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CONTENT WARNING: This particular story segment contains realistic medical procedures mixed into fictional fetishistic medical procedures, bondage, breath-play, forced-feeding, vomiting, mechanically-assisted masturbation, female orgasm denial, enemas, douching, science-fiction, pharmaceuticals, tentacles, and more.

You have been warned.

Diris followed her commanding officer, Jake, down the hall towards the medical wing. “Sir” she began.

“Jake” he insisted.

She walked up next to him and spoke, “Jake, what do you mean when you say that this procedure is “intrusive”?” He didn’t slow his pace, “I believe it would be more appropriate if Kaidi explained this to you.”

Before Diris could say anything more, they walked into the medical wing and were promptly greeted by Kaidi. “Officer Jake, Private Diris, good morning.” Kaidi was the main medical person in the facility. She was somewhat shorter than normal, even for a mouse. Usually she just wore blue scrubs, but today she donned a white apron over them which complimented her white fur. “I’ll leave you to your work Doctor” the officer shook the doctor’s hand, spun on his heel, and walked briskly away, turning the corner out of the medical wing. Kaidi followed him to the double-doors, locking them behind him, and shutting the blinds.

Kaidi paused momentarily to point to a chair in the center of the room “You can take a seat, I’ll be right with you.” Diris approached the chair. It had massive clusters of lights, steps, supports, levers, and tools surrounding it. It looked like a deformed cross between a gynecology chair and dentist chair. Dubious to its appearance, she instead opted to sit down on the doctor’s stool and gawk over the chair’s many complicated looking instruments. Meanwhile, the doctor was following the wall, closing the blinds on all of the windows in the room, and de-activating a camera in the corner. Once finished, she approached Diris and signaled her to sit in the intricate chair.

Kaidi sat on the stool and began, “This recliner is a BESA, Biological Exfoliating and Sterilizing Apparatus, but we just call her Bessy.”

Diris smirked, “Cute.”

Kaidi continued, “I’m sure Officer Jake gave you the rundown of what we’re doing. You haven’t eaten anything for at least twelve hours right?”

Diris responded, “Yes, I’ve been fasting since lunch yesterday, but Officer Jake didn’t really go into the details.”

Kaidi sighed, “I asked him to explain this to you in entirety.” Kaidi donned a pair of surgical gloves and continued, “I’ll give you the short version. We’re going to administer drugs that are going to cut down the impurities of your sweat, breath, and other bodily secretions to allow you pass through the forest undetected by the bioweapons. Although this drug is very efficient, you will still be contaminated with your previous bodily wastes, so after administration we will need to sterilize every orifice of your body to compensate. Unfortunately, the solutions that co-incide with these procedures contra-indicate general anesthesia.”

Diris lifted an eyebrow.

Kaidi then spoke plainly, “You’ll be enduring six procedures which sterilize your eyes, nose, ears, mouth, lungs and stomach, lower GI tract, and your… OTHER nether regions.”

Diris smacked a palm to her forehead and laughed, “So THAT’S why Officer Jake was being so shy about this: You’re going be “exfoliating” my “nether regions”.

Kaidi smirked at this comment, “Yes.”

“So uh…” Diris said, sitting straight back in the seat, “For the sake of privacy, why can’t I just… brush my teeth, clean my ears, douche myself, etcetera?”

Kaidi laughed, “I think you’ll find that these procedures are a LOT more in-depth than a simple douching. But let’s not waste any more time.” Kaidi rolled up Diris’ sleeve and swabbed an area with alcohol, then without warning pulled out a huge autoinjector and jabbed it into Diris’ arm. The thick gauged needle shot into her muscle and began injecting its drugs. Diris didn’t even flinch.

“Sorry about that” Kaidi remarked, “But most people don’t react well when they see such a thick needle.” After a few moments, Kaidi withdrew the syringe, and gently kneaded at the injection sight before throwing the spent injector into a special waste bin and saying, “Done.”

“Done?” Diris laughed.

“The first procedure anyway.” Kaidi reached around behind the chair and rolled an already set up IV bag into Diris’ view, and began swabbing Diris’ hand with alcohol.
“What’s that?” Diris inquired, pointing at the bag.
“That’s just saline water. The drug I just administered is an extreme diuretic, so you’re going to start losing a lot of fluids now, that’s just there to keep you hydrated.” Kaidi expertly stuck Diris with the needle, and soon, saline was slowly dripping into her bloodstream.

