Taylor has the sexiest ass I have ever seen.
From the last story I was naked from the waste down and she is totally naked. Jessica is wearing a pair of thong panties and nothing else.

I picked Cindy up taking her in the house. Carrying her like a child on my front with her arms and legs wrapped around me. Her virgin pussy touching my now only half erect penis as I carry her laying her down in the bathroom as she pissed herself and had been puking. I then carried Jessica up who was no real issue as she does not weigh much. I took her to the bathroom trying to get her to pee before putting her in the bed. Taylor was able to help with her as I started to get the water warmed up to wash Cindy off. Once I had enough in the tub I stepped in with her sitting behind her as I washed her off. She started to wake up a bit as we entered the water and struggled for me to leave her alone. I explained that she had pissed herself and needed to be cleaned. Seeming content she drifted back out and I started to wash her. Of course the stimulation of having this attractive young lady on my lap and hands all over her caused my erection to come back.

As I turned her around my erection was between my body and her slit. As it hit her clit she moaned with her eyes opening smiling at me. Then I felt the stream of piss as it warmed my cock flowing into the tub with the rest of the water. I stood up in the tub using the hose and shower head to rinse the rinse filled water off of us using one hand for the hose and the other under her ass to hold her up against me. Of course my erection was poking her in many places as I did. I sat her on the side of the tub as I dried her off, which was fairly uneventful. Taylor had taken Jessica to the bed already. So I brought Cindy in there too.

As I pulled the sheet down to lay Cindy down I saw that Jessi had her hand between her lags and was going to town. What a beautiful sight that was. I laid Cindy down next to her I felt a hand wrapping around my cock. She pulled me down by the neck and started rubbing her slit with it moaning in response. I pulled away putting her hand on her own crotch.

Taylor was not there with me as she was cleaning herself in the shower as well. I thought that I could join her, but I had all night with her. So I went over next to Jessica replacing her hand with mine placing her hand on my erection. She matched my rhythm as I played with her. I was close to shooting my load so I pulled her hand off continuing my assault on her clit. She reached down and grabbed my hand as her orgasm erupted. Cindy seemed to be in tune as she erupted with her. I leaned down and licked Jessica clean before covering her up as I heard the water in the shower stop. Not wanting to play favorites I did the same for Cindy before covering her up and heading to my room.

I took my supplements to replenish my system laying in bed to wait for Taylor. It seemed to take for ever so I ended up drifting off. I was laying on my back and felt a warm mouth around my limp penis. God did that feel awesome. I figured that Taylor had finally come to bed until I felt the bed move on the other side and someone licking my balls. I looked down to see that Jessi had me in her mouth and Cindy was giving my balls the treatment. This brought me quickly to full erection almost catching Jessi at the wrong time half choking her little mouth. Cindy moved up taking the head into her mouth. Masterfully licking it with her tongue.

"What the hell are you guys doing? Where is Taylor?"

Jessica answered "She went over to her house to get something. We heard the door and came over to thank you for what you did for us before."

Cindy "yep, we were awake the whole time."

"I know you were, people don't really masturbate in their sleep."

"Why did you make us stop? Did you not like what we were doing?" Moving my hands to their asses.

"It felt great, but I don't think Taylor would be to happy with any of us."

"Why should she be selfish like that? She doesn't own you" said Cindy.

Jessica exclaimed "Really, all she did was talk about you all night. Tony this and Tony that. That's why that kid went with that other bitch. How would you feel if you were with somebody and all they talked about was some other guy or sorry, girl?"

"Whatever, you guys are just drunk and we will talk about that in the morning when you sober up."

"Ooooh, are you going to punish us? Make us do things to you so our parents won't find out?" asked Cindy

"Maybe you'll make me take this big dick so my cherry will finally get popped." Added Jessica as she started licking it again.

"Nice, you guys go get some sleep and sober up" Both leaning over kissing me passionately before getting up to leave.

Taylor saw them leave as she came up the stairs. She entered my room in some beautiful lingerie. A teddy, with a little g-string, and thigh high stockings. Her hair was all curled out the way I told her I liked it with no make up on, just her natural beauty. I guess she had been listening. "What the hell did they want or better yet, what did they do?"

