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This is my first story so plz be kind
I was so excited that my family was goin away for the weekend and i was goin to be the only one home for the weekend. A lil bit bout me at this time in life i was 16 yrs was a sex crazed teenager had a normal life girlfriends and all that but big thing was i was still a virgin.
So back to the story it was friday evening and my family left to go to their weekend break and leave me because i had work on saturday i wasnt to bothered. My mind was just running wild with all the things a could do get drunk masturbate and even try to loose my v plates (virginty). When my parents left the first thing i did was go up to my dad bedroom and got out his porno stash i started watcing it in there room. i slowly stripped my cothes i could feel that i had a full on erection my penis is 6 half inches long nothing to big to brag bout but does the job and quite thick.
I layed there on there bed naked and my cock staring at the roof on the tv there was this hot blond bouncin on this huge fat cock she was moaning wiv intence pleasure i grabed my cock and started pumping my hand imaging that i was the bloke in the film and the blond was bouncin on my cock. I was screaming i was shouting moaning yes trying to imagine what it would be like.
I went into my sisters room got one of her lacy french knicker wrapped it round my penis it was sensational.
I was loving it i was the only one home laying on my mum n dads bed now masturbating. I had my eyes closed i was a million my miles away. Then all a sudden theres a knock on the bedroom door it started to open my heart is in my mouth i try to cover my self up bit it all happened so quick i manage to get under the bed covers n to my embaressment it my aunty who comes through door and sees wot was goin on she doesnt no where to look and neither did i. (A lil bout my aunty she is 26 yrs old and is a fox i fantacies bout her all the time she is hot she is 5ft 10 size 10waist nice 36c breast). The first word she said is oh sorry, to make things worst the telly is on and the blond is close to orgasm u can tell she shouting fuck me fuck me harder i want to feel u inside me make me cum. i reply dnt wory im sorry its my fault and surprisingly my auntys real cool bout it she sits on the side of the bed and says no its ok boys of ur age do things like this. I can see she is staring a the bulge my erect penisis causing under the bed covers.
I just wanted the ground to swallow me up i was so embaressed that my aunty caught me masturbating. She then picked up my sisters knickers n says heh whos are these is there sumin one else in here thinkin i had a girl round. I try to speak but words are not coming out i manges to say no there sarah thats my sisters name then it hit me wot i just said my aunty laughs oh so u like that kind of stuff do u bro sis stuff i say no it was just there so i thought il uses it my word was gettin me into more trouble. She asked me if i was a virgin to which i replyed yes she laughed again now i was gettin concerened of what plans she i had. She said how would u like your mum to find out i said plz dnt she said theres one way but that must remane r secret i was shocked at what she said she said let me show u what a reall women is.
I just layed ther trying to act as i was shocked but really inside i was loving it was gonna get to fuck my aunty who i had mastubated over many times. She pulled the bed covers down onto the floor i was totally naked n i was erect she grabbed my penis and started slowly goin back n forth i moaned wiv pleasure it was unrealy having a womens handtouch my penis. she slowly started stripping she had beautifull matching bra an thong. I touched her breats n then moved down stairs the smell of sweet pussy was unbelievble i took ofher thong to reveal a freshly shaved pussy. she just looked at me that was my que to start licking i licked my auntys pussy i had no idea wot i was doin but she seemed to like it. i was lickingher out sucking on this lil bit sticking out when i done that she seemed to moan even more. she said to me now its ur turn she got on her knees and strated to suck my cock first she started licking my shafted then i put it in her mouth the dirty whore took all of it in i was there deepthroating my aunty. She was there for 5 mins and i cud feel my balls ready to erupt i was aunty u better stop now i cant go much longer im gonna cum the whore started sucking harder then all a suuden she stoped n pulled it out of her mouth she said squirt my on my face so i took my cock in my hand i was wanking furiously she was licking my balls n then i erupted the first shot of cum landing straight on her face then the second shot followed went straight in her mouth then it just dribbled out my cock on to her tits she licked it all of sayin u taste good hunny.
I was still hard un ready for more my aunty says its your turn she guides my cock into her pussy i moan out load this was a feeling that i had never had before. there i was puming away at my aunty we kissdded passionatly as i was doin her in the missionary postion. then i layed on the bed as she climed on top i was in heaveni just watched her tits bounce up n down we was away for 15 mns untill i fealt her pussy tighted around my cock she moans her body starts to shudder she looses control she having a orgasm n it because of me i cant hold out ne longer just thinking of that i climax for the second time i can feel cumm runnig down out of her pussy n down my leg she comes round and say baby how did that feel i was speechless.
We just layed there for the rest of the night cuddled up talking i cudnt believe i just lost my virginty to my sexy aunty. she say baby i hoped u like ur first time.

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2016-07-09 04:00:53
Guy dat 9ice, it is interesting but nt real

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2013-08-09 03:11:40
Hi, I love your website if I'm truthful. Wherever did you will get it built?

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2013-04-02 18:42:07
man this story was good i wish i was you

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2013-04-02 09:19:36
Hey that story is awesome.... But it is nt true....

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2013-02-17 09:55:57
Its nice. Shall i fuck that bitch.

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