. It would make the movie more dirty and exciting. He'd never really talk that way to me or treat me that badly in real life though.

Daddy looked down at me with his dick in my mouth and said "Come on little slut. Start sucking my fucking dick, little girl!"

Acting kinda scared and innocent, I slowly wrapped my lips around the head of his long dick and sunk my cheeks in hard sucking on it for him.

Daddy looked pleased with me. "That's the way. You such that man-dick good! Oh my, that feels great. Uhnnnnn..." he moaned.

After I sucked on it for a minute or so, he pulled it from my mouth with a *POP* noise. He held it right in front of my face and ordered "Now lick it like an ice cream, little slut! Lick it good!"

I did as he said. I stuck out my small wet tongue and licked it all over the head and hole of his stiff dick. When he'd angle it upward I would lick on the underside as well.

"Well, well. Looks as if your Daddy has raised a very good and talented whore."

I looked up at him and said "Th-thank you, Mr Bigdick." and kept on licking his dick greedily like I've seen the women do in our Xrated movie collection. They always act so dirty in those, and that is what I was doing too.

When he was done making me lick him, Daddy pulled his dick away and said "That's good enough for now. Now I want to see that hott little whore body of yours!"

He lifted me out of the water and stood me up on the side of the jacuzzi. He grabbed my mini shorts and pulled them down to my feet, exposing my thong and cameltoe to him.

He rubbed his thumb across the small piece of cloth on the front of the thong and remarked "Oh yeah, I can tell already that this pussy is good and tasty!"

He pulled my stretchy halter down to my feet as well, revealing my pointed undeveloped budding breasts and hard nipples.

"Mmmmm, this just gets better and better. I'll bet your Daddy gets a hard on every time he gives you a bath, doesn't he?"

As I stood there half naked, I looked at him and sheepishly replied "Y-Yes."

"Aha! I knew he did. No man could keep from it. You have a body that just begs to be fucked! And I'm gonna fuck you real hard before I'm done!" he boasted. He ran his thumb up underneath the thong cloth and against my bald gash. "Ohhh, that is one tight little pussy you have there. I'll bet you play with your pussy al the time, don't you, slut?"

I said "Maybe." really curtly and grinning. I put the tip of my index finger on the corner of my mouth to feign shy naivety.

"Yeah, a fucking slut like you can't keep your hands off of your pussy, can you?"

"N-No. It feels really good when I rub it."

"It does, does it? Show me how you do it, little girl! Play with your fucking pussy for me. Do it!" he ordered.

I reached my hand down into my thong under the cloth and rubbed my slim fingers around on the outer lips of my pussy for Daddy and the cameras. He grinned broadly at my vulgar display.

"I knew it. You really are a fucking slut, aren't you? Look at you play with your pussy like some horny slut! You're just a horny little girl who wants to be fucked, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh" I replied grinning at him. I rubbed my pussy for his satisfaction as he watched me. "I want someone to fuck my little pussy weally, weally bad.". I licked my lips to accentuate my desire.

Daddy said "Move your hand. I want to see that pussy of yours! Pull up on your thong!"

I slid my hand out from under my thing and grabbed my thong strings with both hands, pulling up on it until the cloth in the front went up into my slit. My puffy preteen pussy lips were hanging out from either side of it.

"Mmmmmm, that's a real pretty pussy. A real slut's pussy if I ever saw one. I see why you like to play with it all the time. You rub your pussy every time you're alone, don't you?" he asked. He rubbed his wet thumb against my exposed pussy lips.

"Uhhh-huhhh." I said.

"So you're nothing but a horny, dirty little slut who wants to be fucked by a grown man, aren't you?" Daddy's thumb felt good as he rubbed my smooth pussy with his thumb.

"Uhhh-huhhh." I said again.

"I'll bet you've even had nasty thoughts about your own Daddy, haven't you?"

"Uhhh-huhhh." I said grinning widely for the cameras like I loved the idea.

"Alright then. From this point on, I want you to treat me like I'm your fucking Daddy. I want you to call me Daddy and do to me what you've wanted to do to him. Got it?"

I acted stunned but agreed. O-Okay, Mr, I mean Other Daddy."

Daddy pulled my thong down out of my pussy and tossed all of my clothing to the side with his. I was now standing stark naked on the side of the jacuzzi for all to see.

"Mmmmm, that hott body of yours is awesome. It looks like my own daughter's body. She's my little slut too just like you going to be. Now get in the water and show 'Daddy' how horny you are right now."

Daddy helped me climb down into the bubbling water so I wouldn't fall. I stood right in front of him completely naked, and he in front of me as well.

"Okay my little horny girl, start sucking on Daddy's dick for him."

I leaned forward, grabbed his hard dick, and engulfed the end of it unwaveringly quick in one swallow. I sucked in hard and moaned like it was the tastiest thing in the world.


Daddy grabbed my head and held it in front of his groin. "Ahhhhh, that's my little slutty girl! Suck it harder! Lick it with your slutty mouth!" You could see through my cheeks that I was rolling my tongue around on the end of his dick for him.

Daddy's Lasix pill was beginning to work on him. His bladder was just about to the full mark. Mine was getting there too.

Daddy wrenched his dick from my mouth unexpectedly. I pretended to want it bad so I followed it around with my licking mouth.

"I'm glad you are so hungry for my dick, my underage whore. Now I'm going to show you how a daddy treats his litle horny girls. Hold your mouth open wide!" he instructed.

Daddy put his hand underneath my jaw to hold my face still. I opened my mouth all the way and stuck out my tongue in anticipation while holding his dick right in front of my own mouth.

"This is how dirty little daughters should be treated by their Daddies."

He relaxed his urethra and out came a flood of smelly, acrid piss right into my mouth. I was swallowing it down as fast as I could. The cameras caught every drippy second of it.

Daddy cut off the flow and tilted my head back a bit. "I want you to gargle with my nasty piss!"
he commanded. I gargled the mouthful of urine I had loudly.

Pleased with my performance, Daddy said "Now swallow and drink my nasty piss down your dirty throat!"

I did as he told me. I gargled it a moment, then it disappeared down into my stomach, I stuck out my tongue and begged him "More pee....MORE!", licking the end of his dick vulgarly.

Daddy hit me between the eyes with a couple of quick squirts. "There, that's all you get for now. The rest of my piss is going somewhere else." he hinted.

I expressed my disappointment to the cameras. I said "Awwww." and frowned.

Daddy looked down at me and said "If you want some more piss that badly, just drink your own nasty piss then."

He grabbed a paper cup we sat by the hot tub beforehand and held it just below my hairless pussy. "Piss into the cup and drink it, you nasty pissy girl !"

I spread my feet apart, reached down to my pussy, and spread my gash open. I loosed my bladder and out poured a thick stream of acrid pee from my hairless groin into the cup below. When the cup was full I stopped the flow. I still had half a bladder full left.

Daddy held up the cup and inspected it. He sniffed it, then stuck his tongue down into the nasty pee, licking his lips as if to savor it.

"Mmmmm, that is some mighty fine piss you made, little slut. You still want it?". He held the cup up to my face.

I said excitedly "YES! Yes! I want to drink my piss so much. Gimme.... Gimme!"

Daddy pulled the cup away. "Okay, but only after I sample it first."

He put the paper cup to his lips and took in a sizable swallow. He sloshed it around in his cheeks then swallowed it down.

"Mmmmmm, that is some mighty fine piss right there. Now your turn."

Daddy put the cup to his own lips once more and drank. This time around he grabbed my jaw and leaned my head back a bit. He hovered his mouth over top of mine and indicated for me to open wide. I did and Daddy dribbled all of the urine from his mouth right down into mine. It was so depraved......and exciting. This was turning out to be one of our best and most thrilling videos yet.

He told me "Gargle it slut!". I did. The overhead camera caught the view of the bubbling pee in my open mouth beautifully. I swallowed it down and showed the camera it was indeed gone.

Daddy took another swig from the paper cup. This time he just spit the pee all over my face.

"I bet you liked that, didn't you my little piss slut?" he barked.

My hair was soaked with our pee. I licked my lips and rubbed my small hands around on my pee covered face. I moaned "I loooove it! More nasty piss,Other Daddy....more!" . I opened my mouth wide and begged for him to do it to me again.

"That's the way all of you little slutty bitches act. You can't get enough when your men treat you bad. You sluts just keep coming back for more, don't you?"

"Please...Other Daddy....more!" I cried out. I sucked on the tip of his dick like I was trying to get some more pee out of it.

"Yeah, I bet you wish your real Daddy would piss all over you, don't you my little whore?"

I played it up and said in a sultry voice "I want my Daddy to piss all over me! I want to suck his nasty piss right out of his dick like this." I wrapped my small mouth around the head of Daddy's long dick and sucked on it hard. I grabbed it with one hand and moved it around in my mouth like he had done when we started our acting. I defiled my face with his dick, pushing it over into my cheeks and tapping myself on the face with it like I had seen horny women do to themselves in our dirty movies.

He said "Oh my, you are one horny little cunt, aren't you? You're a pissy slut just like my own daughter is. If she were here I would make you both suck each other's pussies and drink each other's nasty piss. I bet you'd like to suck another girl's pussy and swallow her fucking piss, wouldn't you?"

I pulled his dick from my mouth, looked up at him with puppy dog eyes, and said "I would do anything for you, Other Daddy.....Anything!". I returned his firm dick back into my mouth and continued sucking him off noisily, smacking my lips and moaning audibly.

Daddy gave the camera beside us a devilish leer on purpose like he was Snidely Whiplash, sneering as he asked me "Hmmmm....Anything?". He raised an eyebrow, then turned his attention back down to me standing in front of him. My mouth was crammed full with his meaty dick.

I pulled his dick from my mouth so I could answer him properly. I batted my eyelashes at him, gave him a lusty look, and said in a breathy tone "Ann-ee-thing, Other Daddy!" I quickly returned his long dick to my mouth.

He said to me "That's good to know, my underage slut. A girl your age needs to learn your place in this world. And one of your jobs is to listen to your father or any other man you are with and do exactly what he tells you to do, no matter what it is."

I continued sucking him off and mumbled "Mmmmm-Hmmmm" agreeably.

Daddy pulled his stiff dick from my mouth and grunted. Out came a few quick spurts of pee right in my face. Two between my eyes and one right into my mouth.

"Ahhhhhh, that feels so good. You take that piss like a good little whore."

He grunted again and out came a thin steady stream of stinky yellow urine from the hole in the end of his urethra into my pretty face.

He barked "Lick my piss, you fucking little slut! Get your goddamn tongue in that piss and fucking lick it like a girl in heat!"

I moved my mouth up to the tip of his spurting dick and lapped my small tongue out at the nasty amber stream coming from the tip of his long dick. I opened one eye and glanced over at the side camera for dramatic effect. The pee was splattering all over my face and tongue as I hungrilly licked at it in midair. Then without warning Daddy cut off the flow of pee from his bladder.

I begged him with pleading eyes "More pee...please Other Daddy!". I licked on the hole in the end of his dick. Pee was dripping down off of my wet, pretty face and long blonde hair.

"That's a good little horny slut. You learn very fast what it takes to please a man. Gotta save some pee right now for other things though. Now lay down on the side of the hot tub and spread your legs."

The movie was coming along so great. I was really having fun play acting.

I dutifully obeyed him. I climbed out of the water and laid on my back on a towel he laid out for me on the flat outer side edge of the jacuzzi. He positioned my groin to hang just over the edge of the hot tub over the water so our pee play didn't spill over into the floor.

Daddy pushed my knees to my chest and said "Spread your legs wide!".

I grabbed the back of my knees as instructed and pulled them to my chest. That fully exposed my pussy and asshole to him.

"Mmmmm boy, that is a tasty looking pussy you have, my tight pussied cunt!" Daddy ran his thumb all up and down along my slit. "Has anyone ever fucked you in your pussy before, slut?"

I meekly replied "No, Other Daddy, I'm a virgin. My pussy is too small to fuck it."

He said "You mean your Daddy hasn't come into your bedroom at night and fucked the hell out of that tight little taco of yours yet?"

I giggled at Daddy saying 'tight taco'. "He He...No, Other Daddy. I haven't been fucked yet in my pussy or my butt, other than playing with myself."

Daddy pushed his thumb down into my slit and rubbed it against my moist clit and outer vagina.

"Mmmmm, I'll bet he's wanted to though. That pussy is too tempting to ignore. But I'll bet you've wanted him to come in your room and fuck your pussy hard for ya though, haven't ya?"

"I....I guess so." I said.

"Little whores like you always want their pussies full of dick all the time, ain't that right. slut?"

"Uh Huh.". I looked at the camera and licked my lips. "I wanna be fucked really good, Other Daddy!"

"That's what I figured. My daughter is a little fuck slut too. She loves my dick. I can pull it out of her mother's sweaty pussy and she'll suck it til I shoot off in her fucking mouth. In fact, I've fucked both of them before at the same time. I make her lay on top of her momma and I fuck them both right in their whore asses at the same time. I fuck my wife's asshole, then I pull it out and fuck my daughter's tight asshole, back and forth."

I was getting a little turned on listening to Daddy's explicit descriptions. I was so used to seeing two or more women get it on in our porn movies that I had grown accustomed to lesbians. It made me imagine what I would do to Mommy if she were still alive and living with us. I think I could do what Daddy was saying, let him fuck me and Mommy at the same time. I would even go so far to say that I would be receptive to doing anything sexual with her as much as I do with Daddy. My pussy got damp just thinking about it.

Daddy broke my train of thought. "Would you suck my big dick if I pulled it out of your Momma's nasty asshole?"

I looked up at him innocently and replied "Uh huh.", licking my lips again.

"Yep, you're a nasty little cunt just like my daughter and wife are. I've done that before too. Sometimes I'll pull my dick out of their asses and make them suck me clean! I love it when my daughter puts her face right on my wife's ass and sucks my dick clean for me when I pull it from her mother's dirty asshole and lay it in her fucking mouth! You like that idea, don't you. You'd suck your Daddy's big dick all covered in shit and everything, wouldn't you, little slut?"

I played the perfect horny nymphet willing to do anything to please him. I licked my tongue out at Daddy and said loudly "YES! Yes, I would eat the shit off of your nasty shitty dick for you, Other Daddy! I want you and my real Daddy to fuck me and Mommy in the ass and let us suck your shitty dirty dicks clean. I want your nasty piss! I want your nasty shit! I want to be fucked good by both of you!"

Daddy was a little surprised at my eager role playing and candid talk. He knew I didn't really care for poop, so hearing me beg like that for it caught him off guard somewhat. I was just acting for the camera. He stayed in character though and continued on with our video.

"That's a good little fuck slut! Remember to beg like that to your real Daddy tonight when he gets home. He'll fuck you hard in your ass until he cumms in your tight asshole! Maybe your Momma will lick the sperm out of your ass afterward for you. She's probably a fucking whore just like you are."

I said "She is. I hear her and Daddy fucking through the walls. Mommy lets Daddy spank her when he fucks her. She keeps begging for it. She'll yell 'Whip my ass, you stud! Fuck my ass harder...harder!'. I hear them in my bedroom. Sometimes I'll sneak out of my room and open their bedroom door a little so I can see them fucking."

"Really? And what have you seen your Momma and Daddy do to each other in their bed?"

"I've seen Mommy put Daddy's big dick in her mouth and suck it like a lollipop. He pushes it all the way into her mouth."

"Hmmm, that's interesting. What else do they do in there?"

I had to recall some of the stuff those girls do in our porn videos for reference.

