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Here's the fourth chapter.... Finally! So so sorry for the wait. The next part will be up much quicker... I think. I hope you dig. Comments and PM's are much appreciated!


As I finished setting dishes on the table and lighting the candles that stood next to them, I heard a knock on my door.

“Just a minute!” I called out.

I looked in the mirror one last time, smoothing my long hair and adjusting my strapless, shin-length, pink dress. I had another set of black, hopefully sexy, lingerie under it, complete with stockings that showed off my long legs and led down to my black heels.

After I decided I looked as good as I was going to get, I checked the table and made sure our meal of macaroni and cheese, lemonade, and rice crispy treats, all of Kyle and my favorites, was all arranged perfectly, and took a deep breath as I approached the door.

I opened the door and saw Kyle standing in the hall wearing another extremely handsome outfit of a charcoal grey button down shirt, pants, and a pink tie around his neck, along with a big smile on his face, which only got bigger when he saw me. I returned his grin as he pulled me into his arms, hugging me tightly and then pulling back to kiss my lips gently. All anxiety I had about the night I had planned was gone when I felt his lips against mine, and a huge weight was taken off of my shoulders.

“You look great,” I said to him with a smile as I led him inside, closing the door behind me. I now realized he hadn’t taken his eyes from me and I blushed lightly as he said, “You look...,” But trailed off. His eyes moved from my outfit back up to meet my eyes, chuckling as he saw my reddened cheeks, his thumb brushing over them. “So beautiful,” He said, finishing his sentence and kissing me again.

I pulled back and he turned away from me and took in my room. The only light was from two candles on the table, and a few strands of twinkling lights I had hung on my walls, reminding us of our first date in the park. He looked at the food on the table and laughed softly. “My favorites…”

I smiled and nodded. “Mine, too. Good thing we both like weird things.” He laughed.

“Are we celebrating something?” I laughed and shook my head, then said, “Just us.” He smiled and nodded as he pulled out my chair for me and I sat down, and then took his seat next to me.

We sat and ate for the next half hour, laughing and talking about nothing important. He didn’t seem to have a clue about what I wanted to do later that night. Some of my nerves had returned, but they were more excited nerves than my being terrified, like I was earlier.

We were in the kitchen, since I luckily had enough savings to afford a larger dorm that included a small kitchen and dining room area, putting away the dishes, when he turned to me and asked, “So, what do you have planned next, baby?”

My heart fluttered when I heard him say that, as it was the first time he had used it. I hopped off of the counter and took his hands, leading him out of the kitchen, and towards my bed.

I took another deep breath, and then stood on my tip-toes to lean up and kiss his lips. He responded instantly, his arms already finding their spot around my waist, pulling my body closer against his. I wasted no time, and was already deepening the kiss as my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt his tongue run over my lower lip and I touched mine to it, which he responded to by parting his lips more, allowing me to slip my tongue into his mouth, moving against his. We kissed passionately this way for a while, but eventually, he broke it, probably assuming I would soon, too.

I tried pulling him back to me, but he resisted, a small smile forming on his lips.

“Kyle… I want you. Tonight; right now,” I whispered against his lips and then glanced up into his eyes, and was met with his gaze.

“Baby… are you sure? I know you want to wait, and I’m fine with it, you know that.” I shook my head and kissed him again, which he let me do this time, and then pulled back again.

“I’m sure. I’m ready, and I want it.” He nodded slightly, but I was concerned by his lack of excitement. It suddenly occurred to me that I was only thinking of myself. I wasn’t worried about whether he wanted this or not, I just assumed he did. I felt my cheek burning again, and stuttered out, “I- I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t realize you… wouldn’t want me.” I pulled back, letting my arms fall from around his neck, embarrassed.

He shook his head quickly and didn’t take his from around my waist. “Are you crazy, Emma? Of course I want you. I want you so much. I just didn’t expect this. And I want to make sure you’re doing this because you want to, not because you think you have to. Which you don’t.”

