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Continuation of "Babysitting Alex' series
-=This is a continuation of the Babysitting Alex series, it takes place 3 years after the events of the previous stories and it's a direct continuation of the Final A, have fun reading it, one small thing, Characters narration with change when the name is like this -Alex- or -Matt- it'll introduce different points of view from the different characters=-

Main Characters:

Matt: Usually serious and calm, he is strong enough to pull attention, he has short straigth black hair, and usually changes his hair style to a spiky one, his eyes are dark brown and he is currectly in love with Alex. He is 19 years old.

Alex: A happy young boy, he's attractive thanks to his body and hair, both pull attention from gilrs and boys. He has short straigth black hair he has dark brown eyes and usually wears colorful bracelets, he is Matt's boyfriend since he was 12. He is 15/2 and is soon going to turn 16.

Mark: Usually a shy young boy but when people know him well, he is as happy as Alex. He has black straigth hair as well and dark brown eyes. He is the "Secret Friend" of both Matt and Alex, they share a love triangle. He is 16 almost turning 17.


College's been taking all of my energies lately...between studying and a part time job, life's been totally top it off, I made a commitment with Alex that I'd pick him up at school everyday...and again...I got late...

"You're LATE!" Alex said looking at me.

"Y-Yeah...sorry...You'm kinda busy and..." I said before he put his watch on my face.

"What time is it...?I can't's kinda dark..." He said.

"You know...I should've never taught you sarcasm.." I said.

"Shut up...I'm angry..."He said.

"Gee...sorry...come on..." I said.

"But it's the 5th time this week!" He said.

"Well...and the 3rd time you forgot to tell me about your Club meeting and I had to wait for like..a looong time!" I said.

"'re forgiven this time..." He said.

"Come on...let's go's getting dark.."I said,

"Duh.." He said walking with me to the car...He was living with me for a while because his parents were taking care of private matters, and didn't want to expose him to some since I moved out to my own place, he's with've been a long time ever since we tried doing something, of course...we would kiss eashother eventually...but nothing major since we both didn't have enough time...that's how my routine ended up like: Wake up, prepare breakfast, take him to school, go to college, go home, prepare lunch and then straigth to work...after that I'd pick him up at school and go home...almost always I had homework, I prepared dinner and usually I'd pass out on my desk...I was way busy and these hours...Aky thought he shouldn't disturb me so he would call Mark so they could talk...


"I'm telling's the 5th time this week!!" I told Mark.

"Don't you think you are being kinda pushy...? I he's an adult...he get adult stuff to do..." Mark said.

"Are you picking on his side now!?" I asked.

"Dude...calm down...I'm only saying that you should understand his situation...I are living with him and stuff...and he works...there's college.." Mark explained.

"Yeah right..." I said.

"Hey, look here...there are some photos of us..." Mark said.

"You kept those pics..?" I asked.

"Well..yeah...look, that time he babysat you...."Mark said.

"It've been a long"I said." I gotta go...what if something happens to that hoe and I'm not around?" I continued laughing.

"Fiiine..." Mark said getting up and kissing my lips before opening the door." Send him a hug" He said as I went through.

"I will" I said slowly walking back to Matt's apartment, as soon as I got home, he greeted me and I told him about Mark's sent hug, we had dinner, talked a little and we both blacked out...

The next day...I was late again to pick him up...I felt bad that I ended up betraying his confidence...again....However...when I got there...I looked and looked for him...but he wasn't there...

"hum...girls?"I asked a group of girls passing by. "Have you seen Alex?About this tall....wearing glasses..."

"you mean Aleky?Yeah...hum...he said he was tired and went home...about 1 hour ago..." one of them said.

"Oh...thanks..." I said running to my car."Where did you idiot!" I thought to myself driving out.


"And again...he left me there...That Matt....." I said looking at the floor. I read a small crack as it someone broke a stick, so I looked one there, so I continued walking...I stopped to grab something to eat on the way and I saw a guy, he was hiding behind a wall and occasionally he'd look at me while I ate...that creeped me out and as soon as I ended my little snack, I took off running and hid on an alley, behind some garbage cans. I looked from a small space in the middle of the cans...the guy actually came after me and he kept himself looking for me...I was a bit scared....and the only way to run away was to go through him...