"Well, usually Mommy gets on top of Daddy's lap and pushed his big dick up into her pussy or her asshole. And sometimes she gets one of her dick toys out from under their bed and puts one up inside her ass while Daddy fucks her hard."

"Dick toys, eh?" Daddy suppressed a giggle at my funny term. "Do they look like rubber dicks?"

"Yeah. Mommy has some really long ones that she puts inside her body. Sometimes she puts a dick toy in both of her holes and lets Daddy put his dick in her pussy beside it."

"You don't say? Your Momma sounds like my kind of whore, just like you are. Tonight when they start fucking each other, I want you to slip into their bedroom naked, sneak one of your Momma's dick toys from under the bed, and put it up in your own asshole. Then you climb up on the bed and start fingering your pussy right in front of them with the dildo hanging out of your ass and tell them 'I want to get fucked too'. You got that?"

I grinned evilly. "I got it, Other Daddy! I'll do it."

"Good." he said smiling. "Now lets get back to OUR fucking."

Daddy looked down at my exposed gash and rubbed his thumb all over my tight wet vagina. He pressed his thumb against the small pink opening of my immature vagina.

"Looks like you are too small to fuck in your pussy just yet. That means I'll just have to fuck you in your dirty ass then!"

"YAAAAAAY! I'm gonna get fucked in my asshole! Goody-goody!" I yelled enthusiastically.

"Not just yet though, my little cumm dumpster. First we're gonna play a dirty little game. Spread your pussy for me." he commanded.

I did as he told me to. I let go of my legs and held them to my chest with my thigh muscles. I reached my tiny hands down to my slit and put my fingers down into it. I pulled the soft puffy lips apart as ordered, exposing my tender clit hood and making my vaginal hole gape open to him.

He studied my pussy area carefully. After a moment he rubbed his wet thumb across my closed bladder valve.

"Ahhhh, there it is. Right above your slutty wet pussy. There's your piss hole."

He rubbed his thumb across it roughly, making me moan out loud pleasurably. I wasn't acting this time. It felt great to me.

I asked "W-What are you going to do to it, Other Daddy?" sounding slightly concerned.

He replied "Why, I'm gonna make you fucking piss all over yourself is what I'm gonna do to it!"

"How?" I queried. I really didn't know what Daddy was going to do to me. He only told me when we planned the movie that we would act out some pee play for the cameras. I trusted him though and knew he wouldn't ever hurt me during sex, so I went along with his lead.

He knelt down in the bubbling soapy water in front of my exposed groin and said "Lets see just how tight you really are, slut!"

He dipped his hand down into the water and put his middle finger up to the small opening of my vagina. He slowly slid it forward until it was up to the second knuckle, then slid it back out of me. He slowly pushed it forward again until it had disappeared up to his third knuckle. He rotated his hand back and forth as if to spread my seeping juices around on the inner walls of my vagina. He fingered me a little faster the next few times he pushed it deep within my tight pussy. And I adored every single penetration he did on me.

I was moaning involuntarily for real. "Uhnnnn. Oh Other Daddy.....that feels soooooo gooooood! Fuck my little pussy, Other Daddy! Fuck my pussy real good. Ahhnnnnnnn....". I was getting hornier and hornier with each thrust of his stiff finger in my pussy.

"Yeah, this little girl likes to have her pussy fingered." He pushed his finger in deeper and harder a few times. "You like that?"

I moaned aloud "AHHnnnnn, I fucking love it! Harder...HARDER, Other Daddy!"

Daddy pushed his finger in hard past my cervix muscle a few more times in succession, making me wimper with pleasure each time he did it. "Uhnn-Uhnnn-Uhnnn-Uhnnn-Uhnnnn"

He said "You might be a virgin, but I knew you'd like to get fucked hard. Your Momma likes to get fucked hard like this by your real Daddy, doesn't she slut?"

I had to speak between moans. "Uhnnn-Uhnnn...Yeah, she does......Ahnnn-Ahnnn......S-She makes Daddy fuck her really hard and fast.....Uhnnnnn....when they have sex. Ahhhh.... Faster Other Daddy...faster." I begged him.

But instead of doing as I asked, he pulled his finger from my pussy unexpectedly, sniffed it, then tasted it.

"Mmmmm, that's almost as sweet as my daughter's tight twat." he commented.

I begged him "More Other Daddy! Fuck my pussy more." I was half acting and half for real. I didn't want him to stop what he was doing. I could have cumm on myself just from his fingering me.

"I will, I will." he said. "Right now though I'm interested in that tight little bladder of yours." He ran his juicy middle finger across the small knot of wrinkled tender skin that keeps my bladder closed.

"Wh-What are you going to do to it, Other Daddy?" I inquired.

"You'll see. You'll see." is all he would reveal.

I was laying there anticipating what Daddy had planned for me. But I trusted him and didn't question him any further. I just laid there on the edge of the hot tub holding my hairless labia lips apart for him.

Daddy reached over the side of the jacuzzi and opened his toolbox. He dug around in the box and retrieved a small smooth plastic probe that was about 3/8 of an inch wide and 3 inched long on one end, and had what looked like a 3 inch molded handlebar grip on the other end. It was wrapped in a ziplock sandwich bag to keep it from getting dirty while inside the toolbox.

I hadn't ever seen this little device before. It was completely new to me. Daddy must have put it in there when we were setting up everything for our video. I couldn't figure out what it could be used for. I understood the handle on the end. That was so you could hold it securely in your hand. But that long, narrow end had me compleely baffled. He also picked out a tube of K-Y gel and sat it on the side of the hot tub beside me.

"What are y-you going to do with that, Other Daddy?" I asked. This was all very unexpected and I really wanted to know what the probe was meant for.

Without acknowledging my question, he simply unscrewed the cap from the K-Y gel and applied a generous dollop of the sex cream onto the top of my spread gash and all along the slender end of the weird probe.

He finally looked up at me smiling and said "Get ready for the most intense pleasure you've ever felt in your life, little girl."

As I lay there giddy with fascinated anticipation, Daddy grabbed the mysterious probe and held it between his thumb and first two fingers, aiming it downward and hovering it above my slit. He rested the side of his hand against my hand, which was spreading my slit open for him, to hold it steady so he could aim it accurately.

Slowly he touched the rounded tip of the slim device to my lower clit area around my bladder opening. He pressed it against my soft flesh a few times until he hit the spot he was seeking. Gently but firmly he pressed it against my bladder opening until all at once half of it had disappeared into my bladder!

I instantly gasped "UUUUHHHHHNNNNN" fairly loudly when the probe went into me so suddenly, not having been penetrated in my tiny urethra ever before. But that initial shock gave way to curious and pleasurable fascination rather quickly.

I had never felt such a sensation before in my life. It didn't hurt at all. It was just different. It was hard to describe in words. It was sort of like the first time Daddy put his finger up inside my pussy, but it was way more intense. I looked down at my groin and studied very closely what Daddy was doing to me.

When I gasped out loud from the strange penetration, he looked up at me in his regular Daddy persona and whispered "Are you okay, baby?"

I wasn't sure to tell you the truth, but I replied in a low tone "Yeah, Daddy. I-I'm fine." I was really curious by now. I wanted to see what he was going to do to me with the toy next.

"That's good. Now tell me if you feel it hit anything inside you."

Daddy pushed the slender probe deeper into my bladder. Soon all three inches were inside of me.

"I-I don't feel it touching anything but the hole, Daddy."

"That's good. Now we can get back to our movie." He switched personalities again and became Joe the horny plumber once again.

He reverted to the thick southern drawl of his character. "That's right, you fucking little slut. I'm fucking your tight little bladder this time." He moved the probe in and out of my slippery sphincter with his hand. "You like it when I fuck your little piss hole?"

I tried to stay in character for the movie, but the probe Daddy was using on me felt too good and it was hard not to just react like I normally would during sex.

"Uhnnnn....Other Daddy.....Ahnnnnnn....That feels so fucking g-good in my peehole! Uhnnnnnn...."

I laid my head back and closed my eyes in deep pleasure as he penetrated my bladder in and out steadily. It felt so good that it made me have a series of mini-gasms. They didn't hit me hard like a normal orgasm does. I could just feel my pussy getting wetter and tingling when each one quickly hit my pussy and dispersed. Daddy says they're just like when a man is jacking off and about to cumm, then lets go of his dick before his balls start pumping out the sperm. I've felt those before when playing with myself, but never so many in a row like this time.

Daddy watched me as I rocked on my ass cheeks from the slender probe's terrific sensations.

"Tell me how much you love me fucking your damn piss hole, slut!"

"I....I.....Uhnnnnn.....I fucking LOVE it! Ahnnnnn.......Fuck my peehole Other Daddy! I love it so much. Ooooohhh....yeaaaaaaaahhhhh......uhnnnnnn....."

"Beg me to lick your pussy while I fuck your nasty peehole!"

"Uhnnnnn....p-please, Other Daddy.....Ahnnnnn-Ahnnnnn-Ahnnnn.....l-lick my nasty pussy for me!" I begged him.

Daddy leaned his face down to my exposed gash and began licking his long wet tongue all over my upper slit around the plastic penetrator in my bladder. I pulled my bald labia lips back wide with both hands for him to get to my pussy better.

He pushed the slim probe in and out of my pussy gently and deeply. The feel of the smooth plastic rubbing against my tight bladder hole was incredible. When he'd push the toy up into me, I would rock my hips and help push it up inside me. His thrusts matched my rocking motions.

My pussy was gushing from the intense stimulation happening upon my urinary orifice. Daddy saw it too. He licked his tongue into my slimy vagina.

"Mmmmm. Looks like someone is pleased. You're pussy is wetter than the fucking ocean, my little cunt."

All I could respond with was "More...Ahhnnnn...More Other Daddy!" as I rocked my cunt against the slender probe in my small bladder.

Daddy continued licking all over my pink fleshy folds as I held my slit wide open for him, moaning very loudly as he violated my urinary tract steadily.

He said "Do you like what I'm doing to your fucking peehole?"

I cried out "Aahhhhnnn....FUCK! Fuck! I fucking love it! K-Keep fucking me, Other Daddy...Uhnn-Uhnnn-Uhnnn....."

"Oh my, such foul language from such a little whore. Tell me what you're gonna do to your Momma tonight when you have sex with her and your real Daddy."

I looked down toward my groin into Daddy's eyes and said "I'm gonna eat my Mommy's pussy and lick her dirty asshole! I'm gonna put my tongue into her fucking asshole and lick it good! I'll put my hand into her hairy pussy and fuck her with it!"

Daddy loved how descriptive I was getting for the camera.

"And what if your slutty Momma wants to take a fucking piss right in your slut face?" he asked.

I smiled and said "Then I'll open my mouth and let Mommy piss right into it!"

Daddy grinned back at me. "And what if your horny real Daddy wants to fuck her in the ass while she's pissing into your damn mouth?"

"Then I'll suck his nasty, shitty dick for him when she's done pissing!" I replied matter-of-factly.

"Mmmmmm, you are a nasty little bitch, wanting to eat the shit on your Daddy's dirty dick for him. My little slutty daughter does that for me all the time. I'll pull it out of her Momma's tight ass and it will have pieces of shit all over it. She grabs it and licks all the shit off of it for me. She loves her mother's shit! One time when she was eating her mother's asshole for her, my wife strained and pissed and shit all over her bare chest!"

"Ewwwww..." I said. "That's really nasty."

"Just like you are. You told me you want to suck your real Daddy's dick when he pulls it from your Momma's slutyty asshole!"

I said "Uh Huh." nodding in agreement.

"Then you're a nasty little whore like my daughter is. And that's how I like my little bitches, really nasty and perverted."

"I'm a nasty girl, Other Daddy." I replied. "I want to suck your dirty dick so bad." I licked my tongue out at the overhead camera to act a little slutty for the movie. Although my building lust from our depraved talk and the immense pleasure Daddy was inflicting upon my pee hole made the job a lot easier.

He kept fucking my bladder opening with the tool in his hand the whole time we talked back and forth. That may have been the reason why I was getting so horny during the erotic exchange. My pussy was visibly seeping clear vaginal secretions down all over my bald slit.

Daddy paused his bladder probing for a moment. He looked up at me and said "Give me your hand."

I obeyed and raised one hand from my slit and held it up. He grabbed the tube of K-Y gel and squirted some on my fingers. He rubbed it all over them until they were all coated with the sex lube.

Suddenly Daddy barked "Rub your slimy fingers around on your clit and pee hole."

"O-Okay". I did as he ordered me to. I rubbed my K-Y slathered finger tips around on the soft pink flesh of my clit hood and around the spot where the probe went down into my bladder.

Daddy looked me in the eye and said "Do you see where the toy is going into your piss hole?"

I said "Y-Yeah." sort of nervously, not knowing what he had planned for me.

He pulled the probe from my bladder and said "Put your finger down in the hole."

I had never done anything like that to myself before. Daddy was getting really kinky on me in this video.

I asked nervously "Are....are you sure, Other Daddy?".

"Yeah, slut. Do it!". He winked and nodded at me to assure me it would be okay.

Being the adventurous person that I am I decided to obey. I liked doing new things with Daddy when we have sex.

I cautiously rubbed the tip of my lubed middle finger around in a circle on my bladder sphincter. I could feel it as a small, firm, round knot under the pink flesh just like my asshole is, but just way smaller and tighter. I pressed the digit against the center of my urethra hole and instantly the entire finger disappeared up inside my small bladder.

I groaned out loud "AAHHHHhhhnnnnnn" at the sudden self-penetration with my thicker finger, but it soon passed. I looked over at Daddy for some sort of instruction seeing as how this was my first time doing it.

He saw my confusion and said "Now finger your piss hole like I did with the probe, you horny slut!" .

Daddy was staring at my groin very intently and grinning as I began moving my hand up and down upon my slit. He took over holding my slit open for me, so I used my free hand to rub the fold of skin covering my clit bump as the finger of the opposite hand violated my own virgin bladder opening vulgarly for his delight.

To say my finger felt good in my peehole would be an understatement. It was unlike any sensation I had ever felt on any other hole in my body. This was better than even Daddy's thick finger up inside my tight pussy. It must have been all the extra nerve endings around my nearby clit that made the bladder penetration so intense and enjoyable. Whatever it was, I knew that this would not be the last time my finger would be inside my bladder.

"You really like that, don't you little girl?" Daddy asked.

My hand was gradually building up speed. I was thrusting the entire finger up inside myself swiftly and deeply. My moaning was getting louder as the thrusts got faster.

"Yes...YES! Ahhhnnnnn, I fucking LOVE IT, Other Daddy! Ahnn... Ahnnnn... Ahnnn... Fuuuuuuuuuuck...... Fuuuuuuuuck!"

"Feel the nasty piss splashing around on your fucking finger. Rub your finger around on the inside of your fucking bladder, child!"

I did as he instructed. I rubbed the end of my small finger around on the inner lining of my bladder. It felt tremendous! The pee inside me was sloshing around hitting my finger inside. Daddy was urging me on.

"Fuck your piss hole, you horny little bitch! Give in to your lust and fuck yourself like a little slut! Fuck your piss hole like you want your real Daddy to fuck your tight cunt and asshole!"

I knew his rough language was just for the camera, but hearing him talk so vulgarly to me was kind of erotic and turning me on more. I had completely broken character and was reacting on my own excited emotional state.

I cried out excitedly "Look at me fuck myself, Other Daddy! I'm fucking my pee hole just for you. Oh shit! good....uhnnnnn-uhnnnn-uhnnnn......I'm so nasty......I'm a horny little bitch....Ahnnnn .....Oh Other Daddy, I want your dick so bad in me....Oooohh....G-Give me your big dick, Other Daddy. Fuck me. Ahhnnnn...."

