my first time....
This is my first story. Some is true and some is not.

This is a little background information, adding to the realism of the situation.

When I was younger, about 12 years old, I used to hang out all summer at our family cottage. Since it is a four hour drive to our cabin, I was forced to find new friends, but reluctant to do so. So one day when I was swimming at our dock with my only sibling, my younger sister, I met Derek. Derek introduced himself, and was very outgoing, unlike me. I used to be a very shy kid in those days. Derek, my sister and I swam for a good 2 hours that day. No, I was not flirting with him, I had no idea I was attracted to boys then. We just became friends. Very good friends quickly. Throughout that summer we hung out more and more often. Actually, all we did was hang out, every day of the week. There was nothing else to do, and no one else to be friends with. Derek’s parents were gone Monday to Friday so we usually hung out at his place, that way we were free to do whatever we pleased. Eventually we got into looking at porn the internet, since he had a computer, and what else do boys do when the parents aren’t home? And this is when he told me about “beatin it”.

After looking at naked girls on the computer, we both had “boners”. Derek told me about how he beats it when he looks at the pictures. I was confused and asked him what he meant by him “beatin it”. He then explained that it was when he touched his dick and it got “tingly”. Derek then whipped out his cock and showed me. I wasn’t disgusted and the situation was not even awkward. We took pisses by each other, and seen each others cocks before, and weren’t shy about it. I was also curious to what the “tingly” feeling was, and why it felt so good. Derek pulled down his sweats and started to pump his member. “Try it” Derek said, my pants were down, and I was imitating quickly. We both started to wack off and soon after Derek had the tingly feeling and stopped beating off. “keep going, it feels so good” Derek said. “nothings happening, its not tingly” I said. Then Derek said, “your going to slow… here” and with that, he took over and started to beat me off. Within a minute I got the tingly feeling, and was astonished at how good it felt.

Derek never beat me off all the time. I started to do it myself, but when I did do it, I usually only did it with Derek. We some times beat each other off instead of just ourselves, I don’t know why, but it just worked out that way. But soon the summer was over, and I had to get back to school. I never seen Derek until the following summer.

When I got to my cottage the following summer, I went straight over to derek’s. He was there of coarse and we basically started off where we left. We hung out together all the time and felt completely comfortable around each other. One day Derek showed my a new internet porn site. On the site was a bunch of girls giving guys head. Derek asked me if I ever sucked a guys dick before, I said “no way man”, cause I didn’t, and I didn’t want to sound gay. Derek said he never either. We started to wack each other off, and I don’t know if it was because of the hornyness, or if he was planning it all along but Derek said, “I’ll suck yours if you suck mine”. I was kinda caught off guard, so I said “no man, that’s gross”. But Derek kept on at it, “c’mon man, it won’t be that bad, I just had a shower, and no one will ever find out”. I thought for a bit more, then I finally caved in, I was horny, and I wanted my dick sucked like on the porn pictures. “you go first then”, I said. And I whipped down my sweat pants and boxers. Derek then got on his knees and started sucking. Our cock were about the same size, mine I little bigger, but at that time it was only like 4 and a half inches, we were 13. so my whole cock would fit in his mouth with him deep throating just a tiny bit. Derek’s warm wet mouth devouring my shaft felt so good that I lasted like 3 minuted before I got the tingly and was too sensitive to continue. After I orgasimed I wasn’t horny anymore, and didn’t was to suck dereks dick, but he did it to me, so I had to do it to him. I owed it to him. So started to suck his dick and bob my head as he had done. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. He did just shower and his cock was clean, no taste or smell other then a faint saltyness. After Derek was finished we talked about it for a bit, both agreeing it wasn’t all that bad sucking another guys cock, and that we should do it again sometime.

The next day we didn’t even look at porn. Derek dropped his pants and took off all his clothes. I got an instant hard-on in anticipation of getting my dick sucked. I followed his lead and took off my clothes. We went on his bed, and Derek laid down, I began to suck his rock hard cock. “lets try 69ing” Derek said, so I swung my leg over and centered my cock above his face. I was sucking his cock and he was sucking mine. It felt so good but soon Derek stopped and said his neck hurt. “try just sticking it in” he said, so I did. I sucked his cock and face fucked derek for a little while, but I wanted to go deeper into his mouth (my dick grew over the summer) and he was gagging. We then decided it was best to take turns.

After doing this regularily, we soon got very comfortable experimenting with each other. We found out that laying on our sides and 69ing was easier. And sometimes we would lay on top of each other naked mid way though giving each other head and rub our slippery saliva’d up cock together. It felt so good.

Then one day Derek showed my the gay porn on the computer and we looked at pictures of guys fucking other guys in the ass. We were both willing to give her a go. Derek took off his boxers and I pressed my cock square into the middle of his ass hole. It never went anywhere, it hurt actually. I then spit on my cock to lubricate, and it got half way in and Derek was almost screaming in pain. “screw it man, this shit doesn’t work” Derek said. The I countered “yes it will, its just too dry and tight, get some lotion”. Derek went to the bathroom and brought back some Vaseline. “even better, this shit will work awesome” I said. After coating my cock and his hole ring with the vaseline it slipped in beautifully. “man don’t go so deep, it kinda hurts” Derek said, so I took it slow, he then started to get used to it and I started to speed up. In I couple minutes I was like a jackhammer on his ass, pumping furiously hard, and cumed my two little squirted of my little 13 year old clear boy cum. Then it was dereks turn on me. It felt weird as dereks cock, lubed with cold Vaseline crept into my ass. As he got deeper it kinda hurt, but I did get used to it and after I while it felt like I just was dropping a huge ass deuce (shit). It was not very pleasurable the first time, but it was an intense feeling, I can tell you that.

And that is the first time I got fucked, if you want me to add more to the story, just leave a comment below.

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2013-02-14 07:12:11
Superb ,keep going and write more .

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-15 01:03:20
this was a good story. however the bathroom comments about (shit) are huge turn offs. avoid comments like that and you'll do fine. 8/10.


2007-10-15 23:32:21
Great, hot story. I wished that I had had the opportunity to have done that when I was that age. I'm bi but prefer gay sex more.


2007-06-29 15:06:52
u moron how can u grow out of cock it tastes so gd! anyway write more on it i love the way u said "experimenr" me n me best m8 should be like that but at mo im only hoping he is gay :D


2007-06-13 22:27:01
Write more. Good story. Bi or gay is better than straight.

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