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More secrets revealed and more adventures for all
Last To Know, Chapter 4

When I awoke the next morning my ass was very tender but I had slept better than I expected with my ass filled with the butt plug. I was not able to move very much . Beth was cuddled up tight in front of me and Tammy was spooning on the back side. She had her tits pressed tight against my back and her arm was across me and gripping Beth little budding breast.

By the time I was fully awake and thinking how I wanted to start the day I heard a light knock my door and Mom stuck her head in. Morning kids, I’m headed to the kitchen so breakfast will be ready soon. Every one up and get ready, I have some errands in town so I need to get started.

At breakfast Mom told us she would be out most of the day but would pick up something for dinner so we only have to take care of lunch. Beth ask Mom if we could get the key to the lock box in the master bedroom closet and watch some if the adult movies when you are out. Mom seemed a little go away with. She ask Beth what she knew about the locked box..

Beth told her some time back while Dad was on assignment she had come home from her friends house a little early. She was on the way to her bed room and as she passed Mom’s bedroom she heard a noise . She noticed the door was ajar a little so she peeped in. She saw Mom laying in the bed with what she learned later was a vibrator jammed in her pussy. She could tell Mom was getting close to an orgasm so she continued to watch. She could hear sounds coming from the TV an noticed that she could see a reflection of the TV in the mirror on the dresser. She could see that it was a DVD of people having sex. She stayed and watched, masturbating her self of course, until Mom finished. Then Mom cleaned up the toy, took the tape out of the player and put them in a box in the closet and locked it.

Mom laughed ,” you’re a nosy little shit Beth, let me get you the key”. She told us there were some books with pictures and stories in the box also. No need trying to keep it a secret now. We all went to the bed room and she showed us where they kept the key and to always lock it back when we were through. She ash if we would clean the kitchen for her before we started playing and she would go get ready to go to town.

The three of us rushed down and made short order of cleaning the kitchen and was back in the bedroom before Mom had finished dressing. Mom really looked good in a simple white button up blouse and black jeans. Though we were nude most of the time at home none of us were sleazy dressers when we went out.

We took the box out of the closet and was going through all the goodies as Mom come give us all a kiss and told us to have fun. Beth selected one of the DVD’s and I found a book I wanted to read. The three of us moved to the den and Beth got the DVD set up while Tammy got us all a drinks.

The DVD had three movies on it and the first one was not so hot. Just a lot of moaning and grinding with no story plot at all. I got so bored with it I started reading the book titled Inter Family Love and Sex. I was really getting interested it when the second movie come on. It was about two brothers and a sister having sex and experimenting with different things sexually.

They would discuss different things they wanted to try and how they want to go about it. Then they would try it. Some of it worked out and some of it didn’t but turned out very funny to watch. One thing they did was the girl got on all ours and what appeared to be the older fucked her from behind while the younger boy got in a 69 possession under the girl. While they were licking and sucking each other the older boy was fucking her. He would let his cock slip out from time to time and the younger boy would take it in his mouth and suck it a few seconds before putting back in his sister’s pussy.

The younger boy cum first and it look like the sister was holding it in her mouth, She really started humping hard and she and the older brother reached their peak about the same time. The younger boy stayed on the bottom licking and sucking on the girl. They kept telling the older brother, relax some but don’t slide out. In a minute or so the older brother announced he was ready. The sister ask the younger brother if he was ready. He replied “ let it go brother I’m ready for it. We were all wondering what the hell he was waiting for. Then we watched as the white cum and yellow piss start pouring out of the sisters pussy The younger brother sucking it all up as it rolled out. Tammy and I got excited watching this but Beth simply sent wild. Suck up that cum, drink that piss you fucking whore dog she shouted. When we looked at Beth she had two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass and slamming so hard and fast I know it had to hurt. She didn’t let up and shouted at me to get my fucking ass up and feed her some cock. LOL, who am I to turn down a request like that.

As soon as that scene was over Tammy paused the movie and moved down to join us. Beth looked at Tammy and me with a big grin . She ask“ I hungry and thirsty, can you guys feed me”? Tammy laughed and ask if I felt like I had to piss. I though for a second then told her I had a hard on for fucking and if Beth wanted to get on the bottom I will see what I could do about the pissing after I cum. Even before I was through saying it Beth was sliding under Tammy.

