Just so you all know, i wrote “Ariel... i want you” to see what kind of feedback i would get. I didn’t proof read and rewrite it a whole bunch because i figured not many would read it. But because almost 7000 views in just 1 day, and 100 positive votes, I have decided to write more.

If you think there is something that should be changed to make it more pleasing to a larger crowd, please don’t hold back and tell me, i will twist the story to please most everyone. AND yes i will spell check and reread.

Part 2

Sitting there in the smashed down grass with panties in hand, i felt a little disappointed because i still had a raging boner. I could wack off right here and i was really tempted to, but fighting the urge, i didn’t. I sat there for a while thinking of what i could have done, and what i dearly wanted to do to that sweet body of hers, but decide its time to go.

I got up and climbed up the hill, noticing how clear the sky was i was sad that i was about to go home and sleep inside. But tonight, that is exactly what i was going to do. At home in bed i wondered what Ariel’s sister looked like, and how old she was, remembering that she was the one calling out for Ariel, but i soon passed out.

Waking up in the morning to the smell of breakfast cooking is the best thing in the world, but what could have made it way better was a warm little body curled up next to mine. I reminisce what happen last night thinking it was a just a dream. Still face down and arms under the pillow, i feel something cold and damp in my hands under the pillow. I pulled out the piece of cloth and notice the Hello Kitty face on it. As i pulled it apart, i see that i still had Ariel’s panties gripped in my hands from the night before, and they smelled amazing. I bet if someone smelled this scent, they would be curious as to what it smelled like, but i knew what it was.... It was ARIEL!

I hopped out of bed, well more of rolled out and land on my feet, but that is beside the point, and i head to the bathroom to shower hoping i had time before mom calls up to me letting me know breakfast is done. But of course she yells up the stairs right before i close the bathroom door, that breakfast will be done in 10 mins or so. So all my tension from last nights little play time, and the excitement from last nights dream made it really hard to take a short shower. I wanted alone time sadly.

Fresh out of the show, i pull on boxers, shorts and a white t-shirt and headed down to breakfast. Greeted by the smell of fresh pancakes and bacon, i knew today was going to be a good day.
Sitting down and grabbing a fork for my pancakes mom spoke up and asked, “so why were you so late last night? I figured you would just stay at the park”

“Oh i was, but i changed my mind” I sputtered, trying to think of an explanation, luckily i didn’t need one because she answered, “Oh ok, thats good for a change sleeping in a house.” She snickered as she kept cooking the pancakes. I didn’t enjoy that joke because i really did like staying at the park.

I finished my plate of food and ran up stairs for socks and a jacket, then went back down stairs and head towards the front door.

As i was putting on shoes, mom piped up “where you going, o duh, where else do you go. Don’t you get enough of that place?”

I stuck out my tongue and answered “no... duh” as i opened the door. I walked out and shut the door picked up my bike and was off to the park.

I felt ambitious and tried riding my bike up the hill instead of ditching it at the bottom. That didn’t work, and i had to get off and pull it the rest of the way. When i got to the top my heart stopped.

“Told you he comes here every day,” Ariel boasted with a giggle.

“Well, it should concern me that you know this, but i see why you would pay attention, he’s handsome!” I almost popped a nut when i saw the girl sitting next to her, same hair, same freckles, and same curvy body, she looked exactly like Ariel but she was just a little older, 16.

“Uh oh,” i whisper blushing like crazy. The only reason i could think of that both of them were waiting for me, was that she found out. How, I didn’t know, but was soon to find out.

“So mister, i heard you hung out with my lil’ sis’ last night. I’m not sure if i like that, cause you are like 17 and she is 12...”

I interrupted, “It’s not what it seems like....”

“Hush it, i’m not chewing you out, I am just jealous. I want to be part of it and make sure you don’t hurt my lil’ sis’ here.” She said as she pulled Ariel closer to her, both grinning like little goons.

“Um, so how did you find out? Oh no, does your mom know?!?!” My knees started to shake knowing that if their mom or dad found out i would be dead.

That started to laugh, and i felt like a fool. I thought this day, out of my whole life, would be the worst. Luckily it changed fast, “nooooooo, there is no way that we would tell mom, that would not only blow your secret, but ours as well. How do you think Ariel is such a good kisser?”

I collapse with excitement knowing that i wasn’t going to be in any trouble with their parents or the police. Then i realized what i just heard. Their secret? “I’m not sure if i’m understanding all of this, what do you mean by, Your secret?”

Giggling and their faces glowing red with embarrassment, they both attacked me and pulled me over the edge of the hill. Rolling down the side and into the grass, Ariel lands beside me, and her older sister right ontop of me. “I’m not sure if i have introduced my self, I’m Nick!”

“Oh i’m Abby” she said with a wink and she locked lips.”

I broke free and inquired “you still haven’t told me your secret.”

Ariel spoke up as Abby smacked lips with me. “Oh, well ever since i was 9 or something, Abby and i have been playing. Everything from showering together, to fingering each other, and everything in between.” She giggled and continued, “But what we have wanted is a guy that we can mess around with, not that we are bored, but i think a guy would be a great improvement to our games!”

