Men know their right to fuck but do women?
Every man knows it's his god given right to fuck, making love is actually a nice way of saying fuck. So in order to conform they say I want to make love. Now this throws a womans brain into a tail spin, had he said I want to fuck you, she would run for the hills. when it's making love, she hears wedding bells or if not marriage a very meaningful relationship.

Women stand up and be counted, you lidke to fuck to. So in order to liberate more of you just like to fuck ladies out there I want to give you some encounters you might very well enjoy. So enjoy Katie is one of us she likes to fuck, in fact she likes to fuck often. While she was in college Katie observed the women in her dorm.
So many were getting engaged or tied up seriously with someone. Katies observation over two years was that those who were engaged or otherwise tied to a serious partner were not having the good life she wanted. Those women who were sleeping around weren't any better off.

So Katie after having a date one night said to Jim, so I had a really good time would you like to come up for a fuck. Jim said you are joking aren't you? Katie said no not at all, you see I am horny and I know guys get horny so can't we just cut the crap and fuck? He said by all means let's go. Now Jim was an okay lay and Katie told him so, but she also told him that if he wanted a second date he would have to improve his game. He went along with her and asked what he might do. Katie told him that foreplay was huge for a woman to reach a full orgasm and she told him that he to would gain from it. Kissing, petting, just admiring each others
Bodies. Coming on to a woman wasn't just saying let's fuck it's winking, it's looking into her eyes, letting her know in body language that she is wanted. Jim and Katie became casual partners in a plight to setup fucking times that suited them both. To this end they decided to give each other names of good fucks that they have had that might fit the one night stand theory but on a more regular basis.

Katies first call was to Bruce, Hello Bruce this is Katie, I have talked to your friend Jim and understand you might be interested in a no strings attached fuck night? Bruce said excuse me, you want what? Katie said is this Bruce, he said yes. Did you talk to Jim or not? Well yes he said you were Interested in fucking maybe once a week or an every other week deal. Is it that you want to set it up at a certain time and day? Yes
Katie said but I would like to hold off doing that until after out first encounter. So would now be to short a notice, I wouldn't have called unless I had time and the desire. Bruce said yes give me your address and I will shower and be there in say 45 minutes. Katie said great see you soon. Bruce was about 5'10" with black hair and black eyes, average build. He spelled average. Katie was disappointed, but she forged ahead. Katie went to the door and said hello to Bruce, he said well Katie Jim didn't tell me you were beautiful. This Is going to be easy for me, I'm already getting hard. That's great Bruce but this is all about skill, foreplay to get the optimum orgasm.
Bruce said shall we get started? He said Katie don't you have some nice fucking music you could play. The other thing Katie I really expected you to greet me in a more provocative attire. Katie said I'm not a hooker, Bruce said, no i understand that but why get all dressed up as you are, when I am just going to take your clothes off right now? You are, well yes you didn't think I would or anyone would fuck you with your clothes on, did you? Of course you are right, what sis you vision me wearing just a see through gown or something along those lines. Katie said let me show you what I've got, after going through her things they settled on a bra and matching Bikini panties. Bruce kissed Katie then and began undressing her, then he got naked to. She said I really don't want, Bruce said Katie why don't you shut up and see what you get. With that he kissed her with hus tongue and moved his hand from her tit to her crotch he gently opened her slit and found her opening where he placed his thumb and gently rubbed her clit with his fingers.
Then as his kiss deepened he deepened her hole and his pressure on her clittoris. Katie was moaning now and he decided to make her beg. He went down on her and began sucking her with nothing held back, he sucked and fucked her with his tongue until finally she said oh my god Bruce please fuck me fuck me now oh please Bruce kneed it now. So Bruce kissed her as he put his cock into Katie and she came the second e entered her. Ummmmmmmmohhhhhhhmg ohmg Bruce yes yes ummmmm Bruce didn't stop he instead picked

up her legs and bent them further back and held her there while he was slamming her now and she came again but this time she came so hard her muscles pulled him right along with her and he yelled oh Katie girl Katie fuck fuck ohhhhhhhfuck. He said Katie I can keep going whatbdo you say I roll you over? Katie said well and Bruce said that's a yes? And he pulled his cock and rolled her over, he pulled her hips up and entered her ass oh katie started to object byt he was quick and as she tried to wiggle free he went deep and she came, then finally she was quiet. Bruce saidbare you okay? Katie said, If you keep fucking me I'll be fine. He was good no doubt about it and Katie had never been ass fucked before, it was real good. He felt huge in her ass and the sensation was magnified as he moved in her. She lost her embarrassment and now joined him
In his strokes the only sounds from either of them for the next half and hour were moans and ohmgs. Oh my god don't stop.

