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The Job Interview
By rutger5 An Original Story (Copyright 2013)

“Well if you can make it here by eleven then I’ll see you, otherwise don’t bother.”

“No problem Ms. Duro, I’ll be there. Goodbye” I told her with more confidence then I felt.

To say I’d be cutting it close would be an understatement. Without a second to spare I hurried to get ready. After a quick shower and shave I splashed on some cologne before getting dressed and rushing out the door. Luck favored me and I caught the train after only a five minute wait. The club was four blocks away from the nearest stop so there wasn’t a moment to lose once I disembarked. I took the stairs up two at a time then passed through the turnstile and onto the crowded city street.

As I approached I could see the club’s unlit neon sign from a block away. With under three minutes to spare I opened the ornate front door and stepped inside. My eyes squinted as they adjusted to the much dimmer interior light and once they had I scanned the place. It was a large space and I found myself in a long rectangular room decorated in a stark palette of black and white. The walls and tile floor were bone white while the furniture including the bar was made of dark wood and black leather and there were also some sheer black curtains strategically hung on the walls.

There were some doorways in both the back and right walls but at that moment I was the only person there. I walked further into the room but before I had time to call out I heard a woman’s voice. Seconds later she emerged from a doorway on the right as she talked on her cell phone. Seeing me standing there she held up a hand indicating for me to wait.

“Now come on, please. Do you think I just fell off the banana boat? If that delivery isn’t here today before we open then forget about it and I’ll find a new supplier.”

While she talked I discreetly studied her appearance and she was a real looker. Shoulder length straight raven black hair brushed against the collar of her jacket, which was one half of a tailored black pinstripe suit. It perfectly showcased the curves of her voluptuous figure while remaining classy. She was also wearing glasses with trendy red rectangular frames which highlighted her big brown eyes. I estimated her to be approximately five foot three tall and I’d guess she was about forty though she looked better than many girls half her age. Suddenly she laughed at something she heard before replying.

“No, not at all. I’m glad to hear that and I’ll be expecting it today. You have a good day.”

Once she ended the call she turned to me with the faintest trace of a smile on her attractive face.

“Yes?” was all she said.

“Um, ah” I stammered as I collected myself. “I spoke to you before on the phone, I believe” for I had recognized her imperious voice from our earlier call. “My name is Will Kirk and I’m here about the opening for the server position” I told her while holding out my resume.

“We did and you’re right on time. Very good start” she replied as she took the proffered paper from me.

While I stood the woman sat on a leather banquette located against the right hand wall before crossing her legs. She quickly scanned the document before dropping it on the table beside her and then pushed her glasses down her aquiline nose and fixed her gaze upon me.

“Forgive me for asking Will, but why do you want to work here? Judging by your resume it seems you’ve previously worked in more traditional high end restaurants.”

“That’s true but most of them also hosted private parties and I often worked those and they’re more along the lines of this type of work. And I’ll be honest with you, from what I saw in the ad, you’re offering higher pay than most starting positions do and I really need the money.”

That part was the reason I was scrambling to find a new job in the first place - and fast. For ever since my ex-girlfriend and I had split a few months back I’d fallen behind in my bills. It’d been hard enough finding the money to pay the rent after she moved out, let alone for everything else. So I needed to make more money and as quickly as possible.

“Well you’re easy on the eyes and that’s a plus. Now it’s my turn to be honest with you Will, one of the requirements of this job is having the right look. The uniform you’d have to wear is somewhat revealing and you need the right physique to pull it off.”

“Revealing?” I asked.

“Yes, the uniform consists of a very snug pair of trousers and an open vest so if you don’t have the right body then you’re out of luck. Still interested?” she inquired.

Damn! Once again I had to use my considerable looks to get a job. Just once I’d like to be judged on my abilities and not my appearance. I hoped in my heart that one day such compromises wouldn’t be necessary and that anyone, even a lowly man, could be found attractive yet still be recognized for also having a brain. But under my dire financial circumstances I really had no choice but to agree to her conditions.

