up in northern Italy
I looked into the bag and pulled out a bag of grayish powder "Itching Powder". "I thought this was just a gag and didn't really work, but I guess they must have put this on your beds."
"Yeah, we are all itching like hell, what do we do about it?" asked Bailey.
"We'll figure that out on a minute, let's keep looking to see what else this bitches did." exclaimed Mary

Tara reached across me placing her massive boob on my arm "What's this?" pulling a small package with a blue pill still in one slot and teh other slot empty. "VIAGRA, look guys it says VIAGRA! This is what that actor got the four day boner with."
"I guess that's why you have that massive boner. I thought it was because we were naked." said Shannon
Tara reached down squeezing it "Damn, I guess it does work. Holy shit! Did you take that before the showers too?"
"No, they must have put it in that Diet Coke they gave me" pulling her hand off of it.
"Damn, that might last the whole tournament!" Said Lindsey
"Does it hurt?" asked Mary
"It is starting to, but that is probably from the over stimulation." looking at her wet crotch.
I started pulling out a bunch of different colored Sharpies. "We'll get their asses back" Taylor said as she as she bent over picking every one of them out of the bag. Not sure if she knew that her ass was about two inches from my face but like I said before it had to be the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. I could smell her sex and it was amazing. Actually, the whole cabin was smelling like wet pussy and it was driving me wild. She had this small g-string that barely covered her slit and her asshole was peeking out around the string.
Bailey saw this and started the chant "kiss it kiss it kiss it" they all joined in. Taylor finally figured it out and just as she turned to look at me I planted a massive kiss right on her ass. I licked every bit of it pulling the string aside and tonguing her anus. I wanted to taste her pussy as I could taste a little of her juices on her taint. I saw her little nub pressing against the fabric and zoned it sucking on it through her panties. Every one was laughing except Taylor as she bucked in orgasm. I could not understand how it could be so easy for these girls to climax like that or why their clits and pussies were so swollen. Her juices oozing out and down her leg I leaned in and licked some off that was right on the side of her slit. She sat back on my other leg kissing me passionately as her orgasm subsided. The cabin became silent as I went back in and licked the juices off of her leg. Bailey jumped in again "we didn't say to kiss that!"
"All you said was kiss it. I wanted to be sure that I got "it"."
Shannon had her hand over her pussy like she was trying to cover it up, but from my angle I could see that one finger was missing. "That's not fair! Maybe we should all line up then." Mary, Paola, and Bailey "yeah, really!!!"
My cock twitched a the thought of tasting all of their pussies and we were way past being appropriate.

I looked into the bag again pulling out a small lotion bottle "Vigorel? What the hell is this? I have never heard of this stuff." I read the side of the bottle and started to understand what was going on. "sex topical stimulant, place a dab on the clitoris and vulva. Increases sexual drive and sensitivity." Damn "I guess that's why you guys are so aroused" looking directly at Shannon as her face was red, but not from embarrassment.
I think that she liked the fact that I knew what she was doing as I could see her chest rise and fall at a quicker rate and her stomach muscles started twitching.
Taylor had sat back on the couch.
"Oh my god" said Mary...sitting on my the leg where Taylor was "place a dab on the clitoris and vulva,,,that means those bitches fondled our shit! I would say that we got more than just a dab though. I don't know about the rest of ya'll but this shit is working overtime on me" Leaning back against me as I put my arm around her waste resting my hand on her muscular abs. "That shit is like rape if you ask me." I saw as she turned her head nestling her face in my neck that she had tears flowing down her cheeks. I am glad that I was not one of them as they did not seem to be tears of sadness they seemed to be tears caused by holding in rage. She turned placing both legs between mine and her hip against my stomach kissing me on the cheek and then neck wrapping her arms around me. My hand fell naturally down to her ass and she didn't protest, but actually strengthened her hug kissing my neck again. I stroked her big muscular ass, but not in a sexual manner but a soothing one. It didn't hurt that she was such a beautiful woman.

