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72 Hours of Lust Part 2

Howard called at about seven thirty; he had gotten his first day out of the way and had settled into his motel room for the night. He asked her if she was ok, she sounded funny. Traci said she felt fine, but maybe she was coming down with something. He told her to take care of herself, and that he would call her the next night about the same time. After Traci hung up the phone, she went in and sat down in the living room and watched television for a while. She was restless she couldn't sit still. Her mind kept wandering back to that afternoon. She glanced out the window toward Bills house. His wife’s car was in the drive. What could she do? Maybe she'd go out and get a bite to eat, rather than trying to fix something at the house. Maybe that would take her mind off this sudden compulsion she had with sex.
Going upstairs, she slipped out of her robe, rummaged through her closet until she decided on a simple print dress. Twenty minutes later she was headed out the door. She had decided she would try the new restaurant at the shopping center. A couple of her friends had told her it was real good.
The restaurant was one of those combination bar and grills that had become so popular. She was escorted to her table by a young woman, then handed a menu and asked if she would like a drink from the bar. She knew better, but a daiquiri sounded good, so she ordered one. She then ordered a grilled chicken plate, and sipped on her daiquiri while she waited. The restaurant wasn't very crowded but it was Monday night. Most of the people were at the bar. One man, and older gentleman about fifty kept looking her way. He would smile when their eyes met, finally Traci smiled back.
She ate her dinner quietly, and as she finished, the man approached her. "Excuse me, I don't mean to seem forward, but would you mind if I bought you a drink."
"Well I don't..........." Traci began, and then thought what the hell talking to this man would beat watching television. "Sure, that would be nice." The man sat down across from her, and didn't say anything until the waitress took the plate away, and made her way to the bar for the round of drinks he had ordered.
"You live here in the city?" He asked.
"Yes, as a matter of fact just a few miles from here. My husband and I have a house in the Erick Section."
"And do you eat here often?"
"First time, but it was good I will probably come back." Traci sat back as the waitress sat her drink down, then the gentleman’s.
"My name is Charles, Charles Robbins." He put his hand over the table Traci took it.
"Traci,” She decided last names weren't important. "So are you from here?"
"No, just in for a business meeting, I'm staying just down the street, at the Hotel." He pointed as he spoke. Traci could see the sign.
Midway through her second Daiquiri, Traci felt her head start to spin just a bit. Two was her limit, but one and a half was doing strange things to her. The conversation was pleasant with Charles; he seemed like a nice man. The more they talked and the more Traci sipped her drink, the more her thoughts began to turn back to sex. She had no idea what had come over her, but whatever it was she couldn't control it. Charles was looking more and more like someone she would like to sleep with. She knew by the way he looked at her if that’s what she wanted, that’s what she would get. Again she knew she wouldn't stop anything that was going to happen. Again she felt her pussy begin to warm to the thought of getting fucked.
"Oh my, I think these drinks have been a bit too much for me, I think I better get out of here and get some air." She said as she finished the drink in front of her.
"I'll walk with you for a bit, make sure you are ok to drive." Charles picked up her ticket, then stood up, and helped Traci to her feet. She was a bit dizzy, and leaned against him slightly, to keep her balance. He paid the bill, and then helped her out the door.
"So where do you want to walk to?" He asked, putting his arm around her.
"Just around for a little bit, then I'll be ok." Traci replied putting her hand on his that was resting lightly on her hip. They slowly walked toward the shopping center. The cool evening air was making her feel better. They talked as they walked, mostly about unimportant things.
When Traci took her hand from his, she felt it slowly move up her side. Charles was a nice man, very considerate, and she was attracted to him. By the movement of his hand, he was attracted to her also. With each step they took, his hand moved just a bit closer to the side of her breast. He talked the entire time, like nothing was happening. Her anticipation of that first brush with her breast was driving her crazy. She wanted him to brush her breast with his hand, so maybe something more would happen. Traci definitely was not good at seduction since she had never done it before. She hadn't even thought of it before this afternoon, when she lured the neighbor over.
She had not really paid attention to where they were walking, but now she realized they were closer to his hotel room than they were her car. She felt a little tingle in her stomach, which became a big tingle in her stomach, when his hand finally came to rest on the side of her breast. His hand instinctively closed around it slightly. It was that moment they stopped walking and stopped talking. Charles turned Traci to him and stared into her eyes.
"Come to my room with me." He said in a low voice. His hands were now on her shoulders. "Let me make love to you."
Traci shuddered. Thoughts of Howard raced through her mind, how could she be doing this. She thought about Bill that afternoon. Charles' hands slipped from her shoulders down across her back and pulled her into him.
The first kiss, like the one that afternoon, was electric. Her entire body went on automatic pilot, her brain filled with desire. The kiss was long and passionate. Traci was panting by the time it was over. Her arms were once again around a strange mans shoulders, and her body was pushing into his. "Oh Charles, this is so wrong, I'm not suppose to feel like this." She said hugging closer to him.
"Traci, it is just an experience, one that I think both of us want." Charles brought his hands back to her shoulders, and looked deep into her eyes. "It's not about a lifetime, it's about one evening and two lonely people."
"Ok." Traci whispered looking back at the distinguished looking man. As they finished the short walk to the hotel, Traci thought about what she was doing. For some reason she just couldn't stop herself. She wanted to go to the room with him. She wanted to feel him on her, in her. It was what she wanted, she decided, as they rode the elevator to the sixth floor. It was what she wanted to experience.

