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wife getting laid in college
My wife told me another good story about her college days over the weekend.

She had a crush on a guy on the University track team. They would meet in the cafeteria every day to talk. Every once and a while, she would go running with him. She said that one time, he was sitting on the grass stretching his legs and she could see up his running shorts. She said that his balls were hanging out and she just wanted to take them into her mouth right then and there! She said that he just never seemed romantically interested in her though.

One Friday, they were having lunch in the school cafeteria and he asked her “What are you doing tonight?” She said “Nothing” and he suggested that he come over to his house. So that night, she put on a halter top and some painters pants and walked across campus to this dude’s pad.

When she got there, it was just him and some nerdy guy he used to hang around with. She said that he was an OK guy but just not her type. They sat around listening to albums and drinking beer and talking. She said that they started playing quarters and began to get pretty drunk. The track dude asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said that, No, she did not. He asked her if she was a virgin. She said that, No, she was not a virgin. She had had a boyfriend in high school and that she had hooked up with a “couple of guys” since she had started at this school. She said that the track guy said “Oh, I really did not think that you were the ‘hook up’ type”.

They played quarters for a while longer and then stopped to just hang out some more. She and the track guy were sitting on the sofa and the friend was sitting on a chair. The track dude put his arm around her, which was cool with her, and they just kept hanging. She and the track guy started making out pretty heavily. He was feeling her tits thru her shirt. She kept glancing over at the other guy and he was looking at album covers and changing records on the turntable while the track guy was rapidly moving along the BASES. He had her bra unhooked and was having fun with her titties (which she can orgasm from btw) and he started to undo her pants. She stopped him and said, “Why don’t we continue this in your bedroom?”.

So they both got up and went into his bedroom but the OTHER GUY came with them! She said that she and the track guy laid down on the bed and the other guy laid down on the other side of her. She said the other guy was squeezing her ass. She said that she stopped them and said “I don’t know about this” and the track guy just said “Cmon, we won’t tell anyone. This is going to be fun. We are going to make you feel really good”. Again she said, “I don’t think I can do something like this. I had better go”. The track guy then said “Listen, I promise, we will stop whenever you want us to stop. Just try for a minute and we will stop. I promise.”

She did not say a word and the track guy started making out with her again. The other guy was trying to get her halter top off and my wife said “I was kind of surprised that I raised up my hands and got halfway naked. My bra was already unhooked so that came off right away as well. I was so drunk and I thought, ‘well, they seem like pretty nice guys’.” She and the track guy started really making out at this point. The other guy was just rubbing whatever part of her body he could get his hands on. Shoulders, back, ass, hair, arms, tits (if he could get a hold of one, the track guy had claimed her tits).

She said that the track guy then laid her on her back and that there was now one of them on either side of her. They each had a tit to suck on. She said that the track guy then began to undo her pants, which she did not stop. When they started to pull her pants down, she got scared and said “OK, I need you guys to stop”. She said that they stopped and that she pulled her pants back up but did not get up off the bed and did not button her pants. The track guy said “See, I told you we would stop”. So the three of them laid there for a minute and the other guy said “Ill go get us a beer”.

When the other guy left, she said to the track guy “Why cant it just be you and me?” He said “It will be but right now, lets just do this”. Then the other guy returned and they each had a sip of the beer. She said that the track guy started making out with her again and the other guy kind of just laid there not nearly as aggressive as he had been the first time. Her pants were still undone and she felt the track guys hand on her stomach going lower and lower. He just barely put his fingers under the waistband and kept them there for a while. And then they hit her pubic hair and stopped.

The then other guy got off the bed and went down to the foot of the bed and took off her shoes, and began pulling her pants down. She said that she actually raised up her ass for him and her pants came off. Now she was laying there with two guys completely dressed on either side of her and she was laying there in her panties. They both got up and stripped down to their underwear and jumped back into bed. The track guy took his hand and did not go slowly to her beaver, he put his hand on her stomach and went straight down without a pause. His fingers were in her. The other guy pulled down her panties while track dude fingered away. Once again, the other guy was going for whatever was available. When track dude was on her pussy, other dude was on her tits. She said that track dude actually grabbed the other dudes hand and put it on her pussy and they both started fingering her at the same time. She told me “Man, I really was wondering what the hell I was doing but I was not stopping them”. She said that the other dude then “started going south with his mouth. Track dude was sucking on my tits and the other dude was eating my pussy big time”.

She said that they both reached down and pulled off their underwear and that the other dude was rubbing his cock against her side very hard while she had track dudes cock in her hand. And the next thing she knew, the other guys cock was sliding into her pussy. She said that he went maybe 10-15 strokes, let out a moan, pulled out, and came all over her stomach and pubic hair. The track guy who had been making out with her let his hand go down low and was startled to hit his goo on her stomach. He said “Dude, did you fucking cum?” The other guy said “I could not help it” so the track guy freaking climbed on top of her, put his cock in and went pretty hard for about 5 minutes. And then he pulled out and she jacked him off on her stomach.

They all went into the shower together and rinsed off. They got dressed and she got dressed and she left.

The next day, she was in the cafeteria and she saw them sitting with some other track guys. They were all looking at her so she knew that they all knew what happened. She said that one guy she did not even know said “I heard you had a good time last night”. All she could think about was “Oh great, now I am the girl who did two guys at once”.

She said that that was the last time she ever heard about it. She never hooked up with either of them again. She did see them occasionally around campus and they were always nice but that was it.

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2013-02-12 17:21:19
Loved the story,but u need to proof-read your work.


2013-02-12 11:39:14
love the story,,very hot

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