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wife comes to find out our past is our future
“this report can't be accurate. The asshole probably followed a crazy hooker or something instead of my wife. I have to check this out. No way he's right. I just can't divorce her on what could very well be and is most likely the wrong person. I'll just go to this address and see if she's there. If she is then I would have to guess the report is true. Guess I'll find out in a bit.”

Jack then proceeds to pack up his stuff. Not that he's been around long enough to unpack it all. He proceeds to check out of his hotel figuring either way he's not going to be back. Jack gets into his rental, enters the address into the navigation and is off to find truth or something like that. He's panicking the whole trip wondering what he'll do if the report is right. After a little while, jack turns the corner to where the house where Pam is supposed to be staying. He parks a single house knowing that she wouldn't look for him to be there or in that car. He waits over two hours when a car pulls up. The two occupants open the doors. And there she is. Not dressed like he was describing. She looks perfectly normal. Sure her sun dress is a little short but not slutty. They make their way into the house. Jack now wondering the validity of the report. After all it is her and she is at this address. He waits a bit then sneaks his way over to a large bush that offers him protection from the prying eyes of anyone around. Slowly trying not to make a sound Jack makes his way to the window.

Just as Jack gets to the window he notices the window is closed. Jack pauses then looks around. He notices the building adjacent to him. He stares for a minute.

“That must be where he sat as he watched. From that window there”.

Jack sneaks out of the spot he was in and casually makes his way over to the abandoned house. With no one around he enters the house slowly looking for inhabitants.

“Good, no one home”.

Jack makes his way to the window in which he plans on doing his spying from. Just as he gets to the window he notices a small envelope with his name on it. He slowly opens the letter and begins to read as he glances to the house across the lot.

“Jack, obviously you don't take advice from others if you are reading this. under the chair ,which I have left specifically for you because I knew you couldn't just take my word for it. There is a box with binoculars and a device that looks like a hearing aid. The device will let you hear anything from the many nano microphones which are planted on her things. The range is about 50 yards depending on interference. I still recommend you pack up and go home but if you insist, don't say I didn't warn you.”

Jack, with no intention on just leaving inserts the listening device and grabs the goggles to see whats going on. He looks in and see's the guy sitting on the edge of the bed facing him with his legs spread and his cock,erect out for viewing. Pam is no where to be seen. Then as if on cue, Jack see's Pam crawling on the bed behind this guy completely naked. Pam reaches around his left shoulder with her arm hugging the man and with her other arm reaches under his right arm, around his waist and grabbing this guys 9 inch beer can cock. She slowly begins to stroke it as she tells him how much she loves his huge cock.

Jack is totally mortified. The investigator is right. She is cheating on him. Jack now deflated,lets his arms drop to his side and his head sinks. Jack can't believe what he saw his sweet young wife doing. His thoughts drift and are suddenly snapped back when he hears the guy tell his wife how much of a whore she is and how he's going to love his big cock tearing her holes apart and later watching her get her brains fucked out.

Jack quickly pulls us the binoculars to see Pam with her legs spread wide, riding the guy reverse cowgirl, facing him. He has a clear view of this guys monstrous cock going in and out of his wife. They in sudden realization,

“HOLY SHIT, he's in her ass” he says loudly to himself. Jack is shocked that his wife could take suck a huge cock, much less take it in her ass. She rides his cock at a steady slow pace as if to prolong the ass fucking session. Jack looks on, watching his cock go in and out of her ass something which he himself has never done. She impales herself half way at first. Then she thrust her hips down trying to wedge more of that massive cock into her ass. After several attempts she is finally able to take that 9 very fat 9 inch cock all the way to the balls. An incredible feat considering her small frame. The guy reaches around to rub her clit at the same time holding her down on his cock.

