I was riding my bike around the neighborhood next to mine, it was getting lighter and the dew was disappearing. School ended two weeks ago and this summer has been unusually cool, high 70’s by day, and low 50’s at night. I loved these temperatures because that meant that I wouldn’t be sweaty from just riding around.

The people that lived in these houses were lucky. They had a driving range for golfers on one corner of the neighborhood, and surrounding the whole north and east side was a gorgeous park. This park was not one of those jungle gym parks, but like the ones with 50 acres of woods and a green field butting up to the side of the woods. Yes there was a jungle gym for kids, but this was one built 30 years ago, made of metal, and had everything that new ones didn’t. At my age, saying that i like playing on a jungle gym might sound childish, but if you saw this one, it would make anyone scamper about like a little kid.

I do like the jungle gym, but what had my interest was the bike trails through the woods, along with the gurgling creek that accompanied all of this. This park is where i spent my summers, and i wasted away every last bit of daylight each and every day i could. Sometimes i would sleep in the tunnels of the jungle gym, just so i wouldn’t have to go inside.

All of this changed when i saw this girl there one day. I was 17 and she was 12 or so, and her laughter would send chills down my neck because it was so entrancing. At first i only heard her laughs and never could put a face to it, but i always looked.

The day came that i finally found out who had that wonderful breathtaking laughter, and what i saw was even more breathtaking. Here was this young girl, with the most beautiful strawberry blond curly locks of hair, and the perfect arrangement of freckles on her face. But what puzzled me was she was never with anyone... EVER! From that day on, my focus was never on anything but seeing her, laugh and giggle, and run wild. She intrigued me, and i couldn’t stop from watching.

My favorite spot to sit was on a boulder on top of a crescent hill overlooking the perfectly mowed field where Ariel would frolick. Just behind the hill was the whole of the crescent and the perfect hiding spot. Almost a straight drop like it was bitten away, was a small grassy area. This grass wasn’t any ordinary grass though, it was the softest and most comfortable possible. In the morning the sun hit it just right to make it warm and comfortable but cool and relaxing from the grass.

Ariel must have seen me sitting up there because the next time i came back to watch her, because when i got to the top of the hill to sit on my lookout, she popped out behind a tree and spooked me. Doing so i slipped off my sitting rock and fell to the ground. She didn’t say anything she just giggled, and that giggle charmed me.

“Hey, whatcha doing up here”, i asked her in a very curious manner.

With a pixie like voice, “What are YOU doing up here” she snapped back.

Caught off guard, I choked and couldn’t think of a good response, so instead of thinking I said “watching you.” I started to blush as she just stared at me confused.

“Why are you doing that, and have you been all this time.” she responded with the look of being deeply confused.

“Well yes i have for a while, but its just because i have noticed that you are always here by yourself, and you look like you are not bothered by that.” Now able to think on my toes, i'm able to come back with good responses.

“I don’t like being around kids my age, cause they just want to play on the playground, and not wander the woods. I love exploring and i would do it more if i knew of someone that liked it too.” she said with a shy smile.

Well i loved being outside, and i thought this would be a perfect chance to see what she is like. “Well i like coming here just to sit and watch everyone, kinda like you, but i much rather be climbing over rocks, up trees, or wandering the woods and the creek.”

Her eyes lit up like an emerald torch, and my knees got weak as i admired her cute face.
It looked like she was going to tackle me and hug me to death but i think she changed her mind. All i wanted to do was make her happy, and persuade her to become “friends” with me.

“Oh, Sweet, you’re going to be my new friend kay?”

Either she read my mind, or this was too perfect. How could i say no, she looks adorable and adventurous all at the same time. So i try and say calmly “sure, sounds good” but it comes out too fast and i sound like a slobbering idiot.

“Ok, i got something i have wanted to show someone, but no one ever wants to follow me”

All i can think of is, Oh my god, why wouldn’t anyone want to follow her, is she worst that she seams? I don’t know, but i’m glad she “jumped” me.

