Katie needed to get laid why wouldn't a neighbor help
Katie needed to get laid she didn't want an involvement just a one night stand but a good one. She was pacing the floor now....
Wondering who?o... She was thinking about guys her age, then it came to her, the neighbor kid. He was a senior in high school and quite the stud, he had come onto her before so this was going to be easy. She called the neighbor and asked for Tom he came to the phone and Katie asked if he could come over that she had a bit of a problem she thought he could handle. He said he would be right there can I bring tools or anything?  Katie said I know you pack what looks like it could be a good tool. Oh he said I think I am following you, Katie said no need to follow big boy I'll let you lead.

Katie dimmed the lights and undressed she threw a robe on that she particularly likes. He was here, she opened the door and asked him to come in. Katie said I need to fuck, Tom can we do this without strings attached. Can I kiss you, Katie said Tom you can do anything you want with me, just get to it please. Oh Tom got to it he skipped the kiss for now, and had his clothes off in no time. He grabbed Katie by the waste and picked her up in one arm while he wedged the other arm between her legs, parting them, she could feel him trying to get his cock in her and she said, let me help. Katie reached down and held his cock as she moved down on it. Ohhhhh yes that's what I need ohhhhh yes fuck me Tom, hard Tom really hard.  Oh god Tom stick it to me. Wait she said give it to me in my ass big boy ,you'll love it. Katie got down on all fours and he mounted her. He had never done this before he plunged his cock in her ass and Katie loved it she kept telling him harder. He finally asked her what is this harder business do you want ruff sex? Katie said yes Tom, he grabbed a gob of her hair and pulled her head back hard. It changed the whole dynamic his cock felt bigger she felt even tighter, he hammered her ass with his cock until he came. Then he said hold on, he pulled his cock from her ass and went to the bathroom he came back right away and mounted Katie again but This time he took her pussy from behind again he hammered her and all the while he was rubbing and pulling on her tits. He fucked her for more than three hours and he did it with gusto. Katie thought this kid is a fucking machine. After three hours he said are you alright she said I am great and so are you. Oh well, then can I come over again, Katie said yes but one thing I need to be finger fucked when we have finished it's just a thing for me.

Katie made a deal with Tom that he would come by her house everyday at one pm when he got out of school. He just had to see If her front door was open, he could easily see it from his house. So the next day Tom looked over and the front door was open. He dashed over the fence and went in the front door, Katie was in the kitchen with nothing but an apron on. She was stirring a cake, Tom walked up behind her putting his arms around her and  cupping each breast Katie leaned back into him and felt his erection with her free hand. He said are you ready she said I can't wait, and he put her over the table and finger fucked her. Slow at first then faster, Tom asked if she wanted it in her ass, Katie said oh please and he let himself in easily this time. Katie
Was pushing against his cock as hard as he was thrusting it into her, within moments Katie came and let out a sigh. Tom just kept bucking in her, Katie said Tom put me on the floor and go hard like you did yesterday. Oh Tom said my little ruff girl, yes Katie said ruff well he said if you want it ruff why don't you let me rape the crap out of you katie said of course let's do it. Tom slapped her ass then and pulled her up from the floor and this time he slapped her in the face, katies eyes went wild, he pulled one leg up and entered her pussy hard it took several hard thrusts and Katie thought he had torn her. He carried her to the living room with his cock still pumping as he stopped to find what he was looking for. He found a foot stool and laid her over it on her stomach and went back to her ass. The minute he plunged it into her she came and she asked Tom to slow down, but he wouldn't. He was an animal fucking her like she was some hole he found. Katie thought about why she asked him to rape her maybe she was getting what she asked for. Finally she said Tom I really don't like this can we stop now and start over again in the shower, he said in just a few minutes but ten minutes later he was still slamming into her deep and hard. Tom she said now will you, he said what you want more you say? Katie said no and Tom finally stopped. When he pulled his cock he said what do you want now. And she said I think you should leave, Tom turned to her and said you asked me to rape you and part of that is for you to say no and I keep going. It wasn't much fun was it? Katie looked at him and said no it wasn't, do you want to start over in the shower and Tom said could I feel you and kiss you? Katie said oh yes Tom I think that's a very
good idea. He took her to her bed then and took off his clothes. He took foreplay to a whole new level and Katie felt wonderful. When they were both more than ready he fucked her pussy first until Katie was begging

for him to come in her ass. He quickly switched because they were both ready to explode. Tom went off first
which made Katie come even faster as he spent his last string of seed Katie went limp with exhaustion. Are
you happy he asked and she said oh am I.,...

