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This is a continuing story about a young Austrailian woman and her traveles through kinky ainterracial and animal sex!
A Kinky Australian Cum Slut For Black Men!

For Michelia, it took both hands just to grasp the base of the animals gigantic sex organ right under the head! She tried to do what she had done to her boyfriend Mike when he had a crack a fat (Hard On), and give this monster a hand job! The effort was feeble in some ways, but this gigantic beast was enjoying her efforts even though it was not very successful. Now with it hard and sticking out in front of her, she has decided to do the most nasty and perverse thing she could think of, something she had done several times before, in order to get Mike her boyfriend off!

Still on her knees, she had grasped the big hard cock head of the beast firmly with both hands and had rotated it slightly, then had taken a big mouth full of the soft tender flesh of the beasts shaft,.. just under the head and began sucking on the most sensitive and erogenous zone of his gigantic sexual organ! She could feel the passageway start to pulse as she had felt a similar reaction, when she helped mate this big animal before! Michelia then knowing what was coming quickly laid down still holding the gigantic cock head of this big bull,as tight as possible, and at the same time spread her legs and started rubbing the head up and down as forcefully as possible against her young wet slit, and clit!

For her, after only several moments it had brought about one of the most unbelievable orgasms of her young life! In only seconds after this as she laid there helplessly this large beast then ejaculated an enormous amount of cum!.. Much like a fire hose! Michelia, for her this was an incredible experience one that she could never forget!

This experience was what made her the.. cum slut, of cum sluts as this gigantic sex organ easily pulled free from her fingers shooting cum all over, only it was not, water like! It covered her breasts thighs pubic area and finally her face! OMG! She thought still trembling from this once in a lifetime experience and was wiping the warm gooey stuff from her face and eyes, wow! That was really something, and only several days later she was easily ready to try something even more sexually kinky and perverse?

Mike by now had introduced Mich to all sorts of kinky sex , but even he was surprised by her Hedy deion as she told him the story of what had occurred with this big beast of an animal! She had loved it all, especially being covered in cum, and now cannot seem to get enough kinky sex ! Especially after being so sexual repressed growing up! She is an 18 yr old senior in the small rural hi school she attends. There are several young blacks, and Michelia has become awe struck with one! He is a young black male named Randal, ( Rand )! He is not, at all like her fathers deion of Negro's, or aboriginals, he smart, funny and very hansom! But, he is also more than just attracted to Michelia? .

She to him, appears to be a most innocent young white Australian girl, but also one that has purposely paid him, attention! He likes this and sees numerous possibilities especially in sharing her company. He also is a pussy man and loves the thought of sucking on her sweet young white pussy! He is not sheltered as he comes from a family that will shock even Michelia when she finds out what his father and mother really do to make a living, and for fun?

This interest in Randal a virile young black male is not lost on her boyfriend Mike. He sees an opportunity where he can lead Michelia down the path deeper into even more sinfully taboo perverse and sexually abusive encounters!
Mike is not prejudice at all, when it comes to people of color, and after several conversations with Randall, thinks he has finally convinced him that this innocent looking young woman he has been so attracted to not only loves sex! But she would have no problem doing so with him! He is of course skeptical, and cannot quite beleive that Michelia who appears to be young, naive and chaste, is that kind of girl!

Mich has flirted with him on several occasions getting a bit bolder each time, as after her trips out into the bush with Mike ,Bryson and his mates. Plus running naked through the Aboriginal camp and her incredible experience with big bull Minotaur, have given her the perverse interest to be even more brazen, and wanting to defy her father has finally gotten up enough nerve to kiss him! This has made him both lustful and uncertain as to whether or not, what Mike has told him is true?
But he has heard rumors about her, this sweet young innocent girl Michelia,? Having sex with boys out in the bush, and like most horny young boys black or white has been perving her and is easily drawn to being part of this most interesting kinky sex play! He has agreed to wait out in the bush where Mike and Bryson are going to take her!

Setting his plan into motion, Mike the bastard tells Mich to shave her pussy and to get rid of all her thin reddish brown pubic hair! Then he and his mate Bryson have bailed her up and taken Mich out into the bush, much like he has done before, only this time she is blindfolded something he has done only several times in the past?
Michelia just thinks it is going to be another fun filled night of kinky sex with him and his mates, but the blindfold only adds to the experience as it is very exciting and quite stimulating to be driven out into the bush totally naked with her pussy shaved bare and wearing only a blindfold!...

