Her name was Taylor and she had the nicest ass I had ever seen.
Taylor was a teen living with her aunt and uncle next door. She spent a lot of time at the house with my daughter. She was starting to bud, but she was not going to have much for breasts which meant that she rarely wore bras. She did have an extremely nice bubble butt that drove me crazy. She also had a trashy sense about her that made her sexy. About five feet tall at the time with curly auburn hair, very pretty with a few dark freckles.

I am six foot four about 250 in decent shape having always played sports. I have a decent size penis about 4 to 5" flaccid and a strong 9" when fully erect. I had recently started taking NOS and a ball filler with the combo being like a viagra on call when I needed it giving me hard vein popping erections and super strong porn shot like loads of sperm. The combination had me in an easily aroused state.

My daughter and her mother were at her grandmother's house for the weekend and Taylor's family had to go away for off-site training. Taylor had a party she wanted to go to and her aunt left precise instructions of what she was to wear, who was supposed to be there, and how long she could stay.

I had taken a shower to get ready and Taylor was at her house getting ready as all of her clothes and such were there. She was supposed to meet me at my car in about an hour. I walked out of the bathroom bumping right into her. "I'm sorry Tony, I couldn't get my hair straightener to work and thought you could help. Oh my" as she looked down seeing that I just had an undershirt on with my half erect penis hanging out. Rather than to look away she stared at it in awe which aroused it to a full erection while she watched. "Oh my god, I am so sorry I should have let you know I was here when I heard the water stop." Still staring at my erection veins now popping out.
"No big deal, let me get some shorts on and I will meet you in here. Go ahead and plug it in." Turning to the side as we were stuck if neither one of gave way. She turned as well scooting past me to get into the bathroom. She had on some boy shorts and a tight half shirt so my erection rubbed her naked mid drift with her pausing for a few seconds when it was at her belly button never taking her eyes off of it. She was staring so hard that she flinched when I made it twitch against her belly. Her seeing my erection was really turning me on. and I could see it was her too as her puffy little nipples became distinctly visible in her tight shirt. pointing out that my cock was stuck against her belly and that she was staring "Taylor, I am kind of stuck and you need to get ready if you are going to make it." she looked up at me turning beat read.

"Sorry" turning so that the side of my erection was flat across from her side to her belly button. It was like a turnstile post as she kind of walked through it. I felt her arm hit it and it seemed to me that she purposefully let it run down her arm across her hands and cupped fingers that copped a feel cupping it as it ran through them and off the top with a little tug. I stood there as she dropped the plug adapter bending at the waste to pick it up providing me with an awesome view of her ass with her cheeks hanging out of teh bottom of her boy shorts. I was busted as she looked back over her shoulder catching me staring at her ass.

Almost as if she wanted to get even for before she stayed like that looking back at me "Tony, can you get some shorts on so you can help me fix this?" Letting me know that she caught me looking at her ass and that she was still looking at my cock in one little sentence.

I grabbed cotton PJ boxers and was putting them on as she came to my door. Since I was getting them on quick and returning I had not closed the door. I looked up to see her there as I was bent down putting my legs through. I stood up as if not knowing and pulled them slowly up under my erection pausing and then wrapping my hand around it placing it inside. I heard her moan and then acted startled "Oops, sorry. I thought you were waiting for me in the bathroom"
"Oh no, it is my fault again" handing me an adapter.
"I guess you have seen more of me today than you ever thought you would."
"Yeah, I saw the big,,,(catching herself) part of you"...."I can't get this to work, can you help me plug it in?" taking it back from me.