I looked back up at him. “I want this, baby. I don’t want to wait anymore. I just want you.” His lips were against mine again as soon as the words were out of my mouth. I kissed him back deeply, and finally his lips pulled back slightly, but were still touching. “I want you, too,” He whispered against my lips.

I smiled against his lips and felt him doing the same, before he kissed me again, slowly and passionately. I started to move backwards, pulling him with me to my bed, and then finally he lowered me down on it, not taking his lips from mine and moving on top of me.

It seemed he had the same urgency I did, as his hands moved from around my waist to slide down my sides slowly. My arms were around his shoulders, pulling him closer to me, as our tongues touched once more.

His hands were roaming over my body, moving down over my hips and down towards the hem of my dress, pulling it up slightly, but not much higher than my mid-thigh. They moved back up, towards my breasts, but he hesitated. I took my hands from around his neck and found his, moving them towards where I wanted them, and where he had stopped. I felt his smile against my lips when I guided his hands, which I returned by kissing him even more passionately.

His hands gently kneaded my breasts, eliciting a small moan from my lips as I moved my fingertips down over his chest, loosening his tie. I heard him groan quietly as I took his bottom lip between my teeth, biting gently. I felt his hands move away from my chest and wrap around my waist again, lifting me as he pulled us both back up, standing vertical. His hands moved up, finding the zipper on my dress, and whispering against my lips, “May I?”

I smiled and nodded, and felt my dress loosening as he unzipped it. I took a small step back from him, letting my dress slip from my body and then stepping out of it, leaving me in my heels and lingerie.

I glanced up at Kyle to find his eyes wandering down over my body. I bit my lip, suddenly feeling insecure. His eyes met mine again, and I saw the lust I saw earlier this morning return to them.

“You are the sexiest girl I have ever laid eyes on, baby,” He said in a slightly hushed tone. His arms were back around my waist and his lips were mere centimeters from mine. I couldn’t help closing the space with more passion and urgency than ever before.

My hands were back at his collar, moving down slowly as I unbuttoned his shirt and then pushed it off of his shoulders, revealing his tan and muscular body.

He moved us back onto the bed, returning to his position on top of me again, while we kissed, his hands back on my chest. I ran my fingertips down over his arms, feeling his muscles flexing. His lips began to move over my chin and down my neck. I gasped softly when I felt his leaving gentle bites down my neck. His lips were at my breasts, brushing ever so lightly over the top of them, the skin not covered by lace.

Knowing what was coming, pushed him off of me. He looked confused, and maybe a little hurt. I smiled and moved on top of him, straddling his waist. “Let me go first,” I whispered. His expression softened, and he let me push him down so I could lean against him, our chests pressed together as I began to kiss his neck, like he had kissed mine.

I kissed and flicked my tongue over his warm skin as I moved down further, sucking occasionally. I looked up at him, and saw that he was watching me, the pleasure obvious in his face. “You don’t mind if I leave a few hickeys, do you?” He smirked slightly, not in an asshole kind of way, like Travis would, but in an extremely sexy way. He shook his head. “Not at all, baby,” His voice barely above a whisper.

I smiled and put my lips back on him, now moving down towards his chest, and slowly down his abs, tracing around them with my tongue and lips. I moved so I was settled between his legs and unzipped his pants, slowly sliding them off of him. I did the same with his boxers, and was finally left with just his dick, already slightly hard.

It was quite big, slightly wider than Travis’. And much longer. I bit the side of my lip, thinking about how good it would feel inside me later.

I heard a soft moan come from Kyle’s lips, and looked up, slightly puzzled, as I hadn’t even touched him yet. I raised an eyebrow. “You’re so sexy when you bite your lip,” He said to me, and I laughed slightly.

I leaned down, kissing just above his dick without touching it. I wasn’t sure how good I was at blowjobs, but I had never had a complaint from Travis. And I was much more willing to do this for Kyle than I ever was for him.