"Damn, you look sexy as hell. Did you do all of this for me?" She nodded. "Why don't you forget about them and walk back in the way you saw this happening before."

"Ok, well could you sit in your chair?" I hopped up and got into my chair as requested.

Taylor came back in plugging her Iphone into my entertainment system and started dancing seductively like a stripper. She came over bending down to grab her ankles looking up between her legs at me then reaching back to stroke my cock. I leaned forward and began kissing every inch of her ass with little gentle kisses. As I reached up to play with her pussy she stopped my hand "not yet". I continued with my kisses down to her thighs right near her slit. She started to tremble as I put my nose against her pussy and sniffed in her odor. "god you smell so good" I spoke deeply into her crotch. "Mmmm" was her reply.

Taylor pushed me back onto the chair sitting back on my lap. I had my hand cupping her ass and then moved my finger between her cheeks inside the string drawing circles on her anus. "You really do love my ass don't you.." I nodded... She moved down between my legs and started licking my cock like an ice cream cone then sucking the head onto her mouth. Then she did what she could to take it all into her mouth. I was ready to shoot having this beautiful young woman looking up at me while sucking my cock. I pulled her up and turned her around pulling her panties down letting them fall to the floor. I started kissing her ass more aggressively than before, like I really wanted to eat it. licking every inch like a dog wood. She cooed, moaned, and gasped as I did. Finally making it to her anus I tongued it like a champ actually pushing it in a few times getting a deep salty taste. "Oh fuck" she whimpered. Her legs buckled when I reached up grabbing both cheeks forcefully pulling them apart shoving my tongue deep in her ass. Her pussy flowing juices which I happily lapped up sucking every bit of her pussy into my mouth.

Shoving me harder back onto my lazy boy she pressed her pussy down onto my face while taking my cock into her mouth. I pulled her legs down sitting her down with the head of my cock at her opening. She untied the top and I pulled it over her head kissing her back as I cupped her little tits pinching her nipples with my fingers. then I started massaging her hair running my fingers roughly through it. She pushed down on my cock slowly the heat from her swollen pussy was tremendous. I reached around with one hand playing with her clit and her nipple in the other hand. "Oh my god, it's so big" as she pushed half in. I was kissing her neck as I continued to rub her clit leaning back to see that Jessi and Cindy were watching from the hall way with the door half open. They were both rubbing their pussies in excitement.

I turned her around and laid her on the bed holding her ankles while I pumped my cock in and out of her. She screamed and I stopped "NO, don't stop! It feels so good! I want you to come in me!"
"No way"
"Just do it, I have been on the pill for two years"
That's all I needed and I started hammering my cock in finally topping out. As I continued to top out over and over she screamed even louder "Oh yes, god yes, make love to me, fuck me"...."Ohhhhh FUUUUCCCCKKK, I'm cummmmming" The girls outside had dropped to their asses bodies twitching as they came to orgasm. Her tight pussy clamping down on my cock as I hit top again I shot rope after rope pelleting her pussy walls with sperm. collapsing on top of her with her juices still gushing and her pussy still contracting pushing hers and mine out.
"Let me go get a towel" as I kissed her passionately she tried to eat my mouth off of my face as her body was still convulsing in orgasm. I reached down taking both of the girls hands pulling them towards their room. closing the door behind us my cock was back down to half erect. I had my hands on their asses as Jessi dropped to her knees in front of me slurping our juices off of my cock. Cindy was kissing me as I man handled her ass then changed positions with Jessi starting with my balls. "Ok, gotta go"


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2013-11-13 09:52:45
Great story, keep it up. When is part 3 coming?

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2013-02-12 20:46:31
Wow if all these stories are true then you are horrible person sleeping with girls behind your wife and daughter's back how do think they'll feel they out when daughter finds out daddy is flirting and banging girls around her age way to go. It's commendable that you save these brain dead girls who go to these parties then get drunk and flirt with these guys and expect nothing to happen to them. Which I think you should leave them there once and while because nowadays with all the education about not doing what they're doing they should know better but clearly they don't. Either though rape is wrong sometimes some people needs something traumatic to wake them up. Like seriously.

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