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970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
Lisa slumped, limp, sweating exhausted.

Lisa’s mind swirled in an unconscious state.

(Warming up for a meet Lisa looked across the track field. With the sun in her eyes she squinted to
see a man walking toward her. Tall, strong strides she could make out the uniform.
She started running. It had to be. But it couldn’t, not for another two weeks.
Held in her Dad’s strong arms she felt safe. She didn’t want him to go back, not back
to that terrible place.)

Man dat sume crazy shit. Laughed Lamont.
Did u hear her screaming.
Yea that was cranked up, now fo sum good fucking.
Yea lets fuck dat little cunt. Bang her hard.

OH Shit man, look at dat. Is she dead?
Cyrus looked a Lisa motionless on the floor.
No, she breathin, must be passed out.
Dats alright, we can fuck her anyway.
U sick man, I not fuckin no unconscious bitch.
Man, fuck em whild they still warm.

NO, not me. Besides , I am hungryyyyyyyyyy. Why don’t u gogit some sliders at da castle
Shit, OK, how manyfo U.
Git me a dozen, gots to get my energy to fuck. HA HA
Got datRight. When She come to, we gonna do her right.

HAAAAAAAAAAAA White Castle and a White Bitch.

Cyrus, take dis 8 track over to Lou, he wants if fo his beater. Get a 20 fo it.
Man what you screwin round fo that little shit fo, Lamont.

The young brothers are jackin them. You know every one gotta start somewhere.
I buy them up to help dem and then later when they movin on up to cars and shit they come
to me to move dem.
Dats good business, it the Amercian way.

Lamont put Lisa on the couch and put a blanket over her.
She moans slightly but is still unconscious.

(Lisa loved the morning Blue Hour. As long as she could remember this was time with her Dad.
They would run before sun up, fog, rain snow, they would run. When she was young Dad would lead
with the running songs, cleaned up for his young daughter. Now often she would do the lead and he
would follow and the lyrics were not so ladylike. When her Dad asked he what she wanted to be,
there was only one answer, Fighting First, but they both knew that could not be,
maybe someday for other girls)

15 minutes later Lamont gets a call from Cyrus.
Lamont, got dat sliders and dropped off dat 8 track.
Gonna bring my friend Jose with me.

Man u know I don’t like dat guy, everytime he over here sumpthing walks away like
an airtool last time.
Lamont, u don’t know dat, He’s cool.
I don’t trust dat MF, gotta keep keep an eye on him.

Cool!! Shit thought Lamont. Fucking shifty fat ass greasy MFer.
Wonder why fuckin Cyrus likes him.
One ugly asshole, dat for shore.
Lamont looked over at Lisa, she's not moved, still out. Hope……………..

(Lisa loved the morning Blue Hour. As long as she could remember this was time with her Dad.
They would run before sun up, fog, rain snow, they would run. When she was young Dad would lead
with the running songs, cleaned up for his young daughter. Now often she would do the lead and he
would follow and the lyrics were not so ladylike. When her Dad asked he what she wanted to be,
there was only one answer but they both knew that could not be, maybe some day for other girls)

Cyrus and Jose came in shortly.
Lamont could smell the sliders as they walked in.
Jose was a wild looking MF. Red Bandanna, unkempt beard, gold and missing teeth.
He was a fat fuck too, old dirty clothes.

Dammmm, thought Lamont , nothing to ruin a good meal like having to look at that asshole.
They sat at the table, got a few beers and Jose grabbed a few sliders from Lamont’s bag.

Fucking free loader MF thought Lamont. He can wolf these sliders.
Fucking dozen slider would be nothing for this fuck.

Hey man this is my dinner. OKKK Lamont, Justtt going to have fewww.

What you have over hereee. Jose spotted Lisa on the couch.
Our entertainment.
She is passed out and we are waiting for here to come to, give her a little rest then…...

So Swweeet. HMMMM.
OH shit thought Lamont. Now look at this. Fuck. Now he gonna freeload fucking our bitch.

Jose sat next to Lisa and sat her up next to him.
She sat limp, still out.
Verrryyy seeet , Hmmmm nice.
Jose ran his hands over Lisa tits.
He fondled her breasts, rubbed her nipples. Kissed her lips.

Lisa was still out, her only response were some involuntary groans.

(“You’r out “. yelled Lisa. She had just tagged her Dad. They were playing running bases in front
with Pauli. Lisa watched as three black cars pulled up. The driver of the middle car got out and opened the back door. Lisa’s dad walked over. Mr. D’Angelo, it is a pleasure to see you. They shook hands.
Marc, I wanted to tell you how proud everyone is of you. Thank you Sir.
This must be Lisa. You look so much like your grandmother. Thank You, Sir.

Lisa, I worked with you grandfather at the market, him and your grandmother would be so proud.
After some small talk, Lisa’s Dad and Tony walked to the car. Marc if there is anything you or your family need, you let me know. Lisa is wonderful I hear good things about her, she is like you mother, a beautiful angel. Lisa was stunned that Mr. D. even knew who she was.)

Jose spread her legs and rubbed between her mound. He had his
middle finger rubbing her pussy. He rubbed and twisted her.
His hands ran up and down Lisa’s legs, he pushed a finger inside her and then another
probing and prodding inside her.

Then he was finger fucking her with two fingers.

Jose, u one sick fuck Man, she is fucking out cold Man.
Jose only smiled. OHH , she is so sweet, so young.
His fingers kept pushing inside her.

Oh Lamont thissss pusssssy is so nice, reminds me of my niece.

My brother, heee came up and had to leave to work in the fields and left
her with meee. Sheee was so sweet.

What a bastard thought Lamont but there was no stopping him now. Fucking Cyrus had to
bring him.
Jose lifted Lisa and layed her on Lamont’s weight bench. He took a wrist and
tied it with rope to the weight stand bar and then the other hand to the other side.
Jose smile as he looked at the helpless unconscious teen on the bench.

He grabbed a leg and tied the ankle to the weight bar up on the stand, pulling it up and wide and
then tied up the other. Lisa was bent like a pretzl, back flat and legs up over her head.
Lisa’s legs were tied wide, ass up in the air, pussy wide open, inviting a fuck.

Jose dropped his pants and straddled the workout bench. He ran his rough hands up and down the
young thighs.

Lamont thesseee girl esee a


He leaned forward grasping her thighs with his strong hands and slid his cock along her pussy.
Ohhh, doess that feeellll good. Yes, Yeeees.
Jose moaned as his cock slid deep inside her. He leaned into her, fucking her as deep as he could.
Her body stretched against the weight of his terrible rape.

Still not awake, Jose leaned even further forward and spit in her face.
He slapped her bitch face, one way and then the other. Lisa moaned and awoke screaming.
Terrified she woke from her unconscious state.

She was tied to the exercise bench looking up at this big, tough, mean looking fat fuck, his cock inside her.
His bearded face, gold tooth, beard and ragged clothes were a scene out of HELL.

He was ramming her with his dick. Her arms and legs burned, they were being stretched as he shoved against her.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh Lisa screamed in utter terror.
Jose grabbed Lisa’s thighs almost wrapping his hands around.
He held her tight and thrust deep inside her.

To Be Continued

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2013-05-28 00:51:34
Well to bad, but nothing good in this chapter. That really sucked big time. And I did hope for better, but no joy here to bad how sad could have been good but you,bigbob1200, pissed on it and threw it in the trash. Shame, shame on you bigbob1200...

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