I followed her to the bathroom and she got up on her tip toes leaned across the vanity trying to plug it in. There was not much room for us both, so I intentionally aimed my erection right between her legs pressing up against her trapping her between my body and the marble vanity to reach over her directing her outstretched hand towards the right outlet. I hung there acting like I was fumbling with the adapter feeling my erection poking her slit that seemed to be moistening and soft opening to welcome it. It felt as though she was pushing back against it as well as it almost felt as though the whole tip was in with her shorts and mine as well. I she shivered as I finally plugged in the adapter with one last push making her gasp as it slipped against her slit pressing against her clit then running back against her now partly exposed slit from my erection pushing her shorts into her holes across her taint and and anus with me letting it sit between her ass cheeks before backing off. I noticed that her legs were twitching a bit as I reached down with my hands on each side of her waste helping her back up. Her cheeks were on fire and her nipples exploding through her shirt as I ran my fingers through her hair like I was trying to help her get it ready for the straightener. I knew that she had a really sensitive scalp and hair. The intensity of arousal making her push back against me once more feeling my erection just above her ass.

She started to reach back for it, but then caught herself as I asked "Is it heating up?"
Flustered "Yeah, I mean I think so."
I continued teasing her hair and could see that it was having a heavy affect on her. "I don't know why you want to straighten it. You have beautiful curly hair. It's crazy how girls with straight hair want curly hair and girls with curly hair want straight hair." She was putty in my hands and was purposefully wiggling her body against my erection. I moved reaching around her moving so my erection was next to her to check the iron to see if it was getting warm or not, seeing that it was I pulled my hand back pushing my erection downwards so it ran across her ass as it scooted out past her stopping with it poking her crack "I think it is working, so it is all yours. I am going to get dressed, call me if you want" She pushed back against me nodding her head as if she couldn't speak.

I put some jeans and a shirt on and she called me "Tony, can you help me?" I walked in and she had black pantyhose on and even smaller boy short type panties on and her t-shirt. 3/4ths of her cheeks visible through her panty hose made my erection return hurting against the pressure of my jeans. She was frustrated because the iron had kinked a small part of her hair.
"I hope this is not a fashion statement and you have something more to wear."
"I have a dress. Does this look bad?"
Eyes locked on her beautiful ass "No, it looks great! Damn sexy actually"
She bumped her ass against me as her hands were working with the iron "I was talking about my hair, but thanks I guess."
"Taylor, you are being to anal. It looks great and it will probably be to dark to see any small issues anyway. Why are you so nervous about it?"
"I am meeting someone there."
"Uh oh...does your aunt know?"
"Uhhhh, no she doesn't. She says I am too young to date."
"Yet she buys you sexy panties like this?" Letting her know that I was still checking out her ass.
"Whatever, these are bigger than most of mine. I hate having panty lines. They are a pet peeve of mine."
"OK, I will stop this here. You had better get ready or you are going to be late meeting your friend."

She puts her short dress on. "Can you help me zip this?" It was open in the back like a jacket so I had to hold it together to get it started while I sipped it. It was short, so my knuckles and fingers were resting against her nylon covered ass as I did. Her skirt was thin but had a built in silk like lining so it wasn't transparent.

"I thought that you didn't like panty lines,"
"Why do I have them?" as she ran her hands across her dress feeling for them. She found them. "Damn it! these shorts are bunching up under the hose. cab you please flatten them out and fix it?"

I ran my hands up the back of her thighs and up into her short dress across her nylon covered ass feeling every part of it. finding the bunched up panties at the top. I tried flattening them with no luck. Finally reaching up further to pull the waist band of her pantyhose down below her ass for better access. I reached up gain with my arms now lifting the skirt while I did. What an amazing ass she has. I wanted to bend her over and lick it. I straightened them out running my hand across them and flattening them out, running my fingers under them and down her ass crack. Her ass just an inch from my face I could smell the dampness of her sex.

As I pulled the pantyhose back up the bunched up again. "They are too lose there and will be doing that all night."
"Ok, try without the hose." I ran my hands up across her as again pulling the hose down with her putting her hand on my head for stability as she stepped out of them. I pushed my hands back up across her ass as I flattened out her panties again.
"What do you think now?" as she felt around.
"I am going to have problems all night" handing me a pair of tiny g-string panties as she lifted the skirt a little from the sides pulling the panties to her knees and then letting them drop. Giving me a perfect view of her slit between er legs as she lifted each leg to step out while I held them. Her ass nude and no longer covered by the dress just an inch from my face. Her smell was intoxicating to me. I fumbled with the G-string opening it up with my fingers holding it a little higher for her to step into and then running them up around her waste. As I held them up and her bare ass was in my face I said "There's not much here to cause a line." I picked her other panties up off the floor and she grabbed her stuff to head out.

