up in northern Italy
Ewwww, is that what I think it is on the wall?" asked Lindsey
"Holy crap, it is like he painted it!" responds Tara Thinking I had already left "I wish we came in earlier, did you see how big it was?"
"See it, I felt it. It grew in my hand"
"I guess that meant he liked it. I should have grabbed it when it was poking my tits" said Tara
I moved in by the toilet stalls and sinks so that no one else could see me, but I could still hear them. Bailey popped out of a stall butt naked slowly walking past me as I checked her out and she did me. I had never noticed how large her breasts were, especially on her skinny frame. She had a nice milky white ass as well.

By the time they all got back I had already finished grilling the food. Tara and Lindsey sat by my side the whole time. They were quiet and I had hoped that there would not be anymore questions or anything. Bailey was eyeing me as well. All of the girls were pretty skimpily dressed as it was hot. A couple remaining in towels and others with t-shirts just below their asses.

-Tara has blonde hair and blue eyes with an almost skinny athletic frame six pack and all with some 32DD boobs that had just the right amount of sag to them.

-Lindsey is a very pretty Filipino mix with an athletic body, handful size breasts, and a little junk in the trunk.

- I already described Bailey.

-Taylor was a sexy young lady with auburn hair and no chest, but probably the best ass I had ever seen and was wearing some boy shorts that were stretched to the point of being transparent.

-Mary was a really tall attractive black girl with a strong body and curves in all of the right places. Like an Amazon girl that would be in the movies.

-Cassidy has blonde hair and blue eyes, was average height a girly girl with massive tits, a soft tight frame, and soccer legs and ass. Her chest was so big that her parents were scheduling her for a breast reduction due to the back problems it caused. Loved having her picture taken and posing, a real show off.

-Jackie had a gymnast body with thick legs and ass and smaller top. She was the dirty girl always talking about boys and sex as well as wearing the least she could at all times. In fact tonight she was in little panties with half her ass crack showing and a half shirt stating that she was too hot and did not have anything else. That was pretty much what the European girls were running around in as well.
-Amanda is just drop dead gorgeous, the type that could be a porn star or a princess. Beautiful with a sensual attitude. Every time she talked to you it seemed that she was trying to get you in bed. She had on thin spandex shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom and a small half shirt just below her chest to where you could see her under boobs when she leaned over.

-Paola is a 5’7” Porto Rican with a juicy ass, small chest, and jet black hair. She was wearing white leopard boy shorts and a wife beater. You could see the outline of her dark nipples and the shadow of her thick dark landing strip landscaping.
- Shannon is a red head whose face was not great and boobs were small, but she had a very nice ass and loved to show it off. She was also wearing spandex volleyball shorts with a deep camel toe and cheeks hanging out.
-Dillon is not very attractive either with a skinny to normal body, but an insatiable nymphomaniac from everything I have heard. Looking for any chance she dressed provocatively all the time. A wife beater and no panties was today's style

- Jordan is extremely attractive, but not as fit as the others a bit chunky, but not so much to be unattractive. A very provocative attitude, the type that sexiness is an inner feeling rather than an outer appearance. She often wore things that most would feel out of place on her body type, yet she pulled it off.

Now that the introductions have been made:

With the female coach becoming ill last minute I had to take the team on my own. I would have allowed as many players as possible to sleep in the cabin with her there, but did not feel it appropriate without. We had already setup the tents bringing two eight man tents that connected in the middle with a fabric awning that actually zipped together to allow extra room for storage. The girls used that as extra sleeping room so that they could sleep with their cliques having a bit of separation for conversations.

After eating we sat and talked about things that happened on the field that day hoping they would retain those thoughts embedding them further into their heads through the night. It had been a long day and I would need to relieve myself before trying to sleep. Having all of this beauty around me had me in testosterone over drive. Once everyone had made their trip to the bathroom they checked in with me and headed to their tents. Dillon, Jordan, and Jackie were the last ones back as they had left the tent later than everyone else. We did not need to be on the field until the afternoon the next day, so I was not rushing anyone.

Jordon came up to me “Coach, I got this Diet Coke out of the machine but pushed the button for a Coke. I tried it and do not like it at all. I hate to waste it, so do you want it?

“Sure Jordan, you should be going to sleep anyway and Caffeine will not help you with that.”

I sat in front of the cabin drinking the soda waiting for things to settle before heading in to sleep. A couple of hours later I was awoken by voices just outside my cabin. Even though I had relieved my self earlier I seemed to have the hardest erection I think I ever had, but was still half asleep. It was dark and I checked my cell to see that it was 3 AM. I was thinking about checking on the voices, but figured a couple of girls had just gotten up to use the restroom. As tired as I was I figured that I would wait before getting dressed to see if they would just go back to bed.

