A young boy learns the facts of lust from his sister.
My Sister: By Bigwayne 2013

Contains: Incest, young characters, oral, sibling and M/D/d sex.

If some of those themes upset you, best not look then. Enjoy.


My older sister has always been a bit.... shall I say, promiscuous. That's a kind way to say my sister is a bit of a slut. But it isn't totally her fault, though. Kim was born one of the 'beautiful' people. She looks a lot like Britney Spears did when Britney was in her prime, before she married K-Fed. Kim is 5 foot 8, 110 lbs, lean, taut, has semi-long blonde hair to the middle of her back, and a flawless complexion (I've never known her to even have a pimple). Her breasts started developing as soon as puberty hit and hadn't really shown any indication of stopping. Now at 16, she is already wearing a D-cup bra. Her friends wanted to be around her, the rest of the girls at school wanted to BE her, and all the guys wanted to be IN her.

Kim inherited most of her good looks from Mom, who is sort of MILFy herself at 41. She, too, is nice to look at, according to my friends. I guess I could agree with that if she was one of my friend's moms and not my own. Mom is a brunette, 5 foot 10, 145 lbs with curvy Dexter's Lab mom hips, and an ample DD chest on her like my sister will probably end up with if nothing stops their progress. My house has become the main hangout for me and my friends to play vidgames or just get together, I think mostly so they can look at my Mom and my sister all the time.

Dad died during the Iraq war when I was 9, so the three of us have been on our own ever since. Between Mom's nursing salary and the interest she draws every year on the $500,000 life insurance money she put into a savings account, we live fairly well in a subdivision just outside of St Petersburg, Florida. Me and Kim pretty much handle the daily chores in the house. Mom only has to buy the groceries since she works at the hospital 10 hours a day. Since Mom is on a swing shift, we've all had to sort of fend for ourselves as far as the cooking is concerned when Mom is on the night shift from 4pm until 2am. We normally just eat quick fix foods like TV dinners or hot pockets or something. It's usually only during the big holidays that we all three sit down at the table to eat at the same time.

Now back to my sister. As I stated before, Kim can't realy be held accountable for her flirtatious personality. She looks like a model and all the attention she has drawn from it has affected her. The guys started hitting on her in the 7th grade, showing her way more attention than most of the other flatter chested girls in school due to her early development. The minute her breasts started pushing against the inside of her shirt, boys were just naturally attracted to her. All that extra attention made her extra flirty with guys. She didn't develop the stuck-up kind of beautiful personality that most gorgeous girls get, luckily, but she was pretty enough that she could have been if she wanted to be. You know the kind I'm talking about, the ones who think they're God's gift to men and their shit doesn't stink. The kind of girl who knows she can have any man and snubs most guys who try to approach her unless they're super hero handsome, or have multi-millionaire status like Derek Jeter, or a ripped body builder Adonis themselves, someone as gorgeous as her. Kim's friendly with everyone she meets. Maybe that's what the problem is. She's too friendly. She does have some standards and doesn't chase after the brainy or ugly guys, though. She's not THAT dick-hungry. But if a guy is really cute or she hears he is hung, he has a chance with her.

Since Mom works such weird hours, she's hardly there to supervise us. Kim was appointed as the head of the house over me by Mom since I am 2 years younger than her, so I have to do what she says when Mom is at work. During the months Mom works the morning shift, she usually comes home at a normal hour, about 4:30 pm and is in control of both of us. But when she works the evening shift and doesn't come home until 2:30 am, Kim is in charge. That means she can get away with a lot of stuff that Mom doesn't know about.

Kim isn't really abusing her power over the household like Vicky on Fairly Odd Parents or anything mean like that. She just takes advantage of Mom's absence to do as she pleases. I cannot count the number of times Kim has sneaked guys up to her bedroom to fuck. Her and the guy she's with at the moment (there's been a LOT of them) will usually start out by making out on the couch or the kitchen, even if I'm sitting there, then they'll slip up to her room and begin fucking. I can hear them through her bedroom door sometimes when she gets really wild with them. I've heard her say a lot of kinky stuff through her door, too.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me harder.... faster! Fuck me, baby! UHNNNNN!!!"

"Get that big dick up in me! Oh GOD! Ahnnnn.... ahnnnn.... ahnnnnn...."

I've even heard her when she gives a guy a blowjob. She's very noisy when she sucks a guy off. I hear her gagging on their cocks as they shove them down her eager throat.