I stopped her with her pantyhose in my hand "wait, what about these? You need a little more than just that in that short dress!" I really didn't have an issue, but I was hoping that I would be able to help her get them on. Another chance to see her amazing booty and touch her as I never had before today. She came over facing me putting her hand with her purse on my head and stepping into them one leg at a time giving me an up close view of her barely covered crotch. She seemed to be excited as I could see a bit of lip poking out against the thin fabric as well as a bit of a wet spot. I wanted to grab her throw her down and bury my face in it.I ran my hands up her thighs pulling them in place. I guess I pulled to hard as she whimpered and bit her bottom lip. I looked at her crotch to see that I had pulled her tiny panties up into her slit to the point the small triangle was actually above her slit and the string was splitting her puffy little lips. Not really thinking I pulled her pantyhose down to her thighs reaching in with one finger under the triangle cover just above he slit, noticing that she was fully shaved, as I ran my finger down the string across her slit feeling some serious heat to her ass pulling the panties down out of her pussy. She let out a moan as I did and I noticed that he panties were now drenched. "There you go, oh shit sorry. I guess I wasn't thinking."

"No, thanks my hands were full anyway. Let's go, I am going to be late." She kissed me on the cheek as I stood up. "Thanks for helping me." I picked up her original panties to hand them to her hanging on one finger. They felt moist and looking at them my finger was right in the middle of a big wet spot. Noticing as well, blushing, she grabbed them from my hand with the hand that had her purse in it.

She talked to me about how nervous she was. I did what I could to calm her nerves. I also explained that she seemed to be a bit too nervous and that she should not do anything that she didn't really want to do. Just because others were doing things did not mean that she needed to and that she needed to be safe about anything she does. I told her that she was now making me nervous and I felt that I should just turn around. She then scooted close to me in the truck seat laying her head on my shoulder "Thanks Tony, I appreciate the fact that you care so much about me. I really feel safe with you. My father was not involved and you know about my mom's issues. I can feel that you love me and want to protect me, but I am a big girl and can take care of myself." As we pulled up and stopped I parked against the wall she slid out my side and I helped her down out of the truck. She put her hands around my neck pulling me down to her level kissing me on the cheek "I love you too."

I went in and made sure that the parents were and checking to see if anyone on the list that should not be weren't. She had a few boys around her and a couple of her friends as I walked over to her the boys dispersed. She and her friends laughed "you're scaring them away. I'll be fine." Two of her friends Cindy who looked like Kirsten Stewart facially but not as skinny and Jessica a beautiful very petite girl who played on a team I had coached when they were younger now a couple of years younger than Taylor came running up to me jumping up on each side to give me a hug and kissing me on each cheek. I caught them both awkwardly as they put their legs around my hips. My left hand under Cindy's very short skirt fingers on her taint finding that she was pantiles for some reason my other with a finger on Jessi's anus as when I caught her my hand slid into the leg of her denim short shorts. I could smell a bit of alcohol on their breath, which might have been why they did not seem to care where my hands were. My had they grown since I last saw them. When Cindy wiggled up to kiss my cheek my hand slid right under he slit and she cooed while holding strong in that position. Jessi slid down with my hand holding her ass as I let her down. It was nice to see that she had developed an ass as she used to be just a rail.

With Cindy still hanging on and Jessi now hugging me on the other side "They want to stay with me at my house tonight. Is that alright? All we will need is a ride home with me and then I think their parents will come get them tomorrow." asked Taylor.
"Do their parents know that your aunt and uncle aren't there? Whatever, as long as no one else is there then I guess it will be alright." Cindy leaned in to kiss me again almost falling as she shifted. In tightening my hold to keep her from falling my finger pressed into her fold. My erection was back causing a massive bulge in my jeans. which her leg was not hung on.
"Mmm, thank you. We'll see you later then." said Cindy as she let go my finger ran through her slit, across her taint and anus cupping her naked ass as I let her down.

