Hmmm, i took more time, and yet less votes. Remember i can’t change anything unless i’m told what you don’t like.

So with that, i will consider past suggestions and continue with #3...

A bit shorter because no real lead ups..... lol


Light headed, and feeling like my head was in a tornado, i sat up next to two beautiful girls past out. I loved every bit of what happened, but there was one thing that i haven’t gotten yet, Ariel!

Out of desperate need, i shook Ariel to consciousness and pulled her to her feet. She wasn’t cooperating, or was just still dazed that she wouldn’t stay standing. To get her attention, i shoved two fingers up her butt and pulled up, causing her to shriek. Standing at attention and asscheeks clenched, she looked at me confused.

“I was hoping you would want some “one on one” time with me. Both times we have been cut short by your sister and i thought its time to catch up on that.” I whispered with a grin hoping Abby wouldn’t wake up. Kind of silly though because Abby had it rougher than Ariel so i think she is pretty unconscious at the moment.

Ariel grinned and i picked her up as her legs wrapped around my waist, jamming my dick up against her clit and pussy. She held tight like she never wanted to let go, it was ok, because i didn’t want her to let go anyways.

I carried her away a short ways to another patch of soft grass and laid her down. She was reluctant, but she let go and i moved down on her. Spreading her legs wider than they really needed to be, i looked at her glistening pinkness and how adorable and gorgeous she looked.

Over these 2 days i have been with Ariel, i have wanted more and more, but two things have been holding me back, her sister Abby, and Ariel’s age. She turns me on, i know this, but i still felt like she could be my little sister and i would not want anything like this happening to her is she was.

Breaking me from my thought, Ariel had pulled me to my knees and was forcing two of my fingers in her butthole after she licked them. I help out by wiggling them in, and adding pressure until they were all the way in, and then i added more pressure. She gave out a little moan every push i gave, and as i pushed harder her moans got louder.

I was getting hard but i didn’t want to fuck her just yet, i wanted her to beg for it. So i bent my fingers into hooks so they wouldn’t pop out of her tight ass hole. I attacked her vagina with another two fingers, amazingly she was wet slimy and slippery, so i slid right in besides the extreme tightness. Making sure to stay away from her engorged clit, i worked my fingers in and out as i rotated them.

One arm was around her back with fingers in her ass, and the other was down her stomach in her deep wetness. This gave me a perfect advantage spot to work on her nipples and she knew i wanted to. She pulled up and off her shirt and tossed away. I lick and kissed my way around her petite boob, and with every contact she gasped in ecstasy. I got closer and closer with every lick until i was tickling her nipple with the tip of my tongue. Her breathing got harder and she threw her head back.

I latched on with my lips. I brushed my tongue up and down, and side to side on her tit driving her crazy, then I bit down and started flicking her nipple hard and fast. I was close enough and she was loud enough that i could hear and feel her breathing, but suddenly she tensed up and stopped breathing. I started pumping both sets of fingers when she shuddered and came. Her ass and inside of her pussy were squeezing trying to rip my fingers off as i continued to thrust my fingers.

When she got off of her high, she fell limp and i kind of felt bad. Her body has been put through alot, but i wanted it to go through alot more.

I had been rock hard since i laid her down here and i was ready. Her legs were still spread alay, as i pulled them up and back to her head, ass and pussy lips in the air, and back curled a little. Holding her legs back with one hand, my other found her butt hole and worked two fingers in, using the seeping juices from her vagina to keep it smooth and lubed. Spread my two fingers as i worked, i had loosen her enough for me to wedge three fingers.

By now she had grabbed onto her ankles and held her legs back for me, so i moved right behind her so i could use both hands. And both hands i did. Leaving my index finger in, i slid the other two out and replaced them with my index from my other hand. Pulling apart i could see into her ass and it was beautiful. Pink squishy and very inviting. I added another finger form both hands pulling her so tight i thought she would rip, but all that she did was moan, groan, and whimper in pleasure.

I dipped my tongue into her ass and i tasted her pussy juices i used to lube her up and a musky warm body taste that emitted from her ass. It was not horrible, in fact it turned me on and i was at full attention rock hard, any harder i’m sure my skin would explode and rip off my dick.

