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Some people sell their personal stuff to get a bunch of money to make a road trip. It's going we'll till they find a run down circus house.
Carmen, Dahlia and there boys friends drive down the highway laughing and drinking a bit. The only one who was not with anyone was Izzy, short for Elizabeth, they had planned this road trip for the soul reason that they all needed to just get away. They were enjoying themselves if not a bit bored. They were driving through Texas. Not caring where their destination would take them. They only knew they had seven thousand between all of them, they had a car, and a road and not a care in the world. They were sharing stories from college laughing and being calling out. All of them were in their mid twenties. Laughing Carmen pointed to a sign on the side if the road.
"Hey check it out." She said with a smile, "A circus house?"
"Yeah I was about to point that out." her boyfriend Damien said.
"We got all the money in the world." He continued with a smile,
Dahlia's boyfriend, Timothy, or Tim spoke up, "Circus house? What like a house full of Carneys and clowns?" He asked in pure curiosity,
"I think so, let's do it." Carmen pipe up.
"Shit, why not, go, stay for like an hour get back on the road by night down." Tim said,
All now agreeing with smiles of rejoice and alcohol they turned taking the detour into the circus.
Their car slowly pulled up to the large mansion looking building. The lights off, no cars in front. By the looks of it, abandoned.
Damien got out strolling up to the house with a large sign on the door explaining that they had closed.
"What is it?" Tim called after him.
"I think we're a bit late. Closed down about fifteen years back, I guess no one pulled that sign down yet. He said with a lingering curiosity.
"Well should we head out?" Tim asked,
Damien pressed the button down on the large door handles. A metallic click sounded as the door popped open an inch.
"I don't know, I'm kind of curious about what's inside." He said,
"Really? An abandoned circus?"
"Why not?" Damien asked equally,
"Come on it'll be fun!" Dahlia said with a gleeful cry. A blonde with a grey miniskirt matching her blouse managing her large breasts.
"Well I'm headed inside." Damien said before Carmen jumped out of the car to go with. Izzy then got out wanting to check it out for herself.
"I'm down." Izzy, the curly blonde said wearing denim daisy dukes with white lace at the bottom and a shirt that clearly showed her cleavage.
Damien and Carmen both headed in with Izzy following behind.
Dahlia stayed back to convince Tim.
Carmen, a Native American born women had black soot like hair and darkened skin. Wearing spandex pants and a white tank top she and Damien with Izzy tagging behind they walked through the forgotten halls of the abandoned circus house made of wood. The outside of it was paint red and white, stripped, but the paint was wearing thin and chipping. Inside dust had encumbered the halls and rooms. The inside having a creeping, deathly darkness.

"Come on honey! I want to go in."
"Hell no, I don't go into creepy ass houses that are abandoned especially when its a creepy ass circus!" Tim argued,
"Well!" She said like she'd give up, "you win, I'll go by myself." She side with a one sided grin,
"Fine." He said defiantly,
"And I'm sure ill find some rooms to myself, alone, where your going to be missing out. And missing this." She deviously grinned bending over a little to show off her arch as she lifted her skirt and rounded her round large ass at him in a thong.
His mouth dropped as she put it down walking forward. He looked around coughing once then charged in after her.

