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john and holly head to her parents house after they become engaged...
Episode V
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 47: A Family Affair

I had previously met Holly’s parents, but that was when we were boyfriend girlfriend. It’s a little different when we are engaged. Meet the Parents comes to mind, so I as hoping against the disapproving in-laws. To start our post college lives we put our resumes out there, and decided to take a few months off unless we got good job offers. We spent a week at my house, letting Holly and my parents become better acquainted. No problems there. Now we were on our way to Holly’s parents house, a three hour drive. “Don’t worry, they like you just fine,” Holly tried to comfort my nerves.
“Yeah but that was before they knew we were having sex,” I said.
“They don’t know for sure,” Holly argued.
“Who waits until they are married to have sex, plus we have been dating for four years, they know we are,” I argued.
“They probably knew the first time I told them about you,” Holly said.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“They knew I would be sexually active,” she stated.
“Why would they know that…that’s like saying your parents think you are a slut,” I said.
“No, they just knew I would,” She said.
“But…you didn’t even masturbate or anything until we met,” I protested.
“Let’s just say it runs in the family,” She said. That kind of shocked me.
“What runs in the family?”
“My mom and dad have a lot of sex,” She said plainly.
“What they tell you this?”
“My mom has,” She said simply.
“Ugh…I don’t want to think about my parents having sex,” I said.
“Well, your existence is a testament to your parents having sex,” She said, trying to bug me.
“Ugh…mental picture, new topic! New topic!”

We continued driving for another hour or so before pulling into the driveway. We walked up to the door and knocked. Holly’s mother, Anne, opened the door, a bright smile on her face. “Holly! John! Come in, come in,” She said. We walked in and saw James, her father sitting in the living room. He greeted us and gave Holly a big hug. He shook my hand.
“John, my daughter seems to like you, so I am inclined to do so. Just remember, I have a shotgun and know how to use it,” He said jokingly. We all sat in the living room, Holly and I next to each other. We made small talk and watched television. A little while later we ate dinner.
“You have any job prospects yet John?” James asked me at dinner.
“No, not yet. I just sent out my resume a week ago, I think it takes some time,” I said. Holly caught up on the local news with her parents, and they told her about her siblings, all of whom had moved away. After the late dinner, Holly and I retreated to her basement to watch a movie. We cuddled, watching the film. When it was over we went upstairs to go to bed. We used Holly’s room from her childhood, now it seemed kind of empty, everything clean and in a place. Her bed had been replaced by a larger one, her parents were preparing for visits from their children, the family thanksgiving, where their married daughter would come home with her husband. We weren’t quite there yet, but almost. The room was at the far end of the hall from her parents room.