They had both climaxed until they were exhausted and Bruce finally pulled his cock. Katie said oh Bruce will you finger fuck me until I come again, he simply mounted her pussy then and said isn't this better Katie? She was dumb founded this guy could fuck her anytime. And he did for another two hours until Katie asked him to stay over. He declined but said he would come back tomorrow if she thought he was good enough? They both laughed then and took a shower where he finger fucked Katie.

Katie was sound asleep at noon when someone was pounding on her door, then her phone rang. Katie got up to see who was at the door it was Jim and he had his phone in his hand. She opened the door and jim walked in, he said oh Katie I have to tell you about Last night. Katie said sit down Jim I have to use the bathroom. Jim make coffee it's all sitting there just push the button. Katie returned a few minutes later yawning but Jim handed her a cup of coffee and she sat in her favorite chair. Jim said, I had a fuck night with your friend Brea last night oh let me tell you she taughtbme some new tricks I'll show you, Katie held up a hand and said not
Now Jim bad timing. And by the way why didn't you call before you came over? Jim said oh I'm sorry have you got plans Katie said yes I do. You aren't the only one who had a fuck night and my man is coming back as we
speak so I need you to go. Jim asked well who was it who did you call, she said Bruce and I will thank you properly for him later, now go. I will call you don't call me today or tonight or maybe not tomorrow either, they both laughed and hugged and said later.

Bruce called an hour later and said set the table I am bringing lunch and probably dinner. Katie was in the bra and bikini panties he had chosen, she opened the door for him and as he set the bags on the table Katie kissed him. Now he said that's the way to say hello. Katie asked if he wanted to eat right away he tooknthe cue and pulled her panties off and set her on the counter .
He stripped his shoes and pants and went right to her crotch and rubbed and fondled her breasts as he finger fuxked her until her juices were flowing and then he penetrated her with a thrust so deep Katie was moaning already. He kept up the pace until she came hard, she begged him not to stop and he didn't until they both came together yelling each others names. He pulled his cock then and said Katie if you don't object I'll come one morebtime before we eat and he laid her over the table and entered her ass. Katie was still a little intimidated with this but she quickly fucked him back. He went at her ass for over an hour coming and
Coming again it was divine Katie didn't want to stop. Bruce took her to the living room and put her on the rug on all fours. He fucked her there, at first he slid in slowly and stroked her with a rythum that made Katie beg for more, when he went faster she wanted it harder and when he went harder he couldn't wait to unload his seed in her. It was dinner time and they took a shower Katie didn't even ask to be finger fucked, butbtherevwas no need Bruce wanted to fuck her pussy again and he held one leg up and entered her with force as he rammed upward into katies pussy she started kissing him all over his face when she went to his
Mouth it was open and there tongues fucked each other with a depth Katie had never experienced it made her cum and cum as it did Bruce. When they finally stopped all they could do was look at each other and kiss once more. They warmed there food and ate all of it. Katie said I've got to go to class in about an hour what does your schedule look like? Bruce asked are you needing another date? Katie smiled and said well yes I enjoyed you more than I can put into words. Oh, Bruce said you were very good at expressing  how you felt, you didn't seem to hold anything back. So here's the deal I have the rest of the day and night but tomorrow and forbthe next couple of days, until Saturday night I am swamped with labs and class. So can I grab a quickie now, and I'll be back when you call me from class. Oh Katie said, so that's like 3 days without, I think I can skip class
Today and you will stay this time won't you?  Bruce just went to her and started fucking her pussy, he asked Katie can I turn you over now and Katie saidvoh bruce please, he penetrated her ass and slid two fingers into her pussy as he stroked one he stroked the other Katie went wild begging him not to stop she yelled his name and begged him to fuck her always. Oh god Bruce i have never been so fucked in my life, don't atop baby stop. Oh my god katievyoubare insatiable are you for real and Bruce couldn't go any further he buried his cock deep in Katie and came like a mad man string after string of seed that hit every sensory nerve Katie had, she began to cry itbwas so over whelming. Bruce stayed in her for a few minutes trying to regroup his mind.
He finally pulled his cock and asked Katie if she was okay? Katie said I don't know when I have ever ever felt better. They fell asleep on the floor and when he awoke Katie was in the bathtub he joined her and sat her on his lap backwards he entered her ass and Katie leaned back against him as he sucked a hickie on her neck a few times. He reached around and found her opening and finger fucked her as he fucked her ass once again Katie went wild, after a few minutes he stood them up and kept fucking her until they both came. Then they sat back down in the bath and rested until the water turned cold. Bruce helped her out of the bath
And began drying her off, Katie reached down and took his cock in one hand and began to fondle a soft velvety cock. BeforeBruce could finish drying her off Katie asked if he could mount her again Bruce just said ummmmmmmm and Katie got down on all fours again. He repeated the rythum and his fingers in her pussy and Katie began yelling for him not to quit. Katie baby you have to be getting sore honey, she said well a little but not bad enough to quit. He said well I brought a little soothing cream for you.
I need to pull honey so I can put it in you. Oh katie said that's my favorite part when you enter me so hard, oh he said why didn't you tell me, and with that he pulled a nd put the cream all over his cock and slammed it back into katies ass. He pulled again and again slamming her each time until she yelled I'm coming stick in me deep baby he kept going for just a few more strokes and they once again came together with such force Katie cried. When yheybwoke up Bruce had to leave in a hurry but said I'll call you late Saturday afternoon, get some rest honey.

