This is the fourth installment of the memories of my sisters and me learning about sex. Check out the other stories too.
Sis and I returned to have more fun with Mr. Jones, but things started to go wrong. Although we did try the both mounting her at the same time one more time, it was not a favorite of Sis’s. She preferred us to take turns fucking her. She said it was too cumbersome being in the middle, and she could not enjoy it. I did enjoy relaxing next to her as Mr. Jones fucked her hard. It was amazing to watch the expressions on her face and gave me insight into what she must look like when I took my turn. I would hold her hand, caress her developing breasts, give her small kisses, and whisper how hot she was into her ear as he drilled his dick into her. Unfortunately, when it was my turn to fuck her, Mr. Jones tended to ignore the two of us or try to get her to suck his dick as I rode her. He constantly badgered her about letting him fuck her up the ass like I did, but she was not interested. She told him that he was too big, but privately told me I was the only one she would give her ass to. In fact, it was almost two years after she got married before she let her husband fuck her ass. That happened because the three of us were in bed together and we made a fuck sandwich with her. Hard to tell your husband he can’t tap your ass when your brother just creamed a load in it. Well, that is a story for another day.

Mr. Jones also made more advances on me, but I was not interested. The one time he had fingered my prostate had been exciting, but I was fearful that letting him do anymore would lead to things I didn’t want. Sis was also having other difficulties with him. It seems he kept trying to get Mary to come over and see him without me. She made it clear that was not going to happen. The final straw came one Saturday afternoon. We had been having a great session. I had already popped two loads into her womb and one up her ass, while Mr. Jones had fucked her once and shoot a load down her throat. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I was gone, Mr. Jones had Mary on her stomach and was trying to shove his dick up her ass. She threw him off so hard he bounced off the bed. Just as I entered the room, he picked himself up and raised his hand to strike her. I grabbed his arm before he could strike, and Mary jumped off the bed frightened. She told me what he had tried to do, and did not want to come back. We got dressed as Mr. Jones apologized and promised to make it up to her. On the way out of the house, I grabbed the video he had of us in the garage as I knew where he stored it. When we got home, I made sure to destroy the video. That was the end of our adventures with Mr. Jones.

Mary and I settled back into our previous routine of sneaking a few moments together when no one was around. By summer, the last of my uncles got married and moved out. Now it was just Grandma, Grandpa, my three sisters, and I living in the house. Just before my 18th birthday, Grandpa passed away. For a while, Mary and I stopped having sex as everything was in turmoil. I was in my bed one night about two months later when Mary slipped into my room. Without a word, she crawled under the covers and pressed her body against me. Since I had no sexual outlet lately, the smell and warmth immediately caused an erection. She reached under the covers and fished my hard dick out of my pjs. She smiled as she whispered, “He remembers me.” I pulled her close and kiss her passionately. She broke from the kiss and sat up to pull her nightgown over her head. Ducking under the covers, I dove to her panty covered pussy and eat her out through the fabric in memory of one of our past love sessions. Her juices were flowing when she pulled me up to kiss my glazed face. She asked if I still found her desirable. I responded by placing her hand back on my hard shaft. She whispered she wanted me now. She pushed me onto my back as she removed her juice laden panties. Straddling me, she reached down and guided my stiff cock into alignment with her thirsty hole. Once the head popped into her vagina, she dropped to shove the whole shaft to the bottom. As I hit bottom, she arched her back and groaned. Her tits had really grown in barely two months. I reached up and tweaked them. She leaned over and waved them in front of my face. I latched onto one nipple and sucked hard. She put her hand behind my head and pulled it up to squash her tit.

After a few bounces on my dick, she rolled over and lay on her back. I quickly remounted her. She wrapped her legs around me and whispered, “Fuck me. Oh, fuck me hard. I’ve missed you so much.” I took my clue and started driving my dick in and out of her cunt. She continued to implore me to go faster and harder. Grandma and my sisters were surely asleep at this time, but I worried the noise of the bed might wake them up, but I didn’t care. Mary had several climaxes. She revealed later that she had been masturbating for an hour before coming into my room. Now it was my turn to blast my load into her womb. She held me tight as jet after jet of cum painted her inside walls.