Pam leans back onto his chest turning her head to kiss him. They lock in a passionate kiss while the guy ever so slowly begins to pivot his pelvis sliding his cock in and out of her ass. He pulls out almost to the tip of his cock then slowly sliding his cock balls deep in her ass. The kiss stops after about a minute but the slow pace of her ass fucking goes on for a good 10 minutes. After a while watching he notices his wife's pussy. Her pussy which was once neat and tight looking now looks huge. Her lips hang open clearly seeing her opening which is gaping even though it has not yet received a cock. Her pussy gapes enough to slide a golf ball in with out touching the sides even though she has a cock in her ass. Her pussy is soaked wet and she is moaning like Jack has never heard before. He watches intently, seeing his wife getting fucked excites and enrages him all at once. Through the emotions, he can't deny the extreme hard-on in his pants. His cock is so hard it hurts to be held in his pants. Subconsciously he begins to reach for his cock then quickly removes his hand refusing to jerk off watching his wife getting fucked.

Jack gets the idea to call her. He reaches for the phone and calls her. He watches as she looks toward her phone and asks the guy to give her her phone. The guy reaches for the phone handing it to Pam all the while Pam never stopping her stride on the cock in her asshole. She leans back on one arm while looking at the phone with her other never breaking stroke.

“shit, it's my husband”.

The guys smiles,

“answer it, just tell him you are working out. It'll be fun”.

Pam shakes her head.

“no way, I'll call him back later”.

Pam hands the phone to the guy to put on the table. The guy laughs, opens her phone and hands it back to her now answered.

Pam now flustered falls on the cock impaling herself fully on the cock. All 9 inches of his bear can cock are lodged deep in her ass as she whimpers out a “hello?”

“hey Pam, whats up?”

“Oh not much,just doing a little work out. Hows your trip?”

they continue a little back and forward chat as any couple would while apart. Jack watches as Pam sits on the cock with out moving while they talk. The guy under her has no intention of remaining still. He starts to pump in and out of her. Pulling out half his cock before going balls deep in her ass. Every time he goes in deep Pam lets out a whimper.

“Pam? What the hell are you doing over there?

“I'm working out. I already told you”.

“Well from here it sounds like your getting fucked”

Pam panics slightly which Jack notices thru the binoculars.

“yeah what ever Jack”

Jack see's the guy she is riding grab the phone and puts it on hands free. Now the guy can hear the conversation as he impales Pam with his cock. Jack, now emotionally wrecked figures he's going to mess with his soon to be ex-wife.

“Ah babe, I have a bit of a situation. I have to stay out here a couple more days. Probably like 5 or 6 working days more which means I wont be home for about a week and a half. There is a catastrophe at one of the plants and I have to stay and fix it before I can come homes so, you'll be able to stay there for a little while longer.”

Jack smiles knowing that the guy just heard what he has said and the guy is now smiling. They exchange some more words all the while Jack watches his wife getting fucked. He taps Pam on the head. Pam quickly bounces off his cock and is immediately on her knees. The guy rises and is now jacking off his cock just over Pam's face. Jack takes this moment to tell Pam that he loves her. Just as she begins to respond the guy splashes several shots of cum all over face and mouth. Pam, now with a cum soaked face reply’s,

“I love you too” as she licks her lips clean of cum.

Jack cant help but cover the phone and laugh but wants to cry all at the same time.

“I have to run. I'll talk to you later”.

Jack watches as the guy sticks his softening cock in her mouth.

“well well, looks like we're gonna have you around for at least another week. Guess we're gonna have to find out if your unbreakable pussy is really unbreakable. I'm gonna see how guys you can fuck in a week.”