I follow her, but i’m not paying much attention to the surroundings, i’m just staring at this cute little butt in front of me hidden just under a skirt. I trip on a branch and i stumble to the ground, she looks back and giggles but doesn’t stop.

I get up and catch up to her, but this time it is her that is not paying attention and she stumbles over. Her skirt goes up over her back and i get a nice view of her tush under some hello kitty undies. I offer to help, but can’t help from laughing and saying, “I like the new hair doo.”

She gets up with dirty grin and pushes me down and falls on me, she doesn’t weigh much so its not like it hurt. She starts ruffling my hair and little sticks and leafs get tangled up, “I like yours too.” She didn’t say this in a mean voice, but more of a intriguing way.

“Hey no time to mess around, i still want to show you this place.” She winked and turned away and startle picking out the leaves. I soon did the same, because i wanted to know what she was going to show me.

It seemed to me that we had walk in circles for the better part of the afternoon, when it started to get dark. I soon realised that we had, because we were back to the hill, but this time we approached from the back. “Ok, so why did we just walk around and come back to the place we started?”

“Cause i didn’t actually know where i was going, but i figured if you liked me enough, you would follow me anyways.”

Little upset i said “ well of course i do, im still here.” Yup i blew it, and now she knew it, and i couldn’t hide in embarrassment, all i could do was wait for an answer.

“Awwww, thats sweet, I like you too, ever since i watched you stay the night on the jungle gym i knew i would like you. I hope i can join you the next time you do it.”

Seeing her blush, i knew we felt the same, it just didn’t feel right, a 12 year old and a 17 year old? Wait, how did she know i say the nights here at the park sometimes? O well, i tried my luck and said “Ok how about tonight, i got nothing to do in the morning, and my parents will know that i’m here, since i alway am.”

“Thats great, but i don’t have any warm clothes, and no blanket. I will get too cold.”

“Well i stay pretty warm as it is, and i have a sweatshirt you can use?”

“How about you just wear it, and i cuddle up to you and you keep me warm? i like that idea better don’t you?”

My pants had no room to move, but they managed to express the shape of my dick pushing out and wanting free. “I guess that works, and i know the perfect spot to stay, not the playground this time.” I smiled cheekily and she did too.

“Ok, so where, how about right here in the soft grass?”

“Yeah, i had the same idea.” I sat down and started to push the grass down, like what dear do in their sleeping areas. I stopped to see what she was doing, but she took the wrong hint and sat on my lap and gave me a kiss. I was speechless, but i didn’t want it to end, so i slowly reached around and caressed her back letting her know i wanted her not to stop. She just moved her hands up to my neck and hair and gripped my hair like she would never let go. With a swift move on her part, she pushed me back, twisted around and was now laying on me. I don’t want to know where she learned to kiss, because it was too good for a 12 year old to know how to do, but i didn’t care, she was awesome.

I had been carrying my sweatshirt but now it was laying next to me, she grabbed it, and throw it over me like it was a blanket. Not that it was big, but she made a point to cover our heads and shoulders, and it made for a heavenly effect. I had not noticed until now but she smells like strawberries, not real ones, but the perfume that makes my knees weak.The sweatshirt made our make out session incredible and extremely warm.

I pushed my luck and started to massage her amazing butt, only to be rewarded with moans as we kissed. Her moans and mews got so intense that i thought she was going to have an orgasm right there. She broke our kiss, and tried to catch her breath as the words stumbled out of her mouth, “You know you’re not going to get much sleep right?”

My dick had been hard long for a while and i’m sure she was enjoying it as she laid on me with her little pussy right on my dick, so maybe that is why she was moaning so much. She lifted her hips just enough to slide her skirt and panties down to her knees, then she dove back in for more kissing. I took that as an invite to continue her massage but to go farther. She was still laying on me so i didn’t really have a good reach for her pink lips, but i was satisfied to find how she liked anal play.