"*SLURP-SUCK* I love your big cock. I love eating your fat dick! *SLURP-SLURP*"

And she isn't discrete about her sexcapades, either. A lot of times after Kim is done and puts the guy to the curb, she brags about the sex to me as if to rub in the fact that I can't say anything about her behavior.

"Man, he really fucked me good, Brad. I thought he was going to split me open. My ass will be sore for a week."

It wouldn't be so bad, but she always seems to be trying to get some sort of reaction out of me by talking like that, to see if it disgusts me or gets on my nerves. I've gotten used to it by now, though, so her vulgar bragging doesn't phase me anymore.I just ignore her and keep watching TV or doing my homework.

Kim is also bad about trying to test my patience by doing stuff that most sisters wouldn't dream about doing to someone closely related to them. Numerous times she has flashed me by walking around the house in her underwear, or sat near me wearing an oversized night shirt and folded her leg up on whatever she was sitting on to show her panties to me, or her trimmed pussy if she was going commando for the night, or she'll wear a tight sheer Tshirt when she doesn't have a bra on and her nipples show through the flimsy fabric. She teases me like that all the time. The bad thing is she KNOWS it gets to me sometimes. I know she is my sister, but cut off her head where I don't know it's her and she's a hott girl. I'm a little ashamed to admit that, but it's true.

Her body, like her face, is flawless. She has those amazing huge tits that strain to stay in her bra (when she wears one). She's skinny but curvy in all the right places. Her ass would make a Playboy model jealous. Since my grandmother was from Brazil, Kim inherited her Latin J-Lo ass from her. To say it looks like a sawn in half basketball with the halves beside each other is putting it mildly. You know that actress, Sophia Vergara, from Soul Plane? THAT kind of an ass. The kind of an ass that even makes gay men look at it and say "Day-ummmm!". She turns heads in the summer when we go to the community pool to go swimming. I've seen wives get onto their husbands for staring at her in a bikini. She loves making men do a double take. It boosts her ego or something.

And that's my problem. Here is this very gorgeous hott girl in the prime of her life, and she constantly makes me hard when I know I shouldn't act like that toward her, being my sister and all, especially since she really gets on my nerves with her constant teasing and her flagrant control over me while Mom is out of the house. If any other girl were to act toward me like Kim does, I'd have to let my animalistic emotions take over and jump the girl's bones, but I can't do that with Kim. She's my blood related sister, after all, slut or not. People aren't supposed to have those kinds of dirty thoughts about their own family members. It's taboo.

There was this one night right after she finished fucking the quarterback of our school's football team. He left right afterward
like most of them do. Then Kim comes downstairs in her lacy bra and wrinkled panties with her hair all messed up and looking tired from the half hour long session of sex with him. Her face is all sweaty, her legs are wobbly, and she has a shit eating grin on her face. I know what she's about to do since she's done it many times in the past. It's time for her to give me a play-by-play recap of the illicit event.

She sighs and says "Damn, he has a big dick. No wonder the girls all recommended him to me. It's at least nine inches long once I got it hard. Then he fucked me deep in my pussy with that monster. I'm wore out. I need a shower, too, to get the cumm out of my pussy. It's all over my tits, too, where he shot his second load all over them. I ate the first one, though. So thick and salty. It tasted delicious."

I just got more irritated with her the longer she spoke. Finally I just stood up silently and headed upstairs to my room to get away from her. I was tired of hearing about some guy fucking my own sister. I heard her giggling at my distress behind me as I ascended the stairs. Once inside my bedroom, I clicked on my PS3 and started playing the new Sly Cooper game. I liked it because there's one mission where Inspector Carmelita has to distract the guards by performing an Arabian belly dance in a sexy Jeannie outfit.

I heard Kim's footsteps pass by my door. She shouted through the closed door "I'm gonna take a shower to get all this sperm off of me and out of my pussy.". Again, she taunted me by bragging about her dirty sexploits. I was merrily playing the video game when about 10 minutes later, Kim calls out "Hey, errand boy, I forgot to get a bar of soap before I got in the shower. I don't want to get the floor all wet stepping out of the tub, so be a good slave and get me one, will ya? That's a good boy. Chop-chop, hurry up."

I paused the game and slunk to the bathroom, hoping to get back to the game quickly. The bathroom door wasn't closed. She does that sometimes when it's just the two of us here alone to keep the bathroom mirrors from steaming up. I stepped inside the bathroom and walked over to the linen closet where we keep the bars of soap. I grabbed one, opened the box, and turned to hand it to her over the top of the shower curtain. Instead, though, when I turned around, there was Kim standing in the middle of the bathtub with the curtain all the way at one end, standing there stark naked right in front of me. Her entire voluptuous body was wet and fully exposed to me. It caught me so off guard that I couldn't move. I just stood there like a dork and gawked at her nudity.

