Sara and Marci have a little more fun even before the barbecue starts, but once Peter starts the barbecue things really get HOT!
Once Peter had finished cumming on Sara and Marci's tits, he watched as they licked the cum from one another's breasts while getting themselves off one more time. As they relaxed Marci looked at Sara saying,

"We never made it to Saturday did we?"

Sara laughed, "No we sure didn't, but then we can always do it then too."

Peter looked at them asking, "Saturday....what's so special about Saturday?"

Sara and Marci looked at one another and began laughing saying, "Well you'll just have to wait and see won't you."

Kissing Peter and Sara, Marci wished them a good night as she went to her room. Peter and Sara showered and went to bed. Smiling to himself, Peter could only imagine what the women had planned for him, whatever it was he sure it would be amazing.

Saturday morning Sara and Marci were up early finding Peter already gone for his golf game. After they ate Sara went in and took a shower to get ready for the day. When she came out Marci was waiting for her when Sara commented, "You know... I was just looking and I need to freshen up my bikini line a little. I don't think I can get into the salon on such short notice though."

Marci laughed, "Me too Sis, but you know what? If you want to save the money I can take care of you and then you can do me... what do you think?"

"Sure why not... I have everything we need although since we both could use a light touch up. Rather do this the traditional way we can use some lotion I have, and a special shaver I have for light touch ups. The lotion smells so good, because it has coconut butter in it. Now go ahead and take your shower, and when you're done we can freshen one another up."

"Works for me Sis... I won't be long."

Finishing her shower, Marci glanced at Sara who was naked and ready to take care of her bikini line. Marci laid down on the bed as Sara spread the lotion over Marci's mound slowly massaging her pussy with the cool lotion. Within a matter of minutes she was done. Marci picked up the coconut butter lotion, and poured it in the palm of her hand smoothing it over Sara's pussy.

Sara cooed and started to undulate her hips as Marci smoothed the lotion over her mound, sliding her fingers down between her legs, and over her sensitive labia and clit. The lotion smelled so good as Sara moaned softly as Marci let her fingers slide between her Sara's folds. She began running her finger up and down her sisters slit while Sara reached up and started caressing Marci's ass.

Marci eased one finger followed by another into her sisters pussy, while Sara moved her hand between Marci's legs finding her soaking wet pussy. She patted Marci on her ass telling her to get onto the bed with her. Marci maneuvered around lowering her pussy onto Sara's face while Sara guided her to just the right spot. Once she was in place Sara began running her tongue along Marci's pussy while Marci lowered her head between Sara's legs.

Both women began licking and sucking one another pussies as they squealed and squirmed on the bed. They were soon concentrating on each others clits taking one another closer and closer to orgasm. As they continued sucking, and fingering one another it wasn't long before Sara started cumming and thrusting her pussy into Marci's face. No sooner had Sara finished cumming than Marci was cumming as well. Once they had finished their orgasms Sara got up saying,

"Stay right there Sis... I'll be right back!"

Sara returned with a bag laying it on the bed. She emptied the contents onto the bed saying, "Before you arrived I'd bought some new toys on line. One of the things they sent me I never thought I'd use, but I kept it thinking I might find a use for it sometime. Now I think it will come in handy, but first lets try these out."

Sara held up a large, life like dildo and handed to Marci. As Marci examined the dildo running her hands over it as if it were a real cock she was holding, Sara pick up another dildo and lubed it with the lotion. She had Marci lay back on the bed as she started running the dildo over Marci's pussy. Marci started cooing as she spread her legs wider while Sara continued running the head of the dildo over her labia.

She eventually slid the head between her lips watching the expression on her faced. The more she pleasured Marci the more aroused Marci became. Sara eventually eased the dildo into Marci's pussy while Marci started running her tongue along the length of the dildo she was holding, and then began sucking it as if it were a real cock.

Sara lowered her head, and started running her tongue over her sisters wet pussy while she continued fucking her with the dildo. Marci reached up, and started squeezing her breast, and continued sucking the dildo she had in her hand. Sara in the meantime took Marci's clit into her mouth, and began sucking it and flicking it with her tongue.

Marci was moaning, and gyrating her hips as she neared what she knew was going to be a strong orgasm. She suddenly thrust her hips upward, and began squealing as her orgasm swept through her body. Once Marci came down from her orgasm she and Sara traded places on the bed. Marci was soon fucking Sara with the dildo along with licking her pussy and sucking her clit.

Marci pummeled her Sara's pussy with the dildo as Sara squealed, and thrust her pussy into Marci's face as her orgasm was drawing closer and closer. That's when Sara stopped her telling her it was time to show her something special. Sara went and got something from the bag turning so Marci could see it.