I caressed her cheeks, and ran my fingers up and down her crack, up until i hit her spine, and down till i felt her lips. Every time i ran past her rosebud she shook with shivers, and she moaned and mewed loader in my mouth. I got aggressive, and started probing her rosebud with my middle finger. At first she was holding tight but then she relaxed and let me intrude. I wasn’t getting far because there was no lubrication so i broke our kiss, and sucked my finger fast, and resumed kissing. This time i slid in all the way to my second knuckle and she squirmed.

She had been breathing hard for a while but she controlled it, but now she was panting and couldn't continue to kiss while i worked her, and man did i work that rose bud. She was stiffening her legs and she was arching her back and i knew what was coming, so i pulled my finger out and gave her a dirty look. She attacked my lips and clawed my neck, i thought i was going to cream my jeans just from that because the excitement was so much.

Rolling her off into the grass, i pull her skirt and panties all the way off. I grab the panties and hold them to my nose and breath in. Heaven, nothing more could describe that smell, and she knew it by the look on my face. She climbed back on me but this time i roll onto her and attacked her lips with mine. I held both of her arms above her head with one hand, and the other massages her now perky nipples. I pinch and squeeze and he squeal with joy as she tosses her head and beautiful locks of hair back and forth.

Her nipples start off as pale pink and as i work them they turn this lovely reddish pink, almost looks painful, but i notice how she reacts and i take it she is liking every moment of it.

I tickle every part of her tummy as i move my hand lower and lower until i feel the smallest patch of super soft curly hair and a bulging slit wanting to be parted. I dance my fingers around her pussy, down and up her legs and she mews with excitement. I resist the urge to slide a finger in because i want her to beg for it.

“Oh come on, stop teasing please? You’re getting me all hot and horny and not giving me any release,” She moaned. A tear ran down her face and i wiped it away, but i knew she was serious.

I scooted down as i kissed her neck, chest. tummy and belly button stopping just above her slit and clit. I paused to look up at her, and look on her face was unbelievable. Biting her lip and giving those puppy dog eyes, she look so darn adorable and cute. As i started to explore with my fingertips, she threw her head back, and gave out a moan that could get anyone rock hard just from hearing it.

I parted her lips to tease her engorged clit with my tongue as i push my middle finger into her little dark hole. At first she squeezed shut and wouldn’t let me in, but i just pushed harder and my finger popped in up to my second knuckle. I knew she would be tight because of her age, but i didn’t know that it would be this much. Attacking her clit with my lips, teeth and tongue, i made her squirm while i tried loosening her up. I went to try and work a second finger in when i was delighted with her arching her back, and her love juices pouring out as she shook uncontrollably. I moved my thumb up to keep pressure on her clit and i lapped up everything. No joke, but she taste like the sweetest peach i could think of and i couldn’t get enough.

I had a finger in her love hole, and a finger in her bum when i heard something in the distance...

“Ariel, where are you! You are late and mom isn’t happy!” I stopped what i was doing and made her listen when the same thing was called out. She pulled my face to her and licked off her cum and gave me the deepest sweetest kiss ever. She pulled away and exclaimed with a pouty face, “I better go, mommy doesn’t like being mad at me, and i don’t like her being mad either.”

“Well i guess you better get dressed and go, I want to see you again so i don’t want you in trouble.”

She got up and grabbed her skirt and panties, but seeing the look in my eyes, she tackled me with a bear hug and rubbed her panties in my face. “You can keep these if you would like”

I snatch them away from her and held them to my nose. I noticed she was still drippy from her pussy so i used the panties to wipe her legs and pink lips off giving her a little more attention. She was dryer, but the panties were almost soaked in juices. She giggled a little, slipped on her flowy skirt and headed off around the hill leaving me will a drenched pair of her underwear almost glued to my face cause i couldn’t get enough............


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