He said "Soon enough, soon enough. I want you to fuck your piss hole and make yourself cumm! You look like you're about to anyway. Make your pussy cumm by fucking your pisser, you bitch!"

He was right. I was about to have an orgasm already. I laid my head back, closed my eyes to concentrate, and started violating my bladder really roughly. My other slippery hand worked over my clit and outer vaginal area.

It didn't take long for my climax to hit me. "YEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee!" I cried out very loudly. The sound echoed off the hard walls of the bathroom. My vagina clamped down tightly and squirted out a flood of orgasmic juices from the small opening.

I buried my slim finger down into my bladder as my climax coursed throughout my tiny frame. My legs stiffened outward on either side of Daddy's body in the water. My other hand was pulling on my hard nipples sticking up on the ends of my small pokie breasts. My body trembled uncontrollably at the onslaught, then settled into a nice satisfied shivering as the orgasm gradually ebbed from my .

My breathing was heavy and my body weak when it was all over. I went limp when it was over and laid there helpless as a baby. My whole body was still tingling from it.

"! Fuck!" I said aloud talking to myself. That was easily one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced. Grinning from ear to ear I slowly pulled my finger from my bladder and rubbed my hands all along my naked shivering body.

Daddy was smiling at me. elated that I had enjoyed myself. "There's nothing better to see than a little slut like yourself get off so hard."

"Th-That was amazing, Other Daddy! It felt so fucking good!" I rubbed my hands up my neck and all over my face to try to compose myself.

"And just think. We're just getting started, my little dirty whore. I'm going to make you do things to yourself you never dreamed of." he said in a sinister tone. Daddy dipped his hand down into the soapy water and splashed it up on my slimy pussy to wash off the juices that were seeping out of my young pussy.

"Now my pretty little slut, lets get REALLY kinky!" he said in the fake southern drawl of Joe the plumber.

Daddy stood up in the water and folded my limp weakened legs up to my chest once more. He took his manly hands and grabbed the sides of my hips, pulling my body toward him and elevating my ass up against his belly so that my pussy and asshole were aimed up in the air slightly. He wrapped one arm around my hips and hugged my upturned ass against his torso so that my lower body would stay in that elevated position. I think I knew what was coming this time around since we had just done it the day before.

After squirting a big glob of K-Y gel onto my hairless gash, he grabbed the plastic bladder probe from the bubbling water he was standing in and held it in the same manner he had the first time he used it on me, with his thumb and first two fingers.

"Spread your fucking pussy for me again." he commanded.

I reached up to my elevated groin and pulled my wet slit open for him as ordered. The glob of K-Y gel Daddy applied to it seeped down onto the newly exposed tender areas of my immature womanhood.

Daddy looked down at my semi-helpless form and said "Do you remember what I said about a slut is supposed to do whatever her man tells her to do during sex?"

I looked up at him and replied "Um, yeah."

"Well right now I want you to piss up into the air. Do it. Piss on yourself, my little pretty whore."

Feighning horny obedience for the cameras, I said "O-Okay, Other Daddy. Anything for you."

I pushed with my groin muscles and made a small dribble of urine spray up about 3 inches. It fell in a backwards arc and landed on my bare chest, splattering smelly pee all over my small pointed breasts. I relaxed and the urine stopped flowing.

"Don't stop now, my short pissy whore. Keep going."

Again I pushed with my abs and out came a thin stream of pee from my urethra hole. It flew backward and landed on my chest again. Daddy moved my lower body and made the fountain land right in my face.

"Open your fucking mouth and swallow your nasty fucking piss, slut. Do it!"

I did as he said and squeezed with my ab muscles. Out came a slightly heavier stream of yellow pee from my tiny urethra. I opened my small mouth and moved it into the falling stream of pee. I would swallow it down as my mouth filled up. When my mouth closed to swallow, the stinking waste would splash against my lips and splatter all over my face. It continued until my bladder had emptied completely.

"That's a good little pissy whore." he said. "You learn very quickly. It's hard to believe by your kinkyness that you aren't already getting fucked every night by your real Daddy and your nasty whore Momma."

Licking my lips of the stinking piss, I said "No, Other Daddy, I-I'm still a virgin."

"Maybe so, but after tonight that will all be over with." he promised. "You're gonna do things with me that would even make a hooker blush. And you'll be begging for more when I'm finally done with you."

Daddy put the probe against my bladder opening and pushed it inside me easily this time around. I gasped when it went in so suddenly, then sighed and moaned in ecstacy as he worked the slender device in and out of my urethra steadily.

"Oh yeah, Other Daddy! Fuck my hole. That's niiiiiice....Uhnnnnn.....Oooohhh.....Fuck that feels good....Uhnnnn...." I moaned contentedly, writhing against his tanned muscular abdomen as he held my ass against him and penetrated my urethra with the probe.

"You like?" he asked.

"Uhnnnnnn.....yeeeeesssssss......Ahnnnnn....I fucking looooooooove iiiiiiiiit!" I stammered. I rubbed the soft fleshy parts of my moist slit with both hands, pressing my fingertips hard against my clit area and around where the probe went into my small bladder. The slippery K-Y gel Daddy applied to my pussy made the experience that much more enjoyable.

Daddy announced "Well, I guess it's time we kicked it up a notch."

He put his thumb on the end of the probe's rubber handle and pressed on it like a button. Instantly the device began vibrating and shaking in his hand, and also inside my poor helpless bladder.

"YIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" I screamed out when he did it, but not in pain. It was from the over-stimulation that I was feeling upon my immature groin. It's sort of like being tickled when you can't get away, or like when Daddy has just cummed really hard and the head of his dick gets really sensitive. He sometimes pulls it from my mouth because it feels so good that it hurts. Well, that was what was going on inside my bladder.

"TOO MUCH, OTHER DADDY! TOO MUCH! AAAAhhhhhhhnnnnnn!! " My legs were flailing about in the air and I was pushing on Daddy's arm trying to squirm out of his grapple, but he held me in place and kept the humming probe inside my bladder. The over-stimulation was reverberating outward from my urethra to my adjoining clit and pussy as well, which didn't help my suffering one bit.

After about 30 seconds of squirming and fidgeting, Daddy showed me some mercy and clicked off the devious device. The relief was like peeing after holding it in for 2 hours past when your bladder becomes full.

When my head cleared a bit, I looked up at Daddy and whispered so the camera couldn't hear me and ruin the movie.

"Daddy. That was too much!"

He softly replied "But didn't it feel great?". He grinned devilishly and winked.

"Well....yeah, I guess. But it tickled too much."

"It's just because you're not used to it yet. You're mom used to love it when I used it on her like that. I promise I'll go slower next time and keep it on the outside until you're ready. Okay?"

I said "O-Okay, I guess." I laid back on the towel underneath me and went into character again.

"Ohhhh, Other Daddy, that was amazing. My pussy felt so good! Please...please play with my pussy again" I begged him.

Keeping to his word he made up an excuse. "No, you were having TOO much fun with it. I don't want you cumming on yourself again so soon, little slut. Teasing you is more fun than pleasing you. I think we'll just use the tip of it this time."

I gradually relaxed enough and got back in the mood again to enjoy what Daddy was doing to me. I reached up with both hands and spread my slit open for him to get to my underlying tender parts. Daddy pulled the lubed probe from my bladder and put the tip of it against my small bump hidden underneath the clit hood. His strong arm held my ass tightly against his belly as he pushed the button on the probe and touched the tip of it to my sensitive clit. I was used to Daddy using vibrators on my pussy in the past, so this was fairly tolerable and pleasant.

Daddy slid the buzzing probe up and down my sensitive gash from my clit bump to my still tingling pee hole. As my horniness returned to my body once more I resumed rubbing my slippery hands all over my hairless labia lips to heighten the immense pleasure the vibrator was delivering to my upper vaginal area. When he'd use it on my urethral opening he would concentrate it there longer than he would on my clit bump. I guess he was trying to get the hole desensitized to the vibration somewhat so I wouldn't be so distressed the next time he put it inside my bladder.

Daddy asked me "How does that feel, my little cunt?". He slid the vibrator up underneath the hood of skin at the top of my slit and held it against my swollen clit bump.

The probe did feel great against my gash, and I was slowly building up to my previous level of arousal.

"Uhnnnnnn, Other Daddy, that feels sooooooo good on my pussy." I rubbed my hands faster up and down on my exposed gash.

"I thought it would." he said. "Horny little nymphs love that."

Daddy slid the probe from under my clit hood and pressed the rounded tip against my bladder opening again. He pressed the button on the end of it and it stopped buzzing. He stood it vertically upon my urethra and gently pressed it down into the hole, making me gasp aloud. The juices oozing from my vagina lubed it very well and the probe slid up inside my small bladder effortlessly.

This time he gave me a warning of what he intended to do to me.

"Okay my little cunt, I'm going to turn it back on again and fuck your little piss hole with it. Get ready....."

I tensed up at the prospect of having that thing going wild inside me again after my last experience with it.

I begged him "Noooo, Other Daddy, I...I can't take it! Please!"

He assured me "It's okay. I won't be so mean with it this time around. Take it like the whore that you are."

Holding it like an inverted dagger in my bladder Daddy pressed his thumb against the hidden switch on the end of the handle grip and activated the probe. It immediately sent vibrations throughout my vaginal area.

"YIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!". Again I shrieked and flailed my short legs in the air from the over-stimulation it inflicted upon my preteen groin. But only after about 5 seconds Daddy clicked it again and it stopped vibrating, ending my distress. He then slowly worked it in and out of my slippery urethral opening.

As I lay there enjoying the lovely treatment he was applying to my gash, Daddy looked into my eyes and said "That felt a little better that time, didn't it cunt?" and winked.

I replied "Ahhhhhnnnn....That was nice, Other Daddy. I liked it a lot more that time. Uhnnnnn...", looking up in his eyes amorously.

I was massaging my spread labia with both hands vigorously as Daddy fucked my tight bladder opening steadily. Every now and then he would turn on the vibrator for a few seconds and turn it off again, sending me into a squirming fit while it was buzzing within my bladder. He did this about 4-5 times to get me accustomed to the intense sensation. Slowly my groin got used to the ticklish vibrations and I began moaning when it was buzzing in me.

When Daddy noticed that I didn't flail around as much by the 5th time he used it in my pee hole, he left the vibrating probe on a little longer during his subsequent strokes inside me . I wasn't squealing out loud anymore. I was moaning along with his penetrations. It may have been the urine that was quickly refilling my small bladder, with the help of the Lasix medication we both ingested beforehand, that helped cushion the inner walls from feeling the full force of the vibrations it emitted, but the probe was feeling fabulous throughout my underage groin now.

Daddy happily watched me writhe around against his hand on my groin. His poor unattended dick never lost it's rigidity though. I could feel it pressing against my back as he held my naked upturned hip and ass cheeks against his muscular chest with his strong arm.

"Moooore, Other Daddy.......fuck my peehole faster.........Uhnnnnnnn....." I moaned.

Daddy replied "That's a good little cunt. That's what children should do is beg their elders to fuck them like a whore. Are you a good little whore, little cunt?"

I stuttered "Y-Yes, Other Daddy! I am your little whore! Ahnnnnnnn......". My hands were stroking my slit vulgarly. I looked up at the camera above the hot tub and jutted out my small tongue at it lustfully for visual effect.

"Are you still going to beg your dirty mommy and daddy to piss into your fucking mouth tonight when they have sex?"

"Y....Yes, Other Daddy!" I complied. "I want to lick my mommy's dirty pussy and drink her nasty piss! I want to suck my daddy's big dick after he pisses all over my naked body and in my horny face. Uhnnnnnn...."

"I'd like to see just how horny you are, little slut."

Daddy lowered my body back down onto the bath towel I was laying on and pulled the probe from my bladder. I was a bit sad that he removed it now that I was used to it. He turned it off and laid it to the side of the jacuzzi.

Daddy grabbed my hand and stood me up in the pulsating jaccuzzi water. He sat down on the spot where I had been laying and spread his thighs wide, exposing his hard, stiff dick to me. It was standing fully erect and reached up to his navel on his chiseled belly.

He said "I want you to do to me what you're going to do to your real daddy and momma tonight when you walk into their bedroom and join them in the bed for sex."

Keeping in the character of the horny adventurous nymphet, I smiled evilly at the whirring side camera beside the hot tub and acted out our dirty semi-rehearsed play to the fullest.

I reached out and grabbed the firm shaft of Daddy's long dick with my wet soapy hands and stroked the loose foreskin on it up and down swiftly. I looked up at Daddy, who was watching me very intently to see what I would come up with, and told him in a very sexy and inviting voice "Other Daddy, I want you and Mommy to fuck me good. I want your big dick up inside my tight asshole! I want Mommy to eat my little pussy while you fuck me in the ass! I want your big dick inside me, Daddy! I want you in me so bad! Fuck me, Other Daddy! I wanna be fucked hard."

I leaned down to his crotch and wrapped my small lips around the swollen head of his dick without hesitation. My tongue darted around and licked all over the head of his dick hungrilly in my mouth.

Daddy smiled at my depraved behavior. He said "Is that all you want is to suck my dick, slut?"

I looked up at him, pulled his hard dick from my lips so I could speak, and said "I want your nasty, dirty piss too, Other Daddy! Piss all over me please. I want it sooooo bad,"

I held his long dick right in front of my pretty face and opened my mouth wide, waiting for the urine to begin flowing out of the tip of it. I licked the end of my tongue around on the hole to encourage it to come forth.

Daddy said "You are a horny little whore, little girl. And horny little whores should be pissed on my their nasty daddies and mommas!"

Daddy grunted and out came a thick stream of yellow, smelly urine right into my open mouth. I held my breath and let the stinking pee run down my lower lip and splash all over the front of my short, naked body. It dribbled off of my smooth pussy lips and down into the churning water below. I also moved the end of his dick around and let the pee strike me right in the face. It splashed all over my tanned skin and soaked into my long blonde hair.

After a few seconds Daddy cut off the flow of pee. He ordered me "Suck your daddy's pissy dick, whore!"

I immediately grasped the firm shaft and wrapped my lips back around the head of his dripping dick. When I inhaled to put suction upon it, the residual pee that was inside his urethra came out into my mouth. I used it to wet my small tongue so it would slide around easier on the smooth tapered head of his hard dick in my mouth. I massaged the head and probed the hole in the end with my expert tongue. Daddy just sat there with his hand on top of my head smiling broadly, satisfied with my unlady-like efforts.

"Mmmmmm, you know how to suck a dick very well, little slut." he said gratuitously. "It's hard to believe you've never had a man's dick in your mouth before."

I suckled his stiff erection for a moment more, then pulled the head of his dick from my small mouth.

Acting a little ashamed, I replied "I.....I have something to confess, Other Daddy. I lied to you when I said I hadn't been with a man before."

Daddy played his part well and acted surprised when I said that.

"What do you mean, little slut?"

I said "Well......I-I have sucked a dick before, Other Daddy." I averted my gaze from Daddy's eyes to pretend I was ashamed for having lied about it.

Daddy looked down upon me with a bit of a horny gleam in his expression. He asked me in his falsified southern drawl "I figured you had. You were way too eager to suck my dick to have not done it before. You've been sucking your real daddy's big dick when your dirty momma's out of the house, haven't you?"

While still jacking off Daddy's hard dick, I looked up and corrected him. "No, not my Daddy.". I smiled up at him slyly. "The older boy who lives next door dared me to suck his dick a few times for $5 while his friends watched me do it."

Daddy played it up for the whirring camera beside our frothing hot tub. "You dirty little slut. You like sucking boys dicks?"

