up in northern Italy
I slept for about four hours and was awoken by the feeling of Tara's pussy convulsing on my cock. I could feel her fingers bumping my shaft as she masturbated. Still having my arm around her I started squeezing her big soft breast acting like I was still asleep. She stopped masturbating turning her head trying to see if I was awake. I acted as if I was still sleeping, so she reached down rubbing more furiously. I could here her breathing quicken as I played with her nipples. Acting like I was dreaming "Oh Tara, you are so sexy. Please let me...." She turned her head again "Let me what? What do you want to do to me?" she whispered. "Sleeping damn it! Oh my god, you're dreaming. Dreaming about me?" Her breathing quickened even more and the bed started to vibrate from her rough hand and now arm motions. "I love you Tony" as she pressed a little further down on my cock still furiously masturbating. I had always loved Tara as she was such a great girl and beautiful without knowing it.
I reached won putting my hand on her's "Tara, what are you doing?" she stopped abruptly as if I had just caught her doing something wrong.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" as she started to bury her head in the other arm I had under her head. Starting to pull her hand out of her crotch. I stopped her hand placing it back where it was and making a rubbing motion with it while I started kissing her neck and nibbling her ear.
"I didn't say stop" pulling her hand up and slurping on her pussy wet fingers. Her body started to shudder and her pussy clinched my cock as I put her hand back down to her crotch. I took my hand placing it on her hip to push her down harder onto my cock still having another three inches to go. She whimpered as it went deeper in with her pussy walls contracting so hard that they almost seemed like they were trying to push it out. I started humping to help and we got into a rhythm. I hit bottom and she ground down against it as I place my hand back on her breast squeezing her nipple between my fingers. We kissed passionately as she turned her head joining tongues.
I felt kisses on my shoulder and a hand go down my side and around towards my crotch. "What's going on?" Taylor asked as she reached down around the bottom of my shaft. "Oh my god, you guys are fucking!" now half kneeling against my side. "Eww gross I got Tara's pussy juice all over my hand." I reached over and took her hand sucking it clean. She was quiet in shock and amazement as I took her hand under mine placing it on Tara's huge breast. I turned my head to meet her kisses. "I am not like that. I am not into women" she said adamantly yet continuing to massage Tara's breast even pinching her hard nipples between her fingers. Tara now reaching up putting her hand on top of Taylor's.
I rolled onto my back keeping my cock in Tara. Taylor looked at me in disappointment until I pulled her leg across me and hands under her ass placing her wet pussy on my tongue. She turned around looking down towards Tara who was facing away from her going to town riding my cock. This gave me the access to tongue her anus as well. Tara moaned in Ecstasy as a hard orgasm hit her Taylor fell forward against her as she bucked on my face in orgasm with her. Tara dismounted turning to clean me off finding Taylor already doing the job licking me clean from top to bottom and then mounting it herself. Her ass spread across my cock was too awesome of a site. Tara reached down stroking my balls and kissing me passionately. I pulled her up so that I could suck on her massive tits.
"I'm going to cum?" Taylor started to get up, but the twirled around on my erection so that she was now facing me pushing herself down as far as she could gyrating ferociously on my cock. Pulling me up we kissed feverishly "Cum in me, I want it in me!" with Tara moving behind Taylor with her hands on her ass sucking my balls and licking the bottom of my shaft. My cock jerked at the explosion came pelting the walls of her pussy sending her into orgasm as well. Her pussy muscles milked me through another few shots of cum with Tara catching our mixed juices as they came out from around my shaft. Taylor pulling off meeting Tara at the bottom as they worked together cleaning up the mess we made on my crotch.

They went to wake the other girls as I rolled over burying my face in Paola's ass waking her up by tonguing her pussy and asshole. "mmm, I wish I could wake up like that everyday!" I slapped her on her ass moving to the other side of the bed burying my face between Amanda's legs licking her pussy that was quite wet already for some reason still tasting better than anything else I have ever had. I could have stayed down there for days with that being my only life support and she was appreciative as she was pulling my head into her crotch while she humped my face. I sucked on her still over sensitive swollen clit quickly pushing her to orgasm.

I stood up and Amanda stood with me kissing me to taste her own juices. She cupped my erection "why did I not get this last night?" smiling and turning around. Each of the girls coming up to me doing the same to greet me in that morning.

Mary was the last one and did not seem to want to let go. "I really do love you, you have always treated my good. Even though I am the only black girl you have always treated me the same."
I pulled her chin up "what the hell does that have to do with anything? You are amazingly beautiful , great personality, and one of the smartest girls I know." She smiled at me with tears rolling down her cheeks. I didn't get it. Something must have been happening or happened to her to make her feel different. I thought those days were over. I hugged her and kissed her sucking her salty tears off of her cheeks. Squeezing her beautifully strong ass in my hands. Still hard from the Viagra but getting aroused again. She was all woman, nothing girly about her with sexy just oozing out of every pore. The fact that she was so vulnerable feeling so safe as to open up to me like that gave me deeper feelings for her. I looked down into her eyes "I love you too" now looking at her as a woman rather than a girl or player.

We had a few hours still before we needed to be on the field. The smell of sex in the cabin was intoxicatingly wonderful. I was happy to see that all of the girls were still appreciative of my affection and showing their affection to me even though the lust of the vigorel and how ever much alcohol they had in their systems had worn off. I wondered how long the Viagra would last. It came in handy, but it was going to make being on the field a bit uncomfortable.