Pam looks mortified and Jack hears the guy laugh.
The guy lightly taps Pam on the head then walks away telling pan to get ready for tonight. Pam still on the floor sitting on her heals with a face full of cum, ponders the conversation with her husband and can't believe her bad luck on jack calling at that exact moment telling her that he's not going to be home with that guy listing in on the conversation. She realizes that she has no choice but to be this guys slave for at least another week. She's made it this far and so far she's been able to keep her dark secret away from Jack. Then thinking back to her current situation she wonders if the guy will really have her do what he said and if she could actually do it. Pam rises and walks out of view. Jack can only hear noises from the room. Noises of running water and glasses in the distance. He hears nothing worth noting in the next couple hours. The television, radio, not much chatter. Just after dark he notices Pam dressing in a white super tight dress with a very open front and barely long enough to just cover her little ass cheeks. No panties or bra. Thigh highs and white laces up over calf boots. Really hot actually. Not an outfit he has ever seen before. He finds himself lusting after his own wife.

Not much later they leave the house. Jack immediately
run out of the house he is in and dashes long ways around to his car as he watches them pull away. Quickly he chases after them and soon catches up to them staying a little ways back. He follows them to an old country style house with a huge wrap around porch. There is a gravel lot next to the house. The lot is pretty full. The guy drops Pam off at the door and proceeds to pull around to park his vehicle. Jack waits on the street till he see's the guy enter the house before moving in the lot to park.

Jack hangs around his car for a while surveying the happenings. There are several groups of guys hanging is different spots through out the property. A steady stream of cars pulling in and parking. Jack slowly makes his way towards the house coming up to a group of guys just out side of the front doors. Jack over hears,

“man, I hope they call our wrist band colors first. I don't mind a little sloppy seconds but I've been on the back side of one of these events and it gets pretty fucking sloppy. All her holes are ruined after a while”.

This peaks Jacks interest and decides to hang near these guys as they are obviously in the know and Jack believes he could find out a great deal from these guys. Jack looks around for a close spot to hide out and ease drop. Back and forth he looks with no luck then out of nowhere he hears

“Hey there, you look lost, can I help you out there pal.”

Jack quickly looks for some one else. Points a finger to his chest

“you talking to me?”

the guy from the group simply states “yeah”

what luck, Jack is soon in the group talking about the nights events.

“hey guys, this is my first time around here. The guy at the hotel told me about this party going on here and promised me a good time if I came but I have no idea what this is or what to do”.

Total bullshit but Jack couldn't exactly tell them the truth. The guys laugh and chuckle.

“buddy, we hear that all the time. I think they get tips or something”

everyone laughs again including Jack. They make brief introductions.

“Carlos,Bob,Carl,Nick, I'm Jim. O k, now you know who we are”

“I'm jack”

“well,Jack. I see you don't have a wrist band yet. I can take you to get one if ya want”.

Jack glances at the guys and they all have different color wrist bands except one.

“what are the wrist bands for. He doesn't have one?”

“they dictate the order we go in. they'll put the order on the white board over there. This way there is some order. Solid colors represents veteran cock. The stripe are the newbies. And Carl over there, has a dog tag. That means he's paid and had a recent std panel done and he'll be participate in the breed”.

Jack cant help but ask

“whats the breed?”

“It's a select group of guys, usually around 30 that will fuck her for three hours without condoms and everyone will come in her hence, breed. They are the only ones able to fuck without a rubber. That's the rules”.

Jack is stunned to silence. After 30 seconds or so

“ Can I get in on it”

“naw dude. everything takes place 1 week before the event. That way there is time for results and time for the tags. The tags are name specific. That way no one else can get in and put everyone at risk. Personally I don't get into it because at the end her pussy is fucking wrecked. Cum everywhere. Just not my thing but since she's been gone for so long, they've been fucking her and cumming in her all week. If she isn't pregnant by now she sure will after this party”.

Jack now impressed at the organization of the event

“wow you guys must have been doing this a while to be this organized.”

“yeah, its been a while. It started with a buddy of mine who first turned her out. They dated for a bit then he convinced her to let him bring a friend in and fuck her. Once that happened it never went back. He would bring one then two, till he was bringing over guys by the dozen. I got in towards the beginning. We would meet up after school and fuck her in cars, parks, behind dumpsters, she seemed to like that for some reason. We'd fuck her anywhere we could find space. We'd take her to parties and she would spend the entire night being fucked in one of the bed rooms. Just a constant line of guys at every party.”

