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Daffney/Lita Ass Fucking!
First Time For Everything

Disclaimer: I Don't Either of these people, they
own themselves. This is a work of fiction, I am
not implying anything ever happened between these
two people. I am not making any kind of a profit
of this story.

Daffney grinned and applied her lip gloss, tonight
she had something special for the woman she loved.
Something that would change their relationship
forever. Daffney had met Amy at a convention a few
years ago, the two shared a hotel room, and by the
end of the night, they were sharing Amy's bed
together. After six month of just really good sex,
she asked Amy to move in with her, they tried to
spend as much time as they could together, but
work was constantly pulling them apart. Whether it
be Amy's band, or Daffney's in-ring career, but
finding time to fuck just wasn't in the card as
often as the duo wanted. It was understood,
professional life first, pleasure second. Daffney
wanted more, though, and tonight she was going to
give Amy something beautiful, something only the
two of them could enjoy. Anal. Neither woman had
experienced anal sex before, both had discussed
it, but it never lead anywhere. Tonight there
would be no talking, just the two of them, and a
Daffney scanned herself over one last time, before
turning of the light and crawling onto the bed.
She had on a silk black teddy, knee-high leather
boots, and a lace bra, candles were light all
across the room and the bed was covered in roses .
She knew she wouldn't have to wait long, her lover
had called from the airport, twenty minutes ago,
and Daffney had talked her into taking a cab
instead of coming to get her. Daffney's heart
jumped, as she heard the front door open, the wait
that was killing her, was finally over. "Daffney"?
Amy called, looking in the living room and
kitchen. It wasn't until she noticed the dim light
from beneath the master bedroom door. She smiled
and quickly, but silently, went to the door. Amy
could almost smell her girlfriend on the other
side, and knew she had something special in mind
for this afternoon. She calmly went in the room,
and looked over it once, finding her beauty in the
middle of the bed. "Come here. I have something
for you." Daffney said, sitting up on her elbows.
Amy laid next to Daffney and pressed her lips to
her angel's, in a long passionate kiss. Amy broke
the kiss, causing Daffney to moan in protest,
"What do you want"? Amy whispered. "I want... your
ass." Daffney said, rubbing Amy's ample posture.
"What?!" Amy said, shocked that Daffney would ask
for something like that. "We've talked about it
for so long, and I really think now's the time."
The raven-haired beauty said. Amy looked at her
with disbelief once again. "Ok... just... be
gentle." Amy nodded, and pulled her Misfits shirt,
then her pants revealing to Daffney that she only
had on a black thong. Daffney grinned, and quickly
latched her mouth onto Amy's left nipple,
eliciting a loud moan out her lover. Daffney
teased the nub a little, before lightly wrapping
her teeth around the pink tip and flicking her
tongue. Amy took in a gasp, and pulled Daffney
closer to her breast. Daffney then started
squeezing her right boob, and rubbing Amy's
swollen and very damp womanhood through her thong.
"Daffney... AAAAAHHHH... PLEEEEAAASE!" Amy moaned,
as Daffney continued her sweet torture. "You want
me to taste you." Daffney asked, as she pulled
away from Amy's now very erect nipple. "YES... God
yes." Amy screamed. "Ok... then get on your hands
and knees." Amy complied and got into position.
"Good girl... just stay like that." Daffney
crawled over to the night stand and pulled out
three little items: An Egg Vibrator, a tube of KY
Jelly and their Pink Strap-on Dildo. Laying her
tools down, by Amy's side, Daffney got behind her
lover and pulled her Amy's thong off. She the took
the vibrator and slowly slid it inside Amy's
snatch. Amy pushed, instinctively, against the
toy. It took longer than Amy would've liked, but
Daffney was in no rush, and she enjoyed making Amy
beg. When it was all the way in, Daffney picked up
the remote and turned it on high. "AAAAAHHHH!" Amy
