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What college should be like sometimes.
Chapter 2.
Lilly couldn’t believe what had happened. Sam said things would get kinky but what had happened to Beth went beyond kinky. She was being treated like a slut, they kept calling her ‘whore’. She had even had to lick and put her tongue up another girl’s ass! There was no way she was going to do that not ever.

Watching Sarah put her strapon on in front of her and Sam’s cages had really scared Lilly. It was huge! And there were three of them! Then Amanda and Steph put theirs on too. Lilly knew Sam hadn’t thought of this. Beth was going to get really fucked.

Amanda and Sam approached Beth as she tried in vain to get off the cock buried in her cunt. Sarah was enjoying having the other end get pumped into her own pussy and was holding onto Beth’s things forcing every squirm and escape attempt Beth tried to transmit down to her own pussy.

Sarah watched as Amanda walked behind Beth and once again got on her knees and spanked the poor little whore. Steph however had decided to stand above Sarah and began to smack Beth’s face with her cock.

“Like that you little whore? Like having three hard cocks at your disposal? Well not really at your disposal, we’re going to do whatever we want with them – no matter how ‘ewwy’.” Steph was ginning as she said this, still slapping Beth’s cheeks with her strapon. It made the part inside her own pussy move and vibrate as it hit the girl’s face.

Beth knew better than to say anything and in honesty there wasn’t much she could say. Her boyfriends had tried to get her to suck their dicks but she never really loved it, plus their cocks weren’t as big as the strapon smacking her in the face. She could feel Amanda behind her again playing with her still wet asshole. Fuck was she actually beginning to enjoy having her butthole rubbed?

Sarah began to thrust again as Amanda pushed a finger up her ass. It was so tight! The cock in Beth’s cunt was barely letting Amanda’s finger in. Beth couldn’t help it. She groaned arching her back upwards and exposing her open mouth to Steph.

“Do you hear that girls?” asked Steph, staring at the mortified naked Lily and Sam in their cafes, as she finally thrust her own cock into Beth’s mouth. “The bitch likes having her holes full. Don’t you slut?”
Beth looked up into Steph’s eyes, she couldn’t help it – her cunt was full of cock and her ass was beginning to remember the amazing feelings from earlier. She felt Amanda spit on her asshole as Steph took her last piece of dignity.

“Do you know what every good slut can do? Deepthroat.” The cock already filling Beth’s mouth was pushed hard into the back of her mouth hitting the point of Beth’s gag reflex and into her throat. Beth felt like she was going to vomit. Steph kept hold of the back of her head and held Beth’s nose to her cunt.

“Smell it bitch, smell my cunt as you suck on my cock – you’re going to be such a slut when we’re done with you.”

Amanda had given up, watching Beth take cock in two holes was driving her insane, she knew the bitch needed a third. She pushed Beth forward impaling her harder on the cock in her cunt and forcing her face into Steph’s strapon covered cunt.

Looking over at the other girls in the cages who were watching everything wide eyed and scared, “Remember this – if I were you I’d be fingering my own asshole – because this is going to happen to you two sluts soon.”
Amanda lined her cock up with Beth’s virgin pink asshole and thrust.

Beth screamed. Cock in her mouth or not she screamed as loud as she ever had before. Her ass had barely accepted 2 inches of Amanda’s strapon but it felt like 10. Her pussy and mouth were both full but her mind was eerily empty – for the first time in her life she knew what ‘air tight’ meant.

Amanda was grinning happily at Lily and Sam, obviously enjoying the look on the next two victims faces’. She slowly pushed her hips forward, grinding the dildo in her pussy as she impaled Beth’s no longer virgin asshole. Beth was in agony. After moving on from the initial shock of her asshole being intruded, the deep stretching and burning sensation from her ass began to travel up her body. The cock in her mouth prevented her from begging but she knew if it wasn’t there she’d offer Amanda anything to stop.