I seized my position and propped myself up so i was just kneeling. I had to lean down so i didn’t have to bend and hurt my dick, but i sank halfway into her firie hot ass hole. She yelp as tears came to her eyes, and i became concerned so i began to back out.

“No! Go deeper, it hurts but i like it... i love it, I WANT IT NOW!!!” she screamed, and i obeyed and plunged full length.

Her ass was squeezing my dick hard and it felt amazing, but to add to my pleasure, i humped a little. I jammed my thumb into her pussy hard and rubbed her g-spot as my thrusts got longer and harder. Eventually i was humping so hard i’m surprised i didn’t break her back in the position she was in. There was no complaint from her, just long moans and short gasps of air as her orgasm was about to spike. In no time her body went rigid and shook, but this time something different happen that i couldn’t beleive. She is a squirter and a heavy one at that.

She was drenching her chest and face in the position she was in with the cum spraying out of her and that was the last thing that sent me over the edge. I filled her ass and then some, while i was still hard and hadn’t even thought of pulling out, my cum was over filling her and running down her back and into her pussy.

The feel of the hot cum deep in her ass spiked a new, deeper, HARDER orgasm. I pulled out because of her shaking so bad i let her lay flat, but i cupped my mouth around her whole pussy lips and all. This orgasm was great for me because now i was able to truly taste her. Her cum sprayed out in a boiling assault to my mouth and throat but i slurped it all down. She continued for half a minute and its a good thing she finally stop because i was getting full of her delicious nectar.

With my tummy full of her cum, and her drippy ass full of mine, i cradled her in my arms as i tucked my flaccid dick back up her ass with one good hard thrust. She moan a little bit then passed out.

I kept my dick in her for a few minutes, but i wanted to try one last thing while i was with her right now. With her on her side the only moving i need to do was prop one of her legs up and she was perfect. I worked my three fingers into her nicely, snug, but easily. When i tried a fourth finger, it would fit, but i had to curl my hand to make it more round. I got those in, but it would budge anymore.

Disappointed with no success of more fingers. I lowered my mouth to her pussy lips and blew, filling her with air. I kept my mouth locked on her and breathed in through my nose and blew in her again. I noticed her tummy bulge and with one more blow, I heard a moan come from her mouth. I put my palm on her tummy and at the same time i release my mouth, i pushed her tummy down and expelled the air. The amount i had put in her was astonishing but the smell was even more exciting. Smelling like peaches and moist flesh i started sucking in the air coming out of her.

Without any warning, a warm salty stream came out while my mouth was around her pussy lips. it shocked me and discussed me at first, but then i was intrigued. I drank all of her pee down making me feel waterlogged.

I cuddled her back, with my dick pressing on her back door so if i got hard, it would slip right in and i passed out...

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2013-07-06 22:23:26
Air embolisms suck...why would you blow in her vagina?

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2013-02-14 13:18:18
please keep writing, enjoyed all chapters so far. wouldnt mind longer chapters though :)

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2013-02-10 19:16:55
This one seemed a bit hurried. I would listen to the advice about having a destination for this story. I don't agree with them saying you can't take readers advice about content they would like to see in the story. You can intertwine that in your work and still have direction. One more thing the word "believe" you spelled it "beleive" so here's an easy way to remember to a fix that mistake "I before E except after C and sometimes Y." Spellcheck should have caught that as well as the misspelling of fiery. Proofread your work its the little things you'll take the most criticism for. Keep writing, everyone has an off day or a chapter that isn't up to the standard of their usual work. Thanks for sharing your story.


2013-02-10 08:50:38
Pretty much everything the guy down there said. I'm not even totally sure what's happening. The sex was pretty hot, but kinda boring if there's no true direction. I'd take his advice :D

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2013-02-09 21:23:05
Story is just continuing down hill. It reads like it has no direction and is just a bunch of random events and activities thrown together with no apparent thought or reason behind them. probably because you seem to have no specific goal or direction in mind except to take the radom and often rediculous ideas that readers shout out to you and randomly mix them together wether they make sense to the story or not. My Suggestion, come up with a story yourself and right it the way you like it. writing for yourself creates much better stories than ignoring yourself and whoring your writing out.

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