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This is written for the love of my life. My baby girl Cortney. Daddy loves you
It was a boring Saturday night for Cortney and she was dying for a distraction. She flipped through all the channels and nothing caught her eye. All her friends were sleeping or working and no one was answering her texts. She had already checked all her normal sites and nothing new had been posted.
With her Dad gone all night at work she had the house to herself. So she did what any bored and horny little girl does. She had not cum in a while and really wanted to drag her play session out. Cortney lay comfortably on her bed and opened up the internet browser on her phone. She was still in her pajamas and wanted to tease herself a little.

She opened up one of her favorite porn tube sites and selected on daddy/daughter which was her favorite type of videos. She had secretly yearned to play with her daddy but had never had the courage to admit it. The first video she selected on started with a cute young thing in a school girl uniform and pigtails. It had started like most of them with the young girl being punished for being bad. The father character told the young girl to get on her knees. The girl then undid the pants of her daddy and proceeded to lick on the cock of her daddy. Cortney was rubbing her pussy at this point through her pajamas and imagined that she was playing with her own daddy’s cock. She closed her eyes and thought how nice it would be to have her own daddy use her mouth. The video started getting good for Cortney when the daddy character started using the girl’s pigtails to pull her head down further on his cock. The girl gagged a choked on the cock when it went further in her throat. Cortney moaned to herself wishing she could have her daddy’s cock so deep in her mouth. The video continued with the girl being mouth fucked and Cortney loved every second of it. Still teasing herself using slow circles of her clit. The video came to a close when the girl’s daddy shot his cum all over the school girl’s smiling face. Oh how Cortney wished she could of her daddy’s cum all over her.

Feeling how wet she was Cortney decided to take her pajamas off. Naked now she was rubbing her soaking wet pussy and decided to taste herself. Cortney loved the way she tasted and loved how hot it made her. The next video she watched started with a young girl with large breasts laying a bed fucking herself with a cute pink and sparkly vibrator. Cortney liked how good it looked and decided to take her own out to use. Before she could though something caught her eye. An older grey haired man had come in and was watching the girl on the bed. The girl on the bed opened her eyes and spoke to the man. “Good Morning Daddy” she said while she was using her toy to pleasure herself. The girl did not skip a beat seeing her Daddy watching her insert the toy in and out of her pussy. Cortney loved watching the girl play for her daddy and wished she could tease her daddy like the girl in the video. Putting the phone down she reached for her own toy she had hidden in the bedside table. Cortney placed the toy in her mouth she imagined it was her own Daddy’s cock. Picking her phone back up she noticed the man sucking and lick on the girls breasts. Looking closely she noticed a white milky substance coming out of the opposite breast from which her daddy was wildly sucking on. Cortney took the now saliva soaked toy and slowly inserted it into her tight pussy. She moaned when the toy was inside filling her up. She imagined it was her daddys cock that was filling her. She watched the video and fucked herself with her toy. “Drink from me Daddy” The girl on the video said. Cortney trembled in ecstasy. The young girl was feeding her daddy and Cortney was loving it . Cortney imaged what it would be like to feed her own Daddy her milk. The man continued to nurse and play with the girls pussy. Cortney turned up the power on her vibrator and let out an audible moan. This whole scene was really turning her on and she loved every second of it. Cortney moved the toy in and out getting faster and deeper now. She felt her orgasm building inside her. She was fucking herself still imagined it was her Daddys cock buried deep inside her. As the video continued the man had stopped nursing and was bending over his daughter to fuck from behind. The girl was really enjoying her Daddy fucking her. “Yes..Yes..fuck me Daddy” She exclaimed. Cortneys phone now lay next to her and she was lost in her own fantasy and listened to the moans and screams from the video. Cortney was pinching and teasing her nipple as she fucked herself. Her own moans drowning out the video that was still playing next to her. The girl on the video started crying out “Fuck me harder Daddy ” Fuck your baby girl’s tight pussy” more moaning and screams from the girl. “Oh God yes fill me with your cock Daddy” the man in the video was grunting and and fucking his daughter madly. Cortney heard the man exclaim “Take Daddy’s fucking cock my little fuck toy” Cortney moaned in succession with the girl on the video. “I’m going to cum” the daddy moaned to his little girl. “Yes cum in your baby girls pussy” she answered back. “Fill me with your seed” she continued “Cum inside your baby girls pussy put a baby in my belly” Cortney was sent over the edge frantically she fucked herself with the vibrator and could no longer hold back. She felt her orgasm move through her whole body and felt what she thought was pee soak her bed and sheets. She had squirted for the first time and loved the mess she made.

Removing the pussy soaked toy she licked and proceeded to suck off all her juices. The video was over and she lay their panting and shaking the room no silent beside the buzzing of her toy. Cortney felt empty and wanted the toy back inside her. Still shaking from cumming her toy felt like heaven in her super sensitive pussy. Feeling the vibrations inside she wiggled in absolute joy. She probably could of gone again but she felt completely exhausted and decided it was time to sleep. Cortney removed the toy from her pussy and put it back in its place. Barely awake she plugged her phone on the charger and closed her eyes and she felt falling fast asleep. As she lay their drifting to sleep still soaking wet and a little sore she smiles. Cortney loved how she was such a naughty little girl.
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