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It kinda suck in the beginning.
"Morning. You want some coffee?" Carrie says to her husband Eric while she was washing dishes. "No thanks." Eric walked behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Did you fix the basement door? Because you know you can only open the door from the outside." He moved his hands to her nice and soft ass and squeezed them "Yes, I fixed it last night." He moved her long light brown hair to the side and kissed the back of her neck. "Eric! Can you take out the trash please?" Eric sighed, picked up to the trash and went to the backyard. He seen his neighbor. "Hey, Mr. McLane" he said in a nice friendly way. Mr. McLane looked up at Eric and didn't say anything, just walked back into his house. Eric went back inside. She looked up at him and asked what was wrong. He said "Everytime I see Mr. McLane he doesn't say anything to me." She walked passed him putting a new bag in the trash can.
"Who? Jack?"

"It's that his name?"

"Yeah. He wanted me to call him by his first name rather then his last. Because he said calling him Mr. McLane makes feel old."

"The guy is 62."

"Actually 55. But he's a nice man. I don't understand why he's acting this way. He never acts like that around me."

She walked up to him and ran her fingers through his dark brown hair "Beside, he's probably jealous of you because you have someone that loves you deeply." He placed his hands on her hip "How deep?" She stood on her tippy-toes and whispers in his ears while reaching down his pants "This DEEP" then she drop to her knees.

She began to lick and tease the tip of his 7 inch hard cock. She than slowly took his cock deeper in her mouth. She had every last bit in her mouth. "Mmm. Damn baby" he moans softly. She licked his sack until he got stiffer and stiffer. Then he stopped her and then she got on her feet. He than picked her up and carried her to the living room and layed her on the floor by the fireplace (which wasn't on).
She took off her silky light pink robe and he took off clothes. He began to squeeze her 36C cup breast and lick her soft pink nipples. He slowly moved down to her thighs and began kissing them, while she play with her nipples. She than spred her legs and he moved in one her pink pussy which smelt like roses after her bath she had earlier. He started nibbling on her clit. She started rubbing her fingers through his head. He lick all around her pussy putting his tongue is her juicy wet hole. She moans in pleasure and delight. He slipped his index finger deeply into her hole, in and out faster and faster. "Oh, mmm, yeah Eric'" she moans and calls his name. Eric then sat up and pinned her legs up. He started teasing her pussy with his cock. "Oh Eric, I want you in me" she whispers slowly. Then slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper taking up every 7 inches. Faster he went by the moment. She rubbed his strong thick muscular body. He was beginning to feel to cum. Faster and faster he went and his
face began to turn red, he was ready to cum. Then he shot a load on cum all in her pussy.

Later the phone rings Eric went to go answer it. "Hello? Yeah this him. Work? It'a Saturday can I a least spend the day with my wife? (sighs) Alright. What time? Ok. Alright bye." He went up stairs to the bedroom where Carrie was. "Who was that on the phone?" she was in the bathroom taking a bath. "Jose. He wants me to go in right now" he walked in the their closet to get his work clothes.

"When will you be home?"

"Around 10:00 (pm)"

" You want me to make you a lunch and have dinner ready when you get home?"

"No I'll get somthing. Well, I'm leaving"

"Ok" he walked over to the tub and kissed her good bye, then he left.

She dried off and but on a clean robe. She went down stairs and seen a window opened. "How this get opened?" she said to herself. Then she heard a noise she didn't where it came from. So she went to the down stairs bathroom to get the dirty laundry out of the hamper. Then went to the basement to wash clothes. She left the basement door wide open because she wasn't sure about the door. While she was in the far corner of the basement with her back turned, then her the door closed."Eric?"she calls, but he wasn't there. She ran up the basement stairs and tries to open the door, but it was locked. "Shit." She went over to the shelf to get a srewdriver to unlock the doornob. Then someone called her name " Carrie". She turned around her and it was Mr. McLane.

"Mr. McLane what are you doing here?"

"Hey, remember call me Jack"

"How you get in here, get the hell out my house."

He slowly started walking towards her. "This how you treat all of your guests?"

"Don't you come near me."

He grabbed her wrist, she had the srewdriver in the hand.

"Hey! Don't be mean. I'm a nice guy, remember?"

"Let me go!"

"Ya know, every since you and that husband of yours moved here. I wonder want it would be like to be with you Carrie. 'Cause I've been watching you."

"You sick fuck". Then she spitted in his face. He closed his eyes and wiped his face. Then he looked at her with his evil green eyes. "You bitch" before she knew it she took a hard blow (a heavy hit) to the head and fell to the floor dropping the srewdriver. She was out. Than he ripped off her robe, pinned her arms over her head, dug into his pants took out cock, and began raping her. She finally opened her eyes and started screaming. He was fucker her really fast and hard. She wasn't enjoying it at all. She screamed more and then he slapped her across her face and made her lip bleed. " Shut up" he yells. She looked over to her right and seen the srewdriver.

She started wiggling and shaking herself out of his tight grip. Then he finally got her legs free and she kicked him in the nuts. He grunted and let her go. She grabbed the srewdriver and tried to crawl away. But he grabbed her ankle then she stabbed him in his arm. He screamed, the she stabbed him again in hin left leg. She got up grab her robe ran up the basement stairs, unlocked the basement door with the srewdriver. And ran outside leaving him there and nevered turened back.

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2009-09-28 12:28:01
Umm, Ok, if you want any sort of future in writing;


2006-05-08 04:22:06
eww....screwdriver stabbed into jack's arm and legs....dun he feel pain? he still could run.... wad a disgusting story...but at least got some good in the beginning...2/10


2006-03-25 20:18:17
Ok, I have legal rights to say THIS SUCKED.. I'll give it a four. But, come on no details. Proofread. Come the hell back when you have a better story...


2005-09-26 05:19:30
I loved the start but then it got crap


2005-08-28 09:27:18
That had a good chance of being a real good story, but you didn't have enough detail, especially near the end. try readin some of the other storys on here and u'll know what i'm talkin about!

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