Jack quickly realizes that what she was telling him was the truth. Jack listen to the rest of his story

“After about 6 months of fucking her everywhere, she convinced her dad to set up a little space for her in the basement. He didn't mind cause she never got into trouble and was good in school. So he set up a small bedroom for her and that was the best thing that happened for us anyway. There was a side door that couldn't be seen from any windows in the house and had a nice path that was covered in bushes so no one could see all the guys going to and from the house. It was perfect.

Once that happened we simply went to her basement and fucked her there. Her parents were happy because she was at home. little did they know that their little princess was being fucked silly right under their nose. Literally.”

Jack was so enthralled at what he's hearing you could have set off a bomb and he wouldn't have missed a word.

“One time her parents were away on vacation and we had a 2 day gang bang in her parents room. Probably 50 guys fucked her on her parents bed. Another time we made her wear her mothers wedding dress and ran a train on her in the wedding dress. During that one one of the guys used her dad's pillow to prop up her ass. There was cum all over the dress and pillow. Not sure if and how she cleaned it up. One time during thanks giving dinner, she would sneak away into the basement and get fucked by different guys every time she went down. I was told that she fucked 9 guys during thanks giving. No one in her family found out. Dude I could go on for ever. It never stopped.”

Jack trying to fit in bellowed out “what a whore. She is a worthless skank.”

immediately Jim snapped at jack

“dude, she is a slut yes but do not disrespect her in front of us or anywhere around here. We all think of her like a dear friend. We just fuck her is the only difference. You could very easily get your ass beat for saying bad shit about her. You are only allowed to call her dirty names when your fucking her. Otherwise, respect her and keep it nice. Assholes will be beaten and banned. We've done it a ton of times.”

Jack puts up his hands.

“Hey guys, sorry. I didn't mean to be an asshole. I wont do it again”.

“good to hear. Why don't you go get a wrist band. We'll be here having some beers”.

Jack chats a few more seconds and excuses himself to go and get a wrist band. As he makes his way to the door of the house a wave of guys exits the house. All of them are laughing and having a good time. As they walk past, Jack listens to them talking about how they fucked his wife and where they came. On guy said in her mouth, the other said he shot it into her gaping asshole and it went right in and so on. Jack finally got into the house and was thrown back at how many guys were in there. There must be 40 guys in the house and probably another 40 outside scattered throughout the property. He makes his way to the folding table where there are two girls giving out wrist bands. The girls are very personable and cheerfully welcome Jack.

“Hey there hansom, we haven't seen you here before. This must be your first time.”

Jack replies with a simple head shake.

“well sweety, its easy as pie. If you just want a blow job there is no donation. There is a donation of 30.00 if you want to fuck her. If you want to fuck her ass its 50.00. fisting is an additional 25.00 ass fisting is an additional 40.00 you can cum on her anywhere you want but you must wear a condom for sex and before you ask yes, you can cum on her face and n her mouth. That's included with everything. It's 100 for a premium band. That gets you anything but internal cum action. So what will it be?”

Jack it besides him self. They are charging to fuck his wife. She is a whore for real.

“Um ladies, if I may ask. What are the charges for?”

“well, mostly they are to cover the drink table and the other things we need to pull this off like condoms,towels, wipes, soaps, snacks,wrist bands. Things like that. In no way dos she or anyone make money on what happens here. Its just to cover expenses. She does go to the gyno a lot to make sure she's ok and the fees cover those visits.”

Jack thinks a moment “I'll just do the fuck”.