I nodded. "Y-Yeah, it's fun. And he pays me to do it."

Daddy grasped the base of his hard dick and tapped the tapered pink head of it against my lips.

"I just love little slutty bitches like you who like to suck on boy's big dicks. And I know just how to treat you dirty sluts, just like I treat my own horny little girl at home. Get up here and lay down on the towel."

Daddy arose from the side of the hot tub and stood up in the bubbling water. I climbed back up on the towel and layed on my back for him. He pushed my knees to my chest and put my hands under my knees to hold them there for him.

He stepped up to my exposed groin, reaching one of his hands down to my bald pussy. He used his thumb and index finger to spread open my puffy labia lips, revealing the small opening of my pink vagina. Then he grasped the firm shaft of his long dick with his other hand and held the tapered head of it just about an inch in front of my open gash.

With a sadistic grin he said "Dirty little whores deserve to be treated like dirty little whores."

Daddy grimmaced and grunted out loud. I soon felt a rush of warm fluid pour into my small womb from the hole in the tip of his dick. Daddy was pissing up inside my immature womb. He did this to show the cameras all around us that he was actually peeing up inside me.

My eyes opened wide and I smiled happily as I squealed out "Oh shit, Other Daddy! You're pissing in my fucking pussy! Ahhhhhhhh.....Oooohhhhhh!" I rubbed my hands all over the soft piss splattered outer flesh of my pussy and moaned pleasurably as the stinking urine filled my young uterus inside.

"That's how men should treat little sluts like you, just piss all over and inside them."

"Ahnnnnn......I-I love it, Other Daddy! Piss in my fucking pussy. I'm a nasty slut and I want it in me! Uhnnnnnn..." I cried out. Some of it was just put on for the movie we were making, but over half of my pleading was due to the personal pleasure I was feeling for the dirty nature of the demeaning act, and my building lust.

I massaged my wet, tender clit and pee hole vulgarly for the cameras as Daddy unloaded his acrid waste up into my small uterus. When the piss filled my uterus and started seeping back out, Daddy pressed the tip of his hard dick up against my vagina to seal it off. Half of the pointed glans head disappeared up in my vaginal opening, but my young age and under developement prevented Daddy from penetrating me any further.

The smelly waste fluids poured into my small pussy from his dick like a water hose. The pressure was slightly building inside my womb, and I loved every moment of it.

Looking up into Daddy's eyes I said "Oh fuck, Other Daddy! pussy....Ahnnnnnnn.....I feel your piss inside my cunt! So nasty.....I'm a nasty little slut! AHHHNNNnnnnnn!!"

My hands were rubbing my gash very roughly as Daddy looked on.

Daddy said "Put your finger up in your piss hole and fuck yourself for me."

Without hesitation I moved one hand to the top of my small gash and pointed a wet pissy middle finger at my bladder opening. I pressed the digit against the tiny wrinkled hole slowly until it slipped inside my waste resevior. I worked my slender finger in and out of my bladder swiftly as Daddy happily watched me defile myself so willingly for him. I pushed my small tongue out crudely at him like I was licking on an imaginary pussy. Daddy loves that.

He stared lovingly at my beautiful face. I could tell he was getting as aroused as I was.

When my womb was filled completely and the urine started squirting out from around the head of his long dick, he cut off the flow of pee and pulled the head of his dick from my vaginal opening. He immediately pressed his thumb against the opening to keep the piss inside.

He said "I already know you're a nasty slut. Now lets see just how nasty you fucking are."

Daddy got down on one knee in front of my bared groin and pressed his mouth against my pissy vagina. His pee came rushing out and filled his mouth until he put his finger back inside my pussy to trap the pee. He stood up again and hovered his face about 6 inches over mine. He motioned his intentions, so I opened my mouth wide. He let the smelly urine dribble down from his pursed lips into my own mouth. I licked my tongue out at the offering hungrilly until I had drank it all down.

"You like it when a man makes you drink his piss?" he asked.

I replied "I-I love it, Other Daddy! I love drinking your nasty piss."

"And you like it when a man pisses up in your fucking horny cunt too, don't you whore?"

"I love that too! I'm a nasty little piss cunt!" I exclaimed proudly for the cameras, grinning as I fingered my poor bladder opening vilely.

"You're a nasty little whore like my own daughter and wife are. You'll do anything to make a man fuck you, won't you?"

"Oh fuck YEAH!" I said loudly. "I'll do an-y-thing to get fucked hard! I love dick so much, Other Daddy.". I glared lustfully up at him and the overhead video camera.

"I'll bet you would." he commented, satisfied with my acting. The only thing was I wasn't lying. I was so horny again I would have let Daddy do whatever he wanted to my underage body.

Daddy lowered his head down to my groin once more and licked his slobbery tongue all around my peehole and the thrusting middle finger I was pleasurably working in and out of my filling bladder. The Lasix water gain medicine he gave me before we started making the video was causing my kidneys to produce urine at an amazing speed. I could feel my urine slosh around on the digit inside me as I violated myself so wickedly. The combination of his expert tongue and my taboo bladder self-penetration almost made me cumm all over Daddy's face. But he seemed to be able to sense when I was almost to the point of having an orgasm, and he would cease his licking for a few moments, then go after another spot on my slit.

After licking the top of my gash for a few seconds he put his mouth to my urine filled vagina once more and filled his cheeks to capacity. My womb was empty now. He hovered his mouth over mine again as I lay there and parted his lips slightly. The dripping pee trickled down and landed right on my licking tongue. I drank the offering down into my belly as quickly as I had the first one, smacking my lips when the last drop had been ingested.

I asked him "Am I being a good little whore, Other Daddy?"

He smiled and replied "You are a GREAT little pissy fuck whore, little girl."

"Thank you, Other Daddy. Thank you for making me a good little piss whore. From now on I'm gonna make every man and boy I know piss on me and fuck me in my asshole every day." I said assertively and with conviction.

" That was my intention the whole time. But don't give it to every man you meet. Just have sex with your family. Your Momma, your Daddy, and any other aunts and uncles you have. That will keep your horny pussy and asshole nice and tight for them to enjoy."

"Okay, Other Daddy. I will. I promise."

Daddy looked down at my exposed asshole just below my thrusting hand.

"Speaking of nice, tight little whore asses, it's time I finally fucked your little shitter hard!"

I grinned broadly in anticipation. I had been waiting for a good fucking ever since we first started filming. I could finally drop my acting and be at ease to act like myself. And as high as my horniness was by now, this was to be a very loud and vocal recording on my part.

Daddy grabbed the half-used tube of K-Y gel and squirted a fairly large blob onto his open palm. He wrapped his hand around the shaft of his stiff dick and applied the gel to the entire length of it. He also squirted some onto the fingers of the hand I was penetrating my own tight bladder opening with. Then he lowered the tube down and pressed the end of the K-Y tube into my wrinkled asshole. He squeezed it firmly and put a very large dollop of gel inside my rectum, then tossed the nearly empty tube aside.

He looked down into my eyes and said in his put on southern drawl "Now I'm going to fuck your dirty little asshole like the whore that you are!"

He didn't penetrate my anus right away. He laid his long, thick dick on my gash, pressing it down firmly with one hand so it would lay snugly against my vaginal opening, and hunched his hips back and forth to make the underside of his slippery shaft rub against my vagina and the finger in my bladder.

As he grinded his hard dick against my sensitive puffy labia lips, I moaned out loud.

"Ahhhhnnnnnn.....Ahhhhnnnnnn.....Faster, Other Daddy.... faster! Uhnnnnnnnn!"

My hips were rising involuntarily to put more pressure against his firm dick. At the same time my hand was pushing my slippery middle finger deeper and faster in and out of my bladder.

Daddy did this steadily for a couple of minutes. Then he said "Are you ready for me to fuck your tight whore asshole, cunt?" as he pressed down a little harder on his dick to antagonize me.

I pleaded with him. "P-Please fuck my dirty asshole, Other D-Daddy! I want you inside my nasty shitty asshole so baaaaad! bad.......Ahnnnnnn...."

"Very well then. Here it comes."

Daddy grabbed the shaft of his long dick and aimed it at my well lubricated pussy. He teased me by sliding the soft tip of his dick all along the length of my yearning gash. He pushed the head of it against my immature pussy and slid about an inch of it into the hole, hunching it in and out.

"Please.....please fuck me, Other Daddy! I want you to fuck me so bad." My hand was thrusting into my bladder more quickly, making a loud squishy slap when it landed against my wet pubic bone.

"Damn, I wish that pussy of yours wasn't so tight! I'd fuck you hard until you begged me to stop! I guess you'll have to settle for this instead."

Daddy removed his dick from my slit and pressed one of his gel covered fingers against the small hole of my juicy pussy. He slid it up inside my vagina and rotated it with his wrist, then started fucking my pussy with the lubed finger just as he had done earlier.

I squealed out loud "YEEEEEEEEEE!!" at first, then settled into a rhythmic moaning with every inward thrust Daddy did in my cunt. "Ahnnn...Ahnnn...Ahnnnn". I was also rocking my body in opposition with his moving hand to make his knuckles hit against my groin more firmly.

Daddy was pleased with my performance. Only it wasn't acting.

He said "Yeah. little whore. You like being fucked in your pussy. All you little whores do. My little underage daughter likes being finger fucked too."

Daddy violated my pussy for another minute or so, but he was yearning to have one of my holes wrapped around that thick dick of his. He pulled his slimy finger from my pussy, making me groan in unsatisfied disappointment.

"Fuck my pussy more, Other Daddy! More!" I begged him.

"That's enough. I wanna put my dick up in you now."

Daddy grasped his hard dick and aimed it at my wrinkled little asshole. He pressed the slippery tip against my anus, so I relaxed. My anus opened up for him and let the head of his dick disappear up my rectum effortlessly.

When he first penetrated me, I pretended to be the good little virgin. I gasped even louder than I had when he shoved his finger up into my pussy.

"AAAAHHHHHNNNNNN!! My asshole!" I screamed. I made a fake grimacing expression to pretend that his big dick was too much for me to handle.

Daddy said "If you think THAT is too much, just wait until I shove my whole dick up inside your whore ass!"

I begged him "No....No, Other Daddy! It's too much! It hurts my asshole. Take it out. Take it out of my ass, please!" Daddy knew I was just acting.

As I squirmed around like I was in pain, Daddy grabbed my hips and held me in place.

"You're not getting away from me that easily. You're gonna take my whole dick up in your fucking asshole and love every goddamn inch of it, little bitch!"

Daddy pushed a couple more inches of his long dick up inside my rectum. I kept to our preplanned script and screamed out loudly like it was tearing my insides up.

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!! No more, PLEASE, Other Daddy! I can't take it! It's too BIG! OOOOOWWWWW!! It hurts! " I even frowned like I was about to cry from the pretend pain.

Daddy replied "That's too bad, little girl. You wanted to be fucked. Now you're getting it."

He slid a couple more inches of his hard dick up inside my rectum. I again pretended like it was tearing me apart.

"OOOOOWWWWWW! AAAAAAAARRGGHHH! My asshole, it HURTS! Please STOP! Owwww!". I reached my free hand down and grabbed his lubricated shaft where it came out of my ass as if that would stop the invasion.

Daddy said "There you go. Jack me off and help put my dick up in your little whore ass!"

"Please Other Daddy....No. It hurts so bad!"

"Do it!" he commanded firmly.

Daddy grabbed my hand and made it stroke the loose skin on his exposed dick. When I started jacking him off on my own, he removed his hand so the camera could see me doing it voluntarily.

"Now keep your hand there and guide my big dick up into your slutty asshole, bitch!" he asserted.

I did as he told me. He pushed his hips forward and put two more inches of his dick in my colon. Again I shrieked as if it hurt like hell, but I never let go of his dick. I wrung my hand around on the loose foreskin in my grasp like he told me to.

"YAAAAAAAAHHHH!! My asshole! Owwww, it hurts so much! No more, Other more.....I'm begging you!".

My face contorted to simulate distress, but in reality I was wishing the rest of his dick was up inside me too.

He said "I'm just loosening you up for tonight when your tell your real Daddy and Momma to fuck you. Now keep your hand on my dick while I fuck your tight little asshole, slut!"

I did as he instructed. I kept my fingers wrapped around his shaft as he slid his lubed dick back out of my asshole. When the flared head of his dick touched against the inside of my stretched anus, he thrust it back up inside my rectum.

I shrieked again as if it hurt me. "AAAAAAAAHH! It HURTS!!" I yelled out as loud as I could. I almost had Daddy thinking I really was in pain because I was so loud. But when he saw I had no tears in my eyes, he stayed in character and kept acting.

"My little girl yelled like that when me and her momma first fucked her in the ass at age 4. Now she begs me to fuck her hard in the ass. Even her dirty Momma puts big dildos up her asshole when we're having sex with her, and she fucking loves it! My wife makes her lick the dildo clean when she pulls it out of my daughter's ass. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be begging me to fuck your whore ass deeper!"

As I frigged my bladder opening continuously for the camera, my other hand held the exposed part of his long dick for him. His thrusting in and out of my asshole made me jack him off very effectively. I just lay there whimpering and telling him to stop like I was supposed to as he penetrated my rectum happily with a full 6 inches of his hard dick. His dangling balls slapped against my slippery hand whenever he thrust his groin forward.

As rehearsed, I was to stop resisting and start getting into the forced penetration. After about 30 seconds of screaming in pain, I began softly moaning to the cruel invasion as if I were beginning to enjoy it.

Daddy said "That's the way. You can't do anything to stop me so just take it like the whore you are! Just like my daughter did, you're starting to like it, aren't you?" He leered devilishly at me.

I said "My asshole hurts a lot, but not as bad as the first time."

"I told you it would get easier. Now take your hand off my dick and shove your fingers up in your whore pussy, bitch!" he commanded.

I released my grip on his dick and put my middle and fourth finger up against my slippery bald pussy lips. I pressed the fingers down into my slit and inserted them both up into my tight pussy for him. Daddy ogled my self-defiling very intently. Here I was penetrating both of my small orifices willingly for his pleasure. Well, not just for *his* pleasure entirely. I was enjoying doing it to myself too. I felt like such a dirty little girl.

Daddy said "Now lets get all that dick up in ya!"

He held me firmly by my hips and eased his groin forward. Daddy slid the remaining exposed part of his long dick all the way up inside me. I shrieked aloud once more at the top of my lungs for the cameras, although I was used to such a large penetration. And I loved every inch that invaded me.


As the cameras buzzed overhead and beside us on their stands. catching all of my semi-feigned reactions, I bit my bottom lip and scrunched my eyes closed as he shoved his firm dick farther up into my rectum. My hands were penetrating my young groin fiercely as the dick slid in easily and struck the top of my crooked colon.

Daddy never ceased his hunching though. He kept fucking his dick in and out of my reamed asshole as I gradually pretended to get used to having it all up inside me. When I began moaning on my own from the terrific feel of being ass fucked, he relaxed his hold on my hips and began talking dirty to me again in a voice similar to Larry the Cable Guy.

"You like it now, don't you little whore? You like me fucking your tight little slutty asshole now, don't you?"

After a slight pause I finally responded "Y-Yes......Yes, Other Daddy." I was moaning and grunting with every thrust into my squeezing rectum. "I-I like your b-big dick up in my asshole."

"You like it because you're a whore, don't you little slut? A pissy little whore."

I agreed with him submissively. "I'm....I'm a dirty little piss whore."

"You're a dirty piss whore who likes to be ass fucked!". He said it more as a fact than as a question.

I replied sheepishly "I-I like it when you fuck my asshole, Other Daddy." as I gazed up into his loving eyes.