Beth spit on Tammy’s pussy then used her tongue to spread it around. I got down behind Tammy but before I could get my cock to her pussy Beth had her mouth around at and doing the special thing she does with her mouth and tongue.

She took it out of her mouth and pointed it toward Tammy’s wet pussy lips. I pushed forward and my cock slipped into that tight, wet passage and I didn’t stop until I was ball deep into my sisters. I could feel Beth licking Tammy’s clit and the pussy lips around my cock.. After a few strokes as I was moving out Beth reached up and pulled my cock from that sweet pussy and took it in her mouth the deepest it had ever been.

I heard her gag and she backed off a little then she pushed right back again, as deep if not deeper than before. She held it there for just a second then placed it back in Tammy’s pussy again. I got my feet under me and raised up a little and found that I could slam harder and go deeper like that. Beth was still licking on Tammy’s clit and lips. I could see the back of Tammy’s head between Beth’s legs and I knew she was giving her pussy a real tongue lashing. I felt Beth’s lips tighten down on Tammy’s lips just above my cock and she let out a very loud moan. Tammy’s pussy clamped tight around my cock and she was humping and bucking like a person possessed. I could feel her spurting her juice and felt it running down and dripping off my balls, but fear not, my baby sister was right there to catch every drop in her mouth and lick my balls clean. This was having a major effect on me and I let it be know that I was about to fill my sisters hot pussy with my cum.

Tammy was saying “OH YES, LET ME HAVE IT BABY BROTHER.. Beth was screaming” SHOOT IT BROTHER, FILL HER UP, I’M SO HUNGRY. My first shot was so hard it almost hurt, then another and another and I was wondering if I was ever going to stop. It was by far the most I had ever cum at one time. Beth said “OH SHIT, it’s leaking out. I could feel her tongue running around Tammy’s pussy and my cock.

Beth told Tammy to do her best to hold it in. Tammy told her she was doing the best she could that I had filled her so full of cum she couldn’t hold it all. Tammy laugh and said “good thing I’m on the pill dear brother, other wise this would be enough sperm to make about ten babies. We all laugher.

I was trying to relax enough to piss but not let my cock come out of Tammy‘s pussy. Beth ask if I thought I was going to be able to piss for her. I told her I thought I was going to be able to. She squalled “oh yes my sweet brother“. I felt just a small shot of piss. I told them to get ready, then it was like the dam broke and I was pissing like a race horse. Beth was making noises I had never heard from a human before and I could feel her mouth all over Tammy’s pussy and my cock and balls.

I told them I was through pissing. Beth pulled my cock out of Tammy and used her fingers to hold Tammy’s pussy lips together. She told Tammy to roll onto her back but be easy doing it. Tammy slowly rolled over with Beth holding her lips tightly as she moved. Beth motioned for me to come closer.

I knew what she had in mind and I thanked her for saving me some. Oh there’s plenty to go around, you really filled her up. I moved around and Beth moved her hand just as I placed my mouth over Tammy’s pussy. The mixture of piss and cum shoot out and I started swallowing as fast as I could.

I could detect the taste of my piss and cum but together it was an unusual taste and quite a turn on for me. Part of it was running out the side of my mouth, down across her ass and onto the bed. Tammy was thrusting so hard her back was bowed and her ass of the bed pushing hard against my mouth. I was sucking the last bit of the mixture out of her pussy, holding it in my mouth and using my thumb to massage her clit. This took her over the edge and she started squirting in my mouth.

I was so turned on that I was like a person possessed licking, sucking and fingering her. She just kept thrusting and squirting until she finally fell back on the bed. I fell over on top of her and we both lay there for a few minutes. Beth was beside us rubbing my cheeks and neck and sucking Tammy’s tit.

As soon as I caught my breath I moved up and kissed Tammy on the lips. She open her mouth and I surprised her with part of the three part mixture I had in my mouth, I then turn to Beth and shared the remainder with her. Beth moved over a little and I rolled over on my back and lay there between the girls. Tammy rolled on her side, moving up next to me pressing her tits into the side of my chest. Beth moved down enough she could get her hand around my now deflated cock and the three of fell asleep.

