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Part 4

The week after our escapade with Delia went by with us getting the kids to school, our selves to work, and then everybody to wherever they needed to be later in the day and sometimes even in the evening when there was a game or other activity. So, pretty much life back to normal, and the normal amount of pussy in my life: none.

As the days went by, what had happened over the weekend started to seem like it had all been a dream. Did I really fuck Delia? And, did Judy really run around in a cum covered shirt all day while discretely banging herself? Yes, it did happen, and even though life was back to normal, it didn’t mean I was going to let it go back that far to normal. But, it’s not like I could just call Delia up and have her swing by after work for a blow job? Or could I? No, probably not quite that easy. When I tried to get back into Judy’s pants, I got the usual run around and the one time I tried jacking off in front of her, she just walked out of the room.

That’s why I was instantly hopeful when Judy reminded me the following week on Thursday that we had a party to attend on Saturday night. With a straight face, she simply said to me, “I booked Delia so we can go to Peter and Kathy’s party on Saturday night.” As much as I wanted to ask Judy if we were going to ‘do it again’ with Delia, I instinctively knew that I better not mess with karma too much and jinx the whole thing. Still, that meant I had to sneak away a few minutes later and empty a load into the bathroom sink just at the thought of what might happen.

Saturday couldn’t come quick enough, and I had very mixed feelings about the party. On the one hand, I was definitely grateful that Peter and Kathy were throwing it because it meant that Delia would be coming over, but I knew I would have a lousy time at the party waiting to go home in hopes of banging Delia again.

The party started at 8pm, and Delia was scheduled to arrive around 7:30 so we would have time to say goodbye to the kids, talk about what was OK for them to do, bedtime, etc. Shortly before Delia was expected to arrive, I noticed Judy acting a little strangely and kind of hanging out around the front door. As Delia drove up and parked in front, Judy opened the door and let in Delia so that she wouldn’t have to ring the doorbell. Since the kids were upstairs already watching TV and not paying attention, Delia was in the house without them knowing. Otherwise, there would have been a few minutes of shrieking and chaos as they welcomed her.

I was also downstairs and kind of watching this from the other room. Delia and Judy did the ‘how are yous’ and some quick hugs like it was old times. Judy then grabbed Delia by the hand and pulled her down the hall while holding a finger to her mouth to be quiet. She also motioned for me to come over as well. The three of us went into the downstairs bathroom, and Delia and I both looked at each with the expression of ‘what the hell is going on - why are we in the bathroom.’

Judy shut the bathroom door, and without saying a word, she got down on her knees, unzipped my pants, took out my quickly rising cock and started to massage it. For the first time since I can really remember, she put it in her mouth and started sucking it like she meant it. Delia was standing right next to me and didn’t say a word, but just smiled as Judy continued to blow me. Then, just as fast as she had started, Judy stood up and turned to Delia. Delia was wearing a little blue summer dress and Judy reached underneath it and started rubbing her pussy. She then spun Delia around, lifted up her dress, pulled down her panties, and stuck a couple fingers in her pussy kind of roughly. She said, “good, her pussy is already wet. Fuck her.” Not needing to be told twice, I got behind Delia and started fucking her from behind as she stood against the downstairs bathroom vanity.

Delia seemed a little surprised at suddenly finding herself in the role of a fuck doll, but she didn’t seem to mind and quickly got into a nice rhythm with me. Judy then said, “I have to go check on the kids, and we need to leave, so hurry it up,” and then she left us alone in the bathroom and shut the door. Like the last time, Delia’s pussy felt really hot and tight and it didn’t take long for me to start feeling like I would come. Delia was also clearly enjoying herself and was trying not to moan too loudly in case the kids happened to wander downstairs and wonder what that strange noise might be.

After a couple more minutes, Judy came back into the bathroom and told us to hurry. She watched us intently for a few moments, and then reached down and fingered Delia’s clit and got some pussy juice on her fingers and then stuck them in Delia’s panting mouth. She then started squeezing Delia’s ass while watching my cock rapidly slide in and out of her pussy. Judy seemed to really enjoy having her hands all over Delia’s ass. I put my hands on Judy’s and we both were enjoying the feel of Delia’s tight and shapely ass. Judy slid her hand down and placed a couple of fingers on my cock as it slid in and out of Delia’s pussy. With her wet fingers, she rubbed some pussy juice around on Delia’s ass and even lightly tickled her asshole. I had long ago given up my attempts to probe Judy’s ass with anything at all, so seeing her show any interest in a cute asshole was a turn on for sure.

With Judy’s gaze transfixed on this scene and her finger playing around the perimeter of Delia’s asshole, I blew my load deep insider her pussy. After a moment, I pulled out and Judy reached over for some kleenexes to wipe me off. She also bent down and tried to clean up Delia. She was squeezing her pussy and sticking a finger inside trying to get the cum out and got most of it. After she wiped up what she could with the kleenex, some more leaked out. She scooped this up, and along with what she had gotten on her fingers, instead of using another kleenex, she just licked her fingers like it was no big deal. Judy then said we needed to go, and we hurried out the door with Delia standing in the bathroom with her panties around her ankles and cum still dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

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This one was a little short an to the point maybe it will lead to some thing better .bigdave

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