"You guys be careful and I will see you about one." Taylor noticing my bulge. "We'll be fine see you then" as She gave me a hug with my bulge poking her belly. "thanks again"....As I got into my truck I found the panties I had handed her in the seat. I wondered if she had left them for me on purpose or if she just didn't have anywhere to put them. I almost had an accident when I held them up to my nose getting a good whiff of her dried up sex juice. Oh my lord was that the best smell I had ever smelled. Next thing I knew I had them in my mouth trying to suck whatever I could back to life. I had never done that before, but her smell just made me crazy.

It was ten, so I figured I would take a nap while waiting to go pick them up. I went into the bathroom to find Taylor's boy shorts on the floor. It looked as though she had crusted those up when I poking my erection against them. Those had the same intoxicating smell as the ones in the truck. I was thinking about what had happened while helping her. How beautiful her ass was and the frontal wedgie. Then I thought about Cindy's young wet slit on my hand. Still wondering why she had no panties on at a party like that. Especially at 13. Boy, she really had grown up well. She still had some baby fat, but was not chunky. Her breasts seemed to have developed early. Seems her hormones had come along with them. My supplement enhance erection was back, but at least I time to take care of it.

Just as I lathered it up with my favorite coco butter lotion my cell rang "Tony, these people are being assholes can you come get us?"
"How are they being "assholes?" are you guys ok?"
"Sorry about that, I'm pissed. I will tell you about that when you get here."
"You sound like you have been drinking, how much?"
"How could you tell? Oh that's right I forgot about you sober for 20 years thing. I'm sorry. Can you get here soon? Cindy and Jessi are loaded. Cindy passed out on the floor and I had to cover her up before anyone got pictures. She had no panties on and her junk was showing."
"I know, why was she not wearing panties?"
"How did you know?"
"Never mind, I'll be there in a few minutes."

I threw some boxers, sweats, and a t-shirt on and headed over. I found out that the parents had left and they had been playing beer pong. Many of the other parents were there picking up there kids as well. Taylor sat waiting for me running up to meet me with a hug. Her pantyhose were all messed up as well. "What happened to you?"
"The guy I was with left with someone else. I thought about getting back at him with another guy, but then thought better of it and the guy was getting grabby. I messed them up getting away."
She saw my mood change "Which ones are they? Who got grabby?"
"Cool down, I took care of it. I'm fine...Please don't hurt anyone" running in front of me hanging on for dear life.
"Guys shouldn't do shit like that. You're lucky nothing worse happened."
"I know, tears welling in her eyes. That's why I am not a virgin anymore."
"What? What did you just say?"
"I said I'm not a virgin. I lost it two years ago when one of my mom's friends drugged me." Now sobbing into my chest.
I was enraged by the thought and felt even worse about my actions earlier. Feeling like I had taken advantage of her too. Tears of rage flowing down my cheeks as I wiped her tears with my hands holding her face. I kissed her on her forehead and then she tilted her head to kiss me on the lips. I pulled back and she kissed my cheeks sucking my tears off of my cheeks. I just wanted to hold her and protect her.

"Let's get the other two out of here and head home." I walked in the room where they were and all of the boys hauled ass out the other door. Luckily Jessica had passed out and was laying over Cindy so no one was getting a free peek. I put Cindy over one shoulder and picked up Jesse under my arm like a toddler. She only weighed about 80lbs if that heading upstairs. There were two guys sitting on the back of the couch by the stairs staring at Taylor and talking to each other. She moved around to the other side of me. I went over to them unable to do much while holding the girls. I asked the first one to come closer to me, he walked up acting like he wasn't scared. "This girl doesn't have any panties on, do I have her covered up ok?" As he looked up I head butted him in the nose making it explode with blood. The other guys came at me and I kicked a field goal with his crotch meeting his face with my knee as he jerked downward grabbing his nuts finally falling face first in the crotch of his buddy with the broken nose.