Sarah below Beth was getting bored though. Amanda had continued to push up Beth’s asshole making it harder and harder for Sarah to fuck her cunt. Beth’s drool from sucking Steph’s strapon was beginning to drip and was landing on Sarah’s chest – not what she wanted to get wet.

“Hey sluts, wanna trade places?”

Steph looked down past the redfaced Beth at Sarah and nodded, Amanda however spoke up, “Only if I can have her mouth – this bitch needs some ass to mouth action.”

Sarah smiled knowingly, Amanda really was an anal freak. Both Amanda and Steph pulled out of their newest fucktoy and watched her gasp for breathe and try and hold her ass as Sarah shoved her off her waist and got to her feet. All three girls’ strapons were visibly wet, making Amanda even happier knowing Beth was going to get the complete ass flavour of her cock.

“Get up bitch, you’re not done!”

Beth rolled to her knees not even sure who had spoken – all she could properly define was the waist’s of her three tormentors and their strapons. All were wet – she couldn’t even tell which had been where though. Amanda stepped forward and grabbed Beth by the back of the head, dragging her up so her mouth was at cock height.

“Time for a taste test slut – which cock came from which of your nasty holes?”

Beth was honestly confused, her ass was sore and she had no idea what was happening before a cock was shoved up against her lips and she inhaled its scent. It did not smell like pussy. Amanda grinned as she pinched Beth’s nose forcing her to open her mouth so she could shove her dildo throat deep into Beth.

Beth gagged. Not only from the violent intrusion, but the taste – this cock had been up her ass and was now coating the inside of her mouth with all of those flavours. She wanted to be sick – fuck she was going to be sick. Amanda wasn’t letting up forcing Beth to try and breathe around this foul cock, riding her face back and forth each time trying to fit more and more in. Beth went limp, her head became a bobble toy just following the harsh grip Amanda had on her hair. Steph had disappeared from Beth’s view but Sarah was still there looking down, now holding a second video camera getting close up shots of Beth cleaning Amanda’s ass flavoured cock.

“Like the taste Little Whore? I bet you’d never even thought of this before.”

It was true, Beth hadn’t ever even thought of sucking something that had been near anyone’s ass. But now she had already sucked someone else’s asshole and was cleaning a cock that had been up her own. But the taste was beginning to disappear and she was beginning not to like sucking the cock, but to tolerate it. Her jaw and throat hurt but she could almost see the end of this brutal treatment, Amanda wasn’t thrusting as hard and had let go of the back of her head. Beth was actually moving back and forth by herself.

‘What the fuck?! When the hell did I start liking this?’ Beth tried to pull back but Amanda’s hand was there.
“Oh Little Whore, here I was thinking you could do it all by yourself. You disgust me.” Amanda wrenched Beth’s mouth of her strapon and looked down at the defeated girl. “That was almost too easy.”

“It looked good though.” Steph had moved around behind Beth and had watched the voluntary cock clean from behind as Beth’s asshole winked open and closed. “And her pussy is dripping. She is actually enjoying this.”

“Is that true Little Whore? I might make you mine after all if you like ass that much.” Amanda was actually sincerely smiling down at Beth as she said this. It had been a while since she had met another proper anal freak. Some girls were just such prudes. “But if you liked yours so much we better make sure you like mine too – stick out your tongue.”

Beth did as she was told sticking out her tongue as far as possible as Amanda turned around and bent over slightly. Steph moved up behind Amanda’s knelling body and pushed on the back of her head as Sarah came closer to see Amanda’s little brown eye appear infront of Beth’s face.

“You know what to do Little Whore – eat.”

Steph had gotten on her knees and had lined up her strapon with Beth’s cunt at the same time as pushing the back of her head – forcing her tongue forward as it had been when Beth ate her own asshole earlier. “Don’t pretend you don’t like it, you were fantastic with my asshole before.”