He smiled back at me as he fucked my rectum swiftly and said "I told you you would. Every woman likes a man to take control and make them do nasty things during sex. My wife and daughter both do what I tell them to when we all fuck."

"I'll do whatever you tell me to do, Other Daddy. I'm your little piss whore." I pledged.

My pussy was just about to the point of climaxing again from our dirty little act. My hands were unceasingly assailing my reddened groin. One finger was deep within my filling bladder while two fingers of the other hand were violating my tingling pussy.

My depraved actions weren't going unnoticed by Daddy. I could tell he was just almost to the point of cumming as well. His strokes in my ass were getting faster as he fucked me thoroughly.

He looked down upon me and, in a commanding tone, he told me "Pull your fingers out of your cunt and piss all over us both!"

I grinned evilly and pulled my hands from my groin. I used them both to spread my gash wide so the urine could come out easier. It didn't take much effort to start the flow of pee coming out. My bladder was past full again from the Lasix medicine we both took. My finger in the hole was the only thing keeping the pee inside me.

The pee arched upward above my exposed groin, hitting Daddy on his dick at first. Then as the stream got stronger it made its way up to his navel, up on his abs, and finally all the way up to his muscular chest.

Daddy pushed his whole dick up inside my rectum and stopped moving. As the piss made it's way up to his chest he lowered his head and let the thick yellow stream go right into his open mouth. He swallowed a couple of mouthfuls hungrily. The remainder he spat back down all over my small naked body and into my pretty face and hair. I'd open my mouth and let the piss spray in.

Our depravity was sexy enough to make me climax once again. I screamed "AAAAAHHHHHNN... I'M CUUUUMMMIIINNG!" as my groin started tingling and convulsing in response. The urine that had dripped down into my spread pussy when I pissed myself came gushing out along with a massive load of my own clear, slimy juices.

As I lay there in the throes of my orgasm, Daddy resumed fucking my ass hard. Seeing me act so dirty for him had taken its toll on his building libido. He fucked me hard for about 10 strokes, then he pulled his long hard dick from my rectum quickly. He slid my trembling body down into the water right in front of his erection and pushed the head of it into my moaning mouth.

I grabbed the firm shaft and held it inside my sucking mouth. I licked all over the smooth tapered head of his long dick as he feverishly jacked his loose foreskin back and forth. Daddy grunted aloud "UUHHHNNNNGGG", and I was soon rewarded with a very large glob of his delicious thick salty sperm in my hungry mouth.

He cummed in my mouth so much that some of it seeped out of my nostrils. I was used to it though and instinctively held my breath. It spread all down my face and dripped off of my chin and onto my bare, poking breasts. I massaged the loose droplets all over my chest and my young face until his balls had been emptied.

I finally breathed out through my nose and dislodged the sperm inside. It too dripped down onto my chest where I rubbed it into my soft sticky skin with the rest. I noisily gulped down the large deposit of sperm that was inside my mouth. I opened my mouth once and jutted out my tongue to show the overhead camera that Daddy had indeed filled his little girl's mouth with his thick white man seed before swallowing every tasty drop down into my belly.

Daddy looked down at my splattered shiny face happy with my performance. He said in his made up southern drawl "Now that's how a little girl is supposed to treat her Daddy."

I asked "Did I do good, Other Daddy?", as if I was seeking his approval.

"You did great, little slut. You did what I told you to do and you didn't try to stop me from doing it to ya. That's the way a dirty little whore is supposed to act when adults have sex with them."
I grinned up at him satisfactorily, acting proud at my hard efforts. "Thank you, Other Daddy. After my asshole stopped hurting, I started having fun when you fucked me."

Daddy reached down to my sperm covered face and smeared the goop all over the rest of my face that wasn't covered with sperm yet. Then he stuck his slippery fingers into my mouth so I could clean the thick sperm from them.

"Mmmmmm, I love your sperm, Other Daddy. It's delicious!". I sucked hard on his fingers each time he wiped his sperm from my face and placed them into my small mouth. I even wiped some of the sperm from my chest and suckled my own fingers for his delight.

Daddy helped me to my feet which were still a little shaky from my climax hitting me so hard.

"Now lay on your belly so I can see your fucking asshole." he ordered.

I turned around and lay on by belly on the now pee soaked towel. I raised one leg up on the side of the hot tub so my asshole would be exposed to him. Daddy used his middle finger to examine the small wrinkled opening. His thick dick caused it to remain open slightly after reaming it so thoroughly. He leaned over and peered down into my open colon.

He grabbed the overhead camera from it's mount and aimed the lens down into my anus. Inside the camera caught sight of some of the soapy bathwater sloshing around in my rectum from when I dipped down into the jacuzzi to let Daddy cumm in my mouth.

He squeezed my ass cheek and said "I have to piss really bad again, so spread your cheeks so I can fucking piss in your shitty asshole!"

I obediently did as he said. I grabbed both of my ass cheeks with my hands and pulled them wide apart for him like I had done many times before during our sex. My asshole also opened wider. Daddy put the camera back up on the boom arm so he could free up his hands. He grabbed his still firm dick and pushed the head of it up inside my exposed rectum.

He grunted and forced his warm dirty piss up inside my colon. I felt it splash around in my ass. The hard stream made the inner walls of my colon tingle as it struck the top of my colon, and it felt nice the whole time he was peeing in me.

When Daddy had finished filling my gut with his pee, he said to me "Now take a shit!"

I looked back at him a little bewildered since he hadn't removed his dick from my rectum yet. How was the urine going to come out if my asshole was sealed up against the shaft? But I didn't question him about it. I just did as he told me to. I figured he knew what he was doing.

I let go of my ass cheeks and braced my hands down upon the hard surface of the hot tub. I strained hard with my ab muscles to make my colon prolapse and compress against his still firm dick, trying to make the urine sloshing around inside my reamed guts come out. I pushed and strained with all of my might to the point of feeling constipated and getting dizzy from doing it. Finally my efforts paid off. I could feel the smelly piss squeeze past his firm dick and spray out noisily from my distended asshole like it was diarrhea.

Daddy just stood there behind me holding his dick in place and moaning pleasurably. He was jacking his hand back and forth steadily as the nasty pee enema splattered all over his moving hand and groin.

He exclaimed "That's it, slut! Shit on my dick like a dirty little bitch. Shit on me and make me cumm again. Ahhhhhhhhh....FUCK!"

Daddy was jacking himself off swiftly as the pee squirted out from around his dick. When all of the urine had been expelled, he pulled his semi-hard dick from my ass and squeezed the hole of his urethra closed.

He said "Get down here and clean my dick, slut!"

I slid down off of the side of the hot tub and knelt down on my knees facing him in the agitating water. I looked up at him subservantly, acting out the role of the poor little naked curious waif who was being used as a disposable fuck toy by the bigger dominant adult sadist. I opened my mouth wide automatically so that he could place the head of his softening dick inside my small mouth.

Daddy aimed his dick at my mouth and removed his pinching fingers from the end of it. He laid the tapered head on my extended tongue and used the same two fingers to milk the bulging urethral tube that ran along the underside of his dick. Running his index finger and thumb from the base to the tip, Daddy squeezed out the residual pee enema that I had pushed up inside his urethra when I forced it out of my ass. The vanilla flavored urine dripped out of the hole in the end and ran down my small tongue and into my mouth. It tasted good. And it made a very sexy and dirty scene for our video.

Daddy watched me and smiled as I licked my lips hungrily like it was a tasty reward. Then I wrapped my mouth over the head and engulfed it entirely. I pushed as much of his drooping dick into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat and triggered my gag reflex. I sucked him hard and noisily for the cameras like his dick was a first meal for a starving girl.

Whenever I pulled his dick from my mouth to catch my breath, I would degrade myself with it by slapping it against my own face and saying stuff like "I'm a dirty dick lover." and "I wanna be your fuck slut."

Daddy loved watching me act like an uncontrollable sex starved nympho. He always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted during sex, but I treated myself bad more for Daddy's enjoyment than mine. Of all the XXX videos we watch together, he has always been more responsive to the ones where the girls act like deviants. The dirtier the girls act, the better he likes it.

Sadly though I realized Daddy was spent for the time being. No matter how much I played with his dick it wouldn't stir anymore. I sucked on it and jacked him off, but the poor limp bugger just wouldn't firm up again. Daddy must have cumm more in my mouth than I thought. He just didn't have any more sperm in his testicles to fuel another erection. He had to recharge his batteries for a while before he would be able to get hard again.

Not wanting to end our sext video just yet, I decided to take it upon myself to add another wild scene to the end.

I stood up shakily on my feet. I was still a little weak from cumming so hard myself. I pushed on Daddy's chest so he would have to sit down on the submerged corner seat on the jacuzzi.

"Other Daddy, I loved it when you fucked me in my nasty asshole. Now will you eat my pissy ass for me? Please?" I pleaded.

Daddy smiled and said "Since you did such a good job and made me cumm so hard, I will eat your shitty asshole, little slut. But I want you to fuck your bladder for me again while I do it."

I agreed. "Okay, Other Daddy. Anything for you."

I cradled Daddy's jaw in my small hands and leaned into him. I opened my mouth and french kissed him hard. Daddy put his strong hands on each of my ass cheeks and pulled my body up against his wet chest, causing my asshole to open up. He then inserted both of his long middle fingers up inside my lubed anus and felt around on the inner walls of my reamed rectum. We both moaned as our tongues twisted and lapped around on the other's tongue in a very wet and slobbery exchange of saliva. The deeper his fingers went up inside my ass, the louder and happier I became.

When we finally parted our mouths to catch our breath, there was a long, thick line of gooey saliva making a bridge from both of our bottom lips. Without having to be told to do so I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and licked the entire line casually into my mouth and grinned. Ingesting his saliva was no more apprehensible to me than drinking any of his other bodily fluids was. We swapped spit whenever we kissed, so it was no big deal. Daddy seemed pleased with my uninhibited and eager to please attitude. He grinned back at me as if to say "Good girl. I've taught you well."

Daddy removed his hands from my firm ass and stood me up in the bubbling water in front of him. He arose from his seat as well and replaced the wet pissy bath towel I had been laying on before with a fresh dry one that was on a nearby shelf. He wrung out the excess water from the wet towel by twisting it tightly over the jaccuzzi, then he tossed it to the floor on top of our discarded clothing.

"Lay your horny ass up on that towel if you want me to eat out your nasty asshole!" he commanded.

"Okay, Other Daddy." I said obligingly.

I hopped up out of the churning water and laid upon the dry towel he set out for me on the side of the hot tub. I assumed my previous position by pulling my slender legs to my chest to expose my preteen sexual organs to him.

Daddy stared at my immaturely developed womanhood keenly for a few seconds, then kneeled down in the water right in front of my bared groin. He reached over to the side of the hot tub and retrieved the almost empty tube of K-Y gel. He twisted the cap off and tossed it aside.

"Nearly gone." he remarked.

He rolled the tube from the bottom to force what little lube was left inside to the very top. He held the open end of the tube just above the top of my slit and pushed out the last dollop of sex gel out onto my pink clit hood.

Daddy placed my hand upon the thick drop of lube and said "Alright, little slut! Get to fucking your damn piss hole. And you better fuck it with your fingers really good and hard too!"

I immediately worked the sex lube around on my clit bump and bladder opening with my slender fingers. Daddy looked on as I slid my middle finger up and down on the soft, fleshy meatus at the top of my puffy gash to locate my tiny urethral opening. Once I had found the firm little knot of tender flesh under the tip of my slim finger, I pressed it down onto the hole until it slid right up inside me and buried itself all the way up to my third knuckle. He spread my puffy labia lips apart for the video cameras to see my finger was indeed inside my bladder.

As I swiftly worked the digit in and out of my own bladder opening for him, I told him "Look at me fuck my nasty piss hole, Other Daddy! Ahnnnnnn...." I jutted out my tongue at him crudely, licking it out like a depraved harlot.

"I see that, little slut." he replied.

I begged him "Please....please eat my dirty asshole for me.... Uhnnnnn.... Please...... Ahnnnnn...."

"Okay, since you asked me so nicely I will.". Daddy winked at me and smiled.

Daddy floated his hand just above my pussy. He sharply tapped the flat part of his finger tips against the soft outer lips of my pussy repeatedly, but not hard enough to make it sting like a slap. The vibrations it sent through my puffy hairless labia lips felt nice on my tender clit, causing me to moan out pleasurably.


"You like that, little slut?"

"Ahnnnnnn.....Y-Yes....more....more....Uhnnnnnn...." I pleaded.

Daddy repeated his motions and tapped his straightened fingers against my pussy once more. He would slap it gently but briskly for about 10 seconds, then rub his fingers against my reddened pussy to work in the tenderness, then do it all over again.

As he tapped his hand against my tender slit, my moaning would increase in volume and intensity, matching the pleasure I was getting from it.

"Ahnnnn....AAAhhhnnn.......AAAAAHHHHNNNNnnnn....." I moaned out in ecstasy as his hand slapped against my outer lips.

Daddy grinned at the camera slyly as I writhed around in front of him on the towel enjoying the amazing new sensation he was applying to my groin. I raised my slender hips upward against his moving hand when I wanted to feel a harder impact against my reddened flesh. My hand continued to work my middle finger in and out of my stretched bladder opening. Every strike against my immature gash could be felt on my finger inside my bladder, and I adored every minute of it. The building urine inside me was sloshing around on my slim digit as well, making the pleasant sensations feel very nice on the inside of my bladder.

Daddy paddled my tender red labia lips for far less time than I was wanting him to. After a few minutes he suddenly stopped striking my pussy and began gently kissing upon the puffy folds surrounding my birth canal. His gentle slaps had made the skin nicely over-sensitive. He suckled upon each labia with his moist lips, savoring each one while massaging them with his expert tongue.

"Uhhhhnnnn....Uhnnnnnn.....Ahnnnnnn...." I moaned as he nibbled on my small slit. My hand pushed my middle finger in and out of my stretched urethra steadily as I lay there enjoying Daddy's terrific treatment.

Daddy turned his head to the side so that the cameras could see what he was doing. He would suck firmly upon my labia lips, pulling each one taught and letting it snap back into place. The intense suction and the over stmulation from it would cause me to moan more loudly each time until he parted his lips and released them.


Daddy's lips got numb after a few minutes, so he decided to finally turn his loving attentions to my sexual orifices. He placed his fingers on either side of my labia lips and pried them apart to fully expose my immature vagina and my reamed asshole.

He looked up at me and said "Now I get to taste that sweet looking asshole and pussy of yours."

His face quickly disappeared down into my spread gash and Daddy immediately began probing and licking up into each of my small holes like a starving dog. His long tongue delved into each opening as far as it could reach.

Daddy's intense actions caused my groin to gently tingle. His tongue dug it's way deeply into my vagina up to my cervix, licking the tip against the thick little muscle inside. Then he would retrieve it, spread my anus open with a couple of fingers, and ram it deep inside my tight little rectum to lick against the wrinkled walls of my colon and inner anus.

I was squirming involuntarily on the side of the hot tub and almost shrieking as I as he ravaged my nether regions with his long, slippery tongue.

I yelled "AAAAHHHHNNNNNN......Other Daddy.......D-Deeeperrrrr....... Fasterrrrrrr....... Eat my ASS! Ooooohhhh.....Deeeeeeeper.......Ahnnnnnnn!!!"

I hunched my hips against his open mouth as Daddy invaded my pussy and ass with his expert tongue. The finger in my bladder was swiftly fucking the tight little opening continuously as he lapped and probed my young orifices like a man posessed, making very audible slurping noises as he did it.