Taylor screamed getting in between them and me thinking I might kill them. Then she kicked the one I did in the nuts from behind spitting on them both. I smiled seeing her get hers. "How did you know it was them?"
"Lucky guess"

As we got close to the truck Cindy puked down my back and then Jessi sympathy puked down the front. Both all over themselves as well. "FUCK ME!"
Taylor "eww, what the fuck?"
"Really? Assholes and now fuck?"
"I'm not getting in the truck like this and neither are they."
"Just put them in the back"
"No, the hard cover will kill them with exhaust. Help me get these clothes off of them." We pulled Jessi's shirt off and then her shorts. So all she had on was a her small thong. Damn she was skinny, but her ass was impressive with her frame. She had small blooming breasts with little bitty nipples, the most impressive thing was her spread and the puffy mound that protruded out between her legs. The type that looked like it would fit just right in your mouth or hand. I was holding Cindy in my arms now looking down at her naked pussy. It was a thing of what looked like virgin beauty. My cock was now rock hard as I unzipped her dress and worked it off of her.
"Let me help you with your stuff." I put one hand under Cindy's ass she pulled my shirt off of one side. As I lifted her up her nipple was in my face. While Taylor wasn't looking I sucked on her nipple. She had firm better than handle full size breasts. I handed her off to my other arm holding her ass against me and keeping her straight by holding her by her pussy. She moaned as her clit rubbed against my hand and then pissed in my hand and down my leg. Her pissing in my hand actually turned me on making my dick jump and I pushed the tip of my finger between the lips of her pussy. I then picked her back up as Taylor got my shirt off my wife beater underneath. "You look like a mafia guy with those sweats and the wife beater tucked in." She rubbed my lats as they stuck out of the sides of the wife beater. "Damn, I never noticed how strong you were built."

"Let's get out of here, I have puke and piss all over my pants." She moved in front of me.
"Pick her up a bit so I can get these off. You do have something on underneath, right?"
"Uh, I have boxers on. remembering how hard I am."
"Not like I haven't seen it anyway." giggling.
"Don't remind me, I said I was sorry." even though her seeing it really turned me on.
I lifted Cindy up rolling her towards me with one hand groping her ass as I sucked the other nipple. She actually quietly moaned in approval. As she pulled them down my erection flopped out of the hole in front of my boxers. "Oh my...."Taylor gasped. She took it in her hand and placed it in my boxers groping it on her way back out. "There you go, oh shit sorry. I guess I wasn't thinking."
"I heard that somewhere before, thanks." I sucked on Cindy's breast again before putting her in the truck. Taylor bent over with her feet on the step bar and her hands on the seat. "Tony, could you take these hose off? I think there is puke on them and they are ruined anyway. I gladly pulled her skirt up enjoying the site of her bare ass in the air like that. I rubbed my hands up the outside of her thighs with my thumbs over her ass cheeks grabbing the waste and pulling them off "accidentally" pulling her g-string with them. "Oops, sorry" as I got a good view of her nice tight clean tight anus as I pulled them back up a little to high so it went up in her slit. My cock twitched as I smelled her honey hole.

Taylor got in sitting on one of Cindy's legs. "So what happened with your guy anyway?"
"I don't really know. We were drinking and made out a bit then he went to play beer pong while I took care of Cindy. Then I went looking for him and someone told me he was upstairs in a bedroom with another girl. I guess I am not sexy enough or something." She said as she lowered her head. "I was ready too, I was tired of being the only one who doesn't talk about doing it. It makes me think that I must be ugly or something."

I turned her head and kissed her on the forehead. Then moving my hand from the wheel I put my hand between he thighs just above her knee squeezing her thigh and twirling my finger on it "No way, he probably just thought that he was out of his league and didn't have a chance. You were by far the most beautiful girl in there. There's no way he wouldn't want you with that sexy ass of yours." Oh shit, I might have gone to far with that one.

