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Happy Birthday, Randy!!!
For your birthday, I wanted us to go have some fun in the snow, a little getaway. I wanted it to be a surprise but I knew that wouldn't work (since you would have to arrange time from work!) so we made plans together (but I do have a couple surprises in mind for you!!! Just a little tease!) We decide to go all out (after all it is your birthday!!) and head for the best winter fun spot for a few days! Yellowstone is beautiful in winter!! We reserved a cabin at the Hibernation Station, they have a shuttle that will pick us up at the airport in Bozeman. It's almost a 2 hour drive from Bozeman and once we get there we won't need a car (and we can relax while someone else does the driving!)
I made all the flight arrangements online. I give you the itinerary and we agree you'll pick me up and take us to the airport. The plane leaves at 8:30 and we have to be there a little early for check-in, you're picking me up at 6:30. I'm all packed and ready the night before and set the alarm a little early to be sure I'm ready on time! I'm so excited, I can't sleep! I can't wait to have you all to myself!!
You arrive right on time and I greet you at the door in my new very sheer black silk robe, with a hot steamy cup of coffee fixed just the way you like it. "Happy Birthday, Randy!" I blurt out "I know it's not your birthday YET, but I thought we could start celebrating early! I got the robe with you in mind!" It is black but very sheer and you can clearly see I have nothing on underneath! "You're not ready!!" you say, sounding a little worried, but you pull me close and kiss me anyway! "We have plenty of time, I'm all packed, it'll only take me a few minutes to get dressed!" I breathe into your ear as I kiss your neck and slide my hand down your back and into the waistband of your pants, grabbing your bare ass and pulling you even closer, pushing my firm breasts hard against your chest, I kiss your mouth eagerly, teasing your tongue with mine, your hands pull the flimsy fabric of my robe apart and it drops to the floor around us. Your hands are firm and very warm on my skin (Can you tell I fantasize about feeling YOUR hands on my body? ALOT!!! LOL!!) You grab two handfuls of tit and squeeze, massaging them firmly before you focus your attention on both tight hard nipples, pinching and pulling on them as I moan with pleasure. Your mouth finds first one, then the other and then both, sucking, nibbling, biting, driving me absolutely crazy! My hands move to your pants and as I unzip them your raging hardon jumps free and I fall to my knees, eager to have your member filling my mouth. I love feeling the thickness of it gliding in and out between my lips. I get up on all fours and my head kind of bobs up and down over your shaft. You are watching in the hall mirror, enjoying the view! You are still completely (almost) dressed and I'm completely naked on my hands and knees sucking your long thick cock, you reach down, pulling and pinching my nipples, I moan deeply, you pinch harder, I spread my legs a little wider and in the mirror you can see the juices starting to flow from my horny little cunt. You watch as your hand comes down hard on my pale naked asscheek, as I jerk a little, swallowing hard on your cock, you watch the imprint of your hand go from white to a pale pretty pink. I squirm a little, working my tongue, all over, up and down your tool, when your hand lands hard on the other cheek, I moan deeply, you can barely hear it but you feel it along the length of your shaft as your cock is buried deep in my throat, you enjoy this sensation a few more times, watching in the mirror as my asscheeks turn a deep rosy red, you also notice that my juices are beginning to flow freely from my pussy and beginning to run down between my legs, you can't help yourself, you have to taste it. You move to the floor on your back with your head between my legs, I lower my hot steamy twat over your face and as your tongue buries itself, I pull your pants off you before I once again close my mouth over your rock hard cock, teasing and taunting you with my tongue, it doesn't take you long to have me squirming and writhing in pleasure, right on the edge of orgasm (torturing me for teasing you!!) my soaking wet pussy grinds against your lips. You continue your attention on my clit and I am now out of control, totally unaware that I am whimpering loudly and thrusting hard against your mouth, you grab my burning hot, still tingling, ass tighter and concentrate all your efforts on my swollen, throbbing clit, my orgasm starts as a tiny little spark and explodes, building into an inferno, causing my mouth to lose its hold on your shaft, just as you let loose of a huge load of hot, sticky cum, all over my face and tits!! I gasp in surprise at the heat of your cum spurting all over me, you turn at the sound and see me using my tongue to lick as much as I can reach. You move around, I pull you to me, kissing you excitedly, tasting my cum comingling with yours on our lips. You begin to lick and suck, helping me clean up, focusing your attentions on my hard, taut nipples as you do. You use your hands to massage the remaining sex fluids into my tits, your hand moves down to my clit, moving over it and around it until I am cumming again! I am surprised to feel you getting hard again so soon and before my orgasm subsides you slam your long thick shaft deep into my still quivering pussy. I roll you onto your back with your cock still deep inside me. You reach for my tits and I move so you can have your way with them while I have my way with your cock, bouncing up and down on it like a pogo stick, I cum several more times! (God, you make me crazy!!) You have enjoyed being ravished by a thoroughly depraved woman but you can't hold back any longer, the quiver and spasming on your cock is too much and your cock empties itself deep inside me. We lay there on the floor for a few moments, catching our breath before you say "What time does the plane leave?" I had totally forgotten everything but you.......................
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