Once she had it in place she turned showing it to Marci. Marci put her hands on her cheeks and squealed at what she saw. Sara was wearing a strap on dildo around her wait. She reached down and started wagging the dildo in her hand saying, "Wanna fuck little girl?"

Marci squealed in delight saying, "Of course I do!"

Marci lay back as Sara moved onto the bed with her dildo in her hand aiming it at Marci's wet pussy. She added some lotion to the head, and started running it up and down Marci's lips. Sara slowly eased the head of the dildo into Marci's pussy, inch my sexy inch until she was all the way in.

Then she started fucking Marci just like a man with a real cock. She slammed her strap on into Marci's pussy while sucking her nipples, and kissing her as Marci thrust her hips upward to meet Sara's thrusts. Harder and harder Sara fucked her until Marci exploded with a hard orgasm. After she recovered Marci couldn't get over how real it felt.

"OK Sis... now it's my turn to do you!"

After cleaning the dildo off Sara watched as Marci put it on and stood there modeling it for her. She then waggled it just as Sara had as she moved onto the bed. She moved between Sara's spread legs, and was soon fucking her sister just like a man. Sara had to admit that it felt very close to the real thing.

The harder Marci slammed the dildo into her pussy the better it felt. It wasn't long before Sara was getting close to cumming herself. Suddenly Sara's body started to shudder as one orgasm after another swept over her. Once she had finished cumming the two sisters caressed and hugged one another as Sara asked, "So.... what do you think of my toys?"

"Oh Sis....I have to get one of these for myself."

"Keep it's my little gift to you. Now lets get dressed and start getting things ready for our barbecue later."

By mid afternoon Marci and Sara had everything ready for the evening barbecue. Peter arrived home to find Marci and Sara wearing their bikini's looking sexy as hell. What he loved most was the thongs they were both wearing that left nothing to the imagination. After a shower and changing into his shorts Peter was ready for anything.

It was still warm as they headed out onto the patio where Peter was given the task of barbecuing the burgers. After their outdoor feast the three of them kicked back and relaxed. As the sun went down Sara walked over to Peter, and started running her hand along his crotch asking, "So how did you like the burgers Marci and I made?"

"They were awesome...they cooked up really nice."

Then with a sheepish grin on his face he asked, "So is there anything for desert?"

"Hmmmm, what would you like Peter?"

"Oh how about some barbecue pussy."

Sara looked over at Marci who was smiling asking, "How does that sound to you Marci?"

"Sounds good, but you know I really enjoyed that barbecue sauce you made special . I wonder how it would taste on a nice, long cock... sort of like a barbecue cock if you know what I mean."

"Mmmmm, that does sound good. Let's find out."

With that Sara pulled Peter's shorts down over his hips free his half erect cock as she gave them a toss over her shoulder. She turned and looked at Marci saying,"Since it was your idea how about you come over here, and give it a taste test yourself."

"Now that sounds like a great idea Sis."

Marci went over with the barbecue sauce, and sat down next to Peter who was laying on the oversize lounge chair. She took his cock in her hand, and started stroking him as she lowered her head, and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. Peter closed his eyes and moaned as Marci got his cock as hard as stone.

Once his cock was fully erect she poured some of the barbecue sauce onto the head of his cock, and slowly smoothed it down his shaft until he was covered. Once she had finished she started swirling her tongue around the head of Peter's cock. She then lifted her head saying,

"Mmmm Sara.... this is better tasting on cock than it is on a burger. Come try it."

"You go ahead... I'll be right back."

Marci started running her tongue along Peter's shaft, licking the sauce from his shaft all the way down to his balls and back up again. Once she had cleaned his cock of the sauce Marci applied some more and repeated the process. Once she had licked the sauce from Peter's cock, she took him as far down her throat as she could.

They both forgot all about Sara as Marci deep throated Peter while he held her head in his hands as she bobbed up and down on his cock. She was amazing the way she gave him a blow job, licking sucking and driving him to the edge.

Sensing he was about to cum Marci stopped sucking his cock saying, "Why don't you see how that sauce tastes over some hot pussy?"

Peter traded places with her on the lounge chair, and applied the sauce to her pussy. Once her pussy was covered with the barbecue sauce Peter lowered his head, and started licking the sauce from Marci's pussy. It was then that Sara returned watching Peter going down on her sister.

She had to smile asking, "So you's the sauce?"

Barely able to speak as Peter's tongue parted her folds Marci managed to say, "Oh it's so good Sis.... you need to try it. As for Peter I think what he's doing to my pussy speaks for itself."

Peter continued sucking Marci's pussy Sara knelt down next to them, and added some of the sauce to Marci's breasts. She then lowered her head, and began licking the sauce from her nipples as Marci squealed even louder. While Sara sucked her nipples, Marci moved her hand down between Sara's legs, and found her pussy with her fingers, and slid one and then another deep inside her.