She melted against my arm pulling it over her shoulder and placing it back between her legs. "Thanks! I am sure that you are just saying that to make me feel better." My hand was now dangerously close to her pussy I moved it up in her lap.
"Nope, I wouldn't lie to you like that. You're hot" Damn it, again...
She giggled "Thanks...We don't really use "hot" anymore. I like sexy better anyway. Do you really think I have a sexy ass?"
"Yes, but maybe we should talk about something else." She reached around giving me a hug and brushing the tent my boxers formed when she pulled her hands back. When she moved back into position her elbow hit my arm dropping my hand between her legs and onto her camel toe. My erection jumped out of the hole of my boxers and I used my other hand to cover it up. We hit a speed bump jerking the truck to the left, I jerked reaching my left hand back to the wheel and automatically tightened my grip on her to keep her in the seat which pretty much shoved my panty covered finger into her slit tow the second knuckle.
"oooohhh" as she grabbed my wrist, but not trying to pull it away. The wetness of her sex made it easy and I could fry eggs on the heat I felt coming off of it.
"Oops, sorry about that" as I pulled my finger out making her jump as I rubbed her clit on the way out. Moving my hand to her thigh.
She sat in silence moving her hand on top of mine and interlacing our fingers. I was hoping that she was going to pull it back into her crotch. I broke the silence "It's a good thing you didn't do anything with that guy anyway. You're way to good for him and he wouldn't appreciate you the way you should be appreciated."
"Do you appreciate me, squeezing my hand" and looking up at me.
"Sure I do" squeezing her hand back. She sat up kissed me on my cheek and as I turned towards her she kissed me passionately on the lips with my hand falling under her ass.
Cindy made a noise like she was going to puke again. "Watch it" as Taylor scooted into my lap with her left leg in the floor and the other leg across Cindy's lap. Cindy fell against my chest drool dripping out of her mouth like she just puked in her own mouth. The drool went down on Taylor's thighs and headed up her leg towards her skirt. I looked down to see that my cock was up against her crotch and out of my boxers. I guess she had freed it when she re-positioned.
"Oh god, that's so gross, can you get it off?"
"Sorry, you pushed it out."
"Oh my god that's huge, oh sorry, not that. That's not gross. I was talking about her drool. It is making me want to puke." I reached down wiping the drool all the way up to her crotch and off of that as well as it was partially exposed and panties in full view. There was precum dripping out of my cock from her leg and crotch rubbing against it. I stopped the truck Pulling Taylor's legs between mine so that I could reposition Cindy so that she was laying her head in Jessica's lap with her ass pointed towards me. She had a really nice plump ass. I thought as I looked at it. My cock twitched as I thought of licking it.
Taylor cooed as it did. She was sitting with her legs between mine and the head of my cock right up against her slit. I acted like I was still working on Cindy pushing upward as her legs were trapped against the bottom of the steering wheel. She moaned a little more as I felt the head of it far enough in that bare lips were now touching the head. To my surprise she was using the wheel to push herself down further onto it while rocking back and forth trying to ease it around her panties. It was going to far.

I put my hands on each of her hips tilting the wheel up out of the way. Lift up a minute so I can put my erection away. She lifted her ass up pushing it against my face "I'll do it" as she grabbed my cock pushing it up and into my boxers I felt her wipe the precum off of the tip as it was flowing freely from when it had been trying to push up in her love hole. Her crotch was right on my chin and and my nose poking her anus with my lips on her taint as she had my head trapped against the head rest.

I figured I would let her know as if the movement of her clit on my chin was not enough. "Ok, thanks" muffled by her ass. She giggled and jerked putting my mouth now against her drenched and semi exposed slit. The smell was too much and I kind of wet kissed her slit sucking on it a bit. She jerked pushing back against me making me suck harder now on mostly bare pussy lips and then she turned sitting back across my lap.