I heard most of it, but with Abby’s tongue probing my mouth, it was hard to focus on anything else besides her. Her hands cradled my face and neck, while my hands worked their way down her back and under her waistband of her pants. They were tight and i had to squeeze my hands in making it sorta uncomfortable for her.

She popped loose from our kiss and slipped her pants down and went back to assaulting my tongue and lips again. When i reached down, i noticed no cloth at all and when i grabbed her butt, she cocked it up in the air.

Ariel didn’t waste anytime, she was laying between our legs and spreading Abby’s so she had a better advantage point. One hand rubbing her mounds and her tongue working Abby’s butt hole.

Abby’s butt hole was now all slobbery and i took this as my opportunity and shoved my middle finger in all the way. She arched her back and moaned in my mouth as Ariel ravaged her vagina with her tongue and little fingers.

My dick had been hard for a while and Abby made it worst by rubbing against me. I couldn’t take any more, i push Abby off and unzipped my pants. Pushing them down i said, “sorry, it hurt and wanted out.”

“Oh Goody” Abby said as she twist around and practically started making out with my dick as if it was my tongue. She would go down until she choked, then came back up and gave it tongue action.

Ariel rushed to my face to start kissing me, but i just gave a quick one, and told her to kneel over my head and sit on my face. “I want to taste both your holes!” i said as my mouth was watering in anticipation. I was reward with her cooperation and her lips separated as my nose pushed into them and my lips met her anus.

My tongue darted out and tickle her butt hole and she squealed sitting down harder on my face. I grabbed her hips and pulled as i jammed my tongue up her. She squirmed and squealed but enjoyed every minute of it.

I switched to her vagina and my nose rubbed her clit. I couldn’t hold her still because she rocked her hips grinding her mounds into my nose, lips, teeth and tongue. I kept switching back and forth between her pussy and her butt hole until the sensations she must have been feeling drove her over the edge and my mouth was flooded with her cum. Sweet and peachy, I slurped it all up and then some as i was creeping close to the edge of my own orgasm with Abby’s lips tightly slurping my dick.

When my dick decided to unload, it shot and hit Abby in the back of the throat causing her to gag a little. Then she swallowed like it was her job until i was empty of cum, and in energy. Ariel continued to grind my face and i didn’t care if she didn’t want to stop, i loved it and her pussy.

Abby didn’t think she had enough because she was trying to suck my dick back to life, but without my consent, it worked. I was hard again and ready for another round, and so was Abby, but her plans had changed.

She stood over me and Ariel and yanked off her shirt, standing facing Ariel’s back, she kneeled down spreading her knees around my body to rub her super wet pussy lips up and down the underside of my dick. Cocking her hips up, she pushed my dick in and held it.

Squirming a little to get comfortable he pulled on Ariel’s shoulder telling her to turn around. Faster then i could catch my breath, Ariel had turned around and sat back down on my face, leaned over, and grabbed one of Abby’s tits with her teeth and started to suck and chew. I now watched Ariel’s cute little butt hole tighten and relax over and over as she rode my face with her clit and all jammed to my lips.

To mess with her i took her clit in my teeth and rolled it back and forth making her shudder, and to add to her “torcher”, i stuck my index fingers from both hands into her anus. I stretched it until she yelped then i relaxed. I repeated this over and over as i rolled her clit with my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. I’m sure she would have slide off of me if i hadn’t had my fingers up her butt.

Abby continued to rock her hips back and forth with my dick up her tightness when she lifted up, moved a little and sat down hard. I impaled her ass to the deepest possible and she screamed.
Anyone in the park must of heard her, but i didn’t care, what turned me on even more was she started to squirting something warm all over my junk and lower stomach and it felt awesome.

I was loosing it and my second load was coming up from boiling in my balls. I couldn’t talk because of Ariel still humping my face, so all i could do to warn Abby was to thrust with all my might. With every thrust, i came closer to cuming. From the feeling of her ass contracting on my dick, the sloshing sound of her squirting, the taste of Ariel, and the moans, screams and yelps they both were producing, i unloaded everything i could have possibly had deep inside her, so deep i bet she would be tasting it soon.

Maybe from the lack of oxygen because of Ariel grinding my face, or the extreme orgasms i just had, but probably because of both, i started to lose vision, and i blacked out..........

End of Part 2... if you want more, convince me with votes and comments.

Also, if you would like me to add anything, i can do my best to twist your ideas in if i like them!!!

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2014-07-02 03:59:09
poor writing and it seems no editing. do a total rewrite using a good editor and it might be worth reading.

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2013-02-09 06:32:03
How about you get cought by their mum an fuck her to as she licks an fingers her daughts an you get them all up the stick

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2013-02-07 10:44:49
Part two not as good as part one. Fun to have two horny girls but they're both way too forward and a bit more foreplay would have been fun to read to get them all in the mood.
So I rated negative on this although the fantasy of it all would have been an exciting encounter. It just wasn't very believable is all....

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2013-02-07 08:49:39
Awesome story so far, really enjoying the read! Hope you do another chapter, maybe add some pissing games? Great job my friend, becoming a wonderful writer!


2013-02-07 08:38:30
Oh, i just remembered that one of the comments from the previous story said that he/she didn't like that the age difference was so large. I tried to change it and leave that younger subject in there because i know people like that creepy shit ;D

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