Mich is so excited she is beside herself, and has no idea where she is being taken or, what is going to happen? This only adds to her anticipation and makes her wetter than ever!
Mike this time is in the back of the Land Rover playing with her and has encouraged her to do what ever she is told! This new sort of sex play much like a slave girl of being told what to do has left Mich hotter and more excited than ever. Mike has made sure it has been well over a week since her last encounter with the big bull and even longer since she has had his or his mates dicks! The thought of not knowing and not having sex for over a week though,..has her almost dripping with anticipation! Bryson is driving the Rover and is having a hard time of it so to speak , his eyes are spending more time in the rear view mirror, watching Mich naked, and squirming around from Mike's aggressive touch and perverted comments, rather than on the road!

Mich is giddy with the thought of what is going to happen as being blindfolded has brought her perverted sexual senses to their very peak! She is so sexed up now as her wicked young mind flashes by like the pages of a perverse sex novel with all sorts of kinky perverted and sinful thoughts of sex!

The Land Rover has pulled to a stop close to where Randall is waiting. Rand watches, No words are spoken adding to the mood of this bazaar sexual encounter that is about to happen! Then finally the drivers door opens, and she can hear voices as her door opens!.. She is still holding her breath setting there naked for a moment, then is finally helped up and into the naked waiting arms of this young black man! Her boyfriend Mike tells her again to be as friendly and as sexually aggressive as possible! At first she has no idea he is this young black male she has flirted with and kissed?
The two hug and kiss, he is hungry for intimate relations with this attractive young woman and Mich is so naked hot and willing!.. White naked flesh touches black naked flesh, she does not have to be told to put everything into it, as his intimate touch and her not knowing who, only adds to her lustful sex drive! !
Seeing her bare ass naked and up close for the first time and the fact that she is blindfolded and submissive, makes his big black dick instantly hard!

Mike has told her that he is a new friend, one that really wants to fuck her, and is not at all like his other mates, and that she should do every thing she can possibly think of to please him, and to get him off!

For Mich the thought of doing so with someone she cannot see has brought her to a sexual fever pitch, one she has yet to experience and for her it is a perverse challenge!. Especially as an excited trembling over sexed young woman, one that is fast approaching the edge of sexual release!

The kiss has taken Michelia's breath away as Randall now getting into it with his arms around this young woman, has almost entirely consumed her nakedness! His incredible passion has now easily overcome hers!

This young black guy has been lusting for a chance to have her in his arms and to kiss her. His fetish, is to suck young white girls pussies!, and Michelia's is one that has interested him the most! This is now coming closer and closer to reality. But for some reason Mich is more than that, she is so appealing and now after kissing her has really fallen for this young white woman! His fantasy is that they will somehow become lovers and more! He knows from her boyfriend Mikes deion that she loves sex and big cocks at least this is what he has been told, and has a very big crack a fat, and one that he cannot wait to use on her!
To hug and hold this naked submissive young woman is almost more than he can stand, his big black cock has gone from being hard, to rock hard and he has instantly acquired blue balls! He so Mallee bull to the point he is hurting and needs sexual relief badly!
It is all he can do, to hold back as this smoking hot kiss lingers on and on? Randall is so sexually bothered from being able to hold fondle and kiss this young woman he is more than ready! Mich cannot see but she can feel his shallow breathing beating heart and his manliness against her! Being unable to see, has left her imagination again wondering just how big his cock really is? But she, is the one he has so lusted after! Finally his attention lowers to Mich's breasts sucking on her now very hard nipples as he savors her naked perked up softness!
Mich is trembling as his lips descend even farther between her breasts across her naval, as he is now on his knees with his nose quickly buried in her almost dripping young cunt! Her hands have found the back of his head and she sill does not realize in the heat of the moment that he is a young black male! He has grabbed her ass cheeks and is forcing his way up into and in between her soft young thighs! He has dreamed numerous time about doing this to Mich, and ardently gorges himself on her young tender wet slit sucking and licking until he has found her swelling clitoris!

