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This is a story that happened during a Halloween Party.

I was between graduating High School and joining the military, living in a very small apartment complex in L.A. County. Glenn, his girlfriend Julie and I were coworkers at the local In and Out hamburger when we were invited to a cool costume party.
We were hanging out at my place discussing what we going to wear to the big costume party. “How about we go as members of the Mod Squad?” Glenn said. Julie looked puzzled “Who are the Mod Squad?” “Never mind” Glenn shook his head in disbelief. “Look” I intervened “We have to come up with something that is not only related to the whole Television theme but let’s try and find a show where there are two guys and a girl as the stars!”
“T.J. Hooker!” Julie blurted out. “Huh?” Glen and I said at the same time. “You know that new T.V. show with that guy. You know that guy from space”
Both Glenn and I were confused as Julie tried to “mime” the lead character from T.J. Hooker. “He had that spaceship and he was on like a five month long mission.” Then her eyes got really big “Captain Kirk!” She excitedly said. “Oh, you mean William Shatner” I replied. Glenn snapped his finger is an approving way “Yea man, think about it!” he was looking at me “The main characters are two guys and a gal!”
I smiled “I think we have a winner”
The following day at work Glenn found out that the manager changed the work schedule and now Glenn had to work the night of the party. “Man this is bullshit!” Needless to say Glenn was pissed off. “No shit dude” my reply. “What are we going to do?” I asked. “Man I don’t know” Glenn dejectedly said.
About that time Julie walked in. “Hey guys, what’s up?” Then her smile went away. “What’s the matter? It looks like someone kicked you dog” “Worst” I said. “Glenn has to work the night of the party” “That son of a bitch” Julie’s eyes filled with a hint of rage. “I take care of this!” Julie then stomped off towards the manager’s office.
I would had guessed that twenty minutes had passed when Julie can out with the, I just fucked the neighbor’s cat, look about her. “You two clowns owe me big time!” “What do you mean sweetie?” Glenn said. “You don’t have to work”
All three of had a big smile and were very happy. “How did you do it?” I asked. “Well” Julie said “Lets just say that the good old ‘Married’ manager likes to flip more then burgers” Glenn had a disgusted look about him. “You didn’t do the manager did you?” “No!” Julie answered sharply. “But he was doing Carla” “How do you know that?” was my next question. “I didn’t but come on you have to be pretty stupid not to notice” “Yea, Pretty stupid” was my and Glenn’s response. I felt pretty stupid.
Later that night we were back at my place smoking some killer weed when Glenn asked “So baby, what do Will and I owe you for getting the night off?” Julie scratched her chin in deep thought and the she got a sheepish smile. “Have you clowns gotten you costumes yet?” Both of us replied no. “Good” was her ‘evil’ response. “I want to go to the party as the whole T.J. Hooker thing but let’s reverse the rolls” I looked a Julie with a question in my eyes. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Simple” she said with a smirk. I will dress up as a guy and you two, being that you owe me, will be my hot, sexy bitches of the law!”
I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you serious?” Glenn said laughing. Julie now looked a little mad now “Yes!” “Do it or I will tell the manager that you forced me to lie to him” “Now now” I said “No need to get mad” I looked over at Glenn. “Ah fuck it I’ll do it” Glenn smiled at me and said “But I’ll be a sexier bitch of the law!” Julie smile “Beside it should be a good time any way”
Over a period of two weeks Glenn, Julie and I went out bought our costumes. Julie had it the easiest because all she had to do is but some navy blue slacks and shirt. Her father was a cop and had all the cool belt and badges that we needed.
Glenn and I had some issues. Glenn stood about 5’7 and 130lbs with little body hair but like me he had some big feet, size 10 to be exact. I wore a size 12 and let me tell you it is almost impossible to find shoes that big. We were luck to find a store in Hollywood that carried ladies shoes that big.
The only thing that Glenn and I did not have to buy was a wig. Both Glenn and I had long hair and it was thick. Not as ‘thin’ as it is today.
The next problem I had was, I stand about 5’11 and 175lbs and hairy. Let me tell you something, if you haven’t shaved you body before, don’t!
Back then there are not too many stores that carry ladies cloths for an Amazons! Fortunately Julie knew a place and with her magic of the sewing machine, she was able to make some smoking hot bitches out of Glenn and me.