I brushed my lips around his dick, slowly and lightly, teasing him for as long as I could. I began to use my tongue, too, and eventually, when Kyle whispered, “Please,” I decided it was time to give him what he wanted.

I let my hair brush over his dick before pulling it to the side and leaning down again. I wrapped my fingers around it slowly, to which he let out a gasp. My lips were moving up and down it, my tongue occasionally flicking over his sensitive skin, and then I finally took the head of his dick into my mouth, tasting the small drip of pre-cum that had appeared on the tip. He moaned, slightly louder than before and I ran my tongue over the underside as my hand rubbed up and down the rest. Taking my mouth off of it, I started to lick up and down; making sure it was nice and wet. Kyle continued letting out moans, getting louder each time. I returned my mouth to the head, but moved it further down, letting more of his long dick slide into my mouth. My hand was pumping up and down in time with my mouth as I sucked hard, my tongue still moving over it. Each time my mouth went down, I slid more into my mouth until almost his entire dick was sliding towards my throat.
“Emma-oh god. Emma, yes. Don’t stop, baby, please don’t stop.” This was all the encouragement I needed so I forced the rest of his long cock into my throat, holding it there as my fingers moved to massage his balls gently. It didn’t take long for him to be moaning even louder, and to exclaim that he was going to cum. I moved my mouth up and down, making sure my lips pressed all the way against his pelvis each time, until I felt his body tense up, and his hot cum shooting into my mouth. I moved my lips to cover just the head as my hand moved slowly up and down, milking his cock of every drop until he fell back against the bed.

I swallowed what was in my mouth, and then licked his dick, making sure to get it all, and then swallowed that, too.

Sitting up, I glanced at Kyle and saw that his eyes were still closed as he lay back on the bed, his breathing slightly labored. I leaned down and kissed his lips gently, and then pulled back, his eyes opening when I did.
He sat up as well, but only to put his arms around me and pull me down onto him, a smile forming on his lips.

“That was so amazing, baby,” He said, his breathing finally returning to normal. I smiled and kissed him again. He kissed me back, one of his hands finding it’s familiar spot on my lower back and the other moving up to fumble with the clasp on my bra.

His nervous hands finally undid the clasp and slid the straps off of my shoulders, tossing it off the bed. He quickly and smoothly moved so I was under him again, his lips returning to my neck. I kept my eyes on him as I watched him trail kissed across my collarbone, down my chest and towards my breasts.

The nerves returned to the pit of my stomach and as much as I wanted him to continue, I couldn’t help when the words escaped my lips. “Kyle… wait.” I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him so our lips met again. He kissed me, but with restrain. He finally pulled back, and looked at me, his eyes slightly sad.

“Did you change your mind, Emma? You don’t want this anymore?”

“No, I do. Believe me, I really do. It’s just that, you d-don’t have to do… that,” I finally stuttered it out. He raised an eyebrow.

“Baby, I want to. Let me return the favor, please,” He didn’t understand. I hesitated and his expression changed from confusion to understanding.

“Oh. Baby, you’ve never felt this, have you?” I shook my head slowly. He was right; Travis had never done this to me before. No one has. He was more concerned with my ability to give him oral sex.

Kyle smiled and kissed me again gently. “Let me do this for you, Emma. Trust me, you’ll love it. If you don’t, tell me; I’ll stop.”

I thought for a moment. I trusted Kyle. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, and would stop if I told him to. And it’s not like I would tell him to stop once he got started. I imagined my fantasy from the night before that had made me feel so good. I knew that I wanted it.

I took a deep breath, and then, ever so slightly, I nodded.

He smiled and was back over me again, kissing around my soft, milky breasts. His hand cupped one of them, massaging it gently while his lips kissed around my nipple, slightly hard from the attention. His tongue circled around it slowly, making me moan. His eyes met mine, and he apparently like what he saw, because the corners of his lips formed a slight smile as he took my nipple into his mouth. Taking in a sharp breath, my hand found the nape of his neck, holding him to my chest, begging him for more.

