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Meeting Janet's Family
Note: I know the story is long and may be a little slow for some. I do try but then I like detail as this helps the flow I feel ? Am I right ? An experienced writer may correct me there. It will get more exciting as it progresses. Any tips or ideas I would appreciate. Please leave comments and I try my best. I am writing this live so it won't take long to post other chapters. Hope your enjoying this.

It was three days since the night that John had met Janet and he hadn't had chance to call her. He was meaning to but work was hectic and he just didn't get around to it. He really liked Janet for some reason she was different to the others. Yes she was older than he usually went for but she was ok. It Wednesday morning and he finally found the card from the taxi company and decided to give it a call. One reason being he wanted to see if the number worked as John had been given his fare share of dud numbers over the years so he liked to check and second reason he was feeling horny and thought a midweek meet might lead to some more sex which John never said no to some sex and from Saturday night Janet was good at it she was tight for her age had fantastic legs and he wanted to bed her so he could explore the whole body of Janet see if it was as good naked as dressed.

Three rings then a answer. Hello a woman's voice replied as John asked if that was Janet.

Hi Janet its john. ''John from Saturday night'' he paused.

'' Oh Hi John how are you'' A nervous voice but she was taken back that he had phoned she had given up and put it down as a one night stand. So she was glad he had called her

'' Yeah I'm fine thanks. How's yourself? ''you well I hope, Sorry I not called you but with work commitments and all''

'' I'm good thanks John. '' It's ok I understand how busy it must be with work and all'' She didn't know much about John as they hadn't made much conversation that night in the noisy nightclub

''Well I was thinking Janet if maybe you would like to meet up again may be for a quiet drink somewhere maybe even a meal'' He paused awaiting a reply.

'' That be nice John I'd like that very much'' Trying not to sound too desperate Janet had to think fast as she wasn't sure how John would re act to her having two kids. Past experience had told her that at this stage must men made their excuses and never phoned her back, '' Well John I have to sort a few things out but when was you thinking'' She would have to ask her Mum to babysit again and she thought best not mention the girls just yet as she wasn't sure if they would get on.
''I was thinking may be tonight Janet'' Pause '' I'm free and wouldn't mind a drink or bite to eat'' He was trying to keep it easy casual but he was desperate to get his pleasure off Janet

'' John can you give me a call back in about an hour I just need to sort something out if its tonight'' She thought she could quickly ask her mum she normally didn't mind and even her mum wanted Janet to find someone again so encouraged her to date.

'' Sure I call you after lunch and take it from there'' He carried on with his work and thought very little about it until he looked at his watch again . Oh my god it was 3 o'clock

'' Hi Janet Paul , Sorry I got carried away but are you ok for tonight.'' . I thought maybe a nice pizza and glass wine around 7.30

''Yes sure that be nice shall we meet there then'' Janet tried to hide here excitement

John and Janet had a nice evening chatting and finding out a little more about each other and to Johns surprise he really had a nice evening and the time with Janet was enjoyable. The end of the evening came after Janet had to make her excuse to get home. Not wanting to put on her mother to much so at 11 o'clock they headed towards Janet's house John driving makes it a short journey. parked outside John waits for the invite and Janet so much wants to invite John in but she has a dilemma. Does she want her mum to meet him yet and she prays the girls be in bed at this late hour they are normally but her mum does let them get away with staying up late some times. Oh well Janet goes for it and invites John in for coffee. He quickly accepts and they head for the front door.

As soon as Janet opens her front door she regrets it. he mother hasn't sent the girls to bed. So John is meet by not only her mother but the two girls in nightwear attire Janet going beat red with embarrassment quickly heads for the kitchen to make the coffee unsure what to actually say. Dam she wished she hadn't bothered inviting John in and was now sure this would end their friendship for sure. Just when she was beginning to like John.

John stood there a little startled but not over shocked as he kind of knew that Janet might have kids at her age. She hadn't mentioned them but this didn't overly bother John as he had nephews and nieces so he liked kids and they always got on with him. In front him stood the two girls and Janet's mum an elderly lady with a friendly face.

Come on girl let the man in. Showing him into the lounge front room. Janet's mum pushed open the door to the lounge. The girls lead the way both dressed ready for bed. wearing T-Shirt nightshirts. the lounge being of what john would describe as homely. Sitting down on a large sofa he is quickly joined by what he assumes is the youngest girl. Looking at her she might be around 8 or 9 but he never very good at guessing ages. Then they was the older one he assumed was around 14 or 15 but again he wasn't sure.