I had seen little peeks of her body through the years when she wore skimpy clothing or flashed me on purpose, but seeing her totally nude was more sinister that I had imagined. She made me horny all the time just by giving me slight peeks of her body, but seeing the whole package at once was mind numbingly cruel since she was my sister and I could do nothing about the incestuous situation.

I stood there ogling her amazing body and nudity like a retard. She had to say something to break the delirium.

"What are you looking at, perv? Stop staring at me." she said sounding annoyed

My mind returned to the present. I stuttered and averted my eyes automatically like I was taught to do my whole life.

"I.... I just got the soap for you is all. And why do you have the shower curtain pulled anyway?"

She replied "It's not like you haven't seen my body before. I see you looking at me all the time."

"It's hard NOT to see you nude when you flash me all the time."

She glanced down at my pants, giggled, and said "Yeah, I can see it's HARD!", grinning slyly.

I looked downward and noticed my dick had instantly become hard as a rock from seeing her like this. Just how long had I stared at her before coming to my senses?

I feebly attempted to cross my legs to hide my erection, but it was no use. No matter how I sfifted it in my underwear, the bulge was painfully obvious. She laughed at my embarrassment.

"Ya pervert! You got horny looking at your own sister! You're such a fucking sicko!". She was smiling the entire time she said it, happy that she had finally gotten me to react to her flirtations. Then she changed the subject. "Well, hand me the soap, sicko, so I can finish my shower."

Not once did she ever try to conceal her nudity from me. She just stood in the bathtub flagrantly with her hand out.

I slowly approached her with the bar of soap in my extended hand ready to bolt once I handed it to her. As my hand neared hers, she pulled her hand back closer to her body, causing me to step up to the side of the tub beside her. When I dropped the bar of soap into her open hand, I started to turn to leave, but she grabbed my belt and prevented my quick escape.

She turned me back around to face her, then said "It looks like you're packing quite a wallop in your underwear there. Lets find out."

With that, she pulled out on my belt to make a gap in the top of my pants and shoved her hand right down into the front of them. Her hand grabbed my hard dick through my underwear and clamped down firmly upon it.

"Mmmmmm, that's quite a fattie you have there, little bro. You're gonna make some girl really happy with that thing some day."

I tried to wriggle free from Kim, but her hand was clenched around my belt and held me still, not to mention she held my junk in her other hand. Her lusty leer was a combination of knowing she got to me with her sexiness and a look of horniness. She stroked my hard cock up and down for a few seconds before she slipped her hand down the front of my boxers and grabbed my actual penis.

She said teasingly "Oh yeah, it feels even better without the shorts in the way."

I was powerless to resist her advances. I tried to push on her shoulders to separate us, but just barely. I didn't fight her like I should have, I think because I was finally getting what my subconscious wanted. She had teased me so many times in the past that I think I actually wanted my turn with her. I just stood there faking my distress and shame, when in reality her hand on my stiff cock was the best sensation I had ever felt.

Kim suddenly spoke and said "I'll bet you need a shower, too. Here, get these clothes off."

Her experience with boys taught her how to strip a guy in seconds. She undid my belt, unzipped and unbuttoned my fly, and had my pants and boxers around my ankles in no time. I wasn't wearing a shirt.

When my erection was fully exposed to her and pointing straight out at her, she gasped and said "Mmmmm, that fat dick looks really tasty, little bro.". Her hand jacked the loose foreskin back and forth a few times. I was afraid I was going to cumm right in her hand, but then she stopped. "Now get in the tub with me, Charlie." she said lewdly. "I need some help with this."

I kicked my pants to the side and stepped over into the bathtub with her like she told me to. The warm water was spraying down upon both of us soothingly. She turned around and grabbed a long, skinny, white plastic applicator with tiny holes in the tip that was on the end of our hot water bottle hose. She had the rubber jug hanging upside down on the soap cradle that collared the shower head. I could see she had filled it with some sort of liquid, probably water. When she bent over to retrieve the end of the dangling hose, I could see her puffy pussy and asshole at the top of her slender thighs. I got even harder. She handed me the end of the hose and bent over in front of me with her arms braced on the edge of the bathtub to hold her body up.