“I’m interested” I told her.

“Good then lets see you bare chested” she said while keeping her vision focused on me.

As she watched I removed my jacket and placed it on the table top before pulling my shirt up and over my head. Not knowing what else to do I put it on top of my jacket. For a minute there was silence as she ran her eyes across my body slowly, savoring every inch it seemed. From my firm pectoral muscles she panned down over my defined six pack and from there continued until settling on the bulge of my crotch. Her mouth was just opening to speak when another figure emerged from one of the doorways in the rear wall.

It was a woman and she was also attractive but that was where the similarities ended. Her hair was cropped short and spiky and bleached almost white and both her nose and lip were pierced. She was also taller, younger and thinner than Ms. Duro and her clothing was drastically different. It was very much a rock and roll style and consisted of skintight black jeans, red Dr. Marten boots and a Slits t-shirt. When she saw us there she continued walking but smirked at me as she did.

“Hey Is, I’m just going to do inventory. Another applicant for the position?”

“Yes this is Will. What do you think Sammie?”

“I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers, that’s for sure” she answered while arching her eyebrow “well I’ll see you in a bit, Is.”

With that said she kept walking until disappearing through another doorway. Ms. Duro continued to stare at me and as she did she brought her manicured hand to her chin and stroked it.

“You spend plenty of time in the gym I see Will. Now do you mind turning and letting me see your back.”

“I do enjoy working out” I replied as I spun about.

“Impressive” she said and a moment later I felt her pinch my ass.

I whirled around and she was now standing right behind me, her eyes twinkling lasciviously.

“Excuse me” I sputtered indignantly “but what do you think you’re doing?”

“Just sampling the merchandise honey. No need to get bent out of shape. Let me tell you Will, if that’s your attitude then you’ll never make it here and you might as well leave now. Understand this, our clientele is primarily female and they come here after a hard day at work looking to let their hair down, relax and have a good time. We like our men tight bodied, not uptight. So in this job you’ll find that it helps to go along. So the question is how badly do you want this job?”

Before I could answer her hand pressed against the front of my trousers and rubbed my crotch sensuously.

“Well Will, how far are you willing to go to get this job?’

“Are you trying to say…”

“Oh I’m not trying, I’m saying. I have two more interviews scheduled today. I’m leaning toward offering you the position, provided you’re willing to be a good boy and get in whatever position I tell you to. Otherwise I’m sure someone else will be willing to do what Will couldn’t or wouldn‘t.”

“You mean if I sleep with you then I get the job?”

“Two things. One - there will be no sleeping and two - only if you perform satisfactorily will you get the job. Ready to begin?”

Choking back tears I nodded my head in agreement to her ultimatum. She smiled at me as she removed her jacket and her white silk blouse followed after. Her large breasts strained against the flimsy material of her brassiere as she moved and in spite of my reluctance I had to admit they looked spectacular.

“Remove your trousers Will and let me see what it is you have to offer” she told me before licking her full red lips.

With trembling fingers I unfastened my pants and slid them down and stepped out of both them and my shoes leaving me only in my boxer briefs. Ms. Duro had used this time to remove her bra and her now bare breasts looked amazing. Like the rest of her skin they were of an olive complexion and were so heavy that they sagged slightly. The nipples already stood at attention and they as well as her large areolas were of a reddish hue and my mouth watered in anticipation of tasting them.

“Lose the briefs Will. I want to see your cock” she demanded and I quickly complied with her order.

It was half erect but she wanted more from me and immediately.

“What’s the matter Will, having trouble getting it up? Do you like girls or maybe you go the other way?”

“No, of course not. It’s just under these circumstances, I’m a little nervous is all.”

“Aww, poor baby. Sorry I don’t have time to give you candy and flowers but them’s the breaks. Now stroke that cock until it’s hard and hurry up about it. I don’t have all day.”

