up in northern Italy
They all gasped as I painted Jordan's ass and then sprayed a couple of ropes on the other two. My cock jumping in Bailey's hand as I continued to cum spewing all over. That plus my teasing fingers caused her to explode in orgasm screaming loudly as it happened. My cum was all over the girls and my finger was in Bailey as I continued to shoot.

Amanda bent down taking the head of my still convulsing cock in her mouth catching a couple of shots on her tongue and licking it clean. Using the flashlight I shined around to see that they all had there hands between their legs in excitement of what they saw. Amanda continued sucking as my erection had not subsided. I pulled her up giving her a big hug and kiss on the cheek, as I am not one of those interested in tasting my own juices. I still had my hand on Bailey’s twitching pussy as she collapsed against me as well.

I kept thinking “this is crazy…there is no turning back…” not in fear of jail time as each are of legal age under local laws. Still disappointed as I should have maintained my composure in my authoritarian role. As I looked around I was just amazed at the situation I was in and how anyone would dream to be in it.

Tara came up bringing us back to earth. “That was AMAZING!!! Holy shit was that hot!” Taking the flashlight out of my hand the girls gathered around looking down at the three victims. Tara reached down taking a gob of my cum on her finger taking it to her mouth and sucking it clean. “HMMM, that’s good” many if not all of the others doing the same.

Cassidy “If that was blood then they would surely be dead. It looks like one of those bloody scenes from CSI.”

Mary came up taking a sharpie outlining around the cum blotches on Jordan. “This way we can show them how badly they were shot tomorrow.”

Taylor started doing the same on Jackie and Shannon on Dillon.

“Let’s go finish up on the itch powder and getting those marks off of you” as I exited the tent. I found my boxers and was putting them on out side where I could stand back up. Bailey came out next stopping and kissing me passionately sticking her tongue down to my tonsils. “I have never felt anything like that before, that was so hot. The way it jerked in my hand as you shot your jiz was crazy.” Kissing me again “The way your big finger felt inside me was awesome, I think I want to try having you inside me.”

“Bailey, it was awesome for me as well. You are a beautiful girl with a great body as I cupped my hands on her big breasts. You need to save it for someone special at a special time and in a special place. Not here where you are influenced by everything else going on or by that cream. It needs to be because you really want to do it and you really want to do it with that person.”

Bailey responded “I do really want to do it and I want to do it with you. You are special and I have thought of nothing else since seeing you in the shower room.”

“Ok, that’s part of it, but do you want to do it with everyone here watching? Do you want it to be at a camp site?” She shook her head in agreement kissing me one last time heading into the cabin.

Tara had come out and heard part of the conversation. She stood in front of me looking up with her deep blue eyes. “I think we all feel the same way” as she reached into my boxers pulling my still hard cock out “I see that you do too” winking and walking into the cabin. I put it back in smiling as I watched her skinny little ass in front of me entering the cabin as well.

We finished up with the mixture and with all of them naked and all of us a lot more intimate with each other than before. So we started on the sharpie marks. I got the first aid kit out finding the alcohol and a towel starting on Taylor. I sat on the bed and she stood in front of me as I got the marks on her stomach and started on the “itty bitty” written across her boobs. She fussed “that stuff burns a bit”, but quit complaining as I tweaked her nipples between my fingers while I continued and then kissed them both when I finished. She then got on the bed laying her head and chest down thrusting her ass up in the air. What an amazingly sexy site! I really wanted to jump up and shove my cock in her. As I started on her ass cheek a bit of the alcohol dripped down her crack to her anus. I saw it and tried to wipe it off quickly. “Oh god that burns” so I leaned forward and blew on her anus. “I think that is making it worse” so I licked it “Ohhhhh yeah, that is working! Ooohooo” as my tongue entered her ass. I took the occasion to lick down through her hot sloppy wet pussy and then back up across her taint and into her ass again. I finished getting the rest off.

Cassidy came over and I started on her humongous breasts first. She complained about the burning as well. I remembered something from work so I went over to my coach’s bag pulling out a dry erase marker. I knew it worked on white boards and thought I would try it. I held each tit up with one hand and started working on the writing. She continued to moan as I guess her breasts are really sensitive. I took each nipple in my mouth giving them quick sucks before starting on her ass. She turned grabbing her ankles as got the writing off. The other girls were now sleeping while waiting their turn with Mary lying right behind me on the bed with her beautiful ass turned towards me as I guess they thought she was too dark for the pen to show up. I leaned forward eating her succulent pussy from behind as she reached back between her legs tugging on my erection. She turned around straddling my lap “I am not a virgin” as she slowly lowered herself onto my aching cock. I had her meaty ass in my hands and was sucking her nipples which sent her into oblivion dropping down to take the whole thing in one shot biting my shoulder and digging her nails in my back to keep from screaming. She was rocking so hard that she woke Mary up.

Mary put her legs around us placing her nipples against my back and kissing neck. “Make her cum! Tony” she whispered seductively in my ear. Cassidy came all over me as I continued to suck her nipples with her tender clit rubbing against me as she rocked on my cock. I was close to cumming from her pussy contractions and the excitement.

“I’m going to cum!” She hopped off bringing her face down to my cock. Mary laid me back and mounted my face.

“Clean him off!” she said as Cassidy licked her juices off of me. She continued to lick my balls as Mary exploded on my face dropping forward sucking my cock. I had her sex juices all over my face with the smell and taste sending me over the edge shooting into the back of her throat. I leaned forward tonguing her anus "oh fuck!!" she screamed waking up most of the other girls. She collapsed on top of me with her ass still bucking against my tongue as even more wetness came flowing out and I gladly licked it clean.

At this point I was truly spent. So I laid down to sleep with Tara, Taylor, Paola, and Amanda on my bed with me and the rest spread out on the futons. The Viagra still having not worn off it was just a useless toy to me as there was no way that I would have anymore fuel for it. I got up and took my pills hoping it would replenish my "energy"...The bed was crowded so I rolled onto my side in between Taylor and Tara wrapping my arm around Tara and Taylor around me. I held Tara's massive breast in my hand rubbing it and playing with her nipple. She backed up against me putting my cock about three inches into her as we fell asleep.


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