I heard a small scream, alarmed I jumped out of bed grabbing some shorts off the back of the chair running out towards the tent. Through the middle of Shannon, Mary, Cassidy, and Taylor who were just outside of my cabin pretty much naked jumping around and itching each others backs. One side of the tent was pitch dark and the other had flashlights shining in circles. I figured that would be where the scream came from.

I entered that side of the tent, but on my way through I smelled the distinct smell of alcohol noting it but continuing on. I found Amanda, Tara, Paola, and Lindsey cussing up a storm Amanda was actually in tears. Tara and Amanda just had small g-string panties on with Paola and Lindsey totally naked. Amanda jumped up coming to me sobbing into my chest. Unable to stand straight up inside the tent my head laid on her shoulder. There was a faint smell of alcohol, but it was there and they all seemed to be a bit tipsy.”

“What happened? Are you guys OK?” Amanda squeezed tighter “why do I smell alcohol in here?”

Amanda responded “Jackie brought a couple of bottles so we all drank some. Then we went to sleep and they went to the other side with the last bottle.”

Paola chimed in “Now we are all itchy, feel weird, and have things written in sharpie in different places.” Using the flashlight to show me the arrows pointing to her anus and slit. Her slit was incredible swollen and wet. If I had not already entered with a hard on then it would have given me one. I was surprised that it had not gone away with the fact that I thought I was responding to an emergency.

“How the hell did anyone do that to you without you waking up?”

Tara “I guess the alcohol we drank was very strong, but we did not drink that much.”

“Do all of you have the same thing?” the rest entering from outside as I asked

“Yes, but some of us are itching like crazy.”

“Where are Jordan, Jackie, and Dillon?” I turned towards the other end of the tent still hunched over. I grabbed a flashlight from one of the girls finding the three passed out naked with two empty bottles beside them. I tripped over a bag that had another bottle and I kicked some stuff out as well. I put everything in the bag and then checked that they were breathing ok and positioned them so they would be ok if the vomited. I realized Jordan’s bigger ass was actually quite tight with both her and Jackie being totally shaven and Dillon seemed to have a wide five o’clock shadow. Those were all from moving them around, but I did cop a long feel of Jackie’s beautifully muscular gymnastic ass, I am only human.

Once I did that I grabbed the bag and headed towards the cabin to check it out. As I went to close the door the rest of the girls followed. I placed the bag on the coffee table with the girls crowding around as well. I heard Tara loudly whisper to Lindsey “Look, he’s big again.” As I noticed that they were all, but Amanda, looking at my somewhat boxer covered erection. It was almost popping out of the opening in the front, so I pushed it over to the side. Amanda was trying to look in the mirror.

Amanda “Coach, is there anything written on my back?”

“Yep, your ass says “stick it” on each cheek bend over a bit. I think there is more”

As she bent over giving me full view of her sexy ass Taylor came over standing in front of me “HERE” she exclaimed.

Jumping up she pushed Taylor between us poking my erection against the middle of her back. “I want to see it” So I moved Taylor out of the way and lifting Amanda up by the arm pits as the mirror was mounted to the wall about chest high. Her beautiful tit pushed against my face as she tried to turn to see. “I still can’t see” so I laid her across my shoulder she reached back with one hand, but the other was trapped behind my back. “Help me out.” So I reached up with my free hand pulling her other ass cheek open. “Oh my god, it does! Those assholes!” As I went to put her down she had to back off of my erection running it through her slit. She started crying again.

Taylor then asked if she could see in the mirror too and they all came over. I lifted Taylor up and her ass said whore across it with her anus being the “O”. She started crying wrapping her arms tightly around my neck and her legs around my waste. This had her sitting against my erection and my hands under her ass. I could feel the heat from her crotch against mine and it started to twitch in reaction. Her crying quickly stopped, but she held on for a couple of minutes anyway moving around against it.

Cassidy came over and I lifter her up, she was topless just having hot and dog on each cheek and arrows pointing at her crack. I just had to lift her up so she could read that which her humongous breasts around my face. Her nipple against my lip as she turned to look, which I licked lightly wanting to suck it. “That’s not that bad, or at least not as bad as theirs.”

I leaned back looking at her tits. “You have something written on the underside of your huge breasts” with huge just popping out.