My hand circled the shaft and I began to pump it while I kept my eyes on her bountiful bosom to inspire me. It hardened quickly and I noticed she was intently staring at it. When a drop of pre-cum emerged I guess she figured it was ready for action. She stepped closer then reached down and took it in one hand while the other grabbed my hair and pulled me to her cleavage.

My mouth found her nipple and sucked hard on the erect nubbin while she pressed me close. Her other hand was stroking my cockhead and right below it, sending my nerve endings into a paroxysm of pleasure. That however didn’t stop me from fondling her other breast and pinching its erect nipple. From the gasps she was making I figured she liked the attention she was receiving so I continued what I was doing until she pulled me off her by my hair.

“You’ve done well so far Will but I want you where all men belong. Now get on your knees!”

She released my cock which allowed me to kneel at her feet and once I had she brought her legs together so that my erect cock was pressed between her legs.

“Undo my pants” she ordered me, her voice husky from desire.

My hands first unfastened her narrow leather belt before unbuttoning her slacks and pulling them down. She spread her calves enough to let me to slip them to her feet where she then stepped out of them one leg at a time. She was wearing a pair of black silk boy shorts and even with them on I could smell the musky scent of her arousal.

Without waiting for instruction I buried my face between her thick thighs, my nose pressed to her lips. She must have liked that as her hand pushed me closer and then she began to hump her covered mound into my face. Ms. Duro also clamped her legs on my erection again, trapping it between her bare, shapely calves. It did feel a lot nicer rubbing the smooth skin of her legs and I felt my shaft throb with excitement.

“That’s right, be my good little slut. Mommy is going to show you who’s the boss. Yes!”

She then slid her fingers under the waistband of her boy shorts and worked them down past her round hips exposing her sex to my eager eyes. It was framed by her well groomed black bush and already appeared slick with her juices. Her pussy lips were large and protruded out somewhat and her clit was erect and exposed and resembled a juicy red berry.

Feverishly I started to bestow kisses to her labia until she yanked me back by my hair. She then ground her mound into my face while holding my head in place. Each time she pressed into me it made my nose collide with her clit, eliciting groans of pleasure from her. The longer this went on the faster her hips rolled and the louder she became until she let out a loud drawn out moan as her body stiffened.

“Good boy, that was a nice start. Now let’s see how talented your tongue is” she told me as she first removed her boy shorts then sat on a banquette and spread her legs wide.

I crawled the few feet forward so I could reach her and once I had I began to kiss my way up her inner thigh. She grabbed me by my hair and yanked me in the direction of her wet sex.

“Enough with the romantic crap Will. We’re not high school sweethearts. I just want you to lick my wet cunt. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes Ms. Duro” I replied.

“Hmm, since we’re about to fuck I guess you can call me Isabella for now but this is the only time. Afterwards I expect you to call me Ms. Duro again, understand?”

“Yes Ms. Duro, I mean Isabella.”

“Good boy, now bury that tongue of yours inside my bearded clam and hurry up about it.”

After she told me this her fingers spread her pussy lips wide to give me unfettered access. My tongue snaked its way as deep as it could reach then it began moving from side to side. It lashed her inner walls and as I continued she started to squirm with pleasure from my efforts. She tasted delicious and I greedily swallowed whatever juices of hers made it to my mouth. I continued swirling my tongue around her channel while making sure my nose rubbed her clitoris to further stimulate her.

Isabella leaned against the wall behind her as I probed her juicy depths and the next thing I knew she’d lifted one of her legs into the air before resting her stiletto heeled shoe on my broad back. Her fingers ran through my brown hair as I continued to feast on her delicious womanhood when without warning her legs clamped tightly on my head imprisoning me.

“Yes, don’t stop! Oh, I’m almost there. Faster now” she cried out as I did my best to obey her.