Traci got home about four in the morning. She went straight to bed, but couldn't sleep. She couldn't get the past few hours out of her mind. Her night with Charles was slow and tender, unlike her afternoon with the neighbor. He had slowly undressed her, so painfully slow. With each button that was undone, her would lightly kiss the exposed flesh. His warm soft lips on her neck, then between her breasts. He took his time with her, building a totally different kind of excitement than that afternoon. His lips would lightly brush one taut nipple, then the other. His teeth would lightly bite down on each of them, and then his broad tongue would lick across them.
Her panties were soaked by the time he got her dress removed. Still he continued his slow erotic assault on her body. He kissed the underside of her breasts, causing her to jump, then his light kisses trailed down across her stomach, stopping to pay homage to her navel. By the time he began to roll her panties down, Traci was in another world, she could hardly control the spasms that shot through her as the mans expert mouth found one erogenous zone after another.
Lying alone in her bed now, she could still feel Charles' hot breath as it wisped through her light tuft of pubic hair. Unlike Bills rough tongue licking wildly at her sex, Charles knew every place to touch and every place to pass by until it was time. His lips caressed her thighs, his tongue licked across her cunt lips lightly, then down even further to that tender area between her pussy and her ass. His fingers came to her pussy lips and separated them, so he could dip his tongue into her and taste the juices of her orgasm that had already racked her body once.
Finally after what seemed like an eternity, his tongue found the swollen head of her clitoris. He nibbled on it until once again an orgasm rushed through her body, like a waterfall. It was only then that Traci realized, she was totally naked in front of this man she had met only a few hours before and he was still fully clothed.
Charles stood by the side of the bed and took of his clothes, folding each piece neatly. Traci watched him, without saying a word, and without covering herself. She lay on the bed, exposed to him; she hadn't even bothered closing her legs. When he slipped his underwear down, Traci could see he wasn't nearly as large as her neighbor, but still it seemed bigger than her husbands.
"Play with yourself." He had said, standing naked next to the bed. "Let me watch you bring yourself off, Traci." His voice was soft, almost hypnotic. She did as he asked. She had first massaged her breasts, until her nipples were hard and extended, then she slid her hands down her body, careful to touch each spot he had kissed. As her hands slid between her legs, she used one hand to part her lips, and the other to massage her still swollen clit. Rubbing herself, then dipping a finger into her juicy quim, brought a smile to Charles' face.
While she played with herself, he slowly stroked his cock. She could see the glistening pre-cum droplets on the tip of his cock. Rolling over onto her stomach, she pushed herself up on all fours, and crawled across the bed to where he was standing. As soon as she was directly in front of him, she once again reached between her legs, and rubbed her aching pussy. For the first time in her life, she actually wanted to have a mans penis in her mouth. Leaning forward, she licked lightly on the tip of his cock, tasting the pre-cum juices that were there. She then slipped her mouth over the head, and sucked him into her mouth. The feel of his hard prick sliding into her mouth sent her over the edge again. She sucked him until she could feel his cock begin to twitch in her mouth.
Charles backed off, pulling his cock from her mouth. She looked up, confused. "I want you Traci." Was all he said. He laid her back onto the bed and slid between her legs. His cock pushed between her cunt lips, and deep into her waiting pussy.
"Oh yes." Traci moaned as his balls slapped against her ass. "You feel so wonderful inside me." At this point she tried to force the action, but her experienced lover wouldn't let her. Once buried in her he stayed there without moving for what seemed like an eternity.
Traci moaned when finally he moved from side to side bumping his cock against her inner walls. He then pulled out and traced his cock around the lips of her swollen pussy. Putting his arms under her knees, he lifted them until they were crushed against her aching breasts. Looking down, she could see his cock disappear into her, then pull half way out, then in again. "Oh Charles, make love to me, let me feel you inside me all night." Traci pushed back on his invading love pole, trying to get more into her than he had to give.
Still Charles maintained a steady rhythm, fucking his pole into her squishing cunt. He watched her eyes, until he knew she was going to cum again, and then he straightened his legs, and fucked into her until his own orgasm erupted deep into her. He stabbed into her with each spurt of semen, and finally collapsed down on top of her, letting go of her legs. There lips met in a deep kiss, her hard nipples still burned into his chest.
Traci could feel herself getting wet all over again, just thinking about the evening. As she finally drifted off to sleep, she rolled onto her stomach, and cradled her pussy in her hand.

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Strange pussy in a different town. Great !!! Had several in my time. Some married .. some not. But every one was goooood.

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