Cassidy pulled a couple of pills out of the bag "what the hell are these" holding up a horse sized pill with a cursive looking "R" on them.
Lindsey responded "Probably roofies. I bet they dissolved on in the bottle we all drank out of, which is probably why we slept through them writing on us and touching our shit"

Mary grunted "We have to get those bitches back, I would beat their asses if they were awake right now" her body tensing in anger. I squeezed her ass making her loosen up and think about something else.
"Let's clean you guys up first, at least get rid of the itching."
Amanda and Mary stood up waiting for the other girls to move so that they could get out both of their asses at my eye level. I leaned forward giving each a long wet kiss on the ass cheek. Mary reached back stroking the back of my head as I did.
I grabbed a box of Oatmeal out of our food bag and a bottle of olive oil poring it in a big water bottle with some water making a slushy paste and shaking the bottle to mix it up. While I was working at the sink Mary laid against me with her arms around my waste. Her nipples poking me in the back as she rubbed them against me. "Oh my god, this feels so right" as she kissed my shoulders. Her hands ran down my belly under my waistband grabbing my erection and fondling every part of my hard cock and balls. She was right, it did feel so right but at the wrong time. I nudged her belly with my butt and she pulled her hands out so I could turn around. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't"
"Don't be sorry, I wasn't complaining. It was just the wrong time" She gave me a big hug and kissed me on the lips.

I put a little on my hands "Can I test it on you?" as she reached down pulling her panties off and nodding yes.
The rest of the girls watched as I started at her shoulders massaging a light film of it cupping her breasts stroking it on her nipples. She shivered under my touch. I kept going down her belly into her pubic area. "I've never done it coach..." she told me. "And we're not going to change that now either." Smiling up at her to assure her that she was safe in my hands. As I rubbed her legs down her beautiful slit in my sights, there was something about it that was drawing me in even before I knew that she was a virgin. She was still stroking my head with a hand on each side. As my hands arrived at the top of her thigh she spread her feet about a foot apart. I rubbed back through her legs and up her ass and then over to the other side starting back down the other leg. As I reached through to her ass my mouth was an inch or less from her sex. the aroma was intense and exhilarating. She quivered in anticipation as I breathed on it. It was visibly opening again in excitement. This time I got to the top and then rubbed her pussy running my finger through her slit. Her body bucked as I hit her clit and her juices started down her legs as she tightened her grip on my hair almost pulling it out. I turned her around and rubbed her back down with it paying special attention to her ass and running my finger through her slit one last time sucking her juices off of my finger after I did. The taste of her sex was good, but did not go well with the mixture that was also on my finger.
"How's that?"
"I'm asking if you still itch?"
"Oh, no. It worked..."

I spent the next ten minutes doing a couple of more like Taylor, Amanda, and Paola.
"We need to get them before they go waking up!" said Tara
"What are you going to do" I asked
"Some of the same of what they did to us" said Lindsey
"Can the rest of you wait? We still need to get the Sharpie off of you all as well. Looking at these three, the stuff doesn't come off easy."
"We can wait, let's go get them." responded Shannon

As they took the bag and headed out Paola bent over to pick up one of the Sharpies and I buried my tongue in her still swollen and wet pussy. She pushed back against my face as I ate her pussy and tongued her anus. "What did I do to deserve that?" she asked
"I wanted to get a better taste ever since I got the little one earlier." A wave of orgasm hit her as I dove back in sucking her clit.

My balls were ready to explode as Amanda looked back with a devilish grin knowing what I just did with Paola. Holding the dark tent open pushing her as back towards me after Paola passed. I licked her slit from top to anus and then entered. Aanda's tatse pushed me over the edge enough that precum was oozing out producing a round wet spot around my tip.

They each had a marker, but were just looking at the three with their asses up in the air. "You should each write your initials in the middle of their backs or each just write "thanks" somewhere on their bodies."

"We are not sure that we just want to do the same thing that they did." said Cassidy.