Marci then started fingering Sara's pussy as Peter took her clit in his mouth adding his fingers deep inside Marci's pussy. Marci was beside herself with lust when she suddenly gasp and started cumming. Sara told Peter to fuck Marci so she could watch. Peter soon hand his cock deep in Marci's pussy pounding away while Sara watched. Sara moved around behind Peter and started kissing his ass, and running her tongue up and down his ass crack.

She knew Peter loved having his ass rimmed, but she saved it for special occasions. This being one of them Sara ran her tongue up and down his crack, eventually sliding her tongue between his cheeks and started teasing his asshole. Now Peter was the one doing the moaning as Sara tongue fucked him. After only a couple of minutes she rose up, and slipped something on she had gone into the house to get.

As Peter continued fucking Marci he suddenly had a strange feeling moving up and down his ass. Then he felt something hard slide between his cheeks and start pressing against his asshole. He couldn't figure out what it was until he felt something penetrate his ass. Peter didn't know whether to scream or get up and run. All he knew was something was fucking his ass and it felt like a cock. Then he felt a hand slap his ass and Sara's voice saying,

"Keep going Peter! This is something I've always wanted to try. Now relax and it will feel really good...I promise!"

Peter was enjoying fucking Marci, and was too close to cumming to stop although it really felt weird. He'd never had a cock in his ass, fake or otherwise, but as much as he hated to admit it having something stuffed in his ass fucking him felt good in a strange sort of way. He continued fucking Marci while Sara continued fucking her husbands ass with the strap on.

She was soon in sync with Peter's stokes as he pummeled Marci all the harder. Suddenly Marci's body tensed as she started cumming over and over. Once she finished cumming she maneuvered her way out from under Peter allowing him to straddle the lounge chair with the strap on still in his ass. Marci could believe her eyes when she stood up seeing Sara with the strap on around her waist, and the fake cock deep in Peter's ass.

"OH FUCK SARA! That looks so fucking hot... can I try it?"

Sara said, "How about it Peter? You'd make us both very happy, and when we're happy you know we're going to make you happy in return."

"Alright....just do it before I change my mind."

Sara looked around for a more suitable spot when she saw the table and smiled.

"Okay Peter. Get up and come lean over the table."

Peter got up after Sara unhooked the strap form her waist making sure the dildo stayed in Peter's ass. Then Marci maneuvered around taking Sara's spot as Sara hooked the strap around her waist. Sara told Marci, "I'll tell you when to start."

With the strap on secured around Marci's waist, and the dildo still firmly in his ass, Sara sat down so she could take Peter's still hard cock in her mouth. She signaled Marci to go ahead as she started sucking Peter's cock, and Marci started fucking his ass again. Peter was amazed at how good the whole thing felt. He was enjoying Marci fucking his ass while his wife sucked his cock.

Never would he ever have imagined suck a wild scenario, but here he was with his sister-in-law fucking his ass with a strap on while his wife sucked his cock. Peter watched as Sara sucked his cock, and tugged at his balls while Marci continue fucking his ass. Harder and harder Marci fucked Peter's ass. He could feel it burning, and yet it felt good to him. The combination of the dildo in his ass, and Marci fucking him and Sara sucking his cock took him to the edge.

After several minutes he could feel his balls starting to tighten, and then cum start to spew from his cock down Sara's throat as his cock pulsed over and over again. Once he was finished cumming Marci pulled the dildo from his ass while he made his way back over to the lounge where he collapsed with a smile on his face. In the meantime Marci and Sara shared a cum filled kiss.

Once they were back inside the house and sitting on the sofa Sara asked Peter, "So... do you hate me, or did you enjoy the experience?"

"Well I have to admit it was something I never would have agreed to if you asked, but I have to admit that I enjoyed it. Just don't tell anyone so I don't have to turn in my man card."

They all got a laugh at Peter's joke when Marci said, "I hope someday I find a man as wonderful as you Peter. I don't know of any man that would do for his wife, what you did for Sara tonight... you're awesome!"

Then as a little treat all three showered together, playing in the shower and having fun before they all went to bed. Over the next few weeks Sara, Marci, and Peter shared some good times until Marci finally found a good job. Unfortunately it meant moving out of town and too a different state, but they promised to get together again once Marci had some vacation time. One thing was for sure, and that was none of them would forget the incredible fun they all had together during Marci's visit.

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I love this series of stories, even though they are fantasy. They are well written and could very well be true. I like that they helped me with my didlo have some of the greatest orgasms a woman can stand as I read they and reread them all the time as I lost my husband a couple of years ago and haven't had the opportunity to find a man as yet to satisfy me. I have two small children, I can't wait until they are older so I can hook up with a young man to satisfy my needs.

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