We got ready for bed, using the “kid’s bathroom” adjacent to her room. Holly wanted to take a shower, and we discovered that there was no soap in the shower. So she went to get some from her parents. I was brushing my teeth when she walked down the hall. She came back a second later. “No soap?” I asked.
“”I didn’t knock, they were having sex,” She said plainly.
“They must not have heard us come upstairs,” I said.
“Oh they wouldn’t care,” She said.
“Have you ever caught them having sex?” I asked.
“A couple of times,” She said, shutting the bathroom door.
“In their bedroom?”
“Around the house,” She said, starting to strip her clothes off.
“Jesus,” I said.
“Oh come on, think about us. You think when we have kids we will just stop having sex?” She asked.
“That’s a good point,” I stated, as Holly became completely naked. She turned the shower on, feeling for the temperature of the water. She stepped in, but didn’t close the curtain. I stared at her naked body, her c cup breasts, her smooth skin, her lovely legs, and amazing ass.
“You like what you see?” She asked, looking at me in the mirror.
“What you think we should have sex…with your parents right down the hall?” I asked, in an angered whisper.
“You need to lighten up,” She said. “Come here,” she motioned for me. I turned around and stepped forward. Her dripping wet hand grabbed my zipper and pulled it down, then undid the button on my pants. Her wet hand pushed against my boxers, rubbing my limp cock. “Please,” She said, pouting her lips.
“Fine,” I said, “I give in too easily.” I undressed and then stepped into the hot shower with Holly. Her arms immediately wrapped around me, hugging me close. She rested her head against my chest, the water dripping down us. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, pressing us together.
“I love you,” She said.
“I love you…r mother” I said, jokingly. She just giggled.
“This is my impression of you,” Holly said, stepping back. She leaned forward a bit, and started sucking on my nipple, exaggerating wildly.
“Oh I don’t do it like that,” I said. “Let me show you,” I said, gently pushing her against the ceramic wall of the shower. I leaned down, my hands rubbing around her breasts. I extended my tongue, playfully toying with her nipple. Then I gently sucked on her sensitive hard nipple, massaging her breasts with my hands. I leaned back, observing her obviously excited breasts. “See, that’s what I do,” I said. She was blushing. She fanned her face with her hand, as if she was too hot.
“wooo,” She said, still blushing, “Mr. Morrison, you are getting me hott.” She reached out one hand, stroking my growing cock. Her other hand descended to her pussy, parting her lips and massaging her clit. “Come over here and fuck me,” She said, pulling my cock to her. I stepped forward, her hand pulling my cock to her waiting slit. The head pressed inside her pink lips, and she leaned back against the wall. I grabbed her hips, pushing her up a little bit, and I lowered myself, poised to penetrate. I thrusted my hips forward, diving my cock inside her wetness. She moaned loudly as I entered her. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, pulling me to her. I repeatedly thrusted into her, banging her body against the wall of the shower. She moaned with the rhythmic fucking. The whole experience turned into a frenzy of hormones and pleasure, as no sex for four days will build up on you. The passionate sounds of sex reverberated through the bathroom. Mid-Second orgasm, Holly screamed loudly and unintelligibly.

The loud noise brought both of our attention back to the fact that her parents were only a few yards away. Our eyes met, mine of fear, hers of pleasure. She laughed uncontrollably, falling into me. “Would you keep it down?” I asked her, starting to laugh myself. Her laughing was making her whole body move up and down.
“They know for sure now, so why not just keep going,” She said, giggling. “Hold on,” She said, turning around. She put her feet a foot or so from the edge of the shower and bent over some bracing her hands up against the wall. “Ok,” She said, turning back to me and smiling. Her glistening lips were inviting me. I couldn’t say no. I stepped forward, grabbing her hips and pushing my throbbing cock back inside her warm slit. Her back arched almost instantly, her body resuming the quest for another orgasm. I fucked her hard, her ass rippling from the impacts. “Harder,” She said passionately.
“You just want to make more noise,” I accused, her hands banging against the wall, but I fucked her harder anyways. She started screeching again, coming for a third time. Her knees were weakened, and I held her from falling, bringing her back against my chest, our bodies heaving against each other from the heavy breathing.
“Can you get me to four?” She asked.
“I don’t think so,” I replied, thinking I would come before she could get to number four.
“Against the wall mister,” She said. Holding her, I turned around. She got on her knees as I leaned against the wall. Her brown hair was slicked back from the water, her body red from the excitement. She immediately jammed my juice covered cock in her mouth, not looking up, but doing her finest to get me off, her lips and tongue working quickly. She felt the signs, and looked up expectantly to me. I felt lightheaded, as she tongued the end of my cock inside her sucking mouth. I came unleashing a torrent of cum, which nearly choked her. She swallowed as it came, over and over. Her eyes went wide, as my jizz kept filling her mouth. She brought her mouth off my cock, taking a large breath. “Phew…that was a load,” She said. She lapped at my cock a few times before we resigned from the shower. She put her bra and panties and I put my boxers on. We went to bed, still a little bit wet. We both fell to sleep quickly and deeply.