"Sorry about that, there wasn't much room and your goatee tickled me." I noticed that she had brought her finger up and was sucking it. I imagined it was probably the one she wiped my precum with. I started driving again as we were almost home now.
"Why are you so...never mind."
"So what?"
"Well, you are so hard. Why is that?" as she could feel it poking up against her slit again, just with the boxers now covering it. She was moving almost humping it as I guess it was poking against her clit through the boxers, her dress, and her panties.
"I guess I am excited." not wanting to get into it any further.
"I guess I would be excited if I was a guy having two hot naked young girls sitting next to me as well."
"It's not them, although they are beautiful and naked and all."
"Yeah right, it couldn't be me..." She said dropping her gaze downward again as if she was going to cry.
I reached around behind her as she was leaning her back against it. As she leaned forward she opened her legs a bit putting her feet against Cindy's leg to help adjust her position. This pulled her skirt up her waist with her ass now bare against my leg and boxers. The position also placed the head of my erection right on her clit. I looked down to see that the crotch of her panties was soaked through and she had a glistening sheen from thigh to thigh. She shivered a little as it pushed harder against her clit.

As she pushed against Cindy's leg it rolled her a bit to where her pussy was exposed from behind. She leaned hard forward "help me up a bit" so I placed my hand under her ass picking her up a little which now pressed the head of my cock against her slit, but still in the boxers. She reached down "we can put these on her so her junk is not showing" as she picked up the panties she had left in the truck. "How did these get so wet?"
"You tell me, you were wearing them." She turned beet red again.
"Oh, I guess we won't use those then."
I reached down squeezing Cindy's ass and tickled her slit with my finger "Look, it's not like she gives a shit".
She hit me on the leg "Stop that taking me hand in hers" She had a look of jealousy and not anger or disgust at what I did and was holding my hand tight. I shifted when she hit my leg pushing my cock slightly into her hole again also lowering her ass with my hand for it to go deeper. I totally let her go which made it slip through her slit out the top hitting her clit and popping out again with the naked head pushing aginst her nub through her panties.
"Damn it" as I reached down between her legs grabbing my erection by running my fingers down the side between it and her slit making sure that I rubbed her little nub with my knuckle while I fidgeted with it trying to cover it up. I could feel her wet lips against my fingers as our friction and movement had pushed her triangle cover to the side and up. so it was just caught covering her nub. I pulled it to my right away from her crotch and she leaned back against my arm as it was no longer touching her nub. Acting like it slipped I let it go so it flipped back popping her wet and swollen open slit. She jumped a bit leaning her head back against the window as i grabbed it rubbing it against her pussy as I acted like I was putting it away. Once again placing my hand between my cock and her pussy finally getting it covered and back against her clit. By now she was slowly rocking against it.
I put my hand on her right thigh drawing circles on the inside of it with the tip of my finger.

Getting back to the subject "What do you mean it couldn't be you?" I told you how beautiful and sexy you are"
"Whatever, I know that you are just trying to make me feel good. I know that I am really not that sexy or beautiful. If that was true then I would always have a boyfriend."
"I told you it is just because you are so hot and sexy that they are intimidated and don't think they have a chance." she was really starting to cry again. "Think about it, I am a man right? Do you feel like I know what I am talking about?" She nodded. "You have physical proof poking against you right now."
"Really? No way, that's because of them."
"My god girl, what do I have to do to prove it? Think about it. Think back to when you bumped into me at my house."
"OK, what about it" Her mind churning and her rocking motion getting stronger as she thought about it.
"Was I hard when you did?" She shook her head no. "I got hard seeing you in that sexy outfit. Your so beautiful and that tight little shirt and little shorts with you ass hanging out made me harder than I think I have ever been. You must be too drunk to remember"
I was looking her in the eyes as tears started to roll down her cheeks "I'm not that drunk. I remember the whole thing like it just happened. I watched it get hard, but I didn't no why. You made me so wet that I actually came while you were helping me plug that thing in. I hoped that you never would. Then I came again while you had your strong hands on me helping me fix my hose and panties. That's why those are so wet." I felt a bit guilty, but did not want to tell her that I was trying to suck her out of them. "I even made excuses for you to see my ass again, I could have just waited to take my hose off when I got home. Your cock is so big that I finally had an excuse to touch it as I made it pop out when I pulled your sweats off. It was convenient because you had Cindy in your arms. I planned it that way, I could have waited until you had put her in the truck, but then you could have done it yourself. I didn't care if it was not for me. What you did to those two showed me that you really love me and care for me. The fact that you knew who it was without me telling you showed me that you cared enough to understand and feel what I felt. I didn't expect you to do anything. I know that you are strong and all, hell everyone is afraid of you especially when you get that look in your eyes. I guess they were too drunk to understand or though that they were safe since you were holding these two, but you fucked them up without even dropping them. I fell further in love with you then, knowing that it could have gone the other way, but you didn't give a shit and took the chance. That, once again showed me that you loved me more than anyone ever has or has ever shown me. You showed me that I am good enough to have someone do that for me. I have been wet ever since you walked in the door to get me. I never thought that you could see me as anything but a little girl especially not as sexy or get excited with me."