Mich moans and lets out with a very pleasurable sultry gasp that only encourages them both more sensually, and his hands are now clinched tightly on each of her bare buttocks!
Now even more aggressive, on her Mappa Tassie has trapped her clit between his black lips an perfect white teeth that are nibbling softly at first. Then more and more aggressive, between his teeth and her pelvic bone, the results is an incredible orgasm that starts deep within her most intimate sexual being and ends as she pulls his head tightly to the apex of her swollen pubic mound! At the same time Mich has let out the most female sound of sexual pleasure, and it can be heard for miles/kilometers away! Her boyfriend Mike has this knowing satisfied smile on his face after hearing his girl get off!

She has helplessly made this most unladylike sound of sexual submission as Rand has found the one thing that brings a young horny woman like her to the very heights of sexual ecstasy! OMG! She is sucked off again and again at least several more times! Then her boyfriend Mike encourages him to fuck her! Finally Mich is so fucking hot that she starts begging for cock any cock!
Then the begging turns to pleading to be fucked! He is somehow able to get up still holding her bottom and with Mike and Brysons help has lifted her up and all three easily guide her wet open willing slit onto the end of his big hard cock! Using her weight and over stimulated cunt she slowly descends onto this incredible piece of monster cock!
Mich, gasps as the big cock head held up for a moment at her tight young opening, then forces its way in and finally snaps past this resistance traveling up until she is impaled almost to the hilt!
He has used the Land Rover as a back stop and has pushed her bare bottom up against the front fender! Then with her unable to move pushes his cock in the rest of the way! Followed by fucking her harder and harder, rocking the vehicle as he does so! Mich's begging and pleading for cock has instantly changed from wanton sexual intercourse to pleading for him to stop!... As she realizes just how big his dick really is!

But he cannot stop nor does he want to, he has gone to far, way past the point of no return! Mich is is a quandary as tears well up at first begging for him to stop, one minute followed by pleading for him not to the next? OMG! She does not know what to do as she helplessly hangs on with her bottom firmly against the fender and his cock deep with in,... her arms are around his neck, and just barely hanging on!
Just as Mich is resigned to the fact that there is nothing she can do, and finally realizes that she is now able to take him, starts to fuck back!

They are both now so close to orgasm her boyfriend Mike, waiting for the perfect time has pulled her blindfold free! This is all it takes as Mich so incredibly turned on and the thought for her of having sex with this young black man against her fathers will is so sinful and perverted that it brings her and him instantly to an even more incredible heart stopping but incredible release!
One of the best she has ever had and as a young horny woman she has already had plenty! But it has also gotten rid of his painful blue balls! Time stands still as they continue fucking as if neither want to stop the humping and thrusting that becomes deeper an harder! It is a true battle of, interracial sex as the young black man not wanting to quit, is so turned on and is so sex hungry for this young woman! Who now even more so after not, having sex for over a week hopes, that he will not stop! Almost a full hour passes quickly as this battle continues. Mike and Bryson watch in awe as orgasm after orgasm occur and the young virile Randall matches her pussy humping down, with his hard black cock thrusting up!

Mike with Brysons help has pulled Mich who is a bit unwilling to let go, free! She has said nooo! Then, have forced her down on her knees in front of Randal's, still incredibly hard cock ! Now all three have their cocks out, Michelin takes turns on each of them and finally settles down on Rand's black cock! Randall with the pleasure of it all, is face fucking Michelia's red lips forcefully! This goes on for several more minutes until he is ready, still with some of his pulsing cum left from his last ejaculation then pulls his cock out at the last minute, and shoots his cum load directly into Mich's open willing mouth and all over her face telling her to wipe it off using his slimy dick, licks it with her tongue, and swallows it all!
Randall is amazed to see Michelia do this so nasty thing,...but the sensation of her willing tongue on his rod has sent him over the top, as she did just what he had asked! Having only thought of her as a straight laced naive young woman, one that would never do anything like this, especially something so perverted and dirty only adds to the incredible sex that has gone on!
Then Mike grabs her reddish brown hair and pulls her over towards Bryson motioning him over and places her willing lips on his hard cock! Followed by ramming her head down on him and helping him, saying face fuck her! In only moments she has sucked another cum load, and for her it is every bit as intoxicating!

This aggressive cock sucking has almost brought Bryson to his knees! Mich after numerous sexual adventures loves sucking cocks and cum more than ever,.. from the very first time she sucked Mike off in the front seat of his Land Rover, she has easily become a willing cum slut!