“Now we begin the exfoliating process” She lifted a safety latch on the side of the chair and placed her hand over the button. “Please place your arms flat on the armrests.” When Diris complied, Kaidi pressed the button, and suddenly steel latches fired out of the chair around Diris’ wrists, waist, neck, and ankles, immobilizing her. Diris yelped as the cold steel bindings contacted her neck. The chair reclined, and a bright spotlight lit up her face.

Diris fought against the bonds.

“Please relax Diris, nothing that I’m going to do is going to hurt you” Kaidi began flipping a series of switches on the chair, “But because we’re working so precisely with your eardrums, sinuses, and other delicate areas, it’s very important that you don’t move.” Diris begrudgingly elected to relax. Kaidi continued “We’re going to start from the top and work our way down, beginning with the ears.”

Kaidi pressed a button, and a set of what appeared to be oversized headphones approached Diris’ face. Kaidi adjusted the size of the would-be headphones to Diris’ head and said, “I’m beginning the second procedure. This is going to feel very weird, and be very noisy, but it should not hurt. If it does hurt, let me know and we’ll stop.” Kaidi flipped a switch, and the device began its work. Not sure what to expect next, Diris clamped her eyes shut. A gush of some sort of bubbling liquid flushed into her ears, and long, soft, circular brushes followed. Suddenly, they began rapidly spinning, contacting every crevice of her ear. Diris wasn’t prepared for this and let out a long gentle moan. “Oh my god. That feels incredible.” she said, opening her eyes momentarily to see Kaidi evidently laughing at this statement. Diris closed her eyes again and enjoyed the sensations.

After a minute or so, the brushes withdrew from her ears. The device gently heated and dried her, and then fell silent. Kaidi removed the device from Diris’ head. “How do your ears feel?”

“Amazing. Cleaner than I’ve ever felt in my life.” She replied.

“Not so bad huh? The ear sterilizer always makes a good first impression.” Kaidi began flipping some switches once more, “The third procedure cleanses your eyes. This is more straightforward.” With her left hand, Kaidi pulled a visor over Diris’ eyes and held it there, then flipped one last switch. The visor began to fill with what felt like warm water. “Please blink your eyes repeatedly” Diris did so. Whatever this liquid was, it wasn’t water. It felt just like her own tears. After about thirty seconds, the visor emptied, and Kaidi lifted it away from Diris’ face.

Kaidi grabbed a pen light from her front pocket and checked Diris’ eyes. “How do your sinuses feel?” Diris inhaled through her nose “Like I ate a raw pepper.”

“Good, and your eyes look squared away.” Kaidi laughed, she pocketed her pen light then reached far above and detached what looked like some sort of clear gasmask with an elaborate series of tubes sticking out of it “Three down, three to go. This is where the intrusive part starts.” Kaidi attached the mask to Diris’ face, and adjusted it until it created an airtight seal.

The mask began feeding her air. “Diris” Kaidi began, “Because of the… alarming nature of what this mask does, it’s best if I instead describe what it’s doing AS it’s happening,” Diris opened her mouth to respond, but was interrupted when a surge of warm, slightly salty liquid flooded her mouth.

“This is a solution of Perfluerocarbonic soap, it’s designed to clean out your stomach and respiratory tract.”

Diris found this very intriguing for a few moments until her need to breathe began to arise. She let out a muffled wine.
“Diris, Perfluerocarbon is a breathable liquid, you need to inhale it.”

Diris gave Kaidi a horrified stare, and refused to exhale.

“It won’t hurt you Diris. It’s going to make things easier if you just breathe.”

Diris shook her head no. Kaidi casually sat down on the stool, “So be it. You’ll have to breathe eventually.”

Diris desperately shook her snout around in a vain attempt to throw the mask off of her face to breathe. Her need to breathe grew critical, and in a few moments, a tiny stream of air was released against her will, which was visually demonstrated when it was sucked up through one of the tubes.

Kaidi stood up and placed her hand on Diris’ shoulder, “That’s it Diris, don’t fight it.”

Then all at once, Diris had no choice but to release all of the air in her lungs. With no air left in her lungs, she gave one last pleading look into Kaidi’s red eyes before sharply inhaling.

In that split second, her throat closed. The dragoness’ eye’s clenched, and she violently writhed. “Don’t panic. You’ve simply held your breath too long and your body thinks it is drowning. Your trachea is closing, but the solution will force it to dilate in a moment.”