My pleasure threshold was quickly rising. The terrific feel of Daddy eating me out and "tossing my salad" for me would have been plenty enough to make me cumm. But the ferocious, hungry way he was assailing my poor groin made the moment more intense. He had never been so excited while eating me out before. He may have been putting on more actively for the sake of our video, but he genuinly seemed to be acting more horny with me tonight.

Whatever his motivation, Daddy's kinky treatment upon my groin was working very well. My pussy was gushing by now as he invaded it with his snaking tongue. He lapped up my clear juices as fast as they oozed out of my pulsing vagina.

I felt my small lithesome body trembling from the savage assault being imparted upon my young womanhood by Daddy's long tongue. My free hand had a hold of Daddy's hair and was pulling his face down onto my exposed crack, holding him against my tender gash and asshole firmly. My other one was fucking my urethra with it's middle finger like a girl possessed. I was moaning so loudly our dog Rusty heard me and was sniffing the underside of the bathroom door thinking I was in some sort of distress.

But before I could fully reach the point of climaxing again, Daddy suddenly stopped his assault on my gash and stood up. My hips were still dry-hunching up into the air because I had become so worked up from his amazing tongue probing.

I looked up at Daddy pathetically and asked him "Uhnnnnn....W-Why did you stop, Other Daddy?"

Daddy replied "I want to see just how horny you are, little slut. You say you're willing to do anything to have sex with older people. Let's put that to the test, shall we, to see just how truthful you are. Keep fucking your pisser. I'll be right back."

Daddy stepped out of the hot tub, dripping soapy water all across the bathroom floor as he walked over to the door. He turned the knob and our dog Rusty slid past him and came over to the jaccuzzi where I was laying. Rusty propped his front paws up on the side of the hot tub and started licking me in the face.

Daddy commanded to him "SIT!", and Rusty immediately sat down, staring at him for more instructions.

As Daddy strode back over to the hot tub and stepped back inside it, he waved his pointed finger in front of the dog toward the hot tub. Rusty picked up on his instruction and jumped over the side and joined him in the churning water. He loved taking baths, so there was no hesitation.

Daddy looked down upon me as I fingered my bladder opening. I was looking back up at him with a perplexed expression. I had no idea what he had planned for me. or for Rusty for that matter.

Before I could ask what was going on, Daddy spoke and said "Just keep fucking your piss hole while I get him ready."

"Get him ready? Get the dog ready for WHAT?" I wondered to myself. Like a good, obedient daughter though, I did as Daddy told me to. I kept frigging my urethra steadily for him as I watched Daddy and Rusty very intently.

After making sure the dog was completely soaked, Daddy poured a thick line of shampoo down the middle of Rusty's hairy back. He worked the slippery goo all into the dog's short fur, washing his back, his legs, his tail, and his underside thoroughly until he was satisfied the dog was clean. Then Daddy dipped him down into the water and rinsed him off.

I was still unsure what Daddy had in mind for the three of us. He had never allowed Rusty to be in the same room with us before when we had sex. What was his plan with the dog, I wondered.

I soon had my answer. Daddy eased up to my groin and stood there naked looking down into my questioning stare with a horny gleam in his eye.

I sheepishly asked "W-What are you going to do to me, Other Daddy?".

I was asking that as his daughter, not as the make believe little horny girl persona created just for our video. We had crossed over into a very strange place, and I was unsure what he would demand of me. I am the dutiful daughter, just like I have been taught to behave my entire life. But this was something else entirely. I was sort of worried about what I thought he had in mind.

He grinned devilishly into my eyes and replied "Little slut, I'm going to put your convictions to the test. You said you'd do AN-Y-THING to have sex with your parents, and you would do anything once you got into your Daddy and Momma's bed. I want to see just how dirty and nasty you can be during sex. Stand up and lean over the side of the hot tub so I can eat your asshole from behind."

I pulled my middle finger from my peehole and slid down into the bubbling jacuzzi to warm my chilly skin. I dunked down all the way to rinse my hair as well. When I reappeared above the waterline, I did as he told me to and laid my belly down upon the towel on the side of the hot tub.

When I was in position, Daddy commanded Rusty with his pointed finger to get up on the side of the hot tub as well. Rusty shook off the excess water from his fur and hopped up on the side of the hot tub beside me.

He then told Rusty "Lay!", which he did obediently. After assuming the position, Rusty licked me in the face lovingly. I turned my head so he couldn't do it again.

Daddy reached over my body and slid the dog so that he was perpendicular to the way I was leaned over. I could feel Daddy's firm dick bounce upon my ass cheeks as he rearranged the dog into the right spot. Finally Rusty was laying on his side with his long rear legs fairly close to my head.

Daddy spoke once more. "Now my little slutty girl, I want you to raise that dog's leg and jack him off until his dick is as long as mine is, Got it?" he said firmly.

I looked back at Daddy with distressed eyes. I stammered "I-I don't think I can do that, O-Other Daddy. He...He's a dog.". I was so apprehensive at the notion that I almost broke character when asking him. Daddy had never asked me to do something as sinister and depraved as doing dirty stuff to our dog Rusty. This was just weird.

He tried to reassure me though. "It's okay, little girl. I just washed him from top to bottom, so he's completely clean. Just raise his leg and rub his lump until he gets hard. Go on now."

I was afraid, but I've always done what I was told. I slowly reached over to Rusty's hind leg and raised it up with one hand. Instinctively the dog took over and held it up in the air like he always did whenever he wanted his belly rubbed by us. I then moved my hand down to the long, hairy lump on his lower belly, touching my small fingers on the firm protrusion. It was totally weird, but also a curiosity as well.

I had seen Rusty fleshy dick sticking out before, especially when it was heat season and he caught whiffs of female coyotes and wolves in the area. But now Daddy was ordering me to make it appear on purpose. And being the obedient daughter, as long as it wasn't really dangerous, I had a duty to do whatever he asked of me.

Daddy urged me on. "Grab it firmly and stroke it.". He reached down behind me and started rubbing his wet hand all along my dripping slit, pressing one of his fingers down into the gash and rubbing it against my clit hood and pee hole.

I reluctantly did as he ordered. I grabbed the knot of fur with my hand and worked it back and forth against the loose skin that sheathed the dog's dick. On the back stroke I could see the pointed red tip of his dick stick out about an inch, then it would disappear again when my hand slid forward. It wasn't very long though that his dick started swelling up in my grasp, and soon there was about 6 inches of thick, veiny redness protruding from the furry lump. Rusty just lay there
panting contentedly as I masturbated him steadily.

Daddy stood behind me in the hot tub watching me as he worked his long finger up inside my pussy, sliding it in and out of my undeveloped vagina slowly.

He said to me "Grab the red part and jack him off." He had stopped using the "slut" reference, perhaps in an attempt to calm me down so I would be less hesitant to do what he asked.

I dipped my hand down into the water to wet it, then slowly reached for Rusty's thick dick. Daddy helped me by putting his free hand on mine and placing my trembling hand down upon the red meaty shaft. Once my hand made contact with the skin, Daddy rubbed my hand up and down on Rusty's dick to get me started, then pulled his away.

As I said, it was depraved and interesting at the same time. On one hand I was disgusted with having to do anything sexually to a dog. But at the same time my lust was kinda enjoying what I was doing to him. My kinky side was kicking in by now, so I decided to go with it.

I wrapped my small hand around the reddish dog dick and stroked it steadily up and down with a little more enthusiasm. Soon another two inches of his vein covered dick appeared from the furry knot on Rusty's belly. He was apparently enjoying what I was doing to him.

Daddy pulled his finger from my wet pussy and shoved it and a second one up inside my wrinkled anus, working the double digits in and out of my asshole pleasurably.

Then I felt his other hand lay upon the top of my head. Daddy pushed it gently until my face was directly above Rusty's spread legs. He was positioning me to make me suck the dog's big dick!

He said "Put your lips on it and suck his big dick, little girl."

I glanced up sideways at him to see if he was for real about this. He nodded reassuringly at me and let go of my head. He put his hand upon mine and aimed Rusty's pointed shaft directly at my mouth.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep going with our little sex tape or not at this point. Here I was being told to do something sexually that I had never even considered before.

Daddy was very persistent with his instructions. He touched the tip of the dog's dick to my closed lips, rubbing it all along them back and forth.

"Open your mouth and suck his dick, Millie." he whispered to me. He used my real name.

When I heard him break character, I knew that he really wanted to see me do it. It convinced me to play along with his dirty notions like a good daughter is supposed to do. I slowly parted my small lips and opened my mouth for Daddy. He laid the end of Rusty's veiny dick in my mouth and I started suckling upon it.

Rusty was startled and looked down at what I was doing to him, then laid back down and let me do as I pleased to him.

Daddy went back into character once I let down my guard and complied.

"That's the way, little slut. Be the nasty whore that you are and suck that dirty dog dick like a slut! Suck his dick until he cumms in your fucking mouth with his nasty doggie sperm!"

Daddy's dirty talk was getting me all excited again. His fingers were thrusting deeply up into my rectum swiftly all the way up to his palm. My mouth worked up and down on Rusty's swollen shaft. Daddy's gaze was transfixed on my face, watching as I swallowed 3 inches on every inhale. Sometimes Daddy would pull his fingers from my asshole and let me suckle the vanilla flavoring from them.

As I defiled myself on our family pet, Daddy pulled his fingers from my ass and placed the head of his erect dick against my puffy gash. He slit it up and down repeatedly against my clit hood and vaginal opening. It felt wonderful to me. I was wimpering for more as he teased my yearning slit unmercilessly with his hard dick.

"Ooooohhhh, Other Daddy, fuck my asshole! I want you in my ass so baaaaaad! *SLURP - SUCK* Fuck me hard.....please! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I begged him as I sucked off our dog. My lust was building up quickly once more.

Daddy pressed the tip of his hard dick against my immature pussy, making the head of it disappear inside my vagina. I squealed out "YEEEEEEE!!" at the sudden penetration, but he didn't force it inside me. Instead he just fucked my pussy with only the head, sticking it in and pulling it right back out. It was driving me crazy. It made me wish he would just go for it and fuck me good already.

I begged him "P-Please Other Daddy....fuck me....fuck my asshole.....*SLURP-SLURP*. I want your dick in me so bad.....*SLUUURP*....So bad.....Uhnnnnnnn". My hungry mouth was sucking hard upon Rusty, our dog.

"Okay then." he replied. Here it comes."

He moved the head of his dick from my overly tight pussy up to my very ready asshole. After splashing some water up onto my ass cheeks and crack, he pushed it forward until the pink hood disappeared up inside my rectum.

"AAAAAHHHnnnnnn!" I moaned out loud at finally feeling his long manhood up inside me.

Daddy's hips started bucking against my small, firm ass cheeks as he penetrated my asshole soothingly. I rocked my slender body backward to match his forward thrusts so his dick would go deeper in my horny colon. The impacts made my body jiggle each time.

After a few minutes of reaming my poor asshole, Daddy pulled his dick from my ass, climbed up beside me and Rusty, and aimed the tip at my face. He let loose with a stream of urine that struck me on my cheek. I opened my mouth and let him piss into it until it was full, then swallowed it down and resumed my blowjob on Rusty. Daddy climbed back into the water and shoved his dick back inside my asshole and released the remainder of his Lasix fueled filling bladder inside me for another pissy enema. I felt the fluid rush through my insides since I was laying flat on my belly. I felt it pour into my large and small intestines, sloshing around in my small body.

Rusty must have smelled the aroma of Daddy's pee. It made him decide to release his own stinking liquid waste right into my own mouth. I was startled at first when I felt his weirdly shaped dick start twitching in my hand and the first squirt of his musky pee hit my tongue. Then he let go and flooded my mouth with a very sharp tasting urine from the pointed tip of his cock. I coughed at first and pulled away from the stinking dog piss, spilling a lot of it all over the side of the hot tub.

Daddy corrected me and said "Drink it. Drink his nasty piss, little slut." He pushed my head back down into the yellow stream spurting from the small hole in the tip of his reddish pointed dog dick. It sprayed me all over my pretty face.

I relented and caught a quick breath, then placed my small lips back down onto the pissy dick. I suckled on it as Daddy instructed me and drank in the strong urine until the dog was done. I just kept right on sucking him off as Daddy fucked my stretched asshole for me from behind.

Daddy said "You are a very good and horny little slut, sucking that dirty dog dick and drinking that nasty dog piss and not complaining about it. Little whores like you are supposed to do everything your elders tell you to do for them during sex.".

He grabbed my small hand that I had wrapped around Rusty's hard dick and moved the red shaft in circles, making the soft tip rub all over my lips and teeth. I reacted like I normally do when he does that to me with his own dick. I followed the end of the dog dick with my licking tongue and mouth hungrily like a sexually starved nympho. That's how those women in our store bought pornos act. I always tried to emulate those girls because it really turns Daddy on when I do it too.

He said "That's a good slut. Don't be afraid to act like the whore I know you are. You and my own daughter both. You like to eat doggie dick, don't you?". He tapped the end of Rusty's dick against my cheeks and forehead degradingly.

I replied in a horny, breathy voice. "Yes, Other Daddy. Feed me his big nasty doggie dick. I want to suck his nasty fucking dick! Gimme...Gimme!" I begged.

I licked my tongue out onto the end of Rusty's firm dick as Daddy teasingly held it in front of my pee soaked face. I suckled the tip like a candy cane and drove the end of my tongue into the narrow urethral opening on the end. Rusty flinched, but just laid there enjoying my pleasant blowjob.

Daddy remarked "And now that you've shown that you're even willing to suck a nasty dog dick, I know for sure you're gonna make your real Daddy and Momma fuck you tonight. You still looking forward to sucking your Daddy's big dick and eating your Momma's dirty whore cunt?"

I said "*SLURP* Mmmmmm, yeah! I want Daddy to fuck my shitty ass like you're doing! *SLUUUURP*"

"And you're gonna suck his big slimy dick when he pulls it out of your Momma's sloppy cunt?"

Daddy thrust hard up into my reamed asshole five times to accentuate his question. I groaned pleasurably each time the head of this dick hit against the top of my crooked colon.

I said "*SLURP-SUCKLE* I'm gonna lick Mommy's pussy juice from Daddy's big nasty dick! *SLURP*"

I noticed that the base of Rusty's veiny dick was swelling up larger than the rest of the exposed shaft. It felt strange as I sucked upon the end and jacked my hand up and down upon it. Daddy noticed the added girth as well.

He said "Mmmmm, lookie what you've done to the poor dog there. He needs some relief to make the swelling go down. You gonna make the dog cumm to get the swelling down, little slut?"

"Mmmmmm-Hmmmmmm. *SUCK-SLURP-SUCK*" I replied, not bothering to remove the dog dick from my mouth.

"That's a good slut. Now climb up on the side of the hot tub and stand over your dog, little cunt."

His request was a bit weird, but I did as he asked and pulled Rusty's dick from my mouth. I climbed out of the water, causing daddy's slippery, pissy dick to slide out of my rectum with a loud *POP*. I got up onto the 3 foot wide side area of the jaccuzzi and stood over Rusty, placing a foot on either side of the dog's belly. Some of the urine in my bowels dribbled down my legs as I stood there waiting to see what Daddy had in mind.

Daddy climbed out of the water and knelt beside Rusty. He pet the dog on the head to relax him for what was to come.

Daddy slid the dog 90* to make his lower half come into view of all the cameras in the room. I moved my feet to stay over top of Rusty.

I looked over at Daddy and asked slightly puzzled "W-What do you want me to do, Other Daddy?"

He replied "My little cunt, I want you to get on your slutty knees and let the dog fuck your little whore asshole." sort of matter-of-factly.