"Damn, I was not ready for all of that. I don't really know what to say. I did not think of it that way. I guess I was jealous thinking that you were trying to get laid by someone who would or could not appreciate, care for, or love you the way I do. You haven't been a little girl in my mind for some time now. Today was just the first time I ever had the chance or the feeling to show it the way I did. I wanted to lick you head to toe, make you feel my love and appreciation, make love to you in a way that you never have been. I didn't know about what happened to you in the past. It kills me that something like that happened to you. It made me wonder if I was doing the same. That's why I backed off. I wanted you to be sober with a clear mind so that I knew that it was real. I felt that you were feeling something, but I thought it was because of your date and your anticipation of what you were going to be doing. When I cam into the bathroom and you were in those hose with your crazy sexy ass out like that I thought it was for him. I wanted you so bad and it pissed me off that you got dressed like that for someone else. It was driving me crazy when I was helping you and I thought I was preparing you for someone else. It hurt me when I dropped you off and you wanted me to leave. I wanted to be the one you wanted to be with, but I knew it was wrong and that you could never want me like that either. I felt like a dirty old man who was perving on you and trying to take advantage of you. Just like whoever did that to you before. You are so sexy and even the smell from your wet sex drives me crazy. So crazy that I keep getting this erection that never seems to go away. In fact, if you keep moving like that then we are both going to soon be a mess."

She had stopped crying and was in awe of everything I said not knowing how to respond. We pulled up in front of the house and just as I stopped an put the truck in park she placed both hands on my face pulling herself up so that the head of my cock was pushing against her slit again kissing me passionately and gyrating her hips "I love you Tony, more than you could ever understand" Sticking her tongue in my mouth her body shuddered in orgasm as her clit pressed against the head of my cock. This sent me over the brink as well as I moved my hand under her ass and I started shooting my load against my boxers and her clit. She closed her eyes and her body tensed as she felt the wetness of my cum against her wetness another orgasm flooding her body now knowing that I was cumming for her and because of her.

We then got out of the truck, this time I pulled off her panties and buried my face in her ass licking every inch of it and cleaning her juices from her pussy, yet creating more as I did. I could have stayed like that for the rest of my life, perfectly fine living off of whatever I would get from her pussy. I have never tasted anything so good and hoped I always would. I lapped on her ass and pussy like a hungry dog making her have another orgasm and catching it in my mouth as she did. I finally stopped pulling my boxers off since they were drenched and sticky full of my ejaculate. Noting that my erection was starting to return from tasting her sweet nectar.

Taylor was barely able to stand turning around to kiss me and taste her own juices. Then going down to take my half erect cock in her mouth cleaning it off as best she could. "I want it in me, but I don't think I can take anything that big. Especially as sensitive as I am after cumming that many times today. You are amazing"

I handed her the keys to the gate. "Go open your house so I can take these guys over there for you."
"No way, I am staying here with you. We aren't done yet. I hope that we are never done."
"Ok, I am good with that. Please open my door so we can get them cleaned up and in bed."


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