I heard someone calling my name and I slowly open my eyes to see Mom standing over us with a loving smile on her face. You kids need to get up I have a hot pizza for us and all three of you need a shower. You all smell like dry cum and piss. I don’t know what you three have been up too but it must have been fun.

The girls were awake and heard Mom’s last comment. We all laughed and I told her I hate she had missed it. The girls and I took a quick shower and Tammy stopped by to pull the sheets of the bed and loaded them in the washer before be we went to eat.

While we were eating we told mom about the DVD we had watched and all it had lead to afterward and the fun we had. I told Mom about reading some of the book and I had a question. The story I was reading was about a family very much like ours and there was some discussion between the kids and their parents that if the wrong people found out about all of them having sex that the mom and dad could go to jail and the kid placed in foster homes.

Mom was very quite for a minute then she told us that was one of the things she and Dad was going to talk with us about as soon as he got home. She did told us in the state we lived in that was true for Beth and me but Tammy was now past the age of consent. She ask if we would please wait until Dad come home and we would set down and have a long talk and answer any questions we may have.

I ask if that included her and Dad’s childhood and why they would never talk about it. She said “yes and anything else you might want to know that we have not talked about before.

Mom ask if we thought we would all be comfortable sleeping in the king-size bed tonight. If we were not up to more sex that would be fine, she just wanted to have us all with her tonight. We all agreed that we could all sleep close enough there would be plenty of room. Mom told us she would be out most of the next day also. A couple that were really good friends was being transferred to the base. They had bought a house about three miles for us and the wife had come ahead early to get the house set up. Mom had lunch with her today and she had ask Mom to help her with some final shopping and Mom had agreed if it was okay with us.

Sure Mom we all agreed and I ask if they had kids. She said they had also had three kids, two boys and a girl. When they get all settled in they are going to have a little cook-out and we are invited. I wanted so bad to ask if they had a family secret like us but I knew she wouldn’t answer now.

After we eat and cleaned the kitchen Tammy told me to head to the guest bathroom. Beth jumper up and lead the way. This time Mom even come along. When we got to the bathroom Tammy placed the towels on the floor and started getting her enema bag ready. Beth ask if she could pull the butt plug out. I told it would be fine with me if it was okay with Tammy. She laughed and told Beth “ go ahead pervy, I know you are just dying to. Beth giggled like a little girl then kneeled down behind me. She took hold of the plug and twisted it around in my asshole, first to the right then to the left. She would pull it out a little then jam it back in twisting it as she did so. I didn’t complain because quite frankly I was enjoying it. Finally Tammy told her to pull the damn thing out, she was ready with the enema. Beth pulled it out and Tammy immediately run the tube up my ass about a foot and let the water flow. She filled me full before she stopped and I held it in for a about five minutes.

When I let go it come gushing out and was over with in just a second. Beth already had the shower on and told me to step in, she was just gonna wash my ass, balls and cock. Mom and Tammy were talking when I stepped out of the shower, Mom ask if I would like to try the next size plug. I told her that would be fine with me, the one I had in was not uncomfortable. Bath ask if she could put it in and I agreed. Tammy was right there with her as she put the lube on three of her small fingers and slowly pushed then into my asshole.
She moved them around and spared them out a little stretching the walls of ass a little more.
She pulled her fingers out then added lube to the plug. I was expecting to feel the plug touching my asshole. That was not the case. My little perverted sister just had to stick her tongue in my ass holed while it was gaped open. I sure didn’t complain, it felt far too good for that.

After she had tongue fucked my ass to her contentment she placed the plug at the little rosebud of my ass and started pushing. I could tell it was larger with some discomfort but no real pain. As a matter of fact it was turning me on a little and I told the girls so. They all laugher and said that was a good thing. Mom said that was about the size if my cock, maybe a little larger but not as big as your Dad’s, that will be the next size up.

The girls got their showers and we all went to the master bedroom. Tammy ask Mom if the three of us could play with her. Mom laughed, nodded and moved over to the middle of the bed. Tammy got the key to what we now called the adult box. She took some things out of the box but I couldn’t see what it was. Tammy was grinning ear to ear when she come to the side of the bed. Mom looked at the three of us with a sly smile on her face like she knew we were up to something. Beth and I watched as Tammy crawled up next to Mom. That was when I saw the items form the box. One was a vibrator in the shape of a very large cock. The other was a strap-on harness with a black rubber dildo about the same size as my cock.