screamed. "I'm gonna taste you first." Amy just
nodded, before slowly pulling her cheeks apart,
and revealing her pucker rectum to Daffney. Who
just smiled and placed her lips to Amy's ass, and
began leaving little kisses on and around the soft
area. 'MMMMHHH!" Amy bit down on her bottom lip.
Daffney grinned into her lovers ass, and began
lapping her tongue at it, getting Amy ready for
the main event. Daffney closed her eyes and let
herself go in the naughty behavior they were
After awhile of this, Daffney pulled away and gave
Amy's asshole one last kiss. "You want me to
finger you, or fuck you"? Daffney said, picking up
the jelly and dildo. "Just finger me... I don't
know if I can take that thing yet." Daffney
nodded, and began lubing up her index finger. She
then pressed the digit to Amy's asshole, and
gently push inward, Amy let out a strangled moan
and pulled forward, Daffney then grabbed her hip
to stop her leaving. "Its gonna hurt, at first."
Amy nodded, and let Daffney continue.
Inch-by-inch, Daffney's finger slid deeper into
her dirty hole, before stopping at the knuckle.
Daffney let Amy get use to her finger for a
minute, then began moving in and out, slowly at
first, then speeding up a little, and then a
little more. As she did, Amy started to enjoy the
sensation of having something up her ass and pussy
at the same time. "More." She Whispered. Daffney
complied and began go faster. Pushing deeper into
her ass, wriggling her finger around and causing
Amy to begin thrashing and pushing her backwards,
suddenly Daffney stopped, leaving her finger just
a barely, inside. "What are you doing"? She asked,
confused. "Giving you more." Daffney said, slyly.
She then, quickly inserted a second finger, and
began pumping Amy's ass more viciously, digging
deeper than she had before, "AH, MORE, PLEASE GOD
MORE!" Amy let out. Daffney kept pumping, but lied
down on her back, and glided Amy's sweet pussy
down to her mouth and sucked her juicy lips into
her mouth. "OH FUCK!" Amy said, and began bucking
her hips as Daffney sucked and tasted her center.
Between the vibrator and Daffney's lips and
fingers, Amy couldn't take much more, and dug her
fingers into Daffney's black hair, and threw her
head back and let out an intense orgasm.
Amy screamed, letting her juices spill all over
Daffney's face and mouth. "Did you enjoy that"?
Daffney asked, licking Amy's ass and pussy juice
from her fingers and lips. "Yes... we have to do
that again tonight." Amy said, drained from
Daffney's torture. "I haven't had my turn yet."
Daffney said, pouting her bottom lip. "I'll fuck
you, but I don't think I can do much more." Amy
said, as she picked up the strap-on. "That's all I
need." Daffney whispered, flicking her tongue at
Amy, and pulling the egg vibrator out. "Lube up
the dildo first though, ok"? Amy nodded, and got
on her knees. "Take you clothes off." Amy said,
rubbing Daffney's cream ass. Daffney did as she
was told, but kept the boots on. Meanwhile, Amy
lubed up the pink toy and it on, she then laid
Daffney's head down on the bed and pressed the
head of the dildo to her asshole, and pushed in.
"AAAAAHHHH!" Daffney screamed at the anal
invasion. "Hold on baby, let me get in just a
little deeper." Amy said, as she stuffed her
lovers ass with the toy. Daffney's scream could be
heard throughout the apartment, but she begged for
it to continue. Pressing back into Amy, as she
began picking up speed. Soon Amy's hips could be
heard slapping Daffney's ass cheeks, almost as
loud as her screams. "Touch... Me.." Daffney
moaned. Amy nodded and slammed two finger into
Daffney's love tunnel. Daffney soon buried her
face in the bed and screamed out her climax. Amy
sighed and laid her body down next to Daffney's,
and took off the strap-on, "I love coming home."
Amy said, before poking at Daffney's lips with the
dildo. Daffney giggled and took the faux member
in her mouth, while Amy began licking her juices
off. "I want to ride your ass later... ok"?
Daffney said, before kissing Amy, and curling up
in her arms. "Ok sweetness, ok."
The End

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Looking forward to the sequel.

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