The other three walked through some darkened rooms thinking about how creepy they looked in the dark when suddenly the lights turned on and the animatronic clowns began to move in laughter, some in song, others in dance. A lot of then with paint chipped away.
All three of them jumped and all gave nervous laughter.
"That was weird." Damien said, "Maybe Tim found the power."
Carmen had one hand on his back and one on his abdomen, her luscious lips opened a bit, "Are you sure babe?"
Silence was the response. She looked at him as she slowly shook his head.
"Welcome to my emporium, I hope you find everything exciting!" A voice over a loudspeaker called, the voice sounded a bit distorted after years of being inactive.
"I'm kinda creeped out." Carmen said,
Damien concurred with, "I think we should find our way back."
Izzy looked at them lamely, "You guys are gay, I want to go in more." She said even though she was bi.
"Well you go ahead, we're outta here." Carmen said a bit worried as they both turned around, the sound of Carmen suede black high heeled boots clicking. Rolling her eyes Izzy ventured forward.
Izzy walked through the maze of rooms, all having robotic clown after clown laughing and moving, all squeaking from rusted joints. That's when she looked over at one she could've swore it was staring at her. She got closer to its face. She screamed jumping back as it began to move. She shuffled a laugh as it moved around on a set way. Her tongue licked her top plump pink lip nervously. She didn't notice the shadows move and shift behind her. Sharp gleaming teeth shined behind her. Fiery red eyes pierced the darkness as a clown slowly came into view, his makeup faded, his red nose tattered as was his blood torn clothes.
Izzy brushed a golden lock from her face with a smile. It stared at her figure loving the way she filled her daisy dukes. Her shapely legs he wanted to lick. Her large ample breasts he wanted to suck and bite. Her vacuum lips he wanted wrapped around his long hard dick. His white puffy gloves tattered, a claw came from one of the finger holes. It went down to the floor, its legs spread like a frogs as it was only inches off the ground, camouflaging its self in the darkness.
Izzy turned around, it only saw more wooden and some metal clowns. She walked to a clown near by, a wax recreation of a clown named 'Bumper', it stood tall and had handsome features, it might have even been attractive were it not for the make up.
The monster glared at her ass in the daisy dukes as she admired the wax statue of himself. It brought its head within inches of her ass, it rubbed it nose lightly on her daisy duke as it slowly stood up silently smelling her neck. Went went back down licking the center of her ass slowly going upward.
Izzy's spine turned to stone, she felt a twinge of excitement but fear was still very present. She turned around as the monstrous clown rose from the floor. Her mouth widened in terror as the clown attacked. It threw her on the floor as she screamed. The room filled with circling lights of blue, green and red became a blur as she tried to escape, the claws tearing off her blouse in a single swipe. The monster over her luscious tits grabbing them and ripping her bra off. Her body lifted from the intense tug, her breast went in its face as it brought its head forward licking her ample tits, lathering her tits with its long black thick tongue. Her hands pushed at its shoulders trying to get it away but the creature had too much power. It did however go farther down on her. Kissing and nippling on her belly as it ventured further down. It ripped the button and zipper open. She turned over trying to crawl away. The monster seized her legs pulling her down, its head buried itself in her ass motor boating. It then bit through her denim daisy dukes tasting her soft flesh laughing hastaricly. It unhooked its teeth grabbing the brim of her daisy dukes and pulling down nearly ripping them off. They stayed around her ankles as he came back up, holding her body down with one hand and grasping her lace pink panties with the other. He dangerously pulled back tearing the panties from her body followed by a loud ripping noise. It fell backdown to her body smelling her pussy with deep whiffs. She clawed at the floor trying to escape when he slowly began to climb her beautiful body. One hand wrapped around her throat as the other guided his tool. She felt a cold hard object at her entrance. She pleaded and cried for it to stop when the creature shoved itself in her tight wet folds. Her body tensed feeling the large phallus pierce her womanhood. It's other hand came around cupping a large breasts as she struggled, tears falling. She felt its large head slide in and out slowly its long hard shaft slowly go in inch by inch. She cried for help but the only thing around around we're the clowns which taunted her. She felt its tongue slither around her back, its teeth scratching her bare skin. It pulled from her velvet pussy, it viciously moved its phallus up and plunged it between her cheeks. She screamed at the top of her lungs feeling the wet phallus hit her asshole beginning to stretch it. It squeezed her ass cheeks together growling as he went deeper, large inch by large inch. It felt himself getting in further and further, loving her warm, slick ass. He pulled out then rushed it back in over and over as she cried out in horror and pain. Her soft, ass cheeks squeezed together around his shaft. Plunging himself deep into her rectum. Her ass forming firmly around his head.
Her eyes were wide as she had half her face planted at the floor, her body shifting up and down with every powerful thrust. It's hand on the back of her thigh.
He pulled out lifting her by the throat to he knees. He opened her mouth shoving his cock in, ramming it down her throat. Her lips puckered up around his shlong.
She just wanted it to end.
He fiercely plunged. From the outside the distinction of the large phallus was visible by seeing the throat stretch a bit when he thrusted into her throat.
He savagely thrusted as tears streamed down Izzy's face.
Izzy's throat was on fire when suddenly she felt a large amount if thick warmth explode into he throat. The phallus pulled out as he sprayed her face still jizzing a hefty sum. He laughed wildly and wickedly as Izzy broke down crying. He walked up to her grabbing her by the throat. Her eyes popped open as he dragged her to the wall with a picture of an empty stage on it.

Carmen and Damien walked into the room.
"I'm pretty sure he went this way." Carmen said scratching her head.
Damien shrugged, "I don't know. Lets just keep going I'm sure she's up ahead." He put in,
They started walking,
"Hey, check this painting out." Damien said,
Carmen went over to him looking at a picture of a girl with a black bag over her face and a fresh new clown with knives, knives were surrounding the tied up girl who wore daisy dukes with a little bit of lace on them, but otherwise nude.
"Don't kids come through here? Jeez." Carmen said with disgust shaking her head.
Damien admired a little, "Good aim." He said with a smirk, a knife being less then an inch under her private area.
"Let's go I'm sure there's more to see." Carmen remarked.

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