Tammy seem to know what she wanted and was directing Beth and me on what to do. She told us to start sucking on Mom’s tits and lick and suck anything above her navel that we wanted to. Beth started massaging Mom’s nipples and French kissing her. I watched for a couple of seconds then I took her other nipple in my mouth, sucking and lightly biting on it.

I looked down to see Tammy lifting Mom’s legs and watched as her tongue licked out and touched Mom’s cunt lips. Mom moaned and pulled my mouth tighter to her breast. I was watching Tammy out of the corner of my eye wondering what she was going to do next. Mom started to push to meet Tammy’s mouth and was moaning louder.

Tammy stopped suddenly, raised up and reached for the big vibrator. She spit on a couple of times then used her hand to spread it over the toy. She lean down a little and spit on Mom’s pussy. I could tell she was putting her fingers in Mom’s pussy then she placed the large toy between Mom’s legs and pushed. Mom jumped a little and told Tammy go easy baby. Tammy ask if she should stop and Mom told her “Oh no baby, it’s just so big it takes a little getting used to. I moved down until I could see the head of the toy pushing Mom’s cunt lips apart. Tammy told me to make it wetter. I let go with a big gob of spit that landed on the top on her lips and started running down around the toy.

I used my fingers to rub the spit around her lips and up on the shaft of the top. Tammy pushed in a little more. The toy was spreading her lips so wide it looked like they would split. Mom moved her legs further apart and raised her hips. Slowly Tammy kept pushing until all of the large cock was in Mom’s pussy. Her clit was so hard that it stuck out like a tiny penis.

I leaned in and licked my tongue across it causing Mom to squeal out and jump. She moaned out for Tammy to fuck her good. Her hands went to the back of my head as I placed my mouth over her clit and started licking and sucking. Tammy was fucking Mom hard with the giant toy while Mom was thrusting into my mouth so hard it was hurting my lips but I was not about to complain.

It seemed like Mom lost all control as she was going wild bucking against the toy and my mouth. She was repeating over and over, ”OH FUCK, OH FUCK”. Then I felt the first shot of her pussy as it shot out around the giant toy and I started lapping it up as fast as I could.

Mom fell back on the bed breathing hard and still moaning from time to time. Tammy started to pull the toy out of her cunt but Mom reached down and stopped her. Mom mumbled something we couldn’t understand. When we looked up there was Beth on her knees with her ass over Mom’s mouth and two fingers buried in her pussy. Tammy and I both laugher, that’s our little pervert.

Tammy and I both moved up and started sucking on Beth’s little budding tits. Mom put both arms around Beth’s legs pulling her ass tighter to her mouth. Beth didn’t last long then. She started moving her ass back and forth on Mom’s tongue . She fingers were slamming in and out of her pussy and Tammy and I both started sucking harder. Beth had such an orgasm that she was squirting so much it looked like she was pissing. Her head fell back and she lost her balance falling over toward me. I caught her and lay her down on the bed.

I moved down between her legs and started licking the juice form her pussy, thighs and around her ass. I heard Mom tell Tammy to ease the toy out of her. I moved off Beth and helped her set up as we watched Tammy ease the monster cock out of mom. As Tammy pulled it we could see the pussy juice clinging to it. We looked at each other and smiled.

Once the toy was out Tammy moved up Mom’s head and put the toy to her mouth giving her the first lick. I looked at Mom’s pussy and it was still gaped open with a little juice trickling out the bottom. The sight of it turned me on so much I thought I would cum without even touching my cock. I latterly dove into her hole, lapping up all the juice I could

Mom just lay there and let me do as I pleased. I think she was sexually and physically exhausted. Tammy and Beth was sharing the juicy toy and I could feel Mom’s pussy start to contract back. As I moved over I saw the strap-on and wondered what Tammy had in mind for that.

It didn’t take long before my question was answered. Mom moved up and leaned up against the head of the bed. I had picked up the strap-on and was looking it over when Tammy ask if I was planning to use it. I laughed and told her I didn’t think so but I did wonder what she had in mind.