In the middle of the night we were both awakened by screams down the hall. “Did you hear that?” I whispered.
“Yeah,” She admitted she was awake.
“Wonder what they’re doing?” I asked sarcastically.
“I bet they had this conversation when we were in the shower,” She said.
“And I bet we’ll hear about that in the morning,” I said.
“Oh don’t worry, they’re doing it too, they won’t be mad at us for it when they did it too,” She said. “I think they are showing us up,” She said.
“No, no, no. Don’t get any ideas,” I said
“They are making it a competition, and they are winning,” She said.
“Holly, I want them to like me,” I said
“They’ll like you better if you play ball,” She said giggling.
“Okay, well maybe it is, but I think we should wait another day to play ball, see if they say anything tomorrow,” I said.
“Fine,” She sighed, admitting defeat. We laid silently for a moment. “Can I at least suck your cock?” She asked.
“Fine,” I feigned reluctance. Holly rolled over, and descended beneath the covers to find my cock under my boxers. I laid back, relaxing as she gave me a slow loving blowjob in her childhood room. Afterward, we went back to sleep.

The next day Holly and her father went to the video store. I was watching tv when Anne sat on the couch across from me. Anne is 42, they started young, and she looks good for her age, something I can look forward to with Holly. She has full c cup breasts and short brown hair. “You know, last night I thought I heard some screaming,” She said to me.
“Screaming?” I asked, trying to play dumb.
“Yeah, from the shower,” She said.
“hmm,” said, knowing she knew. “I thought I heard screaming too, in the middle of the night,” I said.
“Oh that was James and I fooling around, you know,” She said, not blushing. “So…how are things,” She said, looking at my crotch.
“Fine,” I said, unsurely.
“It’s ok, I know you two have sex,” She said.
“I thought as much,” I said.
“You two have a good sex life?” She asked.
“I don’t think Holly would want me to talk about it,” I said.
“Oh its okay, you know I do talk to her from time time,” She said, “How is she in bed?”
“Or in the shower,” I said, “She’s great,” I said.
“What about you, know how to push all her buttons?” She asked.
“I think that is fair to say,” I said.
“Oh come on, don’t be so modest,” She said.
“Okay, we have great sex…and lots of it, and we both have huge sex drives, and we experiment, and we both have plenty of fun doing it,” I said.
“Ahh, now we’re talking,” She said.
“Have you ever cheated on her?” She asked.
“No,” I said sounding hurt by the question
“Never had sex with another woman?” She asked.
“Yeah, but I’ve never cheated on her,” I said, letting something slip.
“Ahh, so you two sleep around,” She said grinning.
“Okay, yeah we do some times, what do you really want to know?” I asked, trying to get to the bottom of this.
“ I just want to know if my daughter is using her full potential,” She said, “And wondering if her fiancé knows enough to really please her.”
“Well, I do,” I said defiantly.
“I wouldn’t mind sampling the goods though,” She said.
“Are you trying to seduce me?”
“Why would you say that?” She asked.
“Oh, come on, you talk about sex, and your daughter and I, and then you want to sample my goods, you are trying to seduce me,” I said.
“John, relax, I was only kidding.” She said.
“I’m sorry, I apologize for what I just said,” I said. Her hands in her lap ventured out to her knee, pulling her skirt up higher and higher.
“Look, I don’t think we should have sex, I don’t think that would be right,” I said.
“You need to relax, and stop trying to please everyone all the time, think about yourself a little more. You’ll go crazy worrying about everyone else all of the time,” She said, standing and walking away into the kitchen.