Diris was too immersed in her own world of discomfort to comprehend this. She continued squirming in place when she felt the fluid seeping into her windpipe, and in an instant, she felt everything open up and relax, the liquid flowing freely into her lungs.

“Breath with me Diris. In.” Kaidi inhaled deeply, “Out” Kaidi exhaled. “In” She inhaled, “Out” She exhaled. Diris came to her senses enough to follow these instructions, and with Kaidi’s coaching, soon began to calm down.

“First time is always tougher for some than others” Kaidi smiled, “It’s kind of like teaching a kid to open their eyes underwater. For some, it’s no problem, but others will fight it tooth and nail, yet when they finally do it, they find out that it’s not that big of a deal.”

Diris was still engulfed with the relief of being able to breath. The warm liquid felt heavy to move, but had an unusually soothing effect on her lungs. Kaidi turned a valve, and one of the unused tubes pumped a pinkish liquid into the solution. As Diris began inhaling this, she felt another sensation.

“You should start feeling an intense urge to swallow. This is normal, go along with it.” This time, Diris put up no resistance, and began swallowing vast amounts of the liquid. Curiously, swallowing it felt pleasurable, and each gulp felt more satisfying than the last. Once her stomach became bloated with the solution Kaidi turned this solution off, and Diris’ urge to swallow went away.

Diris stayed in this condition for about five minutes. Kaidi stepped on a button, and the chair stood itself up, “Alright, now the tricky part. It’s better if I explain this to you now.” Diris opened her eyes and glared attentively at Kaidi. “I’m going to count to three, and then hit this lever.” She motioned to a white lever, “The mask is going to fill with air. When this happens, I need you to cough forcefully. I’ll then hit this lever” She motioned to a green lever, “and it will release a gas that will make you feel nauseous. Don’t fight the nausea. If you just go along with it, it will be the most pleasant regurgitation you’ve ever had.” Diris nodded her head. “Okay. One. Two. Three” Kaidi threw the first switch, and the liquid was rapidly displaced with dry air. Diris began coughing, and as the air touched her windpipe, the stinging sensation encouraged her to cough even harder. Once she had coughed up most of the fluid, Kaidi flipped the second lever, and in the next moment, Diris was spewing up the fluid from her stomach. It came up effortlessly, and it wasn’t the least bit unpleasant. Once her bloated stomach emptied, the gas stopped, and Diris’ lungs had completely drained, Kaidi detached the mask from Diris’ face.

Kaidi began set up the next procedure “Four out of six down. Not so bad huh?” Diris gently nodded, still recovering from the ordeal. “Hang in there. Just two more traumatizing procedures and you’ll get to go slogging through the hot, humid, poison-ivy ridden, raptor-infested forest.” Diris couldn’t help but chuckle at this comment.

Kaidi held a nozzle in one hand, “This next procedure is going to cleanse your lower GI tract… it’s a simple enema with a not-so-simple solution. Of course, I need to remove your pants to do this.”

“Okay.” Diris stated begrudgingly.

Kaidi flipped two switches, and in one smooth motion, the chair reclined, her legs were spread apart, and a dozen or so robotic forceps descended from the ceiling and stripped off her lower ACUs, and her panties. Diris rolled her eyes, “So this is what our tax dollars are funding” Kaidi burst into laughter. “I’m pretty sure you know how this works.” Kaidi began, “there’s no discreet way of doing this. I’m going to fill your bowels with a chemical that is going to completely sterilize it. I’ll need you to hold this for thirty seconds, and then release it. Don’t worry about the floor.”

“Let’s get this over with” said Diris, who turned her head away from Kaidi.

Kaidi handed a nozzle to one of the robotic forcepts, which then proceeded to insert it into Diris’ rectum. This made Diris wince. She had received an enema only once before, and was not accustom to this sort of thing. The nozzle began pumping fluid into her intestines, and in about a minute, Diris’ belly was inflated to twice its size.

“Phew… How much more is there?” Diris was feeling the pressure.

“Done” Kaidi responded. The robotic forceps pulled the nozzle out of her rectum, and reclaimed their rightful place, hanging from the ceiling.

Kaidi began tracking her watch. With the nozzle now removed from her tailhole, Diris strained to retain the liquid. The time ticked by slowly, but eventually, she was told she could relax. The clear, oily solution gushed out of her like a gardening hose, and in a few moments, her belly returned to its normal size. Pipes from above began spraying some sort of soapy solution to the floor that was re-directing the bowel solution to a nearby drain.

