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Freshman year
My wife told me this story the other night. I had to jack off to it while she was telling it to me! I have recreated here to the best of my ability.

She was in college and there was a freshman keg party on her dorm floor. She had met a cute guy earlier that day that turned out to live on her floor but at the far end. They were standing and talking and this guy was doing shots and drinking beer after beer. She said that he got so wasted that he disappeared and she had no idea of what had happened to him.

So she meets this other guy who lives on the floor and she says that he is from Long Island and that he is a real "player". They start kissing at the party and he suggests that they go back to his dorm room. So they sit down on his bed and start heavy making out and he has his hands up her shirt playing with her nipples. He undoes her Levis 501's and starts fingering her. They are laying on his twin size bed and she is on her back with her jeans off and shirt pulled up and bra pulled down. He is kissing her and sucking her tits and has a couple of fingers in her snatch. She is laying there having a wonderful time when the guy in the bunk over them starts to talk! She moves over towards the wall as quick as she can and the NY guy jumps to the outside so she is between him and the wall. It turns out that it’s the guy she liked earlier!

So the guy on top hangs his head over (still wasted she says) and he just starts talking to the NY guy! "What happened to that girl?" he says. "Did she stay till the end". My wife said she could not believe that it was happening! "Here I was with my pants and panties off, my tits out, about to get laid and this guy suddenly comes to life!". So they are having this conversation and she is waiting for this guy to pass out again and then she feels the NY guys hand touch her leg and move up to her pussy. He's talking to his roommate while fingering her!!! She laughed when she said "I guess he wanted me to stay in the mood!"

So the guy on top finally passes out. The NY guy starts sucking her tits again and fingering her. He wants to go down on her but there is no room in the lower bunk bed so she leans back against the wall and has her feet on the floor. He gets on his knees on the floor and starts licking her pussy. She said "I would start to moan and pull his head in tighter and then we would hear a 'snort' and have to stop for a second to see if the top bunk guy was waking up. He had my pussy spread open and was making circles around my clit with his tongue and I was really getting wet and moaning and then we heard 'SNORT! I immediately stopped moaning and his tongue stopped circling at the exact same time! I almost started laughing!!!"

“I finally said to the NY guy, I NEED your dick in me. He gets up and goes into the bathroom and I get into the bed longways and I have my legs spread and I am gently stroking my pussy waiting for him. I did not know if he was going pee or what but he comes out of the bathroom with a small towel. He drops his pants and it was dark in the room but I could see everything. I reached out and grabbed his cock. I could tell he was not going to last long. He was ROCK hard. He lays the towel across my stomach and then climbs on top of me and puts his dick in me. He fucks me for MAYBE a minute, I orgasmed pretty quickly too! He pulls out and jerks off onto the towel on my stomach! I was like, OK, I have heard of NEAT FREAKS!"

"So I pass out for a few hours, wake up a few hours later and head back to my room. The next day, I pass the NY guy in the hall and he does not even recognize me! I see him again the next day and he says 'hey, my roommate really likes you. We can’t tell him that it was you in bed with me. He knows I fucked some chick. He's all excited but will be majorly bummed if he knows it was you'. So I said 'OK'. I wanted to ask him 'what the fuck was with the towel dude?'

"So we have another keg party about a month later and I end up fucking this Mexican student who was at the party. Nothing spectacular, just back to my room because my roommate went home for the weekend. It was fun because we did not have to worry about anyone barging in on us. Which is always the case with college roommates. We were able to fuck in pretty much every position. He would cum. We would lay there for a while. He would get hard again. We would fuck again. Good stuff.

"OK, so then we have another keg party and I end up with the first guy who passed out! We are in his room and he is showing me the room and telling me about his NY roommate! He starts to tell me about some girl his roommate fucked the night of the first party! He said 'I acted like I was asleep but I could hear them moaning'. And then he tells me 'yeah, he gets a lot of pussy but that’s the only girl that he fucked with me in the room'. Then his roommate comes in and we have to act like it’s the first time we have met! So the NY guy hangs around for a while which was making me kind of uncomfortable and he keeps staring at me. When the guy I liked would turn away, the NY guy would stick his tongue out or show me his middle finger and wiggle it. I was like ‘this guy was so cool before. He was acting so concerned about his roommate’s feelings, etc’.

