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Trying to get knocked up
We had a lot of unprotected sex after that, we were trying get me pregnant, but we kept it to ourselves for the time being, we really wanted it to be a surprise to everyone. So about 8 weeks later I started throwing up when luckily we were both home.

“Shit, I gotta go to the bathroom,” I said.

He saw I really didn't feel good, so he came to the bathroom with me. I threw up a few times and we wasted no time to take a test. So I took it and it was positive.

"Well Bill and Wendy aren't the only brother/sister couple that can get knocked up,” Ray said.

“If I didn't feel like shit I'd kiss you,” I replied in a slightly weird voice.

“I appreciate that sis,” Ray said as he was trying not to laugh.

"Fuck you," I replied.

I still wasn't feeling too good, but I kissed him. Then we just cuddled on the toilet for a minute.

“I love you Ray, don't ever change, I want you to be this sweet to me forever,” I said as I hugged him.

“I swear I will be sis,” Ray replied.

I summoned some courage, because it seemed like the best time to ask him something.

“I know I asked you to get me pregnant and you did it for me, but can I ask you for one more thing?” I asked.

“Yes sis, anything,” Ray replied.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out an engagement ring.

“Bro, will you spend the rest of your life me by marrying me?” I asked.

Maybe people think the woman shouldn't propose and the man should, but I didn't care. I loved him and he loved me, so I proposed to him and we had the biggest hug.

“I don't think I've ever loved you more than I do right now Ray,” I said as we hugged.

“Me too Jennifer, now give me a kiss,” Ray replied.

“Gladly,” I said.

We had the biggest kiss of our lives. I just proposed to him, we found out I was actually pregnant and of course we had guests knock on the bathroom door right then when we had a moment going.

“Hey anyone in there? You know you two aren't the only incestuous couple,” Bill said.

Then we kissed in front of everyone, so we were comfortable.

“I guess we got some news to tell them,” I said.

“Well let's call mom and dad over here too,” Ray replied.

“OK I love you,” I said.

“I love you too sis,” Ray replied.

We both went out there and Bill and Wendy were right outside the door. Ray called our parents, but I had a few tears on my cheek and Bill and Wendy noticed.

“What's wrong?” Wendy asked.

“Nothing, we'll tell you when our parents get over here,” I replied.

Ray came back and we all went to the living room. Of course they were wondering what was up exactly, but we weren't telling them until our parents arrived, but Ray let them know it was important, so they came over quickly, it only took about 15 minutes.

“What took you two so long?” Wendy asked them as they walked in the living room.

“They called us 15 minutes ago, and you are?” Maria asked.

“Hey mom, meet another fellow brother/sister couple, Wendy and Bill,” I replied.

They all had a big smile on their faces as our parents sat down. I guess it could have been trending or something, our introduced themselves as well and of course they noticed something.

“Wendy is pregnant, in case you didn't notice,” Ray said.

“Yeah, we thought so, but I already learned that lesson, there is no freaking way I'm asking if a woman is pregnant ever again, but congratulations to you two,” Jim replied.

“Thank you. I'm about 16 weeks along now I think,” Wendy said.

“Cool,” Maria replied.

Our parents addressed one elephant in the room, and Wendy and Bill addressed another.

“So you are both OK with them being incestuous?” Bill asked.

They both looked at each other and gave each other a kiss.

“Wendy, We're brother and sister too,” Jim replied.

Then I thought their jaws were about to drop.

“Holy shit. You two are incestuous too?” Bill asked.

“Yes,” Maria replied.

So I think we all felt better about our relationship choices. I mean you yourself don't regret it, but you still gotta deal with people knowing sooner or later.

“Well, now we got all that out in the open, we have some more news,” I said.

“What is it sweetheart?” Jim asked me.

“Well, first, I'm pregnant,” I replied.

Then everyone other Ray and I had that look.

“Copycats,” Wendy said.

“We're not sorry, I did it for my sis,” Ray replied.

Ray and I kissed each other.

“Well shit honey, we had no idea you two were even trying,” Maria said.

“Well, we just wanted to keep it under wraps until we knew for sure,” I replied.

Of course everyone had to hug us and feel my stomach as well, so they were all really happy to hear about that, but of course we had more to tell them.

“Cool, and you said first, is there more?” Bill asked.

“Yes actually. We're engaged,” I replied as I showed them the ring.

Everyone looked at the ring and I thought Maria was gonna faint.

“You proposed to her?” Wendy asked.

“Actually, I proposed to him,” I replied.

That part they didn't seem to be in love with honestly.

“You proposed?” Jim asked me in a weird tone.

“Yes, we both love each other, so really why does it matter? We both said we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together even before we talked about kids. So it doesn't matter which one of us proposed,” I replied.

We all talked for hours about both pregnancies and the fact that I proposed to him. It was more of an issue than they wanted to admit, but I was pregnant and engaged, and I wasn't regretting anything. They still supported us, then a little while later, I found myself in the kitchen for a minute and Maria came in there with me to give me a hug.

“So you really got a baby in there?” Maria asked.

“Yes, I think about 8 weeks now. Aren't you happy?” I asked.

“Oh yes of course I'm happy sweetie, I just didn't see it coming. I mean you two are still a little new to the relationship. I know your dad got me pregnant and we're both still very happy together. Just go through this with caution,” Maria replied.

“OK mom, but I love him and he loves me,” I said.

“I'm not denying that, not at all. I love that you two are together, I'm just saying your dad and I had our bumps in the road though,” Maria replied.

“OK mom, I hear you,” I said.