After this incredible session both Mich and Randall have become an item. Mich after finding out that Randall lives not all that far away, allows the two to of them the luxury of meeting out in the bushes for even more kinky sex!

Mike again only wanting Michelia to enjoy every kind of sexual experience and plenty of it, has given her his blessing to spend as much time as possible romantically in his arms or sucking him off, and especially on the end of his big black cock!

Michelia after spending more time being intimate with Randall finds out that his parents own a breeding farm for exotic animals mostly big dogs, donkeys, and that they train these animals mostly as pets? Mich is quite intrigued by this most interesting revelation especially after her experience with the big bull Minotaur! She has had a number of fantasy's about perverted sex with animals herself! Randall after hearing her interests and her experience with the big bull although little details invites Mich over to see how the animals are being trained and bred.

Randal,s Parents are quite friendly to Michelia, mostly because their son Randall has been telling them everything about her that she, this young white Australian girl and he a young black have become very close! His parents because they are into breeding and sexual animal training have already figured out that Michelia and Randall are much more than just friends as the look in his eyes, and when they are together has easily confirmed the fact that they have been indeed, been intimate! His parents both love the idea that the two of them have enjoyed each others company!

After meeting his Parents Randal's mum tells Mich that her husband is busy today and will give her a tour of the Jack Donkeys he trains and breeds another day? At first, his mum has taken Mich with her, and in perfect well spoken English explains what they do! It is all about this woman, and what she does in the daily activities around the breeding farm. His mother is part aboriginal and part African she is also a very attractive woman and her appealing sexuality easily shows! Michelia is quite taken by her looks, presence and demeanor. She looks barely old enough to have a son let alone one Randall's age! His mum goes on to explain that as far as the authorities know they train the dogs for a number of normal things mostly as obedient pets, (Jumbucks) sheep & cattle dogs (Bluey's)and guard dogs!

But she gives Michela a wink, and says that Randall has told both of her and his father about Mich's experiences with the bull Minotaur and the fact that she has sexual fantasy's about having sex with animals!.....Mich blushes, is embarrassed and protests that his mum must be mistaken! But this older attractive black woman quickly puts Mich's obvious fears to rest, saying in a very casual,.. and disarming way, that it is quite natural for many young women to have sexual thoughts about animals! Then telling her exactly, what they actually breed and train these particular dogs to do!
Michelia listens intently almost in awe as Randal's mum in a matter of fact way explains about the dogs they train and what they are used for? The dogs are a cross between the English Mastiff, also known as the Old English Mastiff and The Perro de Presa Canario (or simply ‘Presa Canario’) they are both large and powerful dogs the ‘Presa Canario’ originated in the Canary Islands and was specifically developed for dog fighting and the hunting of large game. Once mated these cross breeds weighs in around 59 kg to 90 kg or almost 200 lbs and can stand over 40” inches tall on all fours, and on his hind legs is as tall as most men!.

Randalss mum continues with the history of the dogs they train. Presa Canarios are outstanding guard dogs but are not for the novice or first time dog owner due to their dominant nature. This breed requires extensive socialization and obedience training. The Old English Mastiff by contrast is a well endowed creature and has a sex organ bigger than the size of an average man! This dog is more docile, and loving but is also very amorous! Once cross bred they are perfect for what we use, train, and sell them for?
During the conversation Michelia is led into one of the training areas, once there this woman starts to undress telling Michelia that when around these dogs in order to train them well, being nude allows the dogs to bond with their female handlers and trainers much easier! Mich is stunned and almost speechless at first! But this incredibly attractive older woman is now standing in front of her totally naked, and does not seem to be concerned at all about being so!

Michelia only moments ago was protesting her innocence about animal sex, and has no idea what is going to happen as she willingly does as she was asked, and removes her clothes! The last to be removed are her panties and Randal's mum has asked for them? The woman holds them up to her nose inhaling Michelia's female ambiance for a moment then telling Mich that she needs them to show the way they train and how some of the dogs will react!
Mich now naked, is led by this equally nude black woman who has her panties,... through several areas where the dogs are being kept trained and bred! Explaining as she goes how they are trained and several of the things they are trained for, as guard dogs and dogs that chase wild game in game preserves and that they are also trained to sexually pleasure women! ….