“One last procedure Diris.” Kaidi stopped what she was doing and spun slowly in place, taking a moment to ensure that all of the windows in the room were indeed covered. “As you know, your body naturally gives off minute levels of pheromones and other odorous materials via the genitals.” Kaidi sat down on her stool, “The natural lubricant of your vaginal walls can be addressed rather simply. However, although the drugs administered have halted the production of this fluid, the glands that provide this lubrication are still somewhat saturated. Simply put, we need to get the last bit of that lubricant out.”

“Okay…” Diris said, with an uncertain look on her face. “And how is that accomplished?”

Kaidi hesitated, and then said in a hushed tone, “Sexual arousal”.

Diris’ eyes shot wide open. “Oh.”

There was a silence.

Finally, Diris laughed and said, “Well I sure as hell don’t think it’s going to happen with my arms clamped to this chair.”

“Right of course, I intend on freeing up your arms, but you won’t be doing this stimulation yourself.”

The not-so-surprised dragoness replied, “So who’s the lucky robot?”

“Well, I’m glad you asked” Kaidi stood up and approached the chair once more, lifting a safety latch, and pressing a large red button. Suddenly, the clamps around her arms and neck withdrew themselves, the back of the chair pushed her forwards, and then completely detached and escalated to the ceiling. With her legs and waist still bound, the seat underneath her began to shift and transform until it fit the contours of her body. The position of the leg clamps shifted, bringing her to a kneeling position over what ergonomically resembled a motorcycle seat, complete with handles. Diris grabbed the apparent handles and balanced herself. Now kneeling on the seat, a portion of the padding opened up, forming a seal around her vulva.

Kaidi sat down on her stool, and in front of her, a floor tile moved to the side, and a large keyboard arose from it. She pressed a power button on it, and suddenly a large holographic screen appeared in front of her. After cracking her knuckles, she started typing something in, and Diris’ vital signs showed up on the hologram.

“Currently, your Bartholin saturation, or “B-Sat” level is forty-six percent. To be completely scentless, we want that to be less than half of a percent.” Kaidi was typing quickly as she talked, “The machine is going to do all the work. It will sexually arouse you, bring you to the peak of sexual arousal, hold you there, and finally, allow you to climax.”

Diris lowered her head slightly, “Do I HAVE to climax?”

Kaidi responded, “Well… Technically, no.”

In a serious tone Diris said, “I’d rather not have an orgasm in front of you…”

Kaidi laughed and said, “The choice is yours… but I think you’ll see things very differently later on… There’s a very good reason it brings you to orgasm.”

“Uh-huh…” Diris gave an indifferent glare. She leaned one arm casually on the supportive bar. “Let’s get this over with then.”

As Kaidi finished typing in a few last lines of commands, Diris began checking her nails and said, “I don’t see how this thing’s going to arouse me anyway. I’m totally turned off right now.”

Kaidi entered one last command, hovered her finger over the keyboard, and made one final comment, “You’ll see” before tapping the confirm button.

Suddenly, a gush of warm gooey liquid filled her cavity, which was quickly followed by two, powerful, somewhat tentacle-like appendages.

Near instantaneously, Diris yelped. “Oh GOD!” The embarrassed dragoness clamped her claws over her blushing snout in an attempt to muffle her moans.

“I see you’re the noisy type.” Kaidi wasn’t expecting that reaction, and tried to keep a straight face, “It’s okay, feel free to vocalize if you wish.”

The appendages rubbed, flexed, pushed, and sucked at every inch of her walls. The sensations were incredible, and Diris struggled to contain herself, “Kaidi! Ah! Kaidi, if… if this is automatic, do you HAVE to be here?!”

With a somewhat sympathetic look on her face, Kaidi nodded her head and explained, “Afraid so. Although this machine detects vital signs and sexual arousal on a level of cellular accuracy, unmonitored, the neuron-sensitizing effects of the fluid, combined with the physical stimulation of the exfoliating appendages have been known to cause people with pre-existing heart conditions to go into ventricular fibrillation during the second stage of-“

“KAIDI!” Diris yelled. “I don’t need the long-winded version! I don’t have any heart problems, may I PLEASE have some privacy?!”

“Sorry Diris.” Kaidi shook her head, “I have to follow protocol.”

At this point, Diris was partially curled into a ball, with her snout buried in her arms in an attempt to muffle her moans. The overwhelmingly pleasurable sensations made her want to cry out.

