I'm new to this so be gentle, here im introducing Catrine Cardoza; a wannabe superhero who throws herself into the deep end on her first outing.
Redbirds First Strike pt.1

She was ready. She was leant against the work bench with her arms crossed when Ethan walked into the room. He looked her up and down and their eyes met.
“Really?” he asked her. She smiled and said, “Yes.” he continued walking and went over to his computer, he rolled out the chair and sat down. “It's a little..” “Sexy?” she finished. He raised his eye brows and then turned back to face her. She was wearing her long curly blonde hair down, her lips painted red and her black mask covered a small portion of her face around her eyes. She had on a tight red corset which hid little, if anything it accentuated her large breasts and gave her full cleavage. On her arms she wore black sleeves that began at her wrists and ended half way up her biceps, whenever they caught the light they appeared a dark red. A short, loose black skirt had an 'R' stitched on the front. Black stockings that began at the top of her thighs, red knee pads and black boots which was protected by red kick pads.
“Could be a trigger for rapists.” Ethan said. She then shrugged, “They wouldn't get within touching distance.” “So it's bait? Lure them in and knock them out?” he asked. “Pretty much.” she replied. “Cat, an outfit like that would set the blood boiling on the most civilised of persons.” he told her. She smiled out the side of her mouth, “Does it set your blood boiling?” she asked.
“You'll never know.” he replied. She stood forward and turned to the work bench, she clipped a set of handcuffs to the back of her belt and picked up six throwing knives. She slid three into individual pouches on one side of her corset, and three on the other side. She then picked up a short cape that was black on the outside and red on the inside. She clipped it around her neck and turned back to Ethan. “I'm ready.”
he rose from his chair and made his way over to a doorway which was connected to a garage. They both walked through and into the garage, there in the middle of the cold room was the car. He handed her the keys and she grinned.
The car was a 1963 Ford Galaxie, it was painted hot rod red and had tinted windows. “Time to take this golden oldie out for a spin.” she said. Ethan puffed a sigh. “Here, don't forget this.” he handed her an earpiece, she took it and plugged it into her right ear.
“I'll monitor you from here, don't go too far. It's your first night after all.” he said, he pulled out a device from his pocket and flicked a switch. She climbed into the car and pulled the door shut as the garage door opened. She slid the key into the ignition and twisted, the engine roared.
Ethan watched as the car vanished from his view. “Good luck, Redbird.” he whispered, he then flicked the switch and garage door closed. He turned, and walked back into the work room.

“Redbird come in.” “Redbird here,” he scanned the computer screen with his eyes. He then turned to another screen. “You got my location?” she asked. “Yeah, you're in Dakota. My source told me that Frankie Murtaugh is in the neighbourhood tonight. Could be buying his next batch for the school kiddies tomorrow.”
she pulled the car into one of the many dark streets off Dakota. She knew that she couldn't leave a car like this out in the wide open, not for now anyway. She found a small alley to pull up in. she wasn't sure where Murtaugh was going to be buying from. But for that she was thankful she had Ethan.
“Murtaugh usually picks different spots every buy, tonight marks the second time he's bought in Dakota. Hopefully it'll be the last.” Ethan said.
“What do the cops have on him?” Redbird asked. “Well he's a suspect, that's all. The school kids have all been dropping one by one, there are four in hospital having stomachs pumped. They don't know where his next buy is and he keeps giving them the slip when they sit on him. So it's up to you.”
she opened the car door and stepped out into the night. “I'm going to find a better spot.” “Be careful,” he warned her, “I think Murtaugh has just pulled into Dakota.”

“I need a zip-line, or a grapnel or something.” she said, peering over the edge of a roof. “I think a whip would more suit your attire. But I'll look into it. How did you get up there?” he asked. She watched from the roof Murtaugh exchange words with two men. She then watched him turn and walk away. “Fire escape staircases. I don't think he's buying. He's turned and walked away.”
“The drugs will have been dropped off by another guy while they talked. Follow Murtaugh, don't let him see you.”

She followed him down an alley, keeping a safe distance while dealing with an adrenaline rush. 'He hasn't got a clue,' she thought to herself. She saw a car loom into view and she knew that she had to strike otherwise he'd be gone. She slid a throwing knife from her right side and crept closer, he was reaching for the door handle now, she threw and it whizzed through the air.
“What the fuck!?” he cried as the knife had stapled his jacket sleeve to the car door. He turned to face her and couldn't believe his eyes as she emerged from the darkness. “Rayne didn't tell me he was sending a little something extra,” he smiled. “Though I can't say I'm complaining.” he looked her up and down, beads of sweat from the rush of adrenaline she was experiencing were appearing on her cleavage, the dim street light still had enough glow to reveal her. He leaned back against the car, arm still stuck to the door, he began rubbing himself. “God, you're a peach.”
She tilted her head to the side and then leaned to her left, she brought her right leg up quick and sudden, the talus bone in her foot connected to his left temple, though her foot was padded, it knocked him out cold.
She bent down beside him and searched his pockets, she found the car keys and tossed them into a near by dumpster, she then pulled out her hand cuffs and cuffed his free arm to his foot. “Ethan, call it in, Murtaughs cuffed. You have the co-ordinates?” “Yes.” “Okay, I'm on my way back in.” she said.

She walked away with an amazing feeling inside of her, but she had no idea that from a near by rooftop, she was being watched. He stood looking down at the alley, unimpressed by Murtaugh and yet intrigued by the female. He pulled out a cell-phone from his pocket and hit a couple of buttons, he then put it to his ear; “It's me, we have a new player. Murtaughs down, he's going to be taken in. what do you want me do?” he waited, then he heard the voice; 'Murtaugh is a liability,' the police car had pulled up and two officers stepped out and approached the vehicle. 'See to it.' the voice on the phone finished. “And the new player?” he asked, in an almost whisper. 'See to it.' “Understood.”