I was kinda shocked at Daddy's demand. I had never done anything so nasty during sex. Sucking the dog was one thing, but letting Rusty fuck me in the ass? I was starting to regret suggesting making this video now that the situation had turned from simple dirty sex to all out depraved bestiality. I was hesitant to comply. I wondered if I should just speak up and ask Daddy to stop the video short.

"I.....I don't know." I stammered. I was fidgeting as I stood over top of the contented dog below me.

Daddy could tell I wasn't fully on-board with having sex with Rusty.

He spoke and said "It's okay. It's no different that what I was just doing to you. Just slide your ass down onto the end of his dick and let it slide up in you. I've got your asshole loosened up for him. Come, my little slut. Fuck your dog and relieve him of his hard on. You can do it."

Daddy held my hand and gently tugged on it to ease my body down. I slowly got down on my knees and straddled my legs on both sides of Rusty's large slender body. Daddy rubbed the dog's belly, causing him to roll over on his back completely. His long, reddened dick was sticking out about 7 inches from the furry foreskin surrounding the base. The bottom knot of the shaft was still swollen nearly double the width of the rest of the shaft. His dick was bouncing around behind my naked ass as Daddy rubbed Rusty's soft wet belly to keep him in position underneath me.

I looked into Daddy's eyes, still unsure whether I wanted to feel a dog's dick up inside my small body. When I started to say something to him, he spoke before I could,

Daddy caressed my round, wet ass cheeks and reassured me in his character's southern drawl. "It's okay, little girl. It's just a dick, just like mine, just like your real Daddy's dick. A dick is a dick, no matter what it's mounted on. They're all fuckable. Now ease back. I'll aim it for you."

Daddy moved his hand from my ass and grasped the shiny dog dick. He aimed it directly at my gaping asshole and said "Come on back, little slut. You're gonna love it. Come on...."

I was his daughter, so I had to do as he told me to. I did as he asked. I braced my upper torso on my extended arms and gritted my teeth. I slowly eased my body backward as Daddy aimed the slimy dog dick at my pissy asshole. The piss dripping out of my ass made a fair lubricant. I pressed my anus against the head of the wierdly pointed dick and it slid inside my rectum rather effortlessly.

As I lowered my hips down onto Rusty's large dick, it felt different than Daddy's dick as it went inside my rectum. Probably because it was straight and pointed 45* on the end. It didn't have the flared head on it like Daddy's dick does. But it didn't feel bad though. It was rather pleasant. Maybe it was the heat of the moment, or perhaps it was the dirtiness of fucking a dog, but I was enjoying it nonetheless. As Daddy said, it was really just another dick.

I slowly eased more and more of the veiny dick up into my ass. Daddy splashed water up onto my anus and onto Rusty's red shaft to help the insertion go more smoothly.

He said "There ya go. Get that big nasty dog dick up in that ass of yours. Yeah, that's nice. Fuck that dog like you're gonna fuck your horny Daddy tonight, you little whore!"

Daddy's tone was getting hornier and hornier. His hard dick never lost an ounce of firmness It stood out mere inches from my pretty face and wet, pissy hair. He was thoroughly enjoying watching his very young daughter act like a dirty depraved whore and violate her own asshole so willingly on a dog in front of him.

My own horniness was rising as well now that the initial shock of fucking a dog had worn off. I thought of it as Daddy thrusting his big dick up inside my asshole. I began moaning in unison with each deep penetration up my preteen rectum.

"Uhnnn...Uhnnnn.....Uhnnnn...Ahnnnn..." I whimpered as I fucked myself with Rusty's hard dick.

As I bounced my ass upon Rusty's groin, fucking all but the swollen knot with my tight asshole, Daddy placed his hand upon the back of my head and eased it down toward Rusty's face. The dog immediately began licking on my face . I tried to back away but Daddy held me firmly in place.

He ordered "French kiss the dog! Lick your tongue on his."

I was so horny again that my apprehension was at a minimum. I opened my small mouth and let Rusty lick right up into it. I reciprocated after a few seconds and did likewise. I held the dog's head and stuck my tongue out, licking upon his long, flattened tongue. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I pressed my lips against his and jutted my small tongue down into Rusty's slobbery mouth.

Daddy ogled my raunchy display, murmuring "Ahhhhh.....nice little slut! Lick his tongue. Nasty little whore. Lick it...Lick it you nasty slut! Mmmmmmmm....nice."

Since Daddy was please with me, I decided to get into the moment fully. I leaned my head to the side and looked up at him as I licked on Rusty's slobbery tongue.

"Do you like it, Other Daddy? Am I being a good little whore for you? I love fucking this nasty dog dick for you. I'd do anything for you, Other Daddy. *LICK-SLURP*"

He smiled down at me and said "Tell me what you are."

I replied "*LICK-LICK-SLURP* I-I'm a nasty little whore! I'm your little fuck slut!"

"And what do little whores like to do?" He reached down and began massaging my ass cheeks firmly.

"I like to fuck! I like to be fucked hard! I love being so dirty and letting the dog fuck me in the ass! I'm so nasty!"

"Yes you are, little slut. You're a dirty fucking piss whore who's gonna be a nasty little fuck toy for her parents the rest of her life."

"*SLURP-LICK* YES! Yes, I'm a nasty little whore, Other Daddy! I love dick. ALL dick! YUM! *SLURP* I'm so fucking horny!"

My ass was bouncing on Rusty's long dick steadily. Daddy would splash more water on my ass every so often when it got dry. Had the dog been fucking my pussy, there would have been plenty of lube to go around. My pussy was seeping clear juices continuously now since I was so horny.

Daddy grabbed my wet pee soaked hair and pulled my head up from Rusty's face. He moved it over to his rock hard dick and pressed my lips against the tapered head.

"Suck my dick while that nasty dog fucks your shitty asshole, slut!"

I didn't have to be told twice. My lips parted immediately and engulfed the flared head. I sucked in hard as Daddy hunched his hips slightly in my mouth. He held my head still as he fucked 3 inches of his dick in and out of my vacuumed mouth. I licked my saliva covered tongue loudly all over the tapered head as it passed my small lips.

His other hand was rubbing all around on my stretched anus and puffy labia lips. He even rubbed against Rusty's slippery dick as I bounced up and down upon it quickly. Every now and then he would squeeze my ass cheeks rather firmly to the point that I could feel a slight sting. But I was so horny he could have spanked me softly and I wouldn't have minded.

I took over control of Daddy's dick and held it in my mouth for him. I groaned as I sucked hard on the head, making more whimpering grunts again.

"Uhnnnn....Uhnnnn....Uhnnnn" I moaned out as I feasted on the hard dick in my grasp, and violated my asshole cruelly on the dog's long, reddish dick.

Rusty was whining a little bit as well under me. When he started hunching his groin up into me on his own, Daddy pulled his red dick from my asshole and placed the tip of it up against my vaginal opening.

He said urgently "Put your pussy on his dick, QUICK!"

He held the shaft of Rusty's dick in position and I leaned backward. I eased my hips down upon his dick and settled it firmly against the hole. The straightened design and smaller pointed tip of the dog's dick allowed it to go up inside my vagina about 3 inches. It was touching against my small cervix muscle that led into my undeveloped womb.

It was then that I felt Rusty's dick start twitching. Daddy stroked the firm vein riddled shaft as the dog involuntarily hunched himself up in my slippery love canal. The tip of his red dick kept striking against my cervix as he humped on me.

Soon I felt it. The dog was pumping his thick canine sperm up inside of my childish womb.

I kept sucking on Daddy as the beast thrust 2-3 inches of the end of his straightened dick into my tight vaginal canal. I had always hoped that Daddy would be the first to have that privilege. He wasn't fucking me very deeply, but the dog was still the first to touch my cervix with his dick.

As the dog's sticky cumm squirted up into my uterus, I suckled on Daddy's hard dick for him. I would have loved for him to have cummed into my mouth as Rusty filled my other end, and I tried hard to accomplish this. But Daddy wasn't ready to cumm just yet. He grinned at my willingness and hearty efforts though.

He said "Feel that nasty dog spunk go up into your whore cunt, little fuck slut! You love it, don't you, little whore?"

I released my lips from his dick and said "AAAHHHNNNnnnn....I love that nasty dog fucking my dirty pussy, Other Daddy! Uhhhnnnnnnn....". I put my lips back over the end of his hard dick again and sucked harder.

"Now when your whore momma eats out your little girl pussy tonight, she will taste the dog's nasty sperm up in your nasty pussy!"

I mumbled "Mommy....Mmmmmmm.....Uhnnnnnnn....*SLURP-SLURP*"

Rusty started getting soft by now and was squirming to stand up. Daddy pulled his dick from my mouth and moved my body to the side. He put my face over Rusty's groin and pushed my mouth down onto his twitching dick.

"Clean him off with your mouth. Lick his sperm from his dick! Whores have to clean up the man...or dog when they make him cumm." he commanded.

I opened my mouth as ordered and slid the dog's dick into it. I sucked and licked on it until all of the dog's sperm had been removed from the shaft. When I was finished, Daddy pointed his finger away from us and Rusty rolled onto his feet and hopped down from the side of the jaccuzzi. He laid down on his side and started licking his own dick merrily in the floor of the bathroom.

Daddy said "Now squat and push hard with your belly, no matter what comes out."

I stood up on my feet on the side of the hot tub, then lowered my ass down until it was between my feet. I grunted and pushed really hard with my lower ab muscles. Daddy pressed in on my pubic bone at the same time and soon out seeped the thick, vile dog seed from my violated pussy. There was also a thin stream of urine that seeped out onto the slab in front of me. I kept pushing and pushing until my bladder was empty and no more dog sperm came out of my vagina. The urine inside my ass also dripped out onto the stone slab under me.

Daddy rubbed his hand around on my slimy pussy lips. He even stuck his middle finger up into my lubed pussy as an added measure. When he pulled it from my slit, he put the digit into my mouth and made me suck it clean.

"That's what a whore's pussy should feel and taste like."

He pushed his finger up inside my pussy a few more times and made me suck it clean for him each time. I was used to this though from the times when he would cumm into my pussy from the outside and feed his seed to me .

"*SLURP* I love sperm, Other Daddy! Yummy! *SLURP*"

Daddy looked below my ass at the puddles of dog sperm and pee that had come out of me. He made me get on my knees and lean my head down to it.

"Now eat your piss and your nasty dog cumm like a good little whore."

Daddy was taking our acting to a strange kinkiness. He was insistent that I do this. He pressed my face down into the puddles and held it there. I finally opened my mouth and lapped up the thick sperm and smelly pee with my tongue like a dog until it was all mostly gone. He even wiped up some of the pee with my long blonde hair.

"Little whores have to eat their sperm no matter who gives it to them." he commented as he held my head down. "Now lick it off the hot tub so I can start fucking your slutty asshole and give you more cumm!"

I licked the smooth stone slab until all of Rusty's cumm had been ingested. The rest of the pee seeped over the edge and down into the bubbling water.

"Now it's my turn to cumm in your whore cunt." he said.

Daddy flipped me onto my back and pushed my legs up to my chest again, making my asshole appear from between my lean ass cheeks. My pussy was glistening from all the dog sperm that coated my entire gash. He eased the head of his dick up to my asshole and shoved it inside. The sperm let it go inside easily.

As Daddy thrust his big dick in and out of my poor abused asshole, he ordered me "Spread your dirty pussy for me so I can see the sperm down in it. Play with your pisser and pussy again!"

I reached down between my legs and started stroking the tender flesh of my pussy and clit hood. My slippery hand worked all around on my soft folds. I spread my slit wide open so daddy could see down into my vagina.

"Mmmmmm....", he said. "I can see the sperm inside your slutty cunt, little whore. You like having disgusting dog sperm up in your fucking cunt, don't you?"

I moaned and rubbed two fingers in the slimy goo in my vagina, then fed myself on them. I grinned up at him hornilly.

"Yeah, Other Daddy, I do. I'm a nasty little slut!" I replied.

Daddy's hunching was getting faster and faster. I could tell he was probably on the verge of another huge load of sperm. But I wanted to get off first though. The kinkiness of the moment was wearing me down again, and my own orgasm was building fast. To get myself off faster, I started talking dirty to Daddy again.

I looked Daddy in the eye and shouted out loud "AHHHnnnnn..... Uhnnnnnnn........ Fuuuuuuck meeeeee! Fuuuuuuuck me faster! Ohhhhhh......I'm so HORNY! Fuck...Fuck....FUCK! Fuck my dirty asshole faster...harder! AHHHnnnnnnn........"

I had a finger from one hand up inside my bladder opening while two fingers of my other hand were busy probing inside my slippery, immature pussy. I was fingering myself madly and without care.

I said "Fuck me with that big dick, Other Daddy! Fuck my shitty asshole harder....harder! Look at my nasty pussy! AHnnnnnnn....look at me play with myself! Oooohhhhhh....."

I wasn't long after that my climax hit me, and hit me hard.

I screamed as loud as I could "YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" when it came over me. I squeezed my small nipples hard as the wonderful sensation coursed throughout my entire body. I stiffened up and started trembling uncontrollably for half a minute or so. As my pussy gushed with orgasm juices, Daddy's groin kept right on slapping against my firm ass cheeks and pussy. Each hard impact made my excitement that much more pleasurable to me.

And just like it was on cue, Daddy hurriedly pulled his firm dick from my asshole, got up on the hot tub slab beside me, and pressed the head of his dick against my lips. I opened my mouth and let him put the head inside. As he grimmaced from the intensity of his orgasm, load after huge load of his tasty, thick sperm shot out from the end and coated my tongue and teeth. My mouth filled quickly, causing the white splooge to come out of my nose and drip down my face.

Daddy jacked himself off and grunted loud as he cummed in my mouth until every last droplet had been ejaculated from his large dangling balls.

When he had finished, Daddy climbed down from the side of the jacuzzi and stood up in the churning bubbly water. He held his hand beside my mouth, and I took this as a sign he wanted me to spit out some of his sperm, so I did. I gave him about half of what I had in my mouth into his cupped hand. I caught my breath and swallowed what was left, then blew the sperm from my nose so I could breath easier.

As I lay there sexually satisfied on the piss soaked towel, Daddy wiped his hand across my chest and belly, smearing the sperm in his hand all down my slender torso to my groin in a straight line. First he smeared his sperm all over my face, then gradually worked his slippery hand down across my reddened nipples, my belly button, and all over my hairless pussy lips. He massaged the slimy sperm all over my spent body until I resembled a long glazed doughnut. My body glistened brightly under the extra lights we put around the bathroom to make our video look better.

I smiled up at Daddy and assisted him in wiping the sperm all over my own body. My hands slid all around my shivering preteen body easily. He smiled down at me lovingly, basking in the glow of my climax. He was satisfied with his deviant derived results. And by the way I was happily humming, he could tell I was completely satisfied as well.

Daddy said "Well, little slut. What did you think of your first official fucking?"

Grinning like a cheshire cat, I closed my eyes contentedly and rubbed my sperm riddled hands all over my slippery bald pussy. I said "Mmmmmm...It was verrrrry nice, Other Daddy. I want to do it again."

He said " I would give you another good fucking, but my balls are done for. You drained them for me. For a girl so young, you sure learned how to make a man weak kneed fast."

"I was happy to do it." I replied.

I sat up on the side of the hot tub and dropped my legs down into the water, kicking them around in the sudsy brew. I slid off the edge and sank down underneath the water to rinse off all the sticky sperm from my body. I popped up and pushed my drenched hair behind my head, then wiped the suds from my face so I could see clearly. Once I could see again, I sauntered over to Daddy and knelt down into the warm water directly in front of him.