“Now now, there’s no need to be bashful Diris, I’m a professional” Kaidi said in an assuring voice. “Just close your eyes and do what comes natural.”

Diris struggled for a few moments longer before breaking down. She closed her eyes, grabbed the handlebars, and let it all out. With every twist and tug of the tentacles, an ecstatic moan followed. “Oh YES!” She bellowed, “Oh… GOD yes!” Diris had never felt a sexual pleasure this intense before, and it didn’t take long before she felt her orgasm imminent. “I’m gonna...!” Diris gasped, bracing herself for the orgasm, but just when she was about to slip over the edge, the tentacles slowed their movement instantly. Diris needily bucked her hips against the tentacles, but she couldn’t move much more than an inch.

Diris opened her eyes and shot a desperate, confused glance at Kaidi.

“I’m sorry Diris. But your B-Sat level is five and a half percent. It needs to be under half of a percent before I can let you orgasm.”

Diris’ body shuddered. Longing for the sensations to continue, she asked “How long will this take?”

“A few minutes”

“Can you speed it up?!”

“I’m afraid not.”

Diris tried to relax and get a grip over her senses, but whenever she began to calm down, the teasing tentacles would pick up speed, bringing her again to the edge, but not letting her orgasm. When the tentacles slowed to a crawl, it felt like time followed.

Kaidi continued to observe the hologram, “Your B-Sat is at two percent.”

A few more moments passed before Diris’ eyes began to well up in tears, “Kaidi! Please! I can’t take it!” Diris was squirming, desperately trying to grind against the tantalizingly slow movements of the tentacles.

“You’re going to be okay Diris, just hang in there, you’re already at one percent.”

Diris’ thoughts were spinning. She ached so badly for release, her vision was going out of focus.

“PLEASE!” She shrieked.

“Point seven five percent Diris, you’re doing good.”

A thick glob of saliva stretched out of Diris’ mouth. She let out a long, frustrated groan, and then began savagely clawing at the machine under her. This frustrated her even more. She grew nauseous and soon began vomiting, covering the handle bars with the pink solution from the previous procedures.

Though sympathetic, Kaidi took no particular alarm to this behavior, “Point five five percent, just a few more seconds...”

Diris brought her arms to her body, her fingers contorted.

“Point four nine Diris. You’re done.”

Diris’ face lit up like she had just seen an angel.

“I can allow you to orgasm now, or we can rev the system down to spare you the embarrassment of-“

“PLEASE.” Diris squealed in an undignified manner. “LET ME CUM”

Kaidi began typing something in and began, “Okay. If you’d like, I can set it up so I can remotely start it in the other room to give you some privacy.”

“PLEASE, NOW! I’M BEGGING YOU!” Tears poured down Diris’ face.

With no further delay, Kaidi briskly entered a line of code and pressed enter.

Suddenly, the tentacles began to speed up their motions, and in a matter of moments Diris’ orgasm hit her full throttle. She clenched the handle bars and released a sharp cry. Her walls convulsed viciously around the tentacly appendages, and each contraction brought on an unprecedented wave of pleasure: An orgasm so intense, that it made up for every moment of the torturous ordeal. It continued to carry on for well over half a minute before finally beginning to taper down. The panting dragoness collapsed on the handlebars, eyes closed, every muscle in her body relaxing in the aftermath. She flinched slightly as the apparatus around her vulva released the seal, and the cleansing solution audibly gushed outwards.

“We’re done Diris. I’ll show you to the recovery chamber.”

The clamps around Diris’ legs and waist withdrew into the machine. Now free from her bonds, Diris dismounted the machine and attempted to follow Kaidi, but her weakened, shaky knees began to give out. Kaidi clapped her hands twice, and a number of familiar robotic forceps caught her in midair, scooped her up, and cradled her, being careful to preserve the IV bag which still fed her fluids.

The forceps gingerly carried her to, and then placed her into a pill-shaped glass chamber that was just large enough to house her body. The chamber door closed and the robotic forceps retracted back into the ceiling.

Kaidi approached the chamber, “Soon you’ll be inhaling a gas that will put you to sleep, and sterilize your skin. I’ll then inject you with nutrients lost from the procedure. You will awaken in an hour. Enjoy your nap Diris.”

Even before the anesthetic gasses began to seep into the chamber, Diris closed her eyes, and began to drift off into a pleasant slumber.
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