She was too short to see that either backing up against her asking for me to pick her up from behind. I reached down around her waste sliding her up the front of my body rubbing her against my erection the whole way and then placing it under her ass and between her legs. She reached up leaning her head back against me to see as she lifted her tits up towards her face. I got a whiff of the fruity smell of her hair. She started to slide down off of my cock so I pulled her back up, which freed my erection through the opening in the front. She moaned as I could feel the wetness and heat of her pussy across the top of my erection realizing that as I pulled her up I had given her a frontal wedgie. She continued to wiggle with her face turning beat red acting like she was still trying to see.

Paola gasped saying something in Spanish as I put Cassidy down and my erection popped out from underneath her ass. Jumping in and backing her ass up against my bare erection before I could cover it. She was still butt naked and she was so wet that I almost entered her from behind as she did. I turned her around and lifted her up with my hands under each cheek, turning a bit so that the other girls wouldn’t have view of my naked erection. I lifted her up and opened her cheeks so that she could see the arrows around her anus, but she wasn’t looking. I looked up at her and she had started rubbing the back of my head looking down at me with a sultry look. She held up against me as I slid her down opening her legs to take my cock. The head entered a little and she bit my shoulder. Knowing it was wrong I pulled her away from it hitting her clit on the way out. That thing felt like a damn speed bump she gasped and shuddered in reaction trying to climb back on reaching down with one hand to grab my cock to shove it in. As she let go of my shoulder to do so it threw her off balance. I reached to grab her with my hand going right between her legs and the other around her waste. Her wetness was dripping down each thigh as her pussy was in the palm of my hand and fingers were sitting against her thick landing strip. I could feel her hard clit against my hand as she convulsed in orgasm.

I straightened her out and covered my erection deciding that I needed to sit down. My hand was wet covered with Paola’s secretions so I decided to clean it off at the sink before sitting down. My back turned to every one I brought it up to my face and was intoxicated by the smell. I licked it to get a good taste and then washed it clean. As I went to sit down Paola asked “Did you get it clean?” I just nodded.

I sat on the futon in front of the bag with all of the girls sitting on the other futons or my bed to watch me go through it. Most of them were still itching their bodies all over and fidgeting. Amanda was still crying, although not as hard, and sat on my leg with her legs between mine resting her head on my shoulder as I started through the bag. Shannon and Lindsey sat across from me and I had just noticed that Shannon was fully nude as well. She had been so quiet and had stayed away from everything so I guess I just did not see her. They both had their legs open and I noticed that they had the same issue as Paola. Both of their pussies wee really swollen and looked slick from wetness. Shannon had a big puffy pussy with swollen lips pushing out and a tuft of strawberry blonde hair just above it. Lindsey’s was much smaller but she had a well landscaped dark camel toe with small lips starting to show. They both caught me looking, but seemed to open their legs even further in appreciation. As I looked around I could see that each one of them had swollen crotches with evident wet spots. Mary was really turning me on as she had on white panties against her pitch black skin, which were soaked to transparency. As I looked up she blushed looking down embarrassed yet obviously excited by it. Her breasts were the perfect size and firmness with small areolas but finger sized hard nipples. These just above some rock hard abs.

Anyway, they were all wet as hell. Amanda went to scratch her leg and brushed my erection. She kept scratching and brushing up against it. I grabbed her hand “You’re going to bleed if you keep that up.” She huffed dropping her hands with one landing directly on my crotch. It hopped in her hand and she squeezed it tight letting go “Sorry about that”. Every one saw and started laughing.

I felt liquid on my leg and quietly asked Amanda “Are you peeing on me?” She was shaking her head no as I put my hand on my leg under her butt feeling the wetness she was secreting on my leg. “Let’s open the bag” the other girls changing their concentration to the bag. Her sex was dripping down the sides of my thigh, I turned my hand over as I felt the tremendous amount of heat coming from her crotch. As I felt the wetness my middle finger brushed her clit and her body shuddered exploding on my hand as she buried her head in my shoulder. Her ass was pressing down harder against my hand as I struggle to pull it out from underneath her, the struggle seeming to extend her orgasm. Precum now soaking the front of my boxers in a trail on its way down. My hand covered in her juices I leaned behind her pulling it to my face trying to suck every wonderful drop off of my hand. Her breath growing even heavier as she understood what I was doing.

“How was it?” she whispered in my ear.

“Amazing!” I whispered back. She finally started to smile rather than to pout and cry, but it was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. I wanted more and I could tell that she wanted to give it to me.

“I have never cum like that in my life” still whispering.

“You’re still young” as I kissed her on her forehead feeling her legs twitch once again as I did.

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