Showing some initiative I reached up and cupped one of her large, hanging breasts while increasing the speed of my tongue until it was almost a blur. When she yanked my hair hard I assumed she was cumming and the volume of her juice flowing reinforced my opinion. It almost drenched my face from its volume as it seeped around my tongue and out her sweet, sticky pussy.

When Isabella had recovered some she used my hair to again pull me off her. I couldn’t help myself from first licking up some of the juice which coated her thigh as well as flicking her clit a couple of times. She wore a pleased expression from my efforts but I also could tell she wasn’t yet fully sated. She sat upright after first removing her foot from my back and placing it onto the floor.

“Stand up Will, I want to taste you before we fuck” Isabella demanded.

No sooner had I gotten to my feet then she leaned forward and grabbed my cock by its base with one hand and my ass with the other. Isabella pulled me forward as she opened her mouth wide and a second later she swallowed my engorged head. Now it was my turn to moan in ecstasy as her lips slid down the rigid shaft. Her hand came off my shaft but then went and took hold of my full balls which she fondled roughly but after a minute of this she released them and pulled her mouth from me.

“How old are you Will?” she asked me as she stood.

“I’m twenty four, Isabella.”

“Good, you’re young enough to cum more than once without too much trouble. Which is a good thing because I plan on working that fat cock of yours until I’m satisfied. Now lie down on your back” she instructed while indicating the leather banquette she’d just risen from.

I stretched my frame out upon it and she wasted no time in straddling me with her knees resting on either side of my hips. Her hand took then guided me to her hungry pussy and as soon as my head was at her entrance she sank halfway down onto it. She gasped as my thickness filled her but she kept sliding down until my shaft was totally buried in her sex. Her eyes had shut when my cockhead first penetrated her but once she swallowed my full length they opened wide again.

Isabella then placed her palms on my chest to gain leverage and once she did she began to bounce up and down on me. Her tight channel gripped me as she rode and I could be forgiven for believing I’d discovered paradise. My hands grabbed her large ass and massaged and kneaded her cheeks like pizza dough as it rose and fell. When she leaned down I craned my neck upwards so I could fasten my mouth to her full breast.

“Well, it looks like the interview is going well Is” I heard a near by voice say.

We both turned and saw the woman Sammie standing a few feet away wearing an amused expression while holding a clipboard in her hand. Isabella never slowed down but continued to ride my erection as she answered.

“Very well indeed Sammie. Will has a fine resume and he aced the oral section of the interview. Now I’m just seeing if he has the right tool for the job. Tell you what though, I have an idea I think you’ll like but can you do me a favor first? I forgot to lock the front door and I’d hate for one of the other job applicants to interrupt this interview and get the wrong idea about things.”

“No problem boss” Sammie replied as she headed for the door.

A minute later Sammie returned and watched Isabella work me over for a time. By the look on her face she appeared to becoming turned on I thought; then I noticed that the hand not holding the clipboard was between her thighs rubbing her crotch.

“Sammie, I was thinking that I should test Will on his multitasking ability and I could use your assistance. Maybe you can sit on his face and see if he can handle doing two jobs or women at the same time.”

“Oh, I like the sound of that” Sammie replied as she unbuttoned her jeans.

Isabella shifted her body to an upright position to allow Sammie access to my face though she didn’t slow her pace any. By this time Sammie had pulled her shirt over her head revealing that she went braless but because her breasts were small and firm they didn’t really need one. Not surprisingly to me her navel was pierced as well as the nipple on her left breast. After she shed her jeans I noticed right away that she went commando as well as being clean shaven ‘down there’. Where her pubic hair would be there instead was a tattoo shaped like a barbed wire heart.

She had to remove her boots in order to take her jeans off but once she did she put them back on before positioning herself over my head. Sammie was facing the direction of my feet as she lowered her pelvis onto me and I couldn’t help seeing her labia was also pierced with a small silver hoop located right below her clit. A second later my nose was swallowed by her lips and she then reached back and grabbed me by my hair.