The intensity of my climax drained all my energy. I rolled over on my back and panted. Mary, however, was not done. She shifted around on the bed until her face was over my cock glistening with her juices and stray drops of cum. She licked the shaft and then pulled back the foreskin as she cleaned the knob. As my dick returned to life, she wrapped her lips around the shaft and started to fuck her face with my dick. I couldn’t help but fuck my body up into her face, lifting my ass off the bed. Anticipating blowing my load down her throat, I was surprised when she stopped and moved over on the bed. She got up on her knees and reached back with both hands to pull apart her ass cheeks. I saw the dribbles of cum and pussy juice had leaked out of her pussy and coated her ass cleft. She looked back at me with a wild look of desire. I quickly got behind her and rubbed my dick in the leavings from our first fuck to get it slick. I pushed my dick head on her puckered brown ring. It easily gave way and I continued to push until the full length was buried up her dark chute. Her groans of encouragement propelled me to start fucking without delay. She released her grip on her ass cheeks and reached under her to start rubbing her clit. When her next climax ripped through her body, her chute rippled in an attempt to milk my cum into her bowels. She was successful as I blasted everything I had left into her.

We lay in each other’s arms after and drifted off to sleep. It was morning before either of us woke up. Mary quickly gathered her things and ducked out of my bedroom headed to the bathroom. Right outside my bedroom door, she ran into my Grandmother. Grandma simply looked into my room at me still in bed, and commented it was time to get up. Nothing else was ever said about it. Mary and I continued to have sex on a regular, but not every night, basis. We always waited until my other sisters were in bed before she slipped off to my room.

A couple of months later, I had turned eighteen but was still living at home while attending the local college. At this time, one of my aunts (Grandma’s daughter) was going to have a baby. She was having a rough time before the expected date and needed constant care, but her husband was currently stationed overseas. Grandma advised me that she would be going to live with her until a couple of weeks after the baby was born. She said I would be responsible for the house and my sisters in her absence. I didn’t know it at the time; but before she left, she put the other two sisters on birth control too.

The first night she left, I was excited about having so much free time with Mary. My youngest sister Julie, age 13, went to bed at 9PM. Next to go was Tracey, age 14, at 10PM. It was about 9:30 when Tracey and Mary came into my bedroom to plop down on my bed and interrupt my studies. Tracey wanted to know if she could stay up until 11PM since it wasn’t a school night. I was anxious to get her to bed and have time with Mary so I firmly said no. Imagine my shock when Mary leapt to her defense. Mary had told me in private that she was just as horny as I was to fuck tonight. I didn’t know if she had changed her mind or was just putting on an act for Tracey’s benefit. I stuck to my guns and insisted 10PM, no later. Tracey looked defeated.

Mary turned to the chest fallen Tracey and said, “Well, he’s the boss.” I figured Mary’s defense of Tracey had been an acted, but I was not prepared for what happened next. Mary pushed Tracey back on the bed and said, “Guess that doesn’t give us much time left.” My two sisters wrapped arms around each other and pressed their lips together. As they noisily sucked on each other’s tongue, Mary started to unbutton Tracey’s blouse. Tracey had no bra on, so Mary broke their kiss and leaned down to suck on the pert nipples. As she suckled, she continued unbuttoning Tracey’s blouse until it was fully open. Reaching down, she cupped Tracey’s mound and rubbed hard. Tracey responded by unclasping her jeans and pulling down the zipper. Now Mary’s hand snaked under Julie’s panties and Tracey gasped as I assume Mary started grinding on her clit. Mary started tracing a series of kisses down Tracey’s stomach until her head was buried between her sister’s legs. Then she slid off the end of the bed and reached up to pull Tracey’s jeans and panties off in one motion. As if the sight of Tracey’s bare pussy wasn’t enough, Mary reached up and spread the lips with her two hands affording me a view of her deep pink. Mary leaned in and gave a sloppy suck on her sister’s pussy. Tracey responded with a sigh and lifting her ass off the bed.

After a couple of minutes of muff diving, Mary stood up with a noticeable glaze of pussy juice on her face. She again spread Tracey’s pussy lips and turned to me asking, “Want a taste of this sweet pussy?” I stood up and started to strip. Mary looked at Tracey and then back to me. She said, “No, you have to wait until 10PM for any sex.” As I sat back down in shock at this turn of events, Mary walked over to me and sat straddling my lap. She pressed her lips to mine and allowed me to suck Tracey’s pussy juice off of it. Then she told me to lick the glaze off my face. Once I had cleaned up every drop of juice I could find, she stood up and undressed. Meanwhile, Tracey had taken her blouse off and lay on my bed in naked glory. As she moved back to the bed, Mary bent over in an exaggerated manner to show off her ass as she picked up Tracey’s juice soaked panties. She tossed them to me, and said, “Make do with these until 10.” I grabbed the panties and brought them to my nose. Inhaling deeply, I savored the aroma of my sweet sister’s arousal. Mary climbed back on the bed and the two girls shifted into a 69 position. The sight of their bobbing heads and the sounds of their greedy sucking turned me on. I freed my swollen dick and jacked off as I stuffed the panties in my face. Tracey nudged Mary to look up at my antics. Mary sternly warned me. “Don’t waste it before 10 or you’ll miss out on this.” As she said this, she again parted Tracey’s lips to show the deep pink. She dropped her head back down and the girls resumed pleasing each other.