There was nothing Beth could do, she felt Steph’s strapon brush her pussy and while trying hard to push her pussy back onto it, she leant forward, with Sarah’s camera next to her face and tasted her third ass of the day. Amanda screamed and reached down to her strapon slamming the head inside her back and forth as Beth’s tongue wormed its way up her back door. Steph had stopped teasing her pet and had shoved the strapon as deep as possible into the dripping cunt. Beth’s body shot forward with the thrust and her nose buried as far as possible into Amanda’s ass cheeks while her tongue went as deep as it could go. Amanda kept wanking her strapon fucking herself harder and harder as Beth’s tongue flicked all of her asshole walls.

“Suck it! Put your lips around my asshole and suck it!”

Steph grinned, she loved hearing Amanda beg for dirty things like having her asshole sucked. She put her hand forward and took control of Beth’s head by her hair forcing Beth’s mouth around Amanda’s brown hole and holding it there.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming you Little Whore! I am so making you my bitch! Ohhhhh....FUCK!”

Amanda’s knees buckled as she shoved her strapon into her exploding pussy one last time before her knees hit the ground. Beth still impaled on Steph’s plastic cock was held in place gasping for breath by Steph’s hand holding her hair.

“Fuck that was hot!” Sarah, crouched next to Beth was alternating between Beth’s read face and Amanda’s twitching body lying on its side infront of them. Steph leant forward and pulled Beth’s head back before shoving her tongue in Beth’s mouth getting a taste of Amanda’s ass juices and surprisingly a hint of cunt, ‘Amanda must have squirted pretty hard past that cock’ thought Steph as she looked up at the camera and smiled.

“I think this bitch...I mean our new Little Whore needs a shower now, don’t you girls?”

Steph pulled out of Beth’s unsatisfied pussy, leaving her feeling strangely empty and for the first time in over an hour, unviolated. Beth’s head had lifted at the word ‘shower’ and couldn’t believe her ordeal was almost over. She honestly couldn’t wait to feel that hot soapy water and to finally be able to inspect her throbbing pussy and asshole. She knew her clit would stay hard for at least a couple of hours after an hour of ‘sex’ without a proper orgasm.

But something was happening, Sarah had stood up and was awkwardly still filming Beth kneeling on the floor as she tried to unstrap her harness. Steph had moved around the front and lightly held out her strapon presenting it sideways to Beth.

“You’re the reason it’s wet bitch – clean it.”

Beth lowered her head knowing what she had to do and nodding slowly pushed one end of the strapon past her tired lips and into her mouth. She couldn’t even tell who’s juices she was tasting hers or Steph’s but before she was done Sarah was standing there with her own strapon telling her to hurry the fuck up and clean hers too.
Beth tried to go faster but Sarah who had largely stayed out of Beth’s violation got impatient and pushed her own cunt covered strapon into Beth’s mouth alongside Steph’s.

“You took too long bitch, just because I’ve been nice so far doesn’t mean I can’t dominate your ass too.”

Beth sucked hard hoping her ass would be spared if she hurried, Sarah seemed happy watching the Little Whore take two cocks at once in her mouth as fast as she could. “Shit you should have been the one given to the boys.”

Beth had no idea what that meant but was thankful when Sarah finally pulled both cocks out of her mouth and told her to kneel and sit back on her heels.

Amanda had turned around with her legs spread and was talking to Steph about who was going first and who was last.
“I don’t have to immediately so you can if you want but I want to be sitting so you’ll have to hold her face to my cunt when it’s my turn.” Amanda was looking up to Steph as she spoke and Steph nodded before claiming she was first.

“Little Whore – ready for your shower?”

Steph was really confusing Beth, Amanda just said she had to lick more pussy and she wasn’t moving so why were they going to shower now? Steph continued walking forward as Sarah took up position behind Beth and yanked her head back so she was staring at the ceiling.
“You’ll remember me for the rest of your life after this Little Whore. Everyone always remembers their first.”