Tom looked over for two days and when the door wasn't open the second day he knocked at the door. Katie answered and he asked if she was alright? Katie said I'm fine Tom do you want to come in? When he stepped in the door he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Katie moaned and he took that as a yes, he unzipped his pants and took her hand to his cock as she rubbed him he had two fingers stroking her, he broke from the kiss and said let's get naked. Katie agreed, he asked if she would mind if they got in front of the mirror in her bedroom oh Katie said you want to watch he said I sure do. Can I take you doggie style First, of course. So
when he had her at the optimum angle for him to see his cock sliding in and out of her, he penetrated
Slowly watching every inch disappear and he pulled very slow, after a few of these strokes he went crazy, I'm sorry I'm coming now. He unloaded slamming her with each string of his seed, then he stopped deep inside of her. Katie said what can I do? He said be very still he is so sensitive right now, but he will be ready in a second. And just seconds later he started stroking all over again, Katie came five times it was such a good fuck he didn't want to quit so Katie said stay here if you want I have to go run my boys to soccer and I'll be back for
more. He said he would just run home and watch for the front door. Katie went about Running the boys and opened the front door as soon as she got home. He surprised her with flowers and asked her if he could fuck
her everyday? Katie said sure for awhile that will be fine, but don't you get attached to me, this is just fucking.
Right Tom said, but it was already to late he couldn't believe his luck to have a real woman wanting him to fuck
her. He watched as she put the flowers in a vase then he got down on his knees and lifted her skirt, he pulled her g string down and said oh Katie I want to try kissing her can you tell me what you want me to do. Katie
said, first get up and come to my bedroom so I can undress. He was taking his clothes off as they walked. Katie began to undress and as he watched her she gave him a couple extra poses to get his reaction. She stopped and walked to him and asked him to undo her bra, it closed in the front. When he released the girls he moaned and suckled each one softly Katie said they wont break and he sucked harder, now Katie said
thats what I want you to do between my legs. First suck my inner lips and lick every where then put your thumb in my pussy hole and let your tongue go in and out of it. Okay, Tom said and she spread her legs for him. Oh Tom thats right suck baby ummmmmm nice she said. Tom was in his realm he loved the taste and her smell was like perfume. Oh my god, Katie said I am coming suck harder, and he cleaned her completely. She said your cock needs it badly he is dripping every place. With that he turned her and mounted her ass, he plunged in fairly hard just like she wanted him to. Tom was a fucking machine he could and did come over and over without pulling his cock once, Katie had to watch the clock so she could leave on time to go get the boys, some how she get lost in all the  fucking and the next thing she knew her husband was calling her name. Oh my god Katie said here in the closet I'll get your clothes, as she threw them at him he closed the door and Katie jumped into the messed up bed. Henry said what the fuck is wrong with you the boys were brought to me by Becky. Oh Henry she said I got so sick today I guess I fell asleep. I suppose that means no dinner, he walked off in  a huff. He came back just as Katie was getting up and said the boys and I are going for pizza. And he left. Katie heard him drive away she opened the closet door and Tom came out naked as she was, katie said one more time? And Tom said how lucky can we get? They fucked there way to the front door and kissed saying tomorrow.....