Going on to say that the dogs, are then sold to female customers from around the world. The biggest market for them was from rich classy European women, this had become a new and trendy thing among these elite high dollar females! They are mostly sold to women in Western Europe, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Great Britain and even in the USA!.. These are women that have more than enough time and money to spend on such things, of pleasure indulgence, and sexual decadence!
For Michelia the guard dog thing seemed to be pretty normal, as well as dogs trained for hunting wild animals but the sex thing of pleasuring women certainly was not! Slightly shocked at first, as a perverted thought easily crosses her mind as she visually pictures these women, attractive hi class and well dressed walking their dogs on a leash around the streets of London or Berlin. Then behind closed doors being pleasured and then used sexually by these big dogs?....

Randall's mum then goes on to say, with another knowing smile that the dogs are also used and trained to chase game, but the game and these preserves they are used in are not to hunt wild animals,... they are used to chase and hunt naked young women! As the women, are the game, and the dogs are trained to chase, and tree them! The young women used in these perservers are also trained as game,.. or what many of their customers referred to them as, “Cunt Meat”! And that the other things the dogs were trained to do was more than just tree them?...

Michelia's reaction is stunned silence the sex thing with animals and older well to do women was one thing, but the visual shock in her mind of naked young women running through the woods being chased by dogs and hunted like exotic wild animals is almost unbelievable at first as it finally sinks in! The thought has left her feeling strange, and trembling, but incredibly stimulated! This has really perked her interest as she has had similar sinfully perverted sexual fantasy's about being naked and chased by wild dogs and even mated to beasts that are half man all with enormous cocks as a young woman! Young women being inspected for either the game preserve or the breeding farm!

Michelia has never told anyone about her fantasy's only Mike in some detail and Randall in passing, as this kind of sex is so unnatural perverted and horribly sinful! She cannot believe that something like this really exists? But there is even more perverted sexual things awaiting her as the tour continues?

Randal's mum has a phone call and tells Mich to wait for a moment, until she returns. Having some business to take care of, but to stay away from the two big bitzer's in the back pen, and leaves. She has left Mich in one of the big breeding kennels. Michelia is wandering around and there are several dogs in different breeding pens some single and others in pairs, most seem happy to see her!
But her curiosity about the big dogs in the back has drawn her towards the pens of Hercules & Argonaut they are a bastard breed, primitive, brutal, and violent!
They, are even larger vicious looking dogs, that are kept in a much stronger and secure chain link cage! At first they lay quite and view her suspiciously as she approaches them.

Since no one is around, she cautiously moved closer and closer to the big cage, a naively perverted thought of trying to tempt these, obviously wild and unruly dogs? Much like she had done with the big bull crosses her mind. It was a stupid thing to do, but deliciously exciting, and for a naked horny young woman reason was not part of the equation!.... Both dogs have slowly gotten up and have walked to the edge of the cage and were watching her intently as she came closer!

She now had what seemed like two very interested dogs, who's noses were touching the links, and decided to see if she could tease and tempt them even more!

With all her clothes off she had moved to a point only inches from the chain link cage, and had opened her legs bent her knees and pushing her cunt out that was now almost dripping with the sexual excitement of the moment,... up directly in their faces! Then Mich started playing with clit! Both of these big dogs were now drooling as they could smell her ripe scent, and they to had become quite excited! Mich, now being more and more excited, so seemed the dogs! She slowly had inched herself closer and closer bending her knees even more, the dogs were licking their chops and trying to stick their tongues through the links, and they were winning and trying to get at her! Mich was so excited now, that at first did not realize just how close she was getting!....
She finally could not stand it,... and with out thinking, pushed her bare tender wet cunt up close enough for their tongues to easily reach her slit!.. At this point it was all over for her!........OMG!...

The wet, warm and very coarse feeling of their long rough tongues on her equally wet stimulated slit!, and especially her clit immediately brought her to an trembling orgasm, much better than she had ever imagined! Oh! My, Oh! My.....Fucking Gawd!

It was incredible so... wonderful that her thighs were still helplessly trembling and her fingers were turning blue as she tightly clutched the chain link cage! She could hardly stand, and it was all she could do to hold herself now, as tightly as she possibly could pressing her wet cunt up forcefully against the links, So that the dogs could easily have their way with her!