After Julie finished our costumes she gave them to us and with a small gift wrapped box. “What’s this?” I asked. “Well since you two ‘girls’ have gone all out for this party I thought I would give you a small gift”
Glenn and I ripped the boxes opened to fine a pair, silky navy blue panties. I couldn’t help but ask “How did you know I needed a pair?” All three of us laughed.
The night of the big party came and it was my turn to be the driver. As I walked to my car I got a lot of strange looks. I guess you couldn’t blame them. Earlier that day Glenn and I went to his cousin’s house to get our hair and make-up done. She was studying how to be a cosmetic artist. I had so much make-up on I thought that if I were to sneeze that make face would fall off but I did look hot!
From head to toe I was wear a small old time lady police hat, an navy blue button down blazer with a matching corset that you could see, I had a thigh length skirt on with a split that went all the way up to my hip, navy blue stockings that were being held in place with matching garter belt and of course the lovely panties that Julie had bought for Glenn and I.
Hanging from my hip was a black shinny police belt with handcuffs, holster and a toy gun. I was one sexy bitch.
I drove over to Glenn’s apartment were he had greeted me wearing the same outfit. “I’m sexier” I said with a smile. He responded with “Yea right. I ‘m the pretty one” and with that we hoped into my car and went to get Julie.
Once there Glenn and I got into out ‘sexy bitch’ stance and rang Julie’s door bell. We were not ready for what we saw. There stood Julie in her P.J.’s looking like death. She was pasty white and it was obvious that she had been puking all day.
“What’s wrong Baby?” Glenn reacted. “I tried to call you two but I couldn’t get anyone” You could tell how upset she was. “Honey what is wrong?” Glenn asked again. “The Doctor said it was food poisoning” “Damn! Is there anything we can do?” I said “Yea baby, just name it” Glenn followed. “No. The doc said I have gone through the worst of it but he told me to go home and rest.” “Well we well just have to stay here” Glenn stated. “Yea, besides we can’t be sexy cops without out T.J Hooker.” Was my reply. “No you two go to the party. Besides the doc gave me some medicine that will but me to sleep.”
After some debate Julie convinced us that she was fine and to go to the party. So with some reluctance we left Julie to her bed and went.
Once at the party we were having fun. We explained that Julie had gotten food poisoning and that we were supposed to be the whole T.J. Hooker crew. After awhile both Glenn and I were feeling bad about being there without Julie.
“Do you have any weed?” Glenn asked. “Yea but its back at the house, along with some beer.” Glenn looked around and said “Look are you feeling bad about Julie?” I replied “Yea a little” “Let just blow this joint go back to your apartment and take it easy” I looked around myself and realized that the party wasn’t that ‘big’ anyway. “Yea let’s go”
Once we got into my apartment I went to get us a couple of beers and Glenn asked where my weed was. I told him that it was in the small entertainment center I had beside the VCR.
“What’s in the VCR?” Glenn asked from the living room. “A Porno flick I think” was my answer. A few seconds later I was hearing the familiar sounds of two people fucking.
I came from the kitchen and handed Glenn his beer. He was sitting in my beat up recliner with his legs spread apart. “Oh that’s very lady like” Glenn didn’t even look up at me but simply flipped me the bird. “I got you ‘lady like’ right here”
I chuckled at him and said “Dude you act like you never seen a porn before” “Well I haven’t for awhile now since Julie made me throw my stuff out” Glenn said with some hate in his voice. “Thrown them out!?” I gasped “Yep she said it was degrading” he said as he was exhaling his first hit of the night.
“Man dude sucks to be you” I said before I took my first hit form the bong. “Fuck you” was his only response.
The night went one and the weed and beer was deep in my blood. Both Glenn and I were pretty screwed up.
“I wonder what that feels like.” Glenn blurted from no where. “Huh? What are you talking about?” “That” Glenn pointed to the T.V. At that moment there was this hot blond sucking on some dudes dick. “What a blow job?” I said “Hasn’t Julie ever done that to you?” Glenn, still not looking away from the T.V. said “Yea she has but I’m talking about the girl. What does it feel like to have a cock in you mouth?”
Without even thinking before I opened my mouth I replied “It’s ok” When I was growing up I have had a few ‘gay’ encounters and I kind of liked it but then kind of not.
At this time Glenn looked away from the T.V. “Wha?” what his word. “Did you just say that you have had sucked a dick before?”
I guess it was all the weed and beer but I answered with a yes. “Why do you do that?” Glenn asked. “Well it was one of those things” I panicked. “Things” Glenn retorted “Things is like locking your keys in your car or forgetting to study for a test! Not sucking a dude off!”