“How do you know she was trying to seduce you?” Holly asked later, as we were preparing for bed.
“She said she wanted to sample the goods, and she was pulling her skirt up,” I said.
“That’s it, sample the goods?” Holly asked, then laughed when I nodded in response. “What else did she say?”
“She was talking about making sure her daughter was reaching her full potential, and asked me if I knew how to please you, stuff like that.”
“She wants to know if you are good in bed,” Holly said, “If she really wants to know, let her know.” She smirked at me.
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“What do you think it means?”
“I think you just told me to fuck your mother,” I said. She kept smirking. “Ok, Holly…that is crossing the line, there is no way I am going to sleep with your mother.”
“What?!? She could probably teach you a thing or two, what’s the big deal?” She asked.
“Jesus Christ,” I muttered.
“You need to lighten up,” She said.
“I’ve been getting that a lot lately,” I replied. “Can we just talk about something else?”
“We haven’t had sex in almost a day,” She said, looking at the clock. We were about to climb into bed, when a distinctive noise filtered down the hallway. “My parents are doing it again,” She said.
“They do it more often than we do,” I said incredulously, sitting on the edge of the bed, Holly standing in front of me.
“Hey, look at it this way, they are in their forties, imagine what we have to look forward to,” She said. “Besides, we can’t let them show us up.”
“Okay, given today’s events, I am going to say they don’t care that we do it, so I’ll let it slide this time,” I said.
“Yeah, let it slide right up my vagina,” Holly said smiling.
“I swear we are like teenagers,” I said.
“Yeah, teenagers that fuck two or three…sometime four times a day,” She replied. Another screech came from down the hall.
“I think they’re done,” I said.
“So now it’s our turn,” Holly said, undoing her bra, standing in just panties now. Her full c cup breasts hung in the warm air now. I was in just boxers. Holly dropped to her knees, her eyes on mine. She pulled my boxers clear off, then started stroking my cock, spitting on me to lubricate. A few quick licks and sucks, and I was ready to go. Holly stood up, and I reached out to tug her panties down. I inserted my index finger inside her, quickly stroking in and out of her quickly wettening pussy.
“Come here,” I said, bringing her hips to my face. I pushed my mouth against her wetness, tongue playing and toying with her pleasure zones. I felt her hands on my head, lovingly embracing my oral stimulation. I brought my finger back up to fuck her while my tongue did a number on her clit. She moaned softly in the dimly lit room. After some time, she was close to orgasm. She stepped away, turning around, and leaning back against me. She sat on my lap, my hand guiding my cock into her slippery lips. Her legs rested on my thighs, her ass in the lovely bent over shape. My hands split between a nipple and her clit, pleasing both. She slowly raised and lowered herself, my cock gliding up and down inside of her hot wet slit. Her back arched, her head resting on my shoulder, closed eyes pointed toward the ceiling. She moaned softly. The slow fucking and stimulation brought her to a gentle first orgasm. “ I though we were showing them up, where’s the noise?” I asked her.

Holly stood up, my cock glistening in her juices which ran down onto my thighs. She turned around and pushed me onto my back. Holly climbed up on me, mounting me and my throbbing six and a little bit more inch cock. She laid down on my chest, rotating her hips against me, my cock being jerked around inside of her. Holly pounded me, her wild gyrations and movements bringing us both higher and higher. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them as she fucked us both. Her second orgasm came much more violently than the first. Her vocalization wasn’t exceedingly loud, but loud enough. Her pussy tried to strangle my already throbbing cock, bringing me to the edge. Her orgasm had taken hold, preventing her from continuing the thrusts, so I kept it going with my hands and thrusting my hips into her. I came deep inside her, filling her with my jism. My grunts were about as loud as her screeching.

As soon as we regained control we maneuvered into a sixty-nine, with me on top, on all fours, my cock starting to relax, only to be sucked vigorously back to life. I again buried my face into Holly’s crotch. My jizz was mixing with her juices inside of her, her juices still flowing as I gratified her. We both returned to a ready state, but I insisted on orally pleasing her a little longer. “Oh come on! I want your cock to fuck me!” She insisted, my cock an inch from her lips. I gave in and rotated around, now my cock was poised an inch from her other lips. I thrusted hard and fast into her, pounding her violently, her screaming came very quickly, filling the room and filtering down the hallway. She came very hard, and I just kept going, fucking her harder and harder. The bed was squeaking and banging against the wall. Still going at it hard, I descended pressing my mouth against hers. We madly kissed, our tongues venturing all around, eyes closed, our breathing heavy. I pushed myself as far as I could as far as fucking speed and endurance, bringing her to yet another powerful orgasm. She laid back, breathing very quickly, eyes closed. I pulled out, very close to my second orgasm. I got up on my knees, stroking my cock just above her stomach. I came quickly, spurting jizz on to her belly. Her hands came down, rubbing all over her body. I laid on top of her, juices all over our bodies. We drifted to sleep, covered in love liquids.

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Keep fucking your sweetheart and get her pregnant, then fuck her mother and get her pregnant too.


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story was very good but why didnt he sleep with the mother it would be so wrong not to come on you would have to


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wow that story was good i hope there's a part 2 with the parents fucking them.


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