They greedily took turns nipping and licking, giving her young body orgasm after orgasm!... She had no idea of time when she finally heard Randall's Mum call out curt and loudly,.. Hercules, Argonaut leave the girl alone, you bad... boys!.
They reluctantly moved back from her forceful command, but seemed to have enjoyed themselves! Mich in her condition had not really noticed just how large these animals were or how massive their animal pricks had become, while they had been pleasuring her!

She staggered away from the chain links barely able to stand as Randall's Mum helped hold her up with a look of concern, and said, I am not surprised to find you back here, I knew you were a perverted little slut, from the first time I laid eyes on you! Mich was sweating, her heart was still pounding, but her breathing had started to return to normal, and was not quite sure as to what had just happened?. Her cunt was still dripping, and Oh My Gawd, if this was animal sex boy did she ever want more!...

Randall's Mum said scolding her, that was a stupid thing to do these dogs are wild untrained and very unpredictable, you could have been seriously bitten! What if one had bitten your off your clit! Then with the last comment said here I will show you! Then tossed Mich's panties into the cage between the two dogs, Almost immediately the two dogs were viciously fighting over her panties and within several seconds they were ripped to shreds as each now had remnants and were down on their haunches greedily munching on the tattered rags, and really enjoying them!
The sight left Mich shaken as only moments ago these dogs had been pleasuring her most intimate female treasures! After this heart stopping display the tour continued through several doors to other rooms, and along one wall, Mich hears what she thinks is a young woman moaning and doing so quite pleasurably? Randall's Mum again with a knowing look does not try to stop Mich.
The noise has perked her curiosity, and she has to investigate. OMG! As she pushes the door open and walks into a room there is a young aboriginal woman is being hard fucked by one of these big well trained dogs! Michelia can only stare with her mouth open, having a person like Randall's mum tell of women being mated to dogs is one thing! But to actually see it in all its perverted glory is more than even her kinky young mind can at first absorb! The big dog intent on doing his business growls at Mich stopping her short, while doing his sinful business!

The young woman is totally naked on all fours and helplessly strapped onto a firm wooden fixture, that easily allows the big dog to have his way with her! This big dog is humping her at a rapid pace and the young woman is squealing moaning and obviously enjoying herself! Mich is again embarrassed but cannot seem to move or take her eyes off of this very perverted spectacle! As the big dog blows his load the girl screeches with delight!
Well, Randal's mum says I see you have now found out most everything that really goes on around here ! Don't worry all of the girls we use here are willing and above the age of consent! Answering a question that has not been asked! We use mostly young aboriginal girls to train the dogs, and the donkeys they love it and have a good time (Sexual intercourse being the meaning of a good time), and running naked in the bush while being chased by the dogs is something they are good at and love to do!
They are well taken care of and make more doing this than just spending money, so we have no shortage of girls wanting to come here. The camps they live in are barren poverty stricken and leave them with little to look forward to in the way of money fun or entertainment! For some of the girls this is the only way their family can make any money! The other advantage for them is that they can have all the sex they want with no fear of becoming pregnant, and this is quite the opposite of having sex with a potent young aboriginal male!

His Mum explains that the young aborigine women are good for most everything around the farm and get along well with the dogs. But most of the dogs that go to the preserves end up chasing white women! Mostly white Russians, these women are lured by the temptation of money and a job, they also come from hopeless poverty, and speak little english! The dogs are trained with mostly aboriginal women, but need to see white women in the same setting occasionally for several requirements of their training, and we might ask you to run naked in the bush and let the dogs chase you! You would like that wouldn't you? Michelia is still speechless from all she has seen, and heard! It is all so incredibly perverse but is very sexually exciting and now the thought of her, being naked and chased by dogs is ever more appealing, as she unconsciously and without thinking nods her head yes!

Michelia , just cannot believe she is being asked to work here and would get paid for doing so, as both her and her Mum have been treated as little more that unpaid domestics by her father! She would have done any and all of what she has been asked for nothing! The next several weeks are filled with all sorts of kinky sexual experiences? All only add to her zeal for more kinky and perverted sexual encounters!

On this day Randall has shown up and his mother has given him her thoughts about Mich saying that after spending time with her, I think she would be a wonderful girl for you son!...
Ever since the very first time Mike and Mich have had sex he has encouraged her to shave all of the hair off her CUNT ! For Michelia it is so sinful and perverse especially when it starts to grow out as the reddish brown prickly cunt hairs rubbing on her panties or only her jeans almost always leaves her stimulated and ready for sex!