She climbed out of the car with a huge grin on her face, Ethan wasn't smiling though. “What is it” she asked. “Murtaugh was killed on the way to the station. A sniper, got him while the car was travelling at just under 40mph. Hell of a shot.” he told her. She lost her smile, “So what happens now?” she asked, as she followed him into the next room, he slumped into his chair and shrugged, “Well this tells us that Murtaugh was low on the food chain. And I say that because although drug dealing to school kids is pretty big, there's obviously someone bigger. Someone who he worked for that didn't want him talking to anyone.”
“He gave me a name, Rayne.” “Rayne? Doesn't ring any bells. I'll look into it.” he says spinning around to face his computer. “And I, am guna hit the showers.”

As she massaged her scalp with shampoo she couldn't help but feel that this was going to work. Though tonight had been her first time out, she was confident. Taking down Murtaugh had given her confidence. Her 34DD size breasts gave most men the distraction needed. Like tonight, she thought. What must have been going through Murtaughs head at the time of seeing her? 'Did he think he was going to bend me over his car, pull up my skirt, down with my pants and push his way into me? Did he think he was slide his penis between my breasts and pump away? Pump until he shot his load all over my face?' the thought pattern was beginning to stir something up inside of her, her hands slid down to her breasts and she squeezed, her right hand slid further, to her bald vagina. So smooth, with the hot water and shampoo, her finger slid right in. she had almost forgotten how good it felt. Her finger slid out, then back in again, her left hand gripped her left breast as her head tilted back. Water ran down her body as her finger slid in and out. Her palm was rubbing the tip of her vagina, she moaned softly as she rubbed faster, harder. She pinched her nipple, but the pinch quickly became a squeeze between her fore finger and her thumb. She could feel herself about to finish, she wanted it to last, she slowed the finger and applied a little more pressure into her palm which continued to rub. But she couldn't hold back any longer, she picked the pace back up and with a cry her orgasm reached a climax, her knees almost went weak. She crouched now, the shampoo was running down her face and breasts, she daren't open her eyes for the shampoo would run into her eyes and ruin the moment.

She wrapped one towel around her body and one around her head, she made her way from the bathroom into her room switching on the light. And then her heart stopped beating.
“Hello.” said the voice. She turned to the window and sitting in a chair was someone she had never seen before. A male, maybe around 30 years old with heavy stubble and long surfer like brown hair. He indicated for her to take a seat on the bed, the only thing running through her head was making it across the room to her knives. The man then revealed a gun, a silenced glock 22. she'd never make it to her knives, so she sat on the edge of the bed.
“I understand we're at a bit of a disadvantage, I know who you are but you don't know me, let me introduce myself, my name is Lindsey. Yes I know it's feminine, but hey, what can you do?” he smiled. “How do you know me?” she asked. “Well after I watched you drive off in that very nice car, I knew there wouldn't be many people who had one around these parts. I traced it back to Ethan Cardoza, I then found out that his sister Catrine, is currently living with him.”
“What do you want?” she asked. “I'd ask you what you're offering but I think I know the answer is not a lot. So I'll cut to the point, you have no idea what you're getting yourself involved in. if you would have started this little venture of yours some place else, we wouldn't be having this conversation and you wouldn't be sticking your pretty little head underneath a very big axe.” he laughed for a moment, “God only knows what would happen if the twins ever found out about you.”
“So that's it? You're hear to tell me to stop?” “No, I'm here to make sure you stop. The outfit, the idea is a very good one. It'd work great some place else, but all it'll do around here is get you killed. Killed if you're lucky. I told my boss that I'd deal with you and I really hope that you're a suggestible young lady, because if you're not I'm going to regret not killing you.” he got up from the chair and turned to the window, he then paused, “Even you'll regret me not killing you.”
She rolled over her bed a pulled a knife from her corset which was sitting next to the bed, she turned to throw but he had gone.

“What did you find on Rayne?” she asked entering the room, the white vest top was thrown on while she was still wet, and stuck to her. The baggy grey sweat pants were the first thing she grabbed. “Not much, he's a rich guy from across the pond. He owns a ware-house on the docks. He also has two key body guards, who go by the names of Aces and Eights. They're twins.” he turned to look at her and wish he hadn't, her nipples were almost as clear through the now wet top as the nose on her face. “Anything on the twins?” she asked looking at the screen, his attention turned back to the screen too. “Allegations of rape has been made against them numerous times, but they were never convicted. The victims never pressed charges. I'm thinking they were bought off by Rayne.”
she straightened up, “I'm going to check out this warehouse, meanwhile I want you to find out anything and everything you can about a man named Lindsey. He dresses kinda like an urban cowboy, he was there tonight.” she said as she turned on her heel and left the room.
Ethan sat there, almost ashamed of his erection. Despite having his mind on what he was saying at the time, the thought was there. The same thought that had been planted when she first moved in with him. And the thought that had popped out and said hello when she stood before him in that corset and skirt. He had to stop thinking about it. She was his sister.

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It's good. I like the way you right. Your action scenes are a bit muddy. I got lost during the car fight. Oh and because of the site you are putting this on you are going to have to make the sex, or in this case her solo, longer if you want better reviews. As a comic book fan I would like to see how this plays out. Minus the eventual incest chapter that you are leading up to.

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