Tammy ask Mom how she was doing? Mom said she was pleasantly exhausted. She then ask Beth how she was doing. Beth told her she was doing fine and Tammy could put that in her ass if she wanted but not in her pussy. Tammy had that sly smile again. She ask Beth if she would like to fucking her ass with the toy while I fucked her pussy. Beth jumped off the bed and told Tammy “strap me up and lets get your sweet ass ready.

Tammy looked over at me then at my hard as a rock cock. Well, I guess you are all for it little brother. My only comment was “FUCKING A”. Mom ask Tammy if she was sure she wanted to try this. Tammy told Mom she was sure of it. She wanted to be able the take Dad and me later and if she had trouble with this she would start working with the butt plugs also.

Tammy helped Beth get the harness on and the cock in the right place. We all had a big laugh, the harness was an adult size and Beth was so small that Tammy wrapped small towels around her waist and small legs. When the harness was tight and in place Tammy got the lube and put on a little show putting the lube on the dildo and then put lube on two of her own fingers. She got on her knees on the edge of the bed and told Beth and I to pull he ass cheeks apart.

We did as we were told and watched as Tammy spread the lube around her asshole then pushed a finger inside. She slid it back a forth a few times the pulled it out and added another finger. She really put on a show sliding her fingers in and out of her asshole. From time to time she would pull her fingers right to the edge and spread them apart so we could see up her ass.

Damn, I was getting hot and I could tell Tammy’s show was having the same effect of Beth. Beth finely told us “Bobby get in the bed on your back, Tammy get your pussy up there on the cock and let me get to that ass. Mom was laughing her ass off at the three of us.

When I lay down Mom moved down and took my cock in her mouth and started bathing it with her saliva. By the time Tammy was in place Mom had my cock nice and slick. Tammy straddled me and lowered her hot, wet pussy slowly down on my cock. I couldn’t really see Beth but I could feel her move up behind Tammy. Tammy lay down on my chest exposing her ass more to Beth. I heard Beth say “Fucking Hot”
Tammy moaned in my ear and I could feel the hard toy as it slipped into the outer ring of Tammy’s ass.

Tammy cautioned Beth “go easy baby sister”. Beth pulled back the pushed again, going a little deeper this time. Tammy was growing and gritting her teeth. Bath ask if she should stop? Tammy told her “hell no baby, just go slow and easy, my pussy is so full of cock there’s just not much room back there.

I just held still as Beth continued to work her way into Tammy’s ass. I could feel the hard toy as it made it’s way deeper into Tammy. Finally Beth told us she was all the way in. Tammy told her to pull out just a little and let her try to work back and forth between my cock and the toy.

Beth did as she was told and I just stayed where I was. Tammy said she was really having trouble relaxing and everything was so tight. Mom moved down and started kissing and rubbing Tammy’s neck and shoulders. Tammy started moaning and I could feel her starting to relax.

She started moving her hips a little. When she would pull out on me she was pushing the toy deeper into her ass. Then when she pushed back it was just reversed. The more she relaxed the faster she move. It was not long before she was pumping hard back and forth against both of us. She set up more and placed her hands on my chest. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer with her hot pussy and the toy rubbing against my cock with every thrust.

Tammy was dripping wet with sweat. She threw her head back and started shaking it form side to side. Fuck me hard damn it, I’m cumming, Oh Shit I CCUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGG. I could feel her squirting her sweet juice all over my cock and balls. My first shot of cum was so hard it hurt a little, then a second, then third, then who knows. I felt Tammy fall forward on me but I was so far out of it I didn’t even realize what was happening.

I’m not sure how much time had passed. I was aware of hands pulling at me, then I heard Beth saying “let me in there. Roll over Tammy, let me get to you and Bobby. I felt Tammy roll off to the side. Then I felt the tongue licking my very sensitive cock and balls. This didn’t last too long and when I looked up I could see Beth between Tammy’s legs lapping at her pussy. Tammy just lay there for a couple of minutes then she pushed Beth away, telling her “no more, please.

Mom stretched out in the middle of the bed and pulled Tammy up close to her. I helped Beth out of the strap-on then she moved up behind Mom. I moved up to spoon with Bath. We were all so close Mom had her arm around Tammy holding her right breast. I had my cock tight against Beth’s ass and my arm over her and was able to hold onto Mom’s soft, full breast. We all fell into a happy, peaceful sleep. My last thoughts were of how happy and lucky I was.

End of Chapter Four

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