She gave me a huge hug and we both went back out there. I sat with Ray on the couch and she sat with her brother as well. We all talked some more for a little while and then they eventually left. After that we were on the couch, but I was shedding a couple tears.

“What's wrong sis?” Ray asked.

“I'm just happy to have you honestly,” I replied.

“So those are tears of happiness?” Ray asked.

“Yes,” I replied just before we kissed again.

He brushed my hair out of my eyes as I still had a couple tears going down my cheeks.

“And you are absolutely sure you have nothing else bothering you sis?” Ray asked.

“No, nothing. I'm pregnant and engaged to the man I love. Nothing is wrong, I swear,” I replied.

“Good,” Ray said.

“And you are truly OK just fucking one lady for the rest of your life?” I asked.

“Yes,” Ray said.

“Then fuck me out here,” I replied.

He got down on the floor, so he obviously wanted to do it there, which I was OK with.

“Can we talk about something first?” Ray asked as I was about to take off my shirt.

I was a little stunned, I wanted to have sex and he wanted talk about something first? I couldn't be that disappointed, I did love talking to him too.

“What's on your mind?” I asked.

“Are you still enjoying the sex?” Ray asked.

I kissed him passionately for over a minute.

“Bro, I love having your cock inside me, whether if it's in my mouth or my pussy. We always have amazing sex. I mean we're brother and sister, so if we loved each other enough to fuck more than once, then obviously we liked it. Why? Are you bored with our sex life?” I asked.

“No, of course not sis, just asking,” Ray replied.

“So you like my blow jobs?” I asked.

“Yes, I love them, they are the best ones I've ever gotten honestly. It's just something I wanna be able to talk to you about especially if we get married,” Ray replied.

“I agree 100%. We should be able to talk to each other about our sex life. I mean I know you love fucking me like mad. We both really love it Ray, don't worry about it,” I said.

“OK sis, I love you,” Ray replied.

“I love you too. Now I want you to fuck me, and dammit it's gonna happen. I wanna have sex with my finance,” I said as I started undoing his pants.

He laid down flat on his back and I undid his pants. I pulled out his nice cock and stroked it a little bit as we both looked right at each other with very lusty eyes.

“I'm truly the happiest woman on the planet Ray, you better treat me right, or there will be hell to pay,” I said.

“I understand,” Ray replied.

I got down on my stomach and took his cock into my mouth. First I only went down a couple inches, to give him a little tease you could say, but then I looked over at him and he still had that lusty look. He was eyeballing me like a hawk with his lusty eyes as I went down on his cock a couple more inches. He let out a single moan as he laid his head back.

“Damn, you are the best sister/finance on the planet,” Ray said.

“Damn right,” I replied as I grabbed onto his cock with my left hand.

Then I began licking his balls a bit, it tickled him a bit and he giggled. “That's not fair sis, you can't make me laugh like that,” Ray said.

“Who the fuck says? I'm the boss here.” I replied.

Then I began licking his balls and the side of his cock a little more. I licked the left side and he moved around a little more because it tickled and pleasured him a great deal at the same time. A minute later I took his cock back into my mouth once again, I went about halfway down and he let out a very loud moan.

“Holy fucking shit sis. Oh yes Jennifer, show me whose boss,” Ray said.

I climbed up on top of him and gave him a kiss.

"You know I'm kidding about being boss, we're partners," I said.

I just laid there on top of him for a minute in silence.

“Well partner, can you do me a favor?” Ray asked.

I just nodded.

“Make sure you don't change either.” Ray said.

“Never,” I replied just before we kissed again.

He put his hands between us, pushed my pants down and put his hands onto my butt. Sense I was wearing a thong, he had his hands on my bare butt.

“Smooth, just the way I like it,” Ray said.

“You like your sister's smooth ass Ray?” I asked.

“That's what I said sis.” Ray replied.

We both wrapped our arms around each other and made out very passionately for a couple minutes. We both got on our sides and eventually his hands made their way down to my thong. He leaned down a bit and took my pants and thong off completely as with his pants and boxers. As he did that, I took off my shirt and bra. He laid down next to me and just looked at me for a minute before he took off his shirt as well.

“Holy crap you are beautiful sis,” Ray said.

“Thank you, hey now that we're both naked, will you get on top of me already so we can make love?” I asked.

Then he laughed a little and got on top of me. Even on the floor, it still just felt amazing honestly. With his big cock inside my pussy, it was heaven.

“How do you manage to put up with my shit?” I asked.

“It has it's rewards sis, don't sell yourself short,” Ray replied.

He began thrusting his cock. As always he started thrusting slowly, but picked up speed after a minute and of course made me belt out some more moans.

“Holy mother fucking shit Ray, yes!” I screamed.

“I'll do anything to make my sister happy,” Ray replied.

“Tell me you love me,” I said.

“I love you, I love you, I love you sis,” Ray replied.

We both smiled widely and just looked into each others eyes for a couple seconds. He leaned his head down and gave a kiss on the forehead. I thought he was gonna kiss me on the lips, but he didn't kiss me there, he leaned his head back up.

“Hey, I wanted one on my lips too buster,” I said.

Then he kissed me on the lips as well.

“That's better big brother, I told you that you better treat you little sister right,” I said.

“How about I give you a treat?” Ray asked.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

He got up off me and stood up. He put his hand out, so I grabbed onto it. He helped me up and picked me up with my tits to his chest and he inserted his cock into me once again. Then he brought me into the kitchen.

“What are we doing in here?” I asked.

“I always wanted to have sex in the kitchen, now I'm fucking you, so I don't gotta worry about you coming in and catching me,” Ray replied.

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