“Look dude it was something that happened! I’m not ashamed that I did it. It was just, well it just happened!” “How?” was Glenn’s response.
At this time he stopped watching the porno and he rotated the chair so he could look straight at me. “Listen.” I said “It was along time ago and ah just forget it!” Glenn said in a calm voice “No really tell me what happened” “Are you sure?” I said. Yes was his answer.
After getting a few more hits of weed in me I told him how I was at a friend’s house and how we got a hold of his dad’s porn. I told him how we were watching it when I saw that he was rubbing his cock through his jeans. Before to long we both had our cocks out and jerking pretty good when he asked me to suck his cock, I did. I explained in detail how he filled my mouth and how his head of his cock made my lips make a popping sound. I also explained how we got into a ‘69’ and made each other cum.
The whole time I was telling the story to him he sat there silently. I started to notice that the thin, navy blue, panty that he was wear was beginning to stick out.
“Dude. Are you ok?” I said to him. “Yea. A matter fact I have to admit I feeling a little horney right about now” With that response I thought I was going to pass out.
“Huh” is all I could say. “Maybe it’s the weed or beer or even both but I have to admit I’m feeling horney”
I then realized that my panties were beginning to get tight. “So do you want to?” Before I could finish my sentence Glenn began to get up and walk towards me. I slide forward and extended my hand towards his hips.
Once he was in reach I ran my hands down his legs to the hem of his skirt. I felt him shaking. “We can stop” I said but grabbed my head with his hands and said No and that he needed to fuck this hot bitch!
With those words I lifted his skirt until I was able to kiss his freshly shaved legs and feel his throbbing cock against my head. Glenn started raise my head and lower his cock down to my mouth. There I started to gently bit at his cock through his panties. A loud moan filled the room on that first nibble.
“Please take my cock out” Glenn begged. I reach up to the waist band of his panties and pulled them down. His cock lurch from the tight confinement land square on my pretty red lips.
“Don’t stop!” He said. I stuck my tongue out and licked my way to the head of his cock. I reached with up with my hand and pulled his cock to my open mouth. “Oh God!” was his response.
With each thrust of his hips his grip on my head became tighter and the speed of his thrust became faster. For a moment I thought he was going to cum.
“Stop, hang on” Glenn released my head and pulled from my mouth with an alarming speed. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Nothing. I want to try sucking you.” At that moment he fell to his knees, pushed me back into my chair and pulled my panties off.
My cock sprang to life where he quickly placed in his mouth. It almost reminded me of a child trying to eat his veggies so fast that he couldn’t taste them.
Glenn licked and sucked for a short while then stopped. “Come with me whore” He said sternly. “I want to fuck.” With that comment I became so aroused I couldn’t help but obey.
We walked to my bedroom where he proceeded to throw me on the bed. “I’m going to fuck you whore” He said with pure aggression but he had a bit of a smile in his eyes. That made me feel easy.
I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. There was Glenn in a sexy police outfit looking sexier then most women I know with a raging hard on. I couldn’t wait. I reached into my top drawer of my nightstand and pulled out some KY Jelly. “Master” I said playfully “May I make myself wet?” He smiled and said “Do it whore!”
I proceeded to rub KY on his hard cock and my boy pussy. “Master, are you ready to fuck me?”
At that time Glenn pushed me onto my back and spread my legs apart. “Hold your legs up Bitch” He said. I swear I almost came.
With one hand he guided his cock into my boy pussy and pushed deep inside of me. “Oh God!” I moaned “You like that don’t you whore?” Is what Glenn asked. “Yes please don’t stop!”
Before I knew what was going on I had found my legs on Glenn’s shoulder and felt him drive deep inside me. “Who’s fucking you bitch?” Glenn kept asking me. “You are master” was my constant reply.
Glenn was about to cum. I could see in his eyes the look that we all get. The look of nirvana. “I’m going to fill you up bitch” was his last coherent word Glenn said before I felt him explode in my ass. “AAAAAAAAHHHH” Was the only noise I could make when I felt myself cum.
We both did a lot of screaming and trashing about then silence. Glenn was the first to speak. “You aren’t going to tell are you?” “That depends” I said. “That depends if you come over now again and fuck me like you did to night”
Glenn smile and said “You have a deal”
Glenn and I never told anyone and he did come over now and again.


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that was good and very arousing i hope you write more


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I don't like it very much.

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