Katie went back to sleep and didn't get up until midnight, shecwas so horny for Bruce she got her dildo out and went to it. She was totally frustrated she had always been able to climax easily now all she wanted was Bruce. But she worked at it until she finally came, and quickly went back to sleep. She woke at ten the next morning and called Jim, she asked can you come over.
He said sure is this a date and she said maybe. So Jim rushed over and Katie said Jim will you just fuck me fuck me Jim and, we will talk after. Jim said what about the foreplay and Katie asked him do you ass fuck? Jim said sure get down on the rug and I'll give it to you right now. He entered her softly and Katie yelled harder harder and Jim did his best but it wasn't the same. Katie asked him to pull andventer again hard do it Jim overvand over, but it wasn't the same. Katie said can you put a couple of fingers in my pussy and finger fuck me at the same time and he did, but it wasn't the same. Oh Katie came but it wasn't the same.
Katie asked jim if they could stop and he said sure Katie are you alright. And she said no I think I don't know what i think. Jim said start at the beginning katie, and she did, but when she finished Jim said so he was the best fuck you have ever had. You should consider having him twice a week. No Katie said you don't get it, i don't want to have anybody but him. Oh no, here goes the solution to all your problems Jim said, this isn't suppose to be about love Katie girl. Katie I have a date tonight and I really have to run are you going to be alright? No, but I understand I'll talk to you next week.

The next couple of days dragged on and on, Katie thought in circles, nothing made any sense. When Bruce called Saturday afternoon he said he could come over now or wait and take her to dinner. She said oh Bruce please pickup some take out please and come over as soon as you can. When Bruce finally arrived Katie couldn't get intonhis arms fast enough. Katie
Baby what's up? She said Bruce please fuck me right now please? He said I planned, and Katie stopped him and begged him please Bruce just fuck now. He said sure babe where so you want it, she said just give me everything you've got. Katie dropped her robe and got on all fours on the living room rug, Bruce didn't have any doubt then what or where, he mounted
Just the way she loved it hard and all the way out all the way again and again, she came so hard she collapsed in tears.
Bruce went to her and held her he touched her mound not knowing ifbshe wanted any thing more. He tried to kiss her but she wouldn't stop crying, finally he picked her up and put her in bed and rubbed her back until she fell asleep.

The next morning Katie woke up smelling coffee and bacon she grabbed her robe and went out and fell into bruces arms. She apologized for the night before, although Bruce told her there was no need for apologizing. As long as you are okay Katie, she assured him she was. There is a problem though, yes Bruce said what's that? Katie looked him in the eyes and said I love you. Bruce said yes Katie I love you to. Katie said no Bruce you don't get it I love you really love you. Oh Bruce said is that what's making you so unhappy? Well not unhappy but I didn't think I would want just one man until now. And now I do and
I told you no strings attached. Well he said Katie don't you think we should give oursselves some time? Katie said how much Time? Bruce said let's sit down and talk about this. Katie said can we fuck first Bruce I missed you so much. There indeed was something different about Katie her fucking wasn't real fucking anymore. Katie there is a real problem you aren't fucking me back, I feel real vulnerable, I would like to let go, well Bruce said maybe this will help. He turned her over and pummeled her ass she finally came and let it all out, when she asked Bruce, why did you stop he knew Katie was coming out of her funk.
They fucked each other with a new desire to out do the other and in the end they were both hooked.

So, Bruce said, are You still looking to fill your calendar with different men for 4 days out of the week. Katie laughed and said you are the first one, well kind of actually Jim was the first but I can't pencil him in any more. He is doing his own calendar and he is more a friend. Katie, Bruce asked again, you didn't say, so are you still looking? Katie said I haven't had time. Well Bruce said that's great because I bought you a new calendar before I came over and I filled my days out for you. You can accept or reject as you want to. Where is it Katie asked, right next to your bed, so you can see it right away in the morning.
She ran to her room, Bruce was right behind her, she saw that he had put his name on everyday of the week for the whole year, he had made the calendar and named different days, with goofy little people In different positions.

Katie said well Bruce you didn't say how many times a day...........

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