'' Hi I'm Lisa'' She introduced herself with a pleasant smile and held out her hand. Lisa was a typical young girl short skinny with straight brown hair to just above her shoulders pretty and had a loving trusting nature. She sat close to John and started nattering away to him about trivial subjects like school and her friends not really thinking what she was saying she just talked very quickly/. Telling John she was 8 and pointing to the older girl saying she was 11 and called Sarah and that my gran.

Sarah passed a weak smile and remained standing looking at her sister with a little embarrassment in her eyes at her younger sisters forwardness. Sarah a tall girl for her age with very long blonde hair. A slim girl just beginning to develop with very long legs to match that long hair this give her a nice slim look but she was sure a pretty girl he couldn't help but notice her legs they was like her mums very sexy for her young age. John knows he shouldn't even be thinking these words but Sarah was to say the least a sexy looking girl my god whets he turned into thinking this way. He knows he likes them young but this is worrying. Both the girls wearing these nightshirts but Sarah's was higher that shown more of them delectable young legs than may be she thought.

Janet returned with coffee and found the scene in front her. One her daughters sat next to John showing him her school books and home work, her mum sat chatting to him at same time. while her oldest daughter was very quiet just standing there with her arms folded looking coldly at John and Lisa. Sarah has always been a little reserved and this is new to her. her mum bringing a man home this hasn't happened be for. A little tricky with Sarah as she was old enough to get to know her dad and the hurt he had caused her mother so she wasn't keen to see a man in her mums life again she was protective of her mum.

''Come on Girls off you go to bed its way past your bed time'' Janet wanted them out the way be for they totally ruined any chance she had with John but she didn't know how well they had got on all to the thanks of young Lisa breaking the ice. ''Aww mum the moans come from both girls'' Bed now , Janet spoke firmly but with a smile. Be for she knew what was happening Lisa jumped off the sofa and kissed john on the cheek bidding him goodnight then her mum. Oh my god what's she just done Janet thought. It took john be a little surprise but he didn't mind her young affection. Lisa run off giggling. Sarah did just manage a goodnight and went after her sister in a more dignified manner. John couldn't help but watch both girls as they left and he knows he shouldn't be comparing but no Lisa had a tiny young girls bottom under that t shirt. he couldn't see much. Sarah's on the other hand was more visible and stuck out a little showing her developing curves.

John and Janet chattered for a while then john went for the kill. Kissing Janet with full on passion with his hands roaming all over Janet's body mostly paying attention to her legs. She had amazing legs that John loved to feel. With little resistance from Janet his hand slid up her skirt to find her warmth between her legs. His fingers massaging her through her now already damp knickers . Janet was a little embarrassed as to how easily she got hot down there when John touched her but she loved his touch. Right there on the Sofa be for she knew what was happening, John was removing her underwear and kneeling between her legs. he slowly started kissing her legs, her inner thighs and opening her legs with ease pushing her skirt up high. Janet laid there motionless allowing John to do as he wanted as she just loved this and her body was shaking as soon as his mouth touched her most inner passion, her wet vagina aching for his attention. With expertise his tongue worked on her, probing into her, exploring her, John had learnt over the years and many lovers how to stimulate the female organ to its highest pleasure

They spent the whole night making love both down stair then Janet was carried upstairs where John continued to make hot passionate love to her. Making Janet have several mind blowing orgasms that she had never really experienced and this strengthened her love for john. The whole night he pleasured her and giving her consideration that she again hadn't experienced . Janet didn't get much sleep that night and the next morning she was tired but happy. getting the girls up and ready for school. At least she didn't have to walk with them this morning. John kindly offered to drop them off at the school for her. So Janet gave john a quick kiss and told him she would call him later on.

The girls, both ready in their school uniforms jumped in the car after Lisa had again chattered away to John over breakfast. Sarah a little shocked that John was still there and had obviously stayed the night. As Sarah got in he again couldn't help but notice her legs as her school skirt was shorter than he thought school skirts was meant to be. He wasn't complaining as them legs again looked even better than his first viewing last night. Lisa had got in with less grace and gave john a nice flash of her white cotton panties which john paid little attention too. Just smiled to himself and wondered why the white cotton panties always looked so innocent. The girls where semi quiet in the car it only being a shirt journey. Lisa did thank him several times and Sarah managed only once but at least it was a thank you.

To skip a little now . John and Janet's relationship went from strength to strength with several dates and even a meal in jennets home. Lisa got on so well with John and he took a good shine to her, being very patient with her, Sarah was polite but more reserved. But she didn't object to Join as he made her mum happy and she could see a difference in her mum that she liked. Sarah had secretly been missing the family life and John did fit in well. She just have to give it time to see how things went.

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more, please. a few more chpters as to what happen to Sarah.

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I'm not one who normally complains about spelling and punctuation, but MY GAWD! It was tough to work through that one.

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