“So the guy that I was digging left the room for some reason. I was like ‘OH NO, please don’t leave me with this NY guy!” So the NY guy says ‘When can I fuck you again?’. I said ‘hey, the last time you fucked me, you did not even recognize me the next day. And can we please not talk about this right now?’. He said ‘Cmon, I know that you love to fuck. I just want to fuck you again’. Then the NY guy said “Cmon, I know that Pedro has been fucking you!’. I said ‘he fucked me once! Just like you!’. And he said ‘Pedro told me that you gave him a blow job?. How come you did not give me a blowjob?’ I said ‘Are you for real?’. Then I said ‘you know, I thought that you were a cool guy until about 5 minutes ago. And the other guy is coming back, so can we drop this? Please?’. And the NY guy said ‘do you promise to fuck me again?’ and I said ‘Yes, I will fuck you again. Don’t call me though’.

“So the guy that I liked came back and the NY guy left. We started messing around but I was so pissed off, I could not really get horny. I told the guy that I was on the rag so it stopped pretty abruptly. I felt kind of bad so we made out and dry humped until he came in his pants. That was funny as he was real embarrassed and did not want me to know. So I was cool about it.”

“The next weekend, I was taking a shower (we had community showers so the girls had to walk down the hall in their robes). I was wearing a white tericloth robe walking and all of a sudden, I see the NY guy and I walk up to him and say ‘my roommate is in class for the next two hours’. He said ‘I have a class right now’. I said ‘Dude, this is your only chance. Its now or never’. The two of us walked down the hall, into my room. I dropped the robe to the floor and laid on the bed with my legs spread wide open. I said ‘NY guy, I don’t ever want to hear about this ever again. Do you promise?’. He said ‘Yes’. I said, ‘you have 90 minutes. Really go at it’. And you know what, I was pretty fucking horny to tell you the truth! We really went at it for the next 90 minutes or so. We 69’ed. He fucked me from behind. I got on top and rode him. I have to say, he was a very good fuck! I hated the bastard but he knew what he was doing. At one point, he was on top of me and we were both watching his cock go in and out of me and he looked into my eyes and I was in love with him for a second!!! I immediately shook my head like ‘no no no no no!’ And then all of a sudden, I remembered the towel! But he pulled out and shot all over my stomach. Mostly into the very hairy bush I had back in those days.

“He was about to get dressed and leave but I pulled him back and started stroking his cock again. I looked at him again and said ‘this is it. You have to leave me alone after this’. I then went down on him and started sucking his cock. Man he came fast! I swallowed every drop and I looked at him and said ‘you cant say I never gave you a blow job now’. We laid there for a while and I said ‘why are you such a dick?’ He laughed and said ‘I don’t know. I just wanted to fuck you again’. I said ‘that was so uncool what you did’. He said ‘Sorry’. I said ‘my roommate will not be here for at least another 30 minutes. Can you cum again?’. He said that he could. I got him kind of hard again and he put his dick in me and we started going and he was able to get fully erect again. I could feel he was about to come so I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in real deep and he came inside of me. He was really REALLY worried! I said ‘don’t worry about it. I wont get pregnant’. He was very baffled! The pill dude! Ever heard of it?!!!

“So the following week, the guy who came in his pants came over and we started drinking. I went into the bathroom and put on my robe. I was pretty drunk and I said ‘would you like to come inside of me?’ and opened my robe. He got naked and he could not even get his cock in me! I reached down to guide him in and he came. All over the outside of my pussy. And he came A LOT!!! He was able to get hard again IMMEDIATELY!!! Hell, his hardon did not break at all. He put his cock in me and came again almost right away. I got him hard again and he fucked me for about a minute before he came again! Three times in about 10 minutes!!! Turns out, I was his first pussy!!!”


2013-02-26 13:59:03
Fine story. I enjoyed it. Write for yourself, not for others. Fuck 'em.


2013-02-11 13:06:57
I was trying to write it as she told it to me. Did not want to write it "as her". And you are right, it is just another college fuck story. Nothing special. I enjoy hearing my wife tell me about it though. Nice knowing that your wife was the dorm tramp!!! :)

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-10 18:36:49
Good story. Is she still a horny woman?

Anonymous readerReport

2013-02-07 20:12:11
Just another college fuck story luck a hundred others. Writings not too good either!

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-07 03:36:41
no matter how old she was then this story sucks........ you really can't write ao please just give it up

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