Katie was a trooper but she decided to ask her friend Becky to pick the boys up the rest of the week, Becky was more than happy to help, she was sorry katie wasn't feeling well. This first night Becky said I'm going to have them and Henry stay for dinner. We don't eat until 6:30 but they should be home by 8:00 oh Katie said
what a treat for me, thank you. Katie took her time thatMorning and made a special lunch for Tom. It was everything lickable spray on whipped cream topped with cherries just to start.She had everything on a tray next to her bed, then she undressed and simply laid on the bed, Tom knew he was suppose to Come upstairs but he had trouble focusing on what laid before him, he said have I died and gone to heaven. She said maybe
Take your clothes off and I'll give you piece. Tom was on her right away saying we can have that in a few minutes but I haveTo have a piece first. Katie rolled over and said you'll have to finger fuck me honey I need a little incentive. Oh shit he saidI have to take your pussy I am ready to explode. Tom no sooner got in a few hard strokes and he came, my god Tom katielSaid, well don't lay naked like that my god I about came when I walked through the door. But now I'm good for hours, KatieSaid good because today we have until 8:00 tonight. Oh, do you think you can fuck that long? Katie said I bet I can, let's giveIt a try big boy. Katie I would like you to ride me, oh you want a cowgirl do you. He laid on his back with his rigid cock andKatie sat down wiggling down his shaft. Tom wasn't the biggest cock she had seen but he was a good 8" he just needed to fillOut a bit. Katie was enjoying the ride and had come a few times just nothing spectacular. Tom was loving it he would sit up andSuck a breast when ever he wanted to or he would hold her hips and slam her down, he particularly loved that. Andcwas slamming herNow Katie was about to explode but couldn't quite get there she
said harder baby harder and he complied and she went offWith a huge orgasm one she hadn't expected at all. He was so busy sucking her tits now that he was totally content. Katie Said Tom let's donthat some more, you pulling me onto you so hard, it was fabulous. So Tom kept sucking while he raised hisHips and pulled her onto his cock over and over Katie came just as she had before. Oh Tom that's wonderful he said omg omgKatie your tits are wonderful. They fucked the day and evening away, Katie loved there new position and asked for it overAnd over again.

There meetings became fewer and fewer as the months went on and soon Tom would be leaving for college. He was no longerA novice in the bedroom quite the opposite. He was coming this morning at ten for the day, it would be their last time together Until he came home on break. Katie knew Tom had a steady girl friend and kept telling him it was cool for him not to make itEvery time she wanted to fuck, she reminded him there was no attachments. He stood behind herbfor a few minutes before Katie felt she was being watched, she didn't turn she just said hey lover want me, come get me. And he did right where she stood. He broughtbthem both to orgasm quickly and he turned Katie and kissed her as he lifted her to the counter top he slid her to the edge
And penetratedvher with a uojward thrust that lifted Katie he rammed her again and again Katie threw her hard
back loving everyFucking move he made. She came so hard whe grabbed himnto hold him closes he wouldn't move the orgasm was still going when He couldn't take much more and he rammed it home again katie squealed yes oh god Tom again and as he spewed his seed heKept ramming her into another orgasm. Katie was sweating now but didn't want to stop. Tom said why stop honey w just got Started and now Katie kissed him he quickly took the kiss over and his tongue did all the talking he wanted to fuck every inch of
Her, knowing itvwas the last. They moved from room to room and every position known to them, they went at it so hard and soRuff they were both spent. When Katie could both breath and talk at the same time she said incredible just incredible. Yes I am Tom said and in ten minutes you will be yelling my name, Tom the greatest lover ever

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If this is actually your story then maybe you should question what choices you are making because you are neither a good mother or a good wife. You had someone else get your kids because you were too selfish and you were only thinking about your pleasure to get them. Not only that, but you have not been getting it on with your husband that has been providing for you. It might be cheaper for your husband to simply pay you by the act and save himself a lot of money or divorce your fat ass. As a housewife, you don't have sex, get the kids, or make dinner. Yet you get money from your husband, don't work, and sit around all day. By my calculations you would be getting paid about $20 a month when all of the benefits are thrown in.

How would you like it if your husband was in your shoes and you were not getting any?

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Please use quotation marks "

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Honey if this is based on you your a filthy slut. My favorite kind of woman. Just work on your writing to make it easier to read.

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