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Giving back
Giving myself to my father.

This is a true story if you are not interested in incest stop reading now. I don't need or really give a shit about what is right or wrong in your opinion. If you do enjoy hearing what happened please let me know. Also if I can improve the writing let me know.

I have enjoyed the comments I have received from everyone that have ready my other stories.

When I was little my father had always used me as his own sex toy. I can not remember when he started I was too young.

A few weeks before I turned 18 my father had me tied to his bed and was fucking my ass. He whispered into my ear that he was going to miss using me after my birthday. When I asked what he meant he said because I wouldn't be required to come visit every weekend he probably wouldn't see me very often and was going to miss his little boy slut.

When I left to go home after the weekend I was thinking about what he had said and I realized that in 13 years of being his sex toy I had never really told him that I enjoyed all the things he made me do over the years.

He had been my first in every sexual way.

He was the first man to slid his hard cock into my virgin ass
He was the first person to cum in my mouth
He was the first person to make me cum
He was the first person to suck me off
He was the first person to use bondage on me
He used me as a gang bang slut making other men cum in my mouth ass and body
He was the first person to introduce me to the pleasures of being a sexy slave.

I Loved Him For It.

I would fantasized all week about what he would make me do when I would get to his house on the weekend. But I had never really told him how much I loved being his sex slave.

So I decided it was time to let him know.

It just happened that my birthday was on a Friday night so we went out to the bar and were getting pretty drunk. I decided to call my dad and tell him that my mom was leaving for the weekend and to come by my house on saturday night to give me my birthday present.

He said he would arrive around 8:00.

The next day I went to the hardware store and picked up some rope and some locks and the rings to lock them too. I was going to give my father a present.

At 630 I started to get my room ready for his arrival. I measured out the rope making sure to loop it through the bed post and put a ring on the end of each rope. I was going to tie myself to the bed. At 745 I made sure the front door was unlocked and put a note on the door that just said come in and I went and jumped on my bed. Lying on my back I tied my legs up over my head and locked the lock on the rings that I had attached to the rope. I tied one wrist up and reached over and locked it to the headboard. Leaned over and grabbed a letter off the night stand that I had wrote to my dad and placed it on my chest that said read me. I slid a blind fold down over my eyes. I had already tied a loop around my free wrist with one of the rings attached so I just had to get the lock to go through the other ring attached to the head board. Which I finally did.
Now I was lying naked on my bed with both legs locked to the head board and also my hands.

I had hidden the keys and was not going to be able to free myself in any way until my dad freed me.

I was helpless I could not move very much at all. On the bed stand I had put out a flogger, various vibrators and lubes. I had also bought a bottle of rye for my dad to drink.

A little after 8 I heard the door open. I could hear him lock the door. He started to come down the hall my heart was racing I was so excited that I wished I didn't have the blind fold on so I could see his face when he came into the room.

He picked up the note off my chest and started to read it.

This is what it said.


I love you and always have. You have used me as your sex slave for as long as I can remember.

But I have never told you how much I like being used. You have made me beg you to fuck me and all the other things. But I have never really told you that I absolutely love you using me.

But tonight I am in control. I am going to tell you what I love to have you do to me. And you will do them all to me!

I love it when you
Cum in my mouth and let me taste your sweet cum
Put you hard cock in my ass and groan when you Cum in my ass
Insert vibrators into me and tease me until I am about to cum and then stop. This drives me crazy and makes my orgasm even better when You do let me cum.
I Love it when you spank my ass until it is all hot and red
I love it when you piss in my mouth also.

Only after you have done these thing to me will I tell you where the keys for the locks are.

I will always be your sex slave whenever we get together you will own me and can make me do what ever you want.

He leaned down and gave me a long deep kiss. He whispered in my ear that he loved me and always knew I was a slut.

I heard him make a drink and gulp it down. Suddenly the flogger slapped across my exposed ass making me jump and moan in pleasure it stung but I loved it. He flogged me for about 15 minutes my ass was on fire but I was in a euphoria state of enjoyment.

He put some lube on my ass and shoved a vibrator into me making moan. He asked me if I liked it.

"Oh God daddy I love it please fuck me." "Use me as your little sex slave." He put his cock in my mouth and continued to fuck my face and ass until he blew his load in my mouth sending his sweet cum down my throat. I loved it and when he pulled his cock out I thanked him for letting me taste his cum.

He took his time but he did go through the whole list of things that I liked. He even pulled my head to the side and pissed in my mouth making me drink it all down.

When he asked for the keys to the locks I told him where they were that's when he noticed the video camera.

He unlocked me from the bed but just turned me around and locked me face down on the bed but now my head was at the foot of the bed. Spread eagled.

He removed the blind fold from me. The video camera was now at face level with me. My dad got on top of me and shoved his cock back into me. Making me moan. He told me to look into the camera and describe how much I liked being his little slut. For the next 10 minutes I told the camera what I loved. It was so erotic admitting it out loud while my own father was fucking me. He shoved one last time deep into me and with a loud grunt he started to cum deep into me while the camera caught the pure look of pleasure on my face.

I watched this video so many times afterwards that it eventually got wrecked in the VCR I wish I still had a copy. DVD recorders hand't been invented 20 years ago. Lol.

I am 40 years old now and we still go on vacation each year for a week and he still uses me as his sex toy, Each time thinking of new ways to punish and pleasure me.

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2017-01-21 02:53:28
I wish I would have had this type of relationship with my dad

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2013-07-21 15:11:54
Wish your mother would've saw yall too fucking..

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2013-07-15 02:07:41
Loved story. Sucked dad many times. Dad71 me50..

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2013-06-13 01:07:49
This is fucking hot. I would love to have Ben part of this gift. My father used me when I was young. I should return the favour and give him this type of gift back.

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2013-04-18 01:49:29

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