“Lick my clit, bitch” she demanded and I wasted no time in obeying this sexy rock and roll goddess.

My tongue unfurled from my mouth and sought out her sensitive nub and she squealed with delight when I found it. I was unable to see what I was doing but I could tell what she liked by how she pulled my hair harder when I did good. I’m not sure how I resisted cumming immediately from this two pronged assault on my senses but it became a moot point once Isabella’s warm hand fondled my shaven balls as she rode me hard.

That was all I could take and I felt my shaft swell larger and seconds later I erupted deep in her pussy. My moan was muffled by Sammie and for a minute I stopped licking her as I was overcome with pleasure. She didn’t like that and twisted my nipple painfully but I didn’t care. For during that brief period of nirvana the whole universe was centered on my throbbing erection as it exploded in Isabella’s tight box. Well there and in my balls as they released their seed to flow up and empty deep inside her. But Sammie’s voice swiftly brought me back to reality.

“Who gave you permission to stop licking me? A man should know his proper place in this world if he’s going to succeed.”

My tongue resumed licking her but Sammie now took no chances. She began grinding her pussy lips on my nose as I licked her while her hand held my head motionless and prevented me from pulling it away. During my orgasm Isabella had ceased her movements but once I started licking Sammie she started to ride me again. My cock had no chance to soften but stayed hard throughout this period due to her tight vaginal muscles squeezing its entire length. The next thing I knew Isabella had grabbed my hand and brought it to her sex.

“Play with my clit Will while I ride your cock. That’s right, use your fingers like that” she demanded as I stroked her button.

My thumb and forefinger played with her and I wrapped my other arm around Sammie’s thigh to pull her even closer. With my nose buried in the folds of her vagina, her scent intoxicated me and I knew that it would remain with me for some time for her juices had seeped into my nostrils, which I found to be a good thing.

“That’s it, right there! Yes, don’t stop bitch!” Sammie cried out and I could feel the muscles in her legs trembling.

Moments later even more of her juices flowed onto my face and her slim body stiffened as she climaxed. Whether that had any influence on Isabella I can’t be sure but within a minute she’d dug her fingers into the flesh of my hand that was stroking her and stopped moving her hips. Since I hadn’t been given permission to stop I continued licking and stroking them until Isabella literally pulled my hand away from her clit.

“No more for now Will. I need to catch my breath a bit” she told me as I felt her raise her body up which caused my hard cock to slip from her hot pussy.

“Hmm Is, do you mind if I have a go or is he just for you?” Sammie asked her boss.

“Feel free to try him out if you like. He has a nice cock, very hard and thick” Isabella replied as she collapsed onto the banquette a little beyond where I was lying.

Sammie wasted no time in straightening up and then moving into place. Before she sank down I noticed the skin on my thighs and pelvis was wet from the plentiful juices that had escaped as Isabella rode me but I didn’t have much time to observe. Sammie faced the direction of my feet as her knees bent and her hand guided me to her hungry hole. She felt even tighter than Isabella had been as she engulfed me and in no time I was buried in her womanly depths.

“Grab my hips Will” she directed and once I had she began to slide her willowy body my full length with each movement.

Even with my hands supporting her somewhat she seemed to be having difficulty continuing and within a couple of minutes she’d stopped and stood up.

“My legs aren’t cooperating right now after that orgasm so we need to try something different. Follow me.”

After saying that she unsteadily walked to the opposite side of the room where the bar was located. Sammie hoisted herself onto one of the stools then raised her legs and held them in midair by her knees. I’d followed right behind her so once she was in position I stepped between her legs. It was plain what she wanted so I gave it to her. Taking my cock in hand I brought it to her entrance and slid it in.