After shuttering through a couple of orgasms, the girls rolled over and lay on the bed with their legs spread to fully expose their inner private areas. I started to stand, and Mary pointed at the clock. It was still ten before 10. I sat down and waited in misery. Mary teased me by asking Tracey if she wanted me to fuck her. Tracey looked at my hard dick sticking out of my pants, and shook her head yes. Mary continued to talk to Tracey about how thick my dick was and how it felt to be fucked by your brother. Tracey reached down and started to rub her clit. I took fleeting glances at the slowest moving clock ever as I stared at the fresh pussy before me. Precisely at 10, I jumped up and stripped off my clothes.

However, before I could get to the bed, Mary and Tracey got off it. I stopped in my tracks. Mary turned to Tracey and said, “Oh, too bad. It’s 10 o’clock. You have to go to bed now. No time to fuck your brother.” Tracey hung her head and pouted her lips. I took two giant steps and tackled them both back onto the bed. Landing on top of the giggling Tracey, she asked, “Does this mean I can stay up later tonight?” I laughed and pressed my lips to hers. My tongue snaked out into her mouth and we engaged in dueling tongues. I reached down to her crotch and was greeted with the sloppiest pre-fucked pussy I ever encountered. Her juices and Mary’s salvia were pouring out of her snatch. I quickly moved to mount her and stopped. I asked, “Are you still a virgin?” Tracey pursed her lips and replied, “Well, yes and no. Mary has fucked me with a vibrator several times, but I have never had a real dick inside me. So I guess I’m a broke in virgin.” I slipped my dick into the warmth of her lips and pushed into her hole. She was tight but definitely broken it. I did not stop until my balls were slapping against her ass. “Yum, brother dick. Best fucking in the world”, she said. I proceeded to fuck her with long gentle strokes, but Mary slapped my ass. “She’s a hot pussy, not a china doll. She wants to get fucked, not teased”, Mary yelled. I increased the speed and power of my thrusts and Tracey babbled her approval. I didn’t even stop to ask if it was safe before blasting a load of cum into her womb. As I rolled off the panting Tracey, Mary swooped in and cleaned off my dick with her mouth. She feverously worked not only to clean it but to restore my erection. As soon as I was stiff enough, she straddled me and dropped her steamy pussy over my cock. She bounced up and down on my dick in a wild frenzy driven by the sight of her brother and sister fucking. She climaxed before me and rolled off. Tracey took the opening to clamp her lips over my dick and finish the blowjob her sister had started. When I blew my load, Tracey swallowed without hesitation.

The three of us lay in the bed in the afterglow of sex entwined in a multi-body hug. Tracey leaned over and told Mary it was as great as Mary had told her it would be. We drifted off to sleep in my bed. In the morning, I awoke to Tracey sucking my dick again. I looked over and saw Mary was still fast asleep. I motioned Tracey to move around and offer me her pussy. Despite the dry cum and juices, I desired to see if she tasted as good as her sister. She did. Mary woke up to the sight of her brother and sister engaged in a hot 69. She propped herself up on the pillows and masturbated to the sight. After Tracey came and I shot another load down her throat, we got up to clean up and get breakfast ready before Julie got up.

With my Grandmother gone for at least a month, I looked forward to more nights with my sisters. There was only one thing standing in the way of our enjoying ourselves anytime, my sister Julie. But sitting at breakfast the morning after fucking my other two sisters, I began to realize that despite her young age, Julie was pretty sexy too. Even after cumming repeatedly last night and this morning, I felt my dick rise as I looked Julie over. Although Julie did not seem to notice my growing erection, my other two sisters smiled at each other certain the erection was for them. But should I chance blowing everything by making a move on Julie? Would she go for it, would my sisters understand? I’d have to take time to think about what I could lose if it all went wrong.

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