This is the true story of the first time I had sex with my aunt Debbie. Please let me know what you think and leave a rating. If I get good results I will post another story of mine.
My name is Allin and im here to tell you the story of the first time with my aunt Debbie. It was August of 2007 and my birthday was coming up on the 9th. My aunt Debbie was taking me on a cruise for my present and i was excited. Now let me tell you a bit about my aunt, shes about 5'10 with huge tits prob 44F's and there all natural, shes a bit chunky but has a nice sweet ass. So on the 8th we go tothe port in San Diego to take our cruise and the drive down i find myself looking at her magnificent breasts pictureing what they would look like with no clothes. I start getting hard and she notices and says "I see you got a tent going there, looks like a good size" I just kinda tried to hide it and said "Thanks."

We get to the docks and park the car and I grab all the luggage. I'm walking behind Debbie when she suddenly stops and bends over, im still a bit hard and when i bump into her I feel my dick poke her right in the pussy. She looks back at me and I start apologizing repeatedly. Debbie just says "Its ok i should have warned you I was stopping." After she gets up we proceed to the boat to board and its about 2:00pm now. At about 3:00pm the boat takes off and were on our adventure.

After spending the day playing games on the boat and swimming in the pool we go back to our room. Once we get there Debbie says "Hey im going to take a shower before we head to dinner, you should too." So she disappears into the bathroom but doesnt close the door all the way, and me having a huge crush on her for several years and have used her as many of my jack off fantasy scenarios, I decide to sneak over and peek in. When I do im greeted with the glorious site of her tits out in all there glory and im instanly hard. She then turns around and bends over as she is taking her pants off and im amazed at how firm yet jiggly her ass is. So me being a day shy of 16 i pull out m hard dick and start to slowly rub my dick. As she gets into the shower and the water is flowing over her I begin to rub faster and a few minutes go by when I begin to cum. I let out a louder moan then I meant to and I see her look over. I move away quickly and assume she didnt see me.

When she gets out of the shower she doesnt mention anything but is looking at me suspicously. After i take a quick cold shower to help myself calm down we head off to dinner. Dinner last a few hours and we return to the room, Debbie says "I think im going to get some sleep, big day tomorrow." So she changes in the bathroom while I change in the main room. When she comes out all she has on is a skimpy spaghetti strap nighty and I get hard right away. She crawls into her bed and falls alseep quickly, I on the other hand am having a very hard time. I finally fall asleep around 1:00am. At about 4:00am I wake up to an amazing feeling that ive felt only a few times before on my dick, so I reach down to see whats going on and feel hair. I turn on the light quickly and throw off the blankets being scared and Debbie pops her head off my dick. She looks at me but continues to stroke my dick and says "I saw you earlier Allin, and this is the real reason we are on this cruise. I Know you have thought about this for years and I want you to know I also have thought about it." I look down at her and say "Debbie you dont know how long I have waited for this moment."

And with that she returns to giving me the best blowjob I have ever gotten. I feel myself getting close and I grab the back of her head and tell her im about to cum. She just nods letting me know its ok while she moans on my dick, right as I explode I force her head all the way down on my dick and say " OH GOD YESS!!!!! THATS IT!!! SWALLOW ALL MY FUCKING CUM!!!!" Once I finish shooting rope after rope of jizz down her throat she pulls her head from my dick and says "Wow thats the best cum i've ever tasted, now are you ready for the rest of your present?" Making eye contact I say "You better fucking believe im ready." So Debbie climbs up on top of me and tease my slightly limp dick with her sweet pussy lips till im fully hard again. She slowly slides her pussy down my dick until she has all of my 9inches in her hot, wet, shaved, pussy and she slowly start bouncing her pussy up and down while i suck on her magnificent tits. After a while I flip us over so im on top and I start fucking her pussy hard and fast and shes moaning out " OH MY GOD YESSSS!!!!! FUCK YES ALLIN!!! FUCK YOUR AUNTS SWEET PUSSY!!!" I continue abusing her pussy as hard as I can until Debbie looks up at me and asks me to fuck her ass.

With no hesitation I say yes and flip her over. She pokes her ass up and I rub some of her pussy juices on her tiny rosebud asshole. I line up my dick pushing the head into her unbelieveably tight asshole. She lets out a loud moan at the same time as I do when I bottom out in her ass. I slowly start to fuck her ass to let her get used to my length and thickness. After a couple minutes she looks back and says "Fuck my ass hard Allin, dont hold back." And with that I start to fuck her ass as hard as I can. As im pounding her ass she is playing with her pussy and soon moans out "OH MY GOD ALLIN!!!!! RIGHT THERE!!! THATS IT, IM CUMMING!!!!" I feel her asshole tighening and loosening with each surge of her orgasm. I manage to last thru the amazing feeling of her asshole tightening on my dick as i continue to fuck it nice and hard. When she finished cumming she looks back at me and says "Allin I want you to cum in my mouth again" As I feel the pressure in my balls building up again I pull my dick from her ass and she spins around. I stick my dick in her mouth and she starts sucking my dick like the pro i can tell she is. After a few minutes I moan out "OH YESS!!!! THATS IT!!! IM CUMMING FOR YOU!!" And with that she takes every inch of me down her throat as I shoot tope after rope of cum into her throat.

Once im done I collapse on the bed and say "Wow thats the best present anyone has ever gave me." Debbie then says "Thats the best fuck I have ever had." And with that we fell asleep together in eachothers arms.

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