Her father at first has a problem with his daughter working on this farm! Mich begs him to let her do so and says that she will still help with all the chores early and late that need to be done around their small cattle station.
But eventually he finds out that the owners are Negros and that they have a son Mich's age! Then he forbids her to go there, as he suspects and has accused her, and this young black male of being more than just friends! This is followed by even more accusations of her of having perverted sinful sex with this black youth, and of course he is right!....
Her father is mad as hell about Mich's willing disobedience of his will and that she wants to spend time with these black people, especially against his preachings and rigid dislike of them and has threaten to beat her!... Several days later and not long after this confrontation Randall has dropped her off some distance from her home, as Mich has asked!.
Her father has met her coming down the road mean as cats piss, threatening to shoot Randal,... and her Mum is pleading with him not to hurt her! Paying no attention to his wife has ripped her dress off!

The fact that Mich is wearing no grundies is bad enough, but with no hair on her pubic area at all! Her father has almost gone berserk with rage, like a cut snake now knows that she his daughter? Is a whore and a sex slut! This bare cunt of hers reinforces his thoughts of, how could she, be a daughter of his? Then marches her roughly down to the barn ties her hands over her head to a yard arm and hoists her up naked leaving her toes barely touching the ground!
Mich is pleading for her Father to stop, saying it was her all her fault and that she would not see this young black boy again! But her pleas fall on deaf ears, in the perverse excitement her cunt was becoming very moist as she now naked and helpless with her hands tied tight over her head, couldn't quite understand why?

Her father cursing bloody this and bloody that then takes his R M Williams solid leather belt from his (Strides) trousers as he approaches, her Mum is crying begging sobbing and pleading for him to show her some mercy? But her father roughly shoves his wife aside, and out of the way, then threatens her to stay the hell out of it! Mich now almost detached from what is happening was wondering what the belt would feel like?

Being tied up naked outside in the afternoon sunlight was intoxicating for Mich, as his leather belt found its mark! Her Father was incensed and crazy with racial hate rid as one sadistic whip after the other fell on her bare buttocks! She was swinging around and he could see her naked well shaved pubic mound with absolutely no reddish brown pubic hair at all!
The sight of this alone again threw him even deeper into a rage as he told her through clinched gritted teeth open your legs girl or I will tie them apart he yelled! Your pussy needs whipped, you slutty whore get them legs apart so I can whip this sinful place where you have let this black nasty bastard use you! Her father has spent his energy and in his rage is trying to whip her cunt and hold his belt less pants up all at the same time! Now in this rage from beating this naked young woman and the helpless sight of her has helplessly and against his will produced an incredible “crack a fat” hard on!

Then with a sadistic smile on his face as a real bouncer of a man he finally realizes this naked young whore of a woman could not possibly be a chaste sinless young daughter of his! He has thrown his belt down and has grabbed Mich around the waist pulled her bottom back towards him and with an incredible dog balls hard dick and forces it up into her stinging swollen well whipped pussy, this has lifted her toes completely off the ground! Just as he completes his lustful full thrust into her he has the most bewildered look on his face,... as he not having sex for so long instantly ejaculates and has a cardiac stroke,.. all at the same time!

Mich's Mum cannot believe what has happened? As her husband only moments ago was this strong virile mean raging brick shit house of a man incensed with beating his naked daughter was now slumped against her, his arm released its tight grip and he slowly sank to the ground! As this happened his still hard his old fella came free and spurted out in every direction its incredible pent up cum load!

Her Mum is not sure what to do, not knowing who to help first and finally has tried to help her stricken husband! Mich can do nothing to help! Thankfully Randall after dropping Mich off had a bad feeling about all of this, and had gotten out of his truck. He had been watching from a distance not quite sure what to do. But was mesmerized as he got closer, by Mich being bitched cussed and cursed at, as a slut and a whore. He was about to intervene as he could not bare to see her whipped, but what stopped him was the look on her face, the look of perverse sexual bliss, OMG! She seemed to enjoy being naked strung up and to have her breasts bottom and especially her pubic area beaten with a leather belt!