Steph had stopped just short of Beth’s face and was in the process of stepping over each of her shoulders as she spoke. “Look up the entire time, and when I’m done clean me.”

It clicked. Beth tried to pull away but Sarah was holding her hair in place holding her head back. Steph’s thighs were resting on Beth’s ears preventing her from turning and her pussy was almost an inch from Beth’s mouth as she tried to scream. Beth could see Sarah smiling slightly above her face and the video camera filming this final humiliation.

Steph sighed as her pussy open and a strong stream of clear piss was released steadily into Beth’s unwilling mouth. “Drink up Little Whore, otherwise you’re just going to get covered.”

Beth couldn’t, her mouth was full within seconds, she could barely breathe as the piss overfilled her mouth and spilled out down her chest and back. Her eyes were closed tight and she could feel the spray of piss move upwards over her face before moving back down to her mouth.
“You better drink some of it bitch or we start again and get every girl in this house to use you as their toilet.”

Beth’s eyes opened a fraction as Steph spoke. Her flow was beginning to lose strength and Beth felt her resolve coming back until a hand reached down and pinched her nose shut. She needed to breathe, but with a cunt pissing directly into her mouth the only way to do that was to swallow. So she did. Her eyes still open a bit she looked up at Steph’s face as she drank her piss. Beth knew she’d never forget this, Steph had been right, how could you forget your first golden shower?

Steph stepped back a bit looking down at her little piss whore, “Good girl! And for that you get a reward.”

Her flow of piss had stopped, the final drops falling short of Beth’s chin and onto her perky tits, “Clean me.”

Once again Beth’s mouth was full of pussy but this time the musty sex smell had been replaced with a bitter taste of fresh piss. Her tongue gingerly lapped across Steph’s cunt lips and up to her clit before moving down and into Steph’s warm, wet hole.

“Good girl! You enjoyed that didn’t you? You’re up next Sarah – how do you want the slut?”

Sarah had released Beth’s head as she licked Steph’s cunt and was moving to zoom in on the defeated girl’s face.
“On her back unheld, if she’s good she will just take the shower and clean me afterwards. If she’s not I’ll shove my asshole onto her nose and piss directly into her mouth while she breathes in my asshole. How does that sound Little Whore? Can you stay still and take you treatment like a good slut?”

Beth nodded sullenly, knowing she had no choice, she definitely didn’t want to inhale ass as she drank more piss. She slowly rotated on her knees and lowered her ass to the ground before lying back with her hands still behind her. Sarah smiled passing the camera to Steph before straddling Beth’s stomach. Sarah looked up at Beth’s face as she felt the pressure from her bladder build until it broke and her piss shot out onto Beth’s tits.

“You still have to drink some Little Whore – I just wanted to make sure you got completely covered.”
Sarah moved forward quickly running out of piss before resting the bottom of her pussy on Beth’s chin.
“Open wide whore.”

Beth felt her mouth open without her even thinking about it. And once again she tasted the bitter taste of another girl’s pee direct from the source. “Fuck you’re well trained Little Whore – it’s hard to believe you were in that cage less than 2 hours ago.”

And for the first time since she had sucked Amanda’s asshole she looked at Lily and Sam, still in their cages, staring back at her with disbelief and fear in their eyes. Sam however had at some point changed position because her back was against the cage with her legs open and whether she realised it or not, one of her hands was circling her clit as she watched her friend drink piss.

“Little Whore you’re not here to stare, swallow my piss then clean my pussy!”

Beth was brought back to reality with a jolt as she looked to see only a dribble coming from Sarah’s previously gushing cunt. With resignation Beth once again swallowed a mouthful of warm pee before Sarah moved her pussy onto her mouth, “Now clean me.”

Beth resigned to her fate lifted her tired tongue and pushed it through the folds of yet another pussy tasting a mix of cum, piss and sweat on the other girl. Although all three were already in her mouth so she couldn’t even tell where the taste was coming from.

