cherri went for help but got a show and found out a secret
i got to John's house,i was about to knock when i noticed the house was
quiet then i searched for John's mind and was surprised to see it
disoriented meaning he was masturbating or so i thought i decided to
scare him and turned invisible,went into his house dropped everything i
held except my phone of course and walked towards his room.
When i got there i stopped dead in my tracks,John was on top a girl
fucking away,i went to his side and wham it was casey the school most
bitchiest and one of the popular girls,she was a grade higher than us i
couldnt belive my luck 2 bitches in 1 day,i took out my phone and just
"oh yes baby your so hot unggh yeah yeeee oh yeah fuck i want your
ass yes baby oh oh oh"moaned john,"fuck me John use that big cock and
fuck me yes uhuh ohhh am am am am cummmming"screamed casey,john turned
her over and lined up his cock when he brought it out for a teen my age
he could've bin at least 9inches,it was big and he pushed it into her
ass and sighed,he began fucking her had and fast"yeah bitch you're so
tight i could fuck your ass all night oh yeah fuck yeah shit am gona cum
take it bitch take it all"and he shot in her till overflowing,at 1st
when casey got penetrated she scrunched her face up but she just started
enjoying it when he pulled the pool of cum there was wow a lot.
Just when i was about to stop the recording since they had gone to
making out i sensed som1 else so i started searching and saw his mum
naked peeping through a hole am sure led to JohN's room,with her fingers
in her pussy,it looked like she had cum b4 but her car wasnt home which
means she must have not wanted John to know then i read her mind all i
heard was "shit i wish i was that bitch i so want his cock in me oh
yeah"i couldn't believe i had a moment's idea to give her an order to go
and ask her son to fuck her but i changed my mind and ordered her to
say loud and she said it all and i got it on my phone then stopped
she stood up and started getting dressed,i guess she would leave and
then come back home and act like she had never been there so i went to
John room and they were getting dressed,"thanks for doing my homework
John but no one gets to know about this"casey said,"sure thanks for
paying me with that sweet ass"John said,now i understood what was going
on sex for homework i quickly went and picked everything i had with me
and went out the door and acted like i was coming towards thier house
when i saw his mom tiptoeing out and she never saw me.
i waited till i felt thier mind getting closer then i acted like i was
about to knock when they opened the door they were kissing and i acted
shocked and dropped my bag the sound made them turned and casey ran out
and John shouted shit. After a while i got myself back and said "hey
john",and John started explaining that it wasn't what it looked like
that it just sorta happened thatt she still hates him,i wanted to show
him the video but decided to save it for another time,i cut him "John am
not gonna tell anyone just forget it now lets go to your room i need
your help",he followed me up to his room when we got there i dropped my
computer my usb and my phone.
then i started transferring,i told him "i need your help with this
video its very vital i need you to make everything audio sound
everything perfect,and also put it in a way that when i press enter it'l
go to all the social networks and everyone at school ma parents
including the teacher,can you do that","yeah sure,but whats in the video
anyway can i see it" and i said "yeah sure why not",then he clicked on
play and his eyes nearly pulled out of his sockets a bulge had grown
where his limp dick was supposed to be and it looked like he was rubbing
it more and more,then i stopped the video and he blushed and i
giggled"shit cherri how the fuck did you get your sis to be in this kind
of position she would die if she saw this,can i keep it","yeah sure
keep it but dont show anyoneam counting on it killing her she's ruined
my life i wanna ruin her's,i caught when she wsnt looking i guess",he
went to work then his mom came home to his room and said hey John am
back how ws school,as she said this she was looking around his room" mom
school's cool mom is something wrong"john asked "if only he knew yeah
she wants you and i think she meant am back for the second time"i
thought,then she turned to me and said"oh hey cherri i didnt see you
there","yeah Tyren must have spaced out for a moment huh welcome
bak",she smiled and left and i grin then said what's dt about,i said oh
For the next two hour John helped me then he was done i told him thanks
and politely declined his mom invitation for dinner,when i got home i
saw my sister,she wore a long gown like a holy queen and packed her hair
in a pony tail she looked so innocent,then i heard my dad"school was
out for a long time young lady where have you been why can you be like
your sister",i apolgised walked away. blackmail tym


2015-02-10 04:40:43
i apolgised walked away. blackmail tym Not fixed

I apologized and walked away, thinking blackmail time. Fixed

Cherri- Blue are you really 14 years old ?

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2013-10-15 22:39:12
Make part 3 and maybe 4 and 5

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2013-10-15 22:38:06
Fuck you animal99 this is sex stories not fucking language arts class

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2013-08-25 02:34:44
Sorry but maybe did you think that maybe just maybe it was because there wasn't enough space to complete the story,so she improvised,i love your story,i cant wait for part 3


2013-04-10 09:44:38
Wow.. you REALLY need to get this proofread... and fix your punctuation and Grammar!

The story has some good parts but it doesn't read well because of those mistakes I pointed out. Please FIX!

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