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Thanks for all the support on the previous story, I am going to try and incorporate all the advice given, but be patient as I would hate to rush the story. Thanks again
After about a quarter of an hour, I walked over to brads bathroom to see what was taking him so long, the closer I got the louder the sound of his shower got. I then knocked on the door and asked, "brad, you ok?" With that the shower stopped and a moment later, brad opened the door, but naked and with a raging hard on. "So are you going to fuck my ass or not?" Needles to say I did not have to be asked twice and I turned round on the spot and marched back into brads room, with him following close behind me. I told him to lie on the bed whilst I looked for a good video to get us in the mood. I proceed over to his computer and began to click on different videos until I found one of a group of guys having some crazy orgy, some giving each other handjobs, some fucking, as well as some sucking each others cock and lick their ass holes. Which gave me an idea.

I then turned around and moved towards brad, who was lying on his side, his cock pointing at me and holding the jelly stuff in his hand. I told him to put it down, causing to look at me in alarm and say, "your not sticking your cock in my ass if you are not going to lube up first." I shook my head and told him that I had something better in mind than lube. He then put the jelly on the floor next to his bed and I got on the bed next to him, bent over so that his cock was only a few inches away from my face and kissed its head. I then kissed it again and again until I decided to just go for it, taking his hole cock in my mouth in one small movement, causing me to gag and pull away slightly, however brad showed no sympathy as he merely chuckled and pushed my head back down onto his cock. I soon developed a rhythm and whilst moving my head, I was also able to lick his head, enjoying the sweet fluid that I guessed was coming from his cock. He then asked, "look don't take this the wrong way, but how is this going to help with the lube situation?" I then replied "it's not but I figured that it might get you in the mood ... Anyway if that's what you want to sort out you can get busy sucking my cock."

I swivelled around so that my cock was now dangling above brads head and I then lowerd myself slowly down onto brads head so that my cock was now deep in brads moist mouth. I then returned to the business at hand, but rather than sucking his cock again, I grabed his legs and pulled them up, causing his lovely pink, puckered ass hole to move into the position that I wanted. I then lowered my tongue to his hole and began to lick hard and fast, moving in a circle around his hole, which as time moved on, slowly opened, allowing my tongue to move deeper into his hole. After his ring had loosened enough, I changed my tactic as rather than licking in a circle, I was now fucking his hole with my tongue. This seemed to cause a lot of pleasure for brand who then reciprocated the feeling by increasing the pace at which he sucked on my cock. I was soon feeling like I was about to cum, so I immediately stoped licking brads ass and got off his face, so he could suck my cock any more.

I then told him to get on his side, facing towards his computer and then I shuffled over so that I was lying behind him. I then asked if he was read and when he gave a quick nod, I separated his but cheeks and then moved my cock so that it was resting against his now loose hole. I then began to slowly push in and gradually my cock sank into brad. Once I was fully inside, I took my hands and wrapped them around brad, I then began to pump my cock in and out of brad, all the while focusing my attention on the porno on the screen, which was currently focusing on a line of about five guys who had their cocks in the asses of the person in front of them. This and the wonderful feeling of brads ass hole squeezing my cock was rocketing me towards my second orgasm of the day. Then brad rolled over so that now he was lying on top of me and then in one fluid movement, he sat up and spun around, so that now he was sitting on my cock and facing me. However as he was sitting on me, he soon realised that I was no longer able to fuck him, so he began moving himself up and down, causing his ass to make a clapping noise every time he sat down.

Soon enough I felt the familiar pressure building inside my cock and I could just not hold it in any longer, so I just closed my eyes and embraced the waves of pleasure that now pulsed throughout my whole body as my cum blasted deep into brads bowls. Soon as less and less cum oozed out of my cock, brads rhythm also slowed, until he finally stoped and gently raised himself of my now softening cock. Once he was fully off of me he moved his ass towards my face, cum dribbling from his hole, until he was over my mouth, where he gently lower himself down, until my tongue made contact with his very loose hole. I began frantically licking his hole, trying to remove as much cum as I possibly could, swallowing as much of my sweet delicious fluid as fast as I could. Once all of the cum in brads ass had been depleted, I still craved more, so I pushed him off and I took his cock once more into my mouth. This time it was only a few seconds before brads cock delivered lots of his creamy nectar into my hungry mouth.

Eventually brad got off of me and taking my hand in his, led me towards the bathroom where he opened the door to the shower and turning it on, we walked under the stream of warm water and began to wash each other. Using some fancy lotion of his moms, we caressed every inch of each other until the hot water eventually ran out and we ended up dashing out from under the now freezing cold stream of water. We then got dressed and went back down stairs to continue watching tv, as if nothing had happened between the two of us. I thought that was the end of it, until two weeks later when me and brad got selected to be on our schools swim team. This involved rigorous practice both before and after school, every other day. The team was not very big, after all with the very few people who were even anywhere good enough to be on the team, not many wanted to dedicate the time that was required.

In total six of us were on the team including me and brad, but only about three of us would be in a secession, as it allowed our coach to give us the training that we needed. However due to this brad and I were not usually in the same session. But then one Thursday, me and brad had the oppertunity to train together as one of the guys on the team swapped scessions with me. After the two hour gruelling session me, brad and Gary, one of our team mates got out of the pool and went to the changing room. When me and brad got to the changing room, Garry was already half way through getting changed and explained that he was in a hurry to get home so that he could enjoy what was left of his evening. We were however not in such a hurry and as soon as Garry left the room, I pulled down my speedo's and gestured to the showers. Brad the nodded, pulled his down and grabbing my hand, ran towards the shower room.

The shower room consisted of a big empty room with five stations doted around, which each had several shower heads. We went over to one in the middle of the room and switched all of the heads on and began to start caressing each other. Having done nothing since our first time, it seemed like there was a lot of stuff we wanted to do to each other. It was no time at all until brad turned me round and bent me over. He then got one of the slimy shared soaps that hundred of dirty boys had used before us and lathered up his hands. He then with one hand lubed up his already swollen cock and then used the other to lube my hole, slipping his finger in and out to get it ready. He then grabed his cock and in one quick movement, plunged it deep inside me. How I had missed the feeling of having my friends cock filling me. He quickly began pumping me at a furious pace, causing me to gasp and moan. But then time stopped as a voice echoed over us, "What the ...."

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I loved this story please make the 3rd

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2013-03-01 02:42:57
Laura These are fantastic piuctres! They make you smile even if you weren't there or haven't met the bride and groom. You really captured the moment! Great work great eye!

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So good I came to it I can't wait to read what happens next

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You are a sick illiterate!!

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To that nasty comment about this story, fuck off loser, dnt read the stories if you gonna be a dickhead.... Great story came a few times 2 it

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