He hands the girls the money and receives his wrist band. Jack has no intention on actually doing anything. He just figures he can move around a little better if he
looks like he's in the event. He walks around the house through various rooms. Most have t.v's in them playing porn. A bunch of noise is coming from upstairs which he figures is where these guys are fucking his wife. He makes his way up the crowded stairs and after some maneuvering, finds himself outside the room where Pam is in. there are several big fans blowing in the room creating a hum coming from the room. Lots of cheers and then it happens. For the first time this whole thing becomes real when he hears his wife's voice.

“damn that guy has a huge cock. Who's next?”

Jack is filled with rage now. He wants to go in and start messing people up but what can he do. He's already been warned that shit won't be tolerated and he doesn't see a reason to get his ass kicked for something his wife is doing so, he battled the instinct to do something and tries to calm himself. As he waits, more and more guys file out of the room. So much so that he gets his first look at his wife. She's totally destroyed. Absolutely drenched in cum from head to toe. Cum dripping off her ear lobes, off her tits, her chin, all over her entire body. Even being covered in cum there are still guys fucking her and jerking over her head waiting for a hole.
Jack can't look any more. He turns to leave. On his way down the stairs he is stopped by a large black man. The black man tells him to follow and without thinking and moving on auto pilot he follows. They make their way to the rear porch and the guy pulls Jack to the side

“I can tell that by the look on your face you must be her husband”.

Jack simply shakes his head yes.

“From the look on your face I can tell you are not down with this. You have three choices. Become a part of her life as a cum slut which I can tell from the look on your face that that won't happen. Simply walk out and leave without saying anything but no one can call himself a man doing that after what she is doing so you really have only one option. Revenge. You can divorce her and she'll take half of everything you've worked hard to achieve or you can let me assist you in your revenge and keep everything you have. You decide”.

The guy walks away and enters the house. Jack sits on the bench pondering the options. After about 45 minutes Jack gets up to look for the black gentleman. A few minutes later he finds him and motions for the guy to join him on the patio. Once they are out of range of listeners Jack asks a simple but powerful question


the gentleman smiles

“It wont be cheap but it'll be a lot cheaper than the alternative. My guess your worth a few million am I right?”

“I don't see what business that is of yours. Lets just say she would be ok if we went the traditional route”.

“ok so its gonna cost 80k to do this right”

“80k are you fuckin nuts?”
“from where I'm sitting it seems like a small price to pay to keep the other millions and not have to give any to her”.

Jack still not convinced but knows inside that the guy is right.

“I don't want to hurt her or go to jail”

“naw man, its perfect. Its been done a couple of times already and flawless every time. You see we place a half a key of coke on her. Then have her arrested. She'll go to court and somehow pictures of her in recent slutty events will mysteriously pop up and become part of the court record. She'll get 10 years and you'll be able to get a no contest divorce based on her conviction and her serial infidelity. She won't get a dime.”

Jack gets a little wide eyed when he sees the possibilities in what this guy is talking about. It is indeed perfect.

“so whats all the money for?”

you don't think we could pull this off without having to pay some people for their services do ya. First we need half a key. No one is going to give us one. Then the cops who process her. The attorneys, court people and the corrections people that make sure we get her where we want her”.

“what happens to her?”

“oh she'll get what she loves. Cock. We are going to place her in a Mens correctional facility. Protective custody of course. We will then charge the inmates to fuck her. We'll get staff and have her sent to other facilities to get cock n make us money. She'll take 25 cocks a day for 10 years. After 90000 plus cocks she will never want to see another cock in her life or she'll become a hooker. Either way you and us make out and she get what she deserves for doing that shit to you. We do like her but we also cannot condone what she did to you after all we have wives too.”

After some deliberation Jack agrees to meet the guy tomorrow with the money. Jack simply exits the house, walks towards his vehicle when he hears Jim calling him from across the lot. He makes his way over to say his goodbyes. They chat for a bit. Jack excuses himself giving a sudden sour stomach as the reason. Jim and the other guys say good byes as well. Just as Jack turns to go, Jim walks next to him.