"Damn..."I thought to myself..."Now take the hard headed idiot..." I thought and took off running, he tried grabbing me but grabbed one of my bracelets which ripped apart, I ran and ran trying to put a bit of distance between us, he grabbed my wrist, the damn guy was fast and he pulled me making me fall on my ass, he grabbed me and carried me to a van he had parked, I screamed trying to break free but he'd wouldn't let me go and there was not a dead soul around...he threw me in and slapped my face, I felt a weird smell....I felt light was...chloroform...just before I passed out....I saw Matt's car rushing...

"Damn...."I let out before blacking out....


I looked around looking for him...I knew he wouldn't go that far...of course...I heard a scream just seconds ago so I came to check...I climbed out of the car and looked around, I came across this snack bar and asked for Alex....he'd been there just 10 minutes ago before running out desperatedly...I walked around trying to find something and then I went to an alley...a mess...Garbage cans on the floor but something that pulled my of his bracelets...terrible thoughts came through my mind that moment...was that scream from earlier his?

"Damn it Alex...don't play like that with me..."I told myself. I called Mark and asked him if he knew about Alex...he said no, he was home and Alex went to a meeting then said he'd wait for me...which obviously, he didn't, I looked around...until it was night...and I thought he was already home...but when I got there...I saw no one...the last thing I saw moving on that street...was a black van moving away...I had at least one clue...the license plate....I was the whole night looking for a solution and I came across an owner of the Van...his name was Louis Schmidt...the next day, I was obviously paying him a visit...


I woke up...dizzy from the chloroform....I looked around and saw my situation...I was tied up....hands and feet suspense by 4 hooks on the ceiling...I was belly down, my glasses on a small desk and my clothes on a bed...I looked at myself....that's when I realized I was naked...I tried screaming but something inside my mouth didn't let me...I was also duct taped...I kept asking myself..."what the heck was I doing there"...when finally, the only door in the room opened, the very same guy came in, naked and with a huge hard on....I looked in anger at him.

"Hey...about time for you to wake up boy...." He said. "Name's Roger....and I'm gonna play with you during the next days" he continued with a sickening, creepy smile, he moved behind me looking at me...checking me out and grabbing my butt cheeks.
"What a cute little bubble know...when I saw you with Matt...I thought and thought until I decided to do it...and I got a chance to do it thanks to're a cute's not fair if Matt doesn't....share you..." He said grabbing a small pot of lube. I tried screaming and started moving trying to break free, but the ropes hurt my wrists and ankles.

"Ahaha! So you noticed the small harm it causes you...the move you move on yourself...the more you'll hurt yourself little Alex..." He said rubbing the lube on my ass crack looking for my hole and finally pushing his finger in, I tried to scream again but whatever was inside my mouth wouldn't let me...

"Oh come on....I've heard you took bigger things inside a finger is it haven't done anything recently...?" He said finger fucking me, he did that for some 3 minutes, his nails scratched inside my ass, and it hurted....finally, he took them off...but I knew that what was next was his dick...he slid his dick inside me hard, I wanted to scream in pain, his dick was deep inside me and my body kept moving back and forth with his deep and hard thrusts, I started crying from the pain, he grabbed my hips and thrust his dick in Deeper before spanking my buttcheeks hard...he fucked me for one whole hour...before he finally let go of me...he came 3 times from what I could count..cum was pouring from my ass and sliding to my dick finally falling on the floor.

"That was awsome really know how to take a dick...." He said lifting my face through my chin, looking into my soaked, teary eyes..."Don't worry...soon'll be ready for the real fun...I heard you enjoy I thought of leaving something inside you..."He said moving to my back again and sticking a vibrator inside my now sore ass, as soon as he turned it on, my dick got hard..for the first time ever since he started fucking me..."

"Have cute boy..." He said walking to my face and licking one tear from my face before leaving the room...I was tired and my hard on died...even though I had a vibrator inside me...I was so tired...that I slept again...


I went to college feeling like an boyfriend had vanished and I was stuck in a school day that luckly..was short...that's when I saw one of my friends coming in, from a different time and classes from mine.

"Yo Matt!" He said.

"....Roger." I said...

"So...are you picking up the kid today?" He asked.

" fact...after college...I'm going to a place..."

"Well...ok then...send Alex a hug...I'd like to meet him know..." He said.

"Maybe later" I said getting into the car."because now I gotta rush...see you tomorrow..." I said taking off, I could swear that I saw a small smirk on his face...but it simply went over my mind...I was focused in my small visit with Mr.Louis Schmidt...


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are you going to do a continued ending to part B as well

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Should've not continued 3 years later but drills still interesting

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