Half my shaft slipped inside at which time I pulled back before driving its full length in. Sammie moaned with pleasure as I started to fuck her good and hard. As I did Isabella approached then took a seat next to us. She spread her legs and placed her heels on the ring part of the stool frame while leaning against the backrest. I noticed her smiling my way and a second later she grabbed my left hand and brought it toward her sweet pussy.

I managed to slip two fingers in her channel while my thumb brushed her clit and she moaned loudly in response. Isabella kept a tight grip on my wrist giving my hand little leeway and I had no doubt she’d resist if I attempted to pull it back, not that I had any intention of doing so. Even though there was a part of me that resented having to ‘perform’ to get the job, at that moment lust was ruling me and one didn’t often get the chance to be screwing two sexy women like this at the same time.

It was heaven for me as I thrust my cock in and out of Sammie’s sopping pussy and judging by the sounds she was making it felt good to her as well. Though my focus was centered on my driving cock I made sure to continue to frig Isabella. After all it was ultimately her decision if I got the job. That being said it was Sammie who next captured my attention.

“Oh fuck! Take it out now Will!” she demanded and no sooner had I complied then a copious amount of her fluid squirted from her lips to drench me as well as the seat of the stool.

Once it stopped I again jammed my cock deep and resumed thrusting but I had also been inspired. I curled the two fingers that were inside Isabella while continuing to work them in her and when I located her g-spot her reaction let me know so I made sure to focus my attention there. Both of them were moaning like crazy which as well as being music to my ears also turned me on even more than I had been.

It was Sammie’s tight, clenching vaginal muscles however that catapulted me past my breaking point. With one final deep thrust I felt every muscle in my body tense and right after that my balls released another load of cum. I cried out loudly as I filled her with my sperm and for a minute I was unable to move. Though it felt great to me, Isabella wasn’t happy with what had just happened and showed no hesitation in voicing her displeasure.

“Sammie, I said you could try him out, I never told you to milk him. And Will, what the fuck do you think you’re doing? I’m not finished with you yet and I expect to be fucked some more. You better be up for it if you want the job.”

My ensuing groan reflected both how great my body felt from the high of orgasm in contrast to the low caused by Isabella’s pique directed my way. At least I had the presence of mind to resume the movement of my fingers in her pussy as well as rolling my thumb over her clit. Despite her anger Isabella was soon thrusting her hips to meet me and her breath was coming out in short gasps.

She began forcing me to go deeper and faster until with a shriek she yanked me back by my wrist until my fingers exited her completely. This was followed by her squirting her juices as she climaxed. In spite of this orgasm Isabella wasn’t mollified in the least. She gave me a look of disdain as she managed to sit somewhat more upright.

“That’s well and good to make me cum with your hand Will but I want cock and I don’t know if you’re still up to it.”

She was right about that part. After my second straight orgasm my body craved rest and I could feel my cock deflating while it remained inside Sammie. If it had been solely up to me then I might’ve blown it but fortunately for me Sammie came to the rescue. She pushed me backward so that we came uncoupled and once that happened she slid from the barstool and crouched before me.

Her hand grabbed my still sensitive cock and a moment later she’d taken it inside her mouth. It was coated with both their juices as well as my cum but that didn’t seem to bother her, in fact she appeared to be enjoying the taste the way she slurped all over it. It felt great but in spite of that I was still having difficulty regaining my erection. Luckily Sammie wasn’t one to give up easily and she pulled out all the stops.

Her hand fondled and played with my balls while she took me to the root, deep throating my semi erect cock. Due to her efforts I was able to fully harden and it felt beyond awesome being buried in her throat. But we understood it wasn’t about either one of us but rather about Isabella getting what she wanted so as soon as I was erect Sammie pulled back. As she did she made sure her lips caressed my length a last time as she released it until just my head remained in her mouth. Her tongue went crazy for a minute, licking all around my head until she pulled off me completely. Her hand went back to stroking me as she stood and then pulled me in the direction of Isabella.