After a while of sucking, he switched to the other, making sure it got the same treatment, hit warm tongue and mouth feeling so good against my sensitive skin.

Finally, his lips started to continue further down my body, kissing over my stomach until he reached an area that was still covered. He sat up slightly, seemingly admiring my body. His eyes roamed over it, taking in my wild hair, bright pink cheeks, and even brighter pink nipples. His eyes finally settled on what my black lace panties covered, and the nude stockings that led up to them.

He places his hands on my upper thighs, rubbing gently and then hooking his fingers over the top of my panties, slowly pulling them down my legs and finally off. He leaned back down again, kissing above my now-bare pussy and down towards it. His lips brushed down over my pussy-lips but then moved to kiss my upper thigh.

My breathing was becoming heavy and I wanted his lips on me like I had fantasized about last night. I needed it and he seemed content to tease me for all eternity.

“Kyle… please,” I breathed out, and I could feel him smiling against me.

“Please what, baby?” His lips continued leaving soft pecks on my thighs, moving closer to my pussy, but not close enough.

“I want it. I want your mouth on me. I need to feel that. Please,” The last word was barely above a whisper but he seemed happy to oblige.

I felt his lips leave my thighs, and his thumbs brushing over my pussy, spreading my lips apart. I could feel his warm breath against my clean shaven mound, and it was making me crazy. I had never wanted something so bad before.

I felt his tongue trace up the lips, towards my clit, at an agonizingly slow pace. Finally, his tongue pressed lightly against it, and I couldn’t stop the sharp intake of breath that came from my mouth.

This sound seemed to trigger something, because as soon as I made it, his tongue began flicking back and forth slowly, but pressed hard against my clit. I felt the pressure on it ease off as his tongue moved down to slowly lick up and down my tight slit, pushing his tongue into it. I moaned quite loudly and his tongue darted back up to my clit, flicking over it again. I felt one of his hands leave my thigh and his finger taking the spot at my slit that his tongue was just in. His finger began to ease into my dripping wet folds as his mouth latched onto my clit, sucking harder. His other hand was massaging my thigh gently, as he sucked hard and slid his finger further into me.

I was moaning louder and louder, gasping his name and begging him not to stop between breaths.

As he began pumping his finger in and out slowly, but deep into me, soon adding another, while his tongue flicked and licked and sucked on my clit, I was almost pushed over the edge. All these sensations were as I imagined they would be last night, only much stronger.

“Kyle… Oh my god, baby. I’m going to cum.” I couldn’t take this much longer. My hand was on the back of his neck again, holding him close to me as my body tensed up.

“Yes, baby, cum for me. Let me taste you.” The vibrations from his voice were too much; my back arched, my other hand was gripping a fistful of sheets and my body squirmed and the orgasm overtook me. I moaned much louder than I should have considering the dorms next to me; it was nearly a scream.

Kyle’s tongue and fingers did not let up as I came; his tongue continued flicking my clit, his fingers kept pumping in and out of me.

When my cumming finally slowed, and I lay back against the bed again, only then did he finally stop. He eased his fingers out of me and I watched him lick the juices from them. He licked up my slit once more, and then finally planted a kiss on my clit before sitting up.

I tried to steady my breathing and propped myself up on my elbows. He flashed me his charming little grin and was over me once again, kissing me deeply.

“Was that okay, baby?” He asked tentatively against my lips. I laughed softly.

“Okay? That was… oh my god. That was amazing, Kyle.” He smiled and kissed me again.

I lay back on the bed, nearly out of energy. He looked at me and pouted.

“You aren’t done yet, are you?” I laughed and shook my head, pulling him close to me and wrapping my legs around him.

“We are nowhere near done yet, baby.”

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