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the ending to my story
The next morning I awoke to the sound of moaning on the bed. Abby was licking Kellys pussy at a furious pace. I instantly got hard as a diamond in a ice storm. I stood up, streched and walked over to Kelly.

"Looks like someones up." Kelly said.

"Yeah well its hard to sleep with someone moaning the ass off." I said

"Im sorry I woke you up, here let me take care of that." She said looking at my boner.

She then grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth and started sucking. I reach down and play with her tits while Abby is still licking. Kelly then took my cock out of her mouth and grabbed Abbys ass and turned her around so they were in a 69 position. This didnt stop Abby from licking Kellys clit, then I saw Kelly stick out her tounge and give Abbys pussy a lick.

"HOLY SHIT!!!!!!" I said with excitment.

Kelly kept licking Abbys pussy untill I saw her tounge disapper into Abbys doggy cunt. I couldnt take it anymore, I got on my knees and shoved my cock into my sisters tight wet pussy. I fucked her as fast as I could, and it wasnt long before I was cumming. I shot 4 huge shots, 2 in her pussy and 2 on Abbys face.

After rcovering I asked Kelly "Ok. You want some breakfast?"

I always loved cooking for some reason. My mom had taught me alot of stuff about it.

"Sure what are you gonna make?" Kelly asked with her eyes closed still in aftershock of her orgasm.

"I dont know what do you want?" I replied.

"How about eggs and biscuts and gravy?" She said.

"Sounds good to me. Be done in about 15 mins." I said walking into the kitchen.

After breakfast we sat on the couch and watched Bar Rescue and talked.

"So..." Kelly said. "You know we cant tell anyone about us right?"

"Im not stupid. Ofcourse I know we cant tell anyone." I replied.

"Ok. Just making sure." She said.

Abby finally came out of Kellys room and jumped on the couch and sat inbetween us. We started to pet her then she rolled over wanting a belly rub. As I rubbed her belly she kept pushing her back end up into the air.

"I think she wants something." Kelly said with a smirk on her face.

"Well lets see." I said slipping a finger into Abbys slit.

Abby then pushed up and my whole finger entered her pussy. As the heat of her pussy engulfed my finger I started to wiggle it in and out. Then we hear a knock at the door. I quickly pull my finger out of Abby pussy and awnser the door. As I open it I see Brian standing there. The sudden urge to punch him in the face came over me but I held back.

"What the fuck do you want asshole?" I asked.

"Hey kid calm down I came to apoligize, I understand your pissed, I get it but just let me talk to her and see if we cant get thing to settle down." He said calmly.

"Alex, why dont you go play your Call Duty War game thing." Kelly said.

"You mean Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2?" I say sarcasticly.

"Whatever it is, just play it for 10 mins." She said.

"Fine." I say walking to my room.

I go into my room and close the door but I wasnt gonna play my game. I cracked my door just enough to put my ear out.

"Look I know I fucked up and Im sorry." I hear Brian say.

"That still doesnt make it ok, I mean it was with your brothers girlfriend." Kelly said.

I know, but we were both wasted and shit just happened." Brian said.

"You see thats your excuse for everything. "Shit just happened." You know what just go its fucking over." Kelly said with anger.

"Kelly come on just think... "I'VE HAD 3 FUCKING DAYS TO THINK ABOUT IT YOU FUCKING PRICK. GET THE FUCK OUT!" She interupted at the top of her voice.

"Fine." Brian said as he walked out the door.

I hear Kelly get off the couch so I sit on my bed and start up a game. She opens the door.

"Alex, fuck me now I need to destress." She said.

"Allright." I said

I then turn off my game and take off my clothes. Then I call Abby who comes running in and jumps on the bed and lays on her back. Kelly then gets on her knees and start to lick Abby pussy. I go to the front of Abby and she starts licking my dick. After I get hard enough I go around and start to fuck Kelly. As the passion increases so does my speed and soon I was fucking at a furious pace. I could tell kelly was close to orgasming so I slowed down a bit to tease her.

"Dont tease me asshole." She said jokingly.

"What, put it in your asshole... ok" I said.

I pull out my dick and put it on her tight little hole.

"NO DONT DO IT." She yelled.

I then took my dick and slapped her little hole with it then put it back in her pussy.

"Oh you little fucker dont do that again." Kelly said.

"Just fuckin with you sis." I said as I continue to fuck her pussy.

After a few more mins I feel my orgasm start to biuld.

"Oh sis watching you eat Abbys pussy is so hot Im gonna cum." I said.

"Yes thats it, cum inside me." Kelly said in pure pleasure.

"Oh fuck I... I... Im cumming." I yelled.

"So am I." Kelly said as she squirted all over my cock and on the floor.

As Kelly stood up she walked over to Abbys head and squated down. I took her place at Abbys pussy and began to eat her wet, tight pussy out. I let my tounge flick over her puffy doggy lips then sunk my tounge all the way in. The dogs jucies tasted almost as good as Kellys, but were thicker. As I continue to tounge fuck Abby, Kelly yells out "Im cumming" and falls on the bed.

"Wow sis you were right she does taste good."I said.

After licking for about 3 mins my dick started to get hard again. It looked like Kelly was passed out cause she didnt awnser. So I got on my knees and placed my cock on her puffy cunt lips. I then gently entered Abby as she let out a small growl not a bad growl but a good one like when you make them beg for a treat.

"Oh shit" I said felling her tight pussy engulf my big cock.

"Oh my god that was amaz...Oh wow." Kelly said coming down off her orgasm high.

I wasnt gonna last long with how tight Abby was so I took it as slow as I could. As if I wasnt going fast enough Abby started to push back making me go even deeper. I couldnt hold back any longer and I shot 3 giant loads of cum into her doggy cunt. As soon as I came Abby let out a loud howl as if she was cumming too. I slowly pulled out of Abbys cunt and let our cum leak to the floor.

"Holy........Shit.......That was.......Amazing." I said breathing deeply.

After Abby licked up the mess we all made Kelly and I lit up a joint and fell aslep in eachothers arms with Abby in the middle.



Its been 3 mounths since Kelly and I have been fucking. Kelly is now 2 months pregnat and we are hoping its a girl. I got a job working half-time at a walmart as a bagger. And we still fuck every day and we inclued Abby as much as possilbe.

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2016-12-25 19:24:49
Such a wonderful

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2015-03-21 19:51:27
Who in the hell comes here for the spelling? O_o

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2013-08-31 08:34:11
Um noooooooooooo
The whole thing. Just noooooo
Youtreat the sex to casually and it takes all the magic out of it.
Also your grasp of dog anatomy is severely lacking.

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2013-08-23 20:27:52
Good story line ruined by bad spelling. Meh.


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2013-07-07 13:34:54
Why can't you wannabe writers at least learn to spell "tongue"?
You consistently spelled the word as "tounge" (sic).
Since you cannot spell, perhaps you could have SOMEONE else proof-read this stuff for you.

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