Sarah satisfied with her cleaning got off Beth’s face and dragged the girl up with her by her hair. A voice came from behind Beth who had completely forgotten about her anal abuser.

“Last one Little Whore, now turn around with your ass in the air and lick my cunt.”

Amanda was still sitting on her ass with her knees in the air and her legs spread as wide as possible. Beth, now just a puppet crawled forward on her knees and lowered her face to her final tormentor’s pussy.

“Make sure you drink up – I hate it when people waste my pee.”

Beth held her ass in the air as Amanda’s jet hit her full in the face. She could hear Sarah and Steph moving as she desperately tried to move away from the stream of warm piss.

“Not so fast Little Whore! Open your mouth!”

Someone had grabbed the back of her head and was holding her there. Amanda had been true to her word and was aiming directly at Beth’s mouth so nothing could be wasted. Beth felt something lightly touch her unprotected asshole before something hard and long was forcefully shoved into her butt.

Beth screams were literally drowned out as Amanda’s continued her piss stream to fill Beth’s mouth. Beth felt her ass burn as whatever was in their reached as far in as it could and somehow her ass closed around only a narrow base. ‘Holy fuck it’s a butt plug!’ thought Beth as she hastily swallowed mouthful after mouthful of piss. Her entire face was wet and her chin was dripping with what she couldn’t contain.

The butt plug was stretching her ass in so many painful ways Beth couldn’t even think. She didn’t even notice when her mouth stopped being filled and she was pulled forward to Amanda’s cunt.

“Clean me bitch and you’re almost done.”

Beth upon hearing these words lapped at Amanda’s pussy with a newfound energy – even if she was only being thrown back into that cage she at least then would stop being abused. Amanda’s hand on her head was pushing her face down though.

“You think some piss didn’t trickle down to my ass Little Whore? You know what you have to do.”

Beth defeated to the utmost dropped her head and arching her face upwards stretched her tongue to Amanda’s ever attention seeking asshole. Gingerly her tongue made contact and Beth could taste everything Amanda had to offer, piss, cum, sweat and ass juices, all from one little brown hole.

Finally Amanda dropped Beth’s hair and let her roll over onto her back, still impaled on what felt like the world’s largest butt plug.

Sarah and Steph standing above Beth looked down with disgust as the girl tried in vain to reach her ass to pull out the invading ‘toy’.

“Oh no Little Whore, that’s staying in. And to make sure of that you’re going to wear these – if you put up a fight we’ll leave your hands cuffed too.” Sarah was holding what looked like a leather g-string. “It’ll go right up your crack and hold that plug in. And if it doesn’t and we see, this collar will make you think twice before not following our commands.”

Beth looked up to see that Steph was indeed holding a black metal studded collar.

Both girls picked up Beth and slid the g-string up her legs before placing the collar around her neck. The piss soaked and completely exhausted Beth didn’t even notice when they undid the cuffs until the blood rushing back to her arms and hands began to hurt.

With the butt plug firmly secure in her ass and Amanda holding up the shock remote to her collar Bath half walked and was half dragged to her cage where this all began. Unceremoniously Steph shoved her inside before closing the door.

Both Lily and Sam looked away from Beth as she collapsed on the floor wincing and yelping in pain.

“Don’t look away girls.” Called Amanda from directly infront of the three cages, “That how we all looked at the end of our first day last year – that’s how you’ll all look when we’re done with you.”

Amanda walked over to the tripod and turned off the camera as Sarah collected the remaining toys and Steph threw a bottle of water into each cage.

“See you soon girls.” Called Steph as she turned off the lights and the three naked, satisfied tops left the room.

In the darkness Beth tried invain to find a position that didn’t force the butt plug further up her ass without crushing her tits or preventing her from sleeping. Lily and Sam remained silent, too terrified to move, or help their friend.

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