He first helped her Mum get her father into the house and a call was made for the closest paramedics. In this rural area it would be almost an hour until any kind of medical assistance , a rapid response ambulance would arrive, her father mumbling incoherently was still alive and would recover to some extent, but would never cuss at, or beat her again! Michelia's cunt is almost dripping now after her belting as she hangs there naked and helpless gobsmacked not quite sure about what has happened!

In several minutes Randell has returned and before freeing her grinning like a shot fox, after which has grabbed a handful of her dripping well shaven cunt! Michelia, responds with a pleasurable moan! Then has released the rope to the yard arm letting her and her arms down from this helpless position! For Mich it has been an experience she will never forget? Being whipped naked outdoors with others watching has stimulated her most sadistic and perverted thoughts! Her father has survived, will recover and after several months of intensive care is now in a rest home in Sidney. He remembers little of his old life and is a broken shell of his former self.
Michelia and her mother at first are worried sick that they will not be able to survive as they battered and have never had much in the way of money, and were always barely scraping by! Not knowing that her father has left them much better off than they both had imagined. Apparently after looking through his business account, and his personal effects have discovered a stash! It is a large amount of money, gold and silver coins along with a lot of currency in an old trunk, as he did not believe in banks!

He had done much better with their small cattle station than he had let on! Making them believe they were barely getting by, and after this trunk full of coin was converted along with the currency would leave Mich and her mother with more than enough money, a new life and liberated freedom that neither knew existed.

NSW in Australia where their farm was located has a large aboriginal population but not exclusively, even these aboriginal bush camps have non aboriginal police, teachers and medical professionals. Female and child abuse had been rampant in the camps until the Govt. banned alcohol. But a lot of aboriginal men after the ban would leave the camps and gather in public parks to drink after dark, and most whites especially women did not go there! They also have smaller bush camps where there are no whites at all, like the one where Mich had run naked and did so brazenly only several weeks earlier!

It did not take long for the word to get around the local area that her father was no longer in the picture and within several days, the realization of this had brought several of the men from the nearest aboriginal camp. The one that Mich had ran through naked that night, they looking for work! Her Mum now in charge with no worries had hired several of the very men that had chased and almost caught her adventurist and very naked young daughter, to help with the cattle!

This left Mich free to spend as much time as she wants at breeding farm, and not having to worry about their cattle farm has been enjoying her self with Randall, his Mum the dogs and all of the incredible sexual kinky and perverse things that go on at the breeding farm?
Randal has dropped her off at her front door after another interesting day on the farm, and upon entering the house, hears some rather strange noises of perverse sex? Investigating, she has gone to her mothers room, where the noises are coming from? The door is cracked slightly and those in her Mums bedroom are engrossed in some wild and kinky sex!
OMG! Its Mich's Mum! She is stark assed nuddy on her knees on the bed and one of the aborigine men is fucking her mum hard from the rear holding her hands behind her back, and the other has his black dick all the way down her throat, face fucking her! Apparently she is really enjoying this sexual attention as she is making the most pleasurable sounds of blissful satisfying sex something that Michelia has never heard her mother make!

At about this time all three get off and climax together! Michelia, cannot believe that her Mum a woman that has only had sex a few times in her life has easily become a willing sexual plaything for these newly hired aboriginal men! In her shock, she has opened the door wide and with out thinking horrified at first yelling for them to leave her alone, then has hollered out MUM! ….. What the hell are you doing?
Her mother with the most incredible look of wonder and the sexual bliss after a most satisfying orgasm, and with big black cocks in both ends, has the look of a guilty school girl being caught (sprung) after a Grads dance playing stinky finger in the back seat of a Holden Commodore sedan, with her first boyfriend at one o'clock in the morning!

After the recovery and shock on both their parts, her mum has pulled herself free and wiped the cum from her lips swallowing some and is finally able to talk! Well dear you and Randall seemed to be having a really good time of it and me not having any kind of meaningful sex for years. I invited these men in to thank them for there help, and as you can see they are not bludgers at all! One thing led to another and they seemed to enjoy how I chose to thank them, and we have been at it for the last several hours!
Both of these aboriginal men root rats had sheepish grins on their faces and were all smiles at being able to give Mich's Mum some pleasurable sexual relief and was so rapt!

Nex tin chapter 3 Jack Donkeys marriage to her boyfriend Mike and a move to Sidney?.......

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