Shannon handed me the bottle of vigorel "You need to do this, we aren't touching their junk."
I got down on my knees behind each one applying quite a bit to each of their open pussies and fingering circles around their anuses. Their pussies swelled and became wet quickly. Jackie's seemed as though it was filled with perfume, with her big lips hanging out. I continued to rub each of them longer than I needed to making sure to push a finger in each and getting a taste. I played a while with Jordan's big beautiful ass as I am an ass man. I actually shoved a finger up to the first knuckle into Dillon and Jackie's asses. I was way past my explosion threshold and my balls were starting to hurt.

Next they had me rub some of the itching powder on each of their assholes.
"So, are we done?"
"What else can we do? Maybe you should just fuck them" said Tara
"Fuck them in the ass" blurted Mary.
"I am not going to rape them, touching them all over without their consent was probably already too much."
"Don't you want to? We'll testify for you if it comes to it!" said Taylor

"What about honeysuckle?" said Shannon "Do you know what that is?"
"Oh, yes I do, but how do you know about that?"
"My biological father was in the Army and I heard he and his friends joking about it one time when they got drunk."
Everyone voted and bailey returned with a little bear full of honey. "So what do we do with it? put it on their bodies and let the ants do the rest?"
"No, we have to put it on the end of his penis and then he puts it under their noses waiting for them to start suckling and he puts it on their lips. Once their sucking his cock we get a picture of the dick in their mouths on an Iphone." instructed Shannon
Tara took the bottle "Can I do the first one?" as I nodded yes she knelt in front of me pulling my boxers off. Gripping the base she took the head into her mouth. "See, I don't need honey". Many others chimed in "me either"...

We rolled them onto their backs and I knelt down next to Dillon, Tara grabbed my cock in her hand unable to wrap her fingers all the way around it. "Damn, I have long fingers for a girl and they won't touch around it." Each of them came around to try. Bailey was a bit hesitant.
"The first time I saw one was in the showers today" She reached down holing it in bewilderment not wanting to quit once she did.
"I'll be coming soon if you have never seen that before either."
"Only in movies, can I hold it while you do?"
"I'll let you know when."

Tara took it back from Bailey putting a couple of drops on the end. She also put a bit on her finger placing that under Dillon's nose and the other hand holding it up to her lips. She started stroking and I had to stop her as I was ready to shoot already. Sure enough she started to suckle drawing the head into her mouth and they took a picture. I checked the camera to be sure that they only got my cock in the picture.

Next was Jackie. Mary stepped up licking the end of my cock and then putting the honey on. Taylor and Cassidy were standing on wither side and I was playing with their asses while Mary pushed my erection towards Jackie's mouth. Jackie started suckling as well and it felt great as my penis went into her mouth.
They got the picture.

Last was Jordan. I was looking forward to having her dick sucking lips around my cock. Shannon reached down grabbing my cock and then licking the shaft and sucking the head then putting the honey on it. It took a little longer, but Jordan finally started to suckle. Her lips were pulling me further and further into her mouth. I was ready to go. "Bailey!"
Cassidy jumped in "wait, come on their asses!" It didn't matter to me as I just needed the relief.
We move down and they rolled them over. I my erection up against Jordan's pussy. Bailey pulled it up between Jordan's ass cheeks and started to stroke it.
"how's that?" as I played with her ass leaning down and sucking one of her nipples in my mouth. She moaned in acceptance asking me not to stop. I stopped as I readied to cum turning so I would hit all three of them. Bailey's breath quickened as I reached around in front of her playing with her pussy.

They all gasped as I painted Jordan's ass and then sprayed a couple of ropes on the other two. My cock jumping in Bailey's hand as I continued to cum spewing all over. That plus my teasing fingers caused her to explode in orgasm screaming loudly as it happened. My cum was all over the girls and my finger was in Bailey as I continued to shoot. Amanda then bent down taking it in her mouth and licking teh cum off of it.


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