I looked over at his dangling, semi firm dick. It was losing it's rigidity fast. I grabbed the softening shaft with my hand and held it in front of my face.

"Would you like me to clean you up, Other Daddy?" I asked.

Daddy put his hands on his hips and said "That's what little girls were made for. Go right ahead."

I opened my mouth wide and suckled on the end of his limp dick. I used my hand to pull back the loose foreskin so I could get underneath the sheath covering the head on the end. I licked my tongue all around on the wrinkled skin until every speck of sperm was removed from it. Afterward I tapped it on my lips and cheeks for Daddy. He smiled and patted me on the head.

He said "Well, little lady, I gotta get home to my wife and daughter. After I tell them what you did to me and the dog, I'm sure they'll want to fuck me again tonight, so I gotta get home and eat a good dinner to get my strength up again. I'm plum tuckered out. Maybe I'll just make them do each other while I beat off to it, I dunno?"

I said "Please don't leave me, Other Daddy! I want you to stay with me tonight."

"Oh no. You've had enough sex from me. Now it's your dirty Momma and Daddy's turn to fuck you hard when they get home tonight. Remember what I said, you gotta wait until they start having sex, then climb up in the bed with them and beg them to fuck you. Just grab your Daddy;s dick from your Momma's mouth and start sucking on it. He won't say no to it, I guarantee that. Maybe one of these days you can get your parents to let you spend the night with my daughter. I'll let you both fuck me and my wife, and you can fuck each other too. Would you like that, little cunt?"

I grew excited for the cameras and said enthusiastically "I sure would! I wanna fuck all of you!"

Daddy grabbed his dick and pushed it around in my open mouth and on my tongue, then stepped out of the hot tub. He toweled dry, then put his repairman's clothes back on. He gathered up his stuff and put it all in the tool box he brought in with him when we started. I remained in the churning soapy water and soaked my body up to my neck.

Before he stepped out of the bathroom, Daddy turned to me and said "I'll get in touch with you and see what your folks say about the sleepover. I have your number. You can tell them you go to school with my daughter so they won't think anything is up. Her name is Melissa by the way. And when I come to pick you up, you can tell me and my girls all about what you and your folks did during your sex. Sound good to you, litle slut?"

I smiled and said "That sounds like fun, Other Daddy. I can't wait."

As a closing shot, Daddy got the dog's attention and pointed his hand at me. The dog hopped up and jumped over into the hot tub with me. I was licking on Rusty's big, flat tongue as Daddy exited the bathroom. Then after a few second he re-emerged and clicked off the cameras with the hand held remote in his pocket.

"And that's a wrap!" he declared. Daddy stepped over to the side of the jaccuzzi and watched me kiss on Rusty.

I let go of the dog's head and petted him instead. "That was incredible, Daddy!" I said.

"I know, wasn't it?"

"We...we were so dirty this time. I can't....I can't believe what I just did to Rusty. It was so nasty....but it was fun too."

"I'm glad you had fun, Millie. I was afraid I might have hurt your feelings when I was calling you all those bad names. I hope you know that I love you and would never treat you bad like that for real."

"No Daddy, you didn't. I knew it was just part of our movie. We agreed to it before we started. It will make the video look like those pornos we buy. That's how the men in those videos treat the girls. It was really exciting and nasty. I got really turned on when we did it."

"I'm glad, baby. I was a little worried about how you would react when I put Rusty in the movie with us. Doing sex with him was just something I came up with as we went along. I thought it would add a nasty twist to the video and make it more appealing. Did I gross you out too badly asking you to have sex with him, Millie?"

"It was strange when you first told me to jack him off and suck his dick. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not since he was a dog."

"That was why I gave him a quick bath, so you might go along with it. You know I'd never make you do anything too outrageous, Millie."

"I know, Daddy."

"I really love you, baby. You are a real trooper. You'd do almost anything to please me, wouldn't you, Millie?"

"Yeah, that's my job, to make you happy."

"You're such a good daughter to me. I don't really deserve you."

Daddy stepped over to the hot tub, sat down with one leg on the front edge, and reached out his arms. I stood up in the water and hugged him tightly, getting his shirt all wet. Rusty got jealous and pushed his nose in between us to get in on the affection. He started licking me and Daddy on our faces. Daddy moved his head away from him to get away from the dog's onslaught. I on the other hand put my lips right up against Rusty's mouth and let him lick all inside my open mouth. I licked my tongue up into his mouth as well.

Daddy stared at me french kissing our beloved pet. He was enjoying seeing me act so depraved on my own.

He said "I fear I may have turned you into a dirty little nymphomaniac now since I made you have sex with Rusty."

I glanced out of the corner of my eye at Daddy and smiled devilishly. I began licking all over Rusty's long extended tongue very noisily to make fun of what he said, making moaning sounds as I lapped my tongue all over the dog's tongue to simulate what I had seen on our pornos when the women acted like horny sluts.

"Ahhhnnnnn.....Mmmmmmmm......Uhhhhnnnn......Yummmy!". My small tongue was wildly licking all over the dog's long wet tongue.

"Oh my, look at you go!" he said . I giggled when Daddy gave me a look of disbelief. "I think we'll have to let Rusty join in with our sex every now and then from now on."

I stopped frenching the dog and looked up at Daddy excitedly.

"Oh yeah! That was fun letting him fuck me."

He asked "Did he hurt you when his dick went inside your pussy?"

"No, not really. It was just really tight feeling. His dick isn't as thick as yours is. It only went inside me as deep as your finger does."

"That's because he doesn't have the same wide head on the end of his dick like I do. Did you mind when I made him cumm in your pussy?"

"No Daddy. Like you said, a dick is a dick. His sperm tasted just like yours does, really salty. He squirted a little bit of it in my mouth when I was sucking on it."

"I didn't know that. What about him pissing in your mouth?"

"It was okay, but it tasted really strong. I like yours and mine better. Is it okay if I just let Rusty pee on me instead of drinking it next time?"

Daddy patted me on the head and hugged me up against him again.

"That will be just fine, baby. I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable doing. It will be your call if you want to drink his pee from now on."

I hugged him tightly and said "Thanks, Daddy!"

I looked him in the face and opened my small mouth. We frenched each other passionately for a few minutes, then came up for air. His hands were cradling my bare wet ass cheeks as we kissed. He even poked my wet anus with a well placed finger. I clamped my anus down onto it to make it feel even better to me.

When we released each other, Daddy stood up and removed his clothing once more. He walked over to our shower stall and set the temperature of the cascading water until mild steam began forming.

He said "I guess I'll go ahead and use the shower to clean up. Go ahead and bathe in the hot tub. Then we can go edit the new video we just made. Okay?"

I said "Okay Daddy."

He closed the long glass door and disappeared inside the foggy shower stall.

I grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the back ledge of the hot tub and poured a very generous amount of it into my hand. I worked it into my pee soaked hair until it smelled like roses. Then I used some more to wash my whole body off thoroughly. The added soap made the jacuzzi churn out even more suds from the jets mounted on the sides. Rusty was biting at the larger ones, playfully making them pop.

To get some of the dog sperm out of my pussy I dipped my groin down into the sudsy water in front of one of these spray jets. It shot water up inside my small vagina. I stood up and reamed my pussy with my index finger as the water dripped back out to rinse out the rest of the sperm.

When Daddy finally emerged from the shower, he found me sitting in one of the corner seats molded into the hot tub. He saw my hands were moving underneath the sudsy water.

As he dried himself off with a plush towel, he asked "What are you doing, Millie?"

I grinned and stood up to show him. Sticking out of my bladder opening was the thin plastic vibrator he had used on me. I grabbed it and blatantly worked it in and out of myself.

"I'm just fucking my peehole, Daddy. It feels so good."

He just shook his head at my garrish display.

"My little nympho. Geez."

I sat back down in the water and used the probe on my bladder while Daddy used his towel to dry off Rusty. The dog fled the bathroom to find a bone when Daddy got done with him.

Daddy grabbed the two cameras from their stands and said "Well, when you get done cumming again, come into the bedroom and check out the footage we shot. We'll have to pick through the best parts and combine them both. Make sure you drain and rinse off the hot tub when you're done. Okay Millie?"

"Okay, Daddy" I replied.

He stepped through the doorway naked and disappeared into his adjoining bedroom.

I continued penetrating my bladder opening and playing with my pussy in the soothing warm water until I achieved another nice orgasm. When it subsided, I turned off the water jets and stepped on the chrome spring loaded drain cover at the bottom of the jacuzzi. The soapy water rushed down the drain in a swirling motion. I turned on the hand held shower that was next to the long, wide tub spout and rinsed away any residual suds from the inside of the empty hot tub.

I stepped out of the jacuzzi and dried myself off with a fresh towel. I wrapped it around my wet hair and walked naked into the adjoining bedroom. Daddy was sitting at the computer desk staring at the monitor and manipulating the mouse. He had one of the video cameras wired into the computer with a USB cord. The other camera we used was sitting beside it.

I stepped up behind him and placed my hands upon his strong shoulders. I inhaled the aroma of the fragrant soap he had used in the shower afterward. Mmmmmm, Axe body wash. Daddy placed his free hand upon one of mine and leaned his head to the side, snuggling his cheek against it lovingly.

I said "How's it going, Daddy?"

"I'm downloading the first movie now. Then we'll download the other camera and start editing them together. How are you doing, Millie? You cummed out for the night finally?"

"Maybe. Unless you feel like going at it again right before we go to bed."

"Oh my! After seeing you go at it with Rusty, I don't think I could work up another good load tonight, baby. I think you drained me pretty good in the jacuzzi."

"Okay, I'll let you rest tonight, Daddy. I guess if I get horny again I can always call Rusty into my room. He He". I grinned impishly.

Daddy shook his head. "You big horn dog!". He grabbed one of my hands I had on his shoulder and gently pulled me in front of him facing the computer screen. He sat me down in his lap and straddled my legs over one of his bare thighs. He slipped his arms around my slim waist and embraced me tightly against his muscular chest. His warm tanned skin felt nice and soothing against my cool back since I had just come out of the hot tub. I wrapped my arms over his and pulled them tightly against my naked front.

"Mmmmmmm. You feel good, Daddy!" I replied soothingly. He softly kissed the back of my neck.

The download progress bar was at 90% when I glanced over at the computer screen. I held his arms against me until it reached 100%. To keep him from releasing me, I reached my arms out and swapped out the video cameras myself. I clicked the Start button on the movie editing program we use to make it start downloading the footage captured on the overhead video camera, then settled back against Daddy's bare skin contentedly.

Once we had all the video footage saved onto the computer, we began the arduous process of selecting which shots would be spliced together for our short movie. We removed all the scenes that blocked the viewer from seeing any of the action clearly. Then we added shots from the overhead camera to the footage shot by the camera beside the hot tub to enhance the really good scenes, to give us a different perspective on certain shots and keep the video interesting. Just seeing a movie from one stationary angle is boring. The overhead cam's footage accentuated the side camera's cooresponding shots.

The shots we got were amazing and especially erotic. What the side cam missed, the overhead camera filled in for us. We worked on the video for about 2 hours before we finally got sleepy and stopped editing for the night.

As we lay under the thick comforter on his big bed snuggling together, Daddy complimented me for being so trusting and willing to go along with his overly dirty suggestions when he sprang them on me, like when he called Rusty to come join us.

"Thank you Millie for being such a good submissive daughter. You know I'd never make you do anything during sex that I thought might hurt you or was bad for you, don't you?"

"Yeah, Daddy. I know you wouldn't. You've told me I can say 'Stop' at any time if I have a good reason."

"That's right, baby. That's why we do the enemas now, because of the awful poopy mess. Even I can agree on that one. It's far better and more fun if we don't have to smell or clean up anything that noxious."

I nodded my head agreeably. Then I suddenly remembered a question I had been meaning to ask him.

"Daddy, I wanted to ask you. Where did you get that little peehole probe at?"

"That was a nice little toy me and your mother found at a specialty sex store a long time ago. I had it up in the closet saving it for the time you were old enough to use it on. I used to use it on your mother all the time during our bathtime sex back when she was still alive. When you told me about wanting to make a more kinky video the other day, I decided you were old enough to finally get it back out. I figured it would add a nice level of nasty fun to our video, and I was right. Don't you agree?"

"Oh man, it was great!" I said ernestly. "I had to get used to the vibrating, but it was great after that."

I reached my hand down between my thighs and rubbed my fingertips against the top of my reddened slit, recalling the immense pleasure I felt when Daddy turned on the switch and sent those wonderful sensations coursing throughout my immature groin and bladder. Daddy felt my hand moving around down there and grinned, satisfied I had enjoyed his using it upon me.

"I guess we'll have to include the probe in our daily bath sex from now on. How does that sound, Millie?"

I smiled and said "That sounds like fun, Daddy."

"I only wish they made one long enough for men. Then you could push it down into my dick and use it on me."

"They don't make one for men? That's strange."

"I'm afraid not. The only thing long enough to work on a man is something the doctor uses called a catheter. And you can't just walk into the drug store and buy those off the shelf."

"What are they for, Daddy?"

"It's to help people who have trouble peeing. It's a long thin tube the doctor slides down into the pee hole. Then they inflate a little balloon on the end to keep it inside the person , and they pee through it into a plastic bag or jug. It lets patients pee when they can't get up out of their beds to use the bathroom."

This whole thing sounded very strange. I had never heard of it before.

"I see." was all I could think of to respond with.

"Me and your mother tried to get a doctor to give us a prescription for some, but he wouldn't do it when he found out what we were going to use them for. He said you had to need them to get them."

"That was kinda stingy."

"Yeah, it was."

"Maybe we can make one of our own."

"Perhaps. But lets get some sleep right now. We have to get up early and milk the cow and stuff."

"Okay, Daddy. I love you."

"I love you too, baby. Sweet dreams."

"Nighty night." I said and closed my eyes. His arm pulled me tightly against the front of his nude, muscular body. I wiggled my bare butt backward against his hips and upper thighs, settling into the folded space his fetal position provided. My little ass fit against his groin perfectly. I could feel Daddy's warm, steady breaths against my soft shoulders, and my mind soon drifted off to sleep.

We finished editing our little video the following day after all the morning chores had been done. I still have a copy of it burned onto a DVD, and me and Daddy watch it during our sex even to this day. It was one of our most erotic encounters, if not THE most erotic. We tried many times to top it, but the video we made that night seems hotter than all the future videos we made after that. I guess it was because 99% of my inhibitions about doing anything sexual with Daddy were shed from my mind completely after that.

Sex with Daddy and Rusty became commonplace for me after that wonderous night, all the way up until Rusty passed away a year or so back. Daddy would put his big dick either into my mouth or my asshole while I simultaneously sucked or anally fucked the dog, and vive versa. And once I got older and could have vaginal sex without it hurting me, Daddy and the dog would double penetrate my tight ass and pussy at the same time for me, much to my delight. I even overcame my apprehension for letting Rusty pee into my mouth after a while. I learned a way to press in against his prostate through the skin to send a signal to his bladder that made him urinate on command.

I've still never let Daddy do any scat play on me though. I just can't stomach the odors that are associated with it. That's one fetish I've always been glad to leave off of my kink list, and thankfully he's never pressed the issue to engage in it.

Even though I'm older now, I'm still just as infatuated and in love with Daddy as I was when I was a little girl. I've resolved to keep our tight knit little group private and special. I've known for years what our "extra special" relationship is called, and how most of the world views incest and pedophilia. But I don't care what they all think. I love Daddy, and he loves me too. What we do with each other in our own home is our business, plain and simple.


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