“He’s ready for you boss and I apologize for making him cum. Sometimes I forget how much girl power my pussy has.”

Isabella rolled her eyes at Sammie’s comment but appeared more interested in bringing our private parts together again. She spread her legs as wide as possible while keeping her feet planted on the frame ring. Sammie had lined my cock up with Isabella’s pussy so all I needed to do was push my hips forward. I did so, but feeling a bit rebellious I only sank half my length in her before pulling out leaving her empty.

Before she had a chance to complain I slid back in but again I only went halfway. Her eyes found mine as I started to build up a rhythm while making sure to not go too deep. Since what I was doing was stimulating the most sensitive parts of my cock I was happy and I knew I was also giving her pleasure but she wanted more. Her hands grabbed my hips and she pulled me but I resisted giving her my full length. Finally she had enough of my game and let me know it.

“Come on Will! I want you to fill me with your cock. Stop messing around. Please!”

That was it, the magic word. No sooner had she uttered it then I drove every inch inside her making her moan. At the moment I might be man whoring myself to get a job but I had feelings too. It never hurts to be polite and I believe Isabella had learned that lesson the hard way. With her hands hanging on for dear life I thrust as fast as I was able to, sinking balls deep each time.

Since I’d just cum a few minutes ago I knew that I didn’t have to worry about that so I went all out. I placed my hands on top of the bar behind Isabella for support and humped her like a horny jackrabbit. In no time she was cooing or rather moaning loudly to show her change of mood. All it took was my hard cock filling and stretching out her womanly folds.

With me leaning against the bar it allowed Isabella to wrap her arms around my body and I felt her fingernails digging into my back. An idea came to me that I hoped we both might like so I decided to go for it. My lips brushed her neck and I felt her tremble when they did but I continued up until my mouth was by her ear.

“Wrap your legs around my waist” I hoarsely told her.

She wasted little time and a minute later they were hooked behind me. Forcing my shaft as deep as I could I reached down and grabbed the bottoms of her upper thighs. As soon as I had a good hold I lifted her while also straightening my back. I heard her gasp in my ear as her body was raised from the stool and it seemed as if my cock worked even deeper inside her if that was possible. One of her arms then wrapped around my neck which allowed Isabella’s lips to find mine for the first time.

While I bounced her curvaceous body up and down she kissed me passionately. Her lips tasted better than wine and I soon became drunk from them but that didn’t slow me any. My hips pumped beneath her as I drove my cock as fast as I could manage. After a minute of this Isabella broke our kiss and rested her head on my muscular shoulder. My arms pulled her up to then let gravity take her back down and not once did I stop thrusting. During this there were a couple of times she cried out until finally after some extra vigorous pumping she let out a loud moan and I felt her body go limp in my arms.

If I hadn’t been supporting her legs I believe she would have slid from me as they were no longer wrapped around my waist. I managed to step forward and ease her onto the barstool again where she sprawled, her legs dangling. When I placed her there my still erect cock slid from her now well used pussy. Her fingers then ran through my hair prompting me to look into her eyes.

“You did good Will. Just give me one more kiss.”

That was a request I was glad to comply with. My lips met hers again and this one was softer than earlier and sweeter too I dare say. Right as she broke the kiss I felt Isabella’s hand grab my erection and stroke it slowly and gently.

“You have the job Will and you start tomorrow. Your normal hours will be from four in the afternoon until closing but tomorrow you need to report at two thirty.”

“Two thirty?” I replied.

“Yes, first thing you have to do is find a uniform that fits properly. Sammie can help you with that.”

The blond gave me a wink and smile when Isabella said this, but she wasn’t finished speaking yet.

“After you’re fitted I want you to report to my office so you can undergo further training. And make sure not to do anything with this until then” she told me squeezing my cock. “I plan on training you as many times as it takes so save your strength.”

“Yes Ms. Duro” I answered with an ear to ear grin.


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