“you know Jack, I have this other chick who also is a slut. She'll fuck just about anyone and usually does. She doesn't fuck any where like 7-11 does. She has a 10 guy a night max. well, we've broken that a few times but not a common occurrence. Anyway, the reason I'm telling you is I think you should meet up with us tomorrow if your feeling better. She is hot and a lot of fun. I promise you a good time”

Jack smiles as he likes the idea. “give me your number and I'll call you tomorrow and we'll see what happens. After tonight I could use a good time”.

The guys shake and Jack departs the area. Back at the house the night has moved into the breeding stage of the evening. Pam is fucked one guy at a time till everyone has cum inside her pussy. Of course with that much cum inside her it's a mess. Before the night is through, over 100 men had sex with her. She received 40 cream pies and been fisted, anal fisted, double fisted. Her pussy will need a lot of time to recuperate after this night.

The very next night she is set up and arrested. Over the next couple months, Pam is convicted and sentenced to jail. Jack receives a no contest divorce. Pam is sent to the Mens prison just as planned where she is indeed fucked by 40 guys a day. She did get pregnant after the breeding gang bang and is forced to give up the child to family services. Over the next 10 years she has an additional 7 kids and is pregnant during most of her incarceration. Never knowing who the fathers were or where the kids ended up. She got addicted to cocaine in jail and did indeed have sex over 92000 times during the 10 years. She is released and she takes off never to be heard from again.

Back to Jack. The day after the party he meets up with Jim who promised him a great time. They head out to a house in the hills where he has several cocktails while mingling with the others in attendance. Jim comes over to Jack pulling him by the arm.

“Hey Jacko, I have someone you should meet. Remember that slut I told you about. That's her over there. Come on I'll introduce you to her.”

Jack immediately fell for her once he laid eyes on her. Jim goes around the girl, reaches around her grabbing her tits from behind and squeezing them.

“Jack, I'd like you to meet one of our favorite sluts.

Jack puts his hand out for a shake

“Hello, nice to meet you”

She extends her hand.

“Hello, nice to meet you too. My name is SUE”......

thank you for all your comments. even the bad ones. its been fun writing this story. hopefully you'll enjoy my first story. so many so fast. that story will be continuing shortly. i'm going to release shorter parts more often instead of longer ones every now n then. hope you check it out. thanks again. dan

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2016-09-16 05:24:06
I didn't understand the revenge part because he should have believed her when she told him about herself that she loved him and had left that life behind her. If he would have done that then she wouldn't have gone out of town to protect him from the truth besides she didn't have to go because all they were going to do was tell him what he already knew about her backing up her story so it really didn't make sense that she left to protect him. Plus he made it easy for her to go so he kind of set her up for what happened to her in the end. Plus Jack being loaded with so much money? Why was she working as a waitress where she was found by the out of town gang?? I think the story would have had a happy ending if they stayed together and worked things out to there satisfaction. It sounded like Jack liked the fact that his wife was a nice girl that was a total slut on the inside for him. I would love that, what a turn on having the hottest slut around that would do anything to make me happy!

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-01 01:51:10
the revenge part was ok but I thinlk he shud have faced her after that night and tell her just exactly wjhy she got arrested and what was gonna happen to her in jail

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-08 15:31:42
Congrats! You just made gold, silver and bronze in the moron Olympics. There was so much wrong with this story that it can't be salvaged. I don't know what she did to you in real life; but leave the rest of us out of your therapy. Frankly, if this is what you think sex is like, then she did the right thing in dumping your lame ass. Before you write another story, I suggest you have sex. With a woman. Who's actually breathing. And isn't your mom.

Hers an idea. Take your head and shove it up your ass, when you find your brain, stop. I suspect that you will suffocate first.

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-08 16:48:42
The revenge part is cool but he should have confronted her dhe needed to know that she hurt him and why she ended up like she did.

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-08 11:55:12
I like the revenge part, but why get back into it? He should have headed for the hills.

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