I took my supplements to replenish the energy I had lost putting on a t-shirt and compression shorts heading off to shower. A couple of the teams were up and around in the campsite and you could hear games going on in the background. Stefania and Gloria headed over to the bathrooms with there team stopping me to talk. They still looked amazing with no make up. Their tanned olive tinted skin barely covered with panties and half shirts. A whole team of younger girls who seemed to be on their way to be just as good looking. I noticed that they were all staring realizing that compression shorts was probably a bad choice in my condition. It was exhilarating having them get aroused and looking at it. I acted as though I did not notice therefor did not cover it up. I even went further making it twitch and seeing them react, which was a display to me as to how hard they were watching and how much they were focused on it, which was even more exciting. Gloria kissed my cheeks rubbing her massive boobs against me and then kissing me hard on the lips turning to take the girls towards the bathroom. Most of them not taking their eyes of my crotch until they no longer had the angle to do so.
Stefania melted against me with her hands cupped in front of her now up against my erection. Acting like a little girl even though she was a beautiful amazon. Shifting her feet like she was too nervous to say anything.

I reached up with my hand under her chin "what's up?"
In her cute broken English "yesterday was amazing...I never felt a deek good like yours. I want it again and soon, but I also want to know you. I never done that before like dat wit no date. I am not like dat." As she looked sheepishly up "just a little" at me and tilting her head. Her eyes were hypnotizing and I had a thing for tall women who carried it well and especially women without makeup. I leaned down and kissed her then feeling pain in my arm from a full hard punch. The girls crowded around me and Mary was running her hand caused by punching me as hard as she did.

I winked at Stefania "see ya later I guess" as the girls rushed me towards the men's bathroom. "Lets' go COACH" said Lindsey pulling me by the arm. Mary stopped to get in a stare down with Stefania. Stefania was taller, but Mary was stronger built. I yelled "Let's go Mary" watching as she obeyed. Stefania giving me a puzzled gaze. "You don't have time for them anymore! Why do you even pay them any attention with us around?" asked Amanda with Paola blurting something out in Spanish. I had forgotten about how possessive girls could be.
"What do you guys think? I need something after this week. You guys will go back home getting back in your lives and forget about me until next season." whack, here came the pain again as Mary provided another physical response. "Whatever, you'll see. I am going to get a shower"

I was in the shower when Shannon and Lindsey pulled at the curtain. "Can we share? The others are all full."
"Sure, I am almost finished anyway."
They come in wetting themselves down. "you missed a spot" says Shannon as she soaps my erection down. Lindsey says "I am almost eye to eye with it. Can you shampoo my hair?" handing me a bottle of shampoo. As I start to shampoo her hair she leans forward and I feel her mouth on my cock as she is sucking the tip in and out. I rinse the shampoo out of her hair and then Shannon asks "Can you get our backs?" I start on Lindsey's shoulders running my hand around to her breasts and then back down to her nice little ass. I bend her forward a bit as clean her crack and anus leaning forward as I clean her slit to tongue her ass as she pushes back against me. I notice that Shannon is pumping her hand between her legs as I do.

I start on Shannon's shoulders and reaching around to her tits as well. I start down her back to her shapely ass not missing a spot knowing that she is masturbating while I do. I bend her forward a bit moving her hand away for access her meaty wet slit. I lick every inch of her awesome booty burying my face in it to tongue her asshole while finger fucking her pussy with two fingers. Her hips start to buck as the orgasm floods her body. She bend forward more giving me enough access to slurp her sloppy wet hole. As I stand up she turns around jumping up with her arms around my shoulders and legs around my waste. "Let me just cum on it? I am too swollen to take it all, so just let me put the head in while I cum" pushing her hips down for it to enter I shove as much as I can in as she bites my shoulder and digs her nails into my back with her pussy contracting and squeezing my cock. She pulls up off of it while kissing me passionately bending down to suck her juices off of it just before we exit the stall.

As we exit the stall i hear a big commotion and then I see Jordan and Mary starting a pushing match and a couple of girls face to face with Jackie. I rush over taking Jackie in one arm and Jordan in the other separating them from the fights. "Bring me the alcohol and the mix!" as I put them in the stall with Dillon following us in. "Did you see what those bitches did to us?"
"Yep" handing the soap to them and pushing them under the water "get the cum washed off your bodies, then we will get the rest off." The wash off and then turn around to talk,
"I believe that you deserved what you got. It took me all night to get rid of all of the marks and itching powder. Plus you put way too much of the vigoral crap on them, their pussies were drenched and swollen all night." They said "yeah, like ours" opening their legs and jutting their hips out..."but then they had some guys cum all over us." Dillon was checking out my erection left and then came back in with an iphone holding it up next to my cock. I looked down to see it was a picture of her with my cock in her mouth. "It was you?"
"Yep, I had to do something with that Viagra you gave me." Each of them reaching out to squeeze it. "Damn, that stuff worked and it worked well."
"Yes it did, nothing I do will make it go away."
"That's a good thing isn't it?" asked Dillon

Bailey brought the stuff back handing it into the stall and leaving. I used the alcohol not caring if it burned and getting it off quickly. I told them to grab their ankles and started rubbing their assholes with the mixture. I massaged their anuses shoving my finger up to the first knuckle getting a moan out of each one as I did. I lean down licking each one rubbing their pussies as I do. Getting them each to the edge just before stopping.

"What the hell? Aren't you going to finish us off?" Jordan come up to me grabbing my erection "come on, I'm almost there. Let me have this."
I lean down taking her big ass in my hands pulling her against me whispering in her ear "It was your beautiful lips that made me cum last night" feeling her body start to shudder as I released her ass exiting the stall. Turning to see Dillon and Jackie leaning up against the shower wall with their hands between their legs finishing themselves off. One hell of a sight...


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