She spread her legs slightly and instructed me "Now put that thing up in my pussy so I can wash out his sperm."

I stammered and asked "W-What?", not knowing what she was talking about.

"I said put that in my pussy so I can wash out Charlie's sperm. He cummed in me, so now I have to douche the sperm out of my pussy."

I had heard that women douche themselves, but I always thought it was with one of those small plastic disposable bottles Mom keeps under the lavatory sink.

I asked her perplexed "Umm, aren't you supposed to use one of those Massengills under the sink for that?"

She replied "I can't use those. Mom will know I've been fucking. I have to do it with the hot water bottle so she won't find out. Now put it up in my pussy so I can start the water flowing."

Still unsure of the proper douching procedure, I clumsily poked the rounded plastic applicator at her slit. Not once did I hit the right opening. I'd either hit her peehole or her puffy labia lips or near her anus. Growing restless of my feeble attempts at getting the applicator inside her, she put her hand between her legs and helped guide the tip to the right opening.

"Here, Charlie..... right here is where it goes." she exclaimed frustrated. Once it touched against her vagina, she pushed it about halfway into her overused cunt. "Now push it a little deeper and hold it there. When I tell you, move it in a circle. I want to get all of his sperm out of there."

Nervously, I eased the applicator into her pussy until she said "Stop! Right there.". Kim reached up to a V-shaped metal clip that was pinching the hose closed and clicked it one time. Immediately I felt the water start flowing through the hose. Once it filled her pussy, the excess started squirting out from around the plastic applicator in my hand. As the water slowly poured into her pussy, I caught the aroma of strawberries that was obviously eminating from it.

Confused, I asked Kim "What is that? Strawberries?"

"Yeah, that's the scent of the douche mix I bought. It makes my pussy smell really good. You like it?" she hinted seductively.

"I... I guess it's okay." was all I could respond with. I watched her pussy as the water dripped down out of it. I happened to catch the sight of small, white blobs drop out of her cunt.

Disgusted, I let go of the applicator, afraid I was going to get some other guy's sperm on my hand.

"Ewwww, YUCK! His sperm is coming out of you." I shrieked.

When I let go of the plastic end, the pressure of the water caused it to slide back out of her pussy. It fell to the floor of the bathtub underneath her. I could see the water squirting out of the small holes that dotted the very end of the applicator like a round fountain. Now I knew how it worked. Kim hurriedly pressed the retaining clip closed to keep from losing any more of the aromatic cleansing fluid.

"Charlie!" she said annoyed, "You have to hold it in me, dummy!" She retrieved the end of the hose and held it up between her legs."Now put it back in me and HOLD it."

I hesitated. "But.... his sperm..... it'll get on me."

"No it won't. Just hold the hose instead of the tip. Hurry now. I need to use all of it."

Reluctantly, I reached down and took possession of the plastic hose and aimed the tip back up against her pussy. She guided the tip of the rounded applicator to her pussy and pulled my hand to feed it into her. Then she clicked the retaining clip on the hose and the scented water began pouring out of the end of the applicator once more. Again I spied tiny white clumps of her boyfriend's sperm drop out of her smooth cunt and run down the drain. I simply moved my hand back to the point where the applicator was inserted into the hose to keep the sperm from getting on me.

When the bottle was about half empty, Kim said "Now turn it in small circles to make sure we get all that sticky sperm out of my pussy."

I slowly moved the applicator in a circle like I was turning a handle attached to her pussy. The end of the applicator rubbed against the walls of her vaginal canal, causing her to moan softly.

"Yeah.... Charlie..... Mmmmmm.... like that, little bro. That's a good boy. Keep doing it like.... like that. Uhnnnnnn....." she said as I spun the tip around in her wet cunt. "God, that feels so wonderful, Charlie. Keep going.... Go a little faster, little bro. Turn it faster." she said breathing hard. "Just a little faster before it runs out."

I did as she asked. I quicked the spin of the applicator inside her pussy. She reacted by moaning louder and shimmying her hips slightly from side to side.

"Holy shit, Charlie! Like that..... Uhnnnnn, like that. Keep going, bro. Ahhhhhh....." she groaned lustfully as I proceeded. It wasn't long before the hot water bottle was empty. When the water ran out, I pulled the applicator from her pussy and just let it drop to the floor of the bathtub. She said, disappointedly "Awww, why did you stop, Charlie? It felt so good."

I replied "I... I thought it was done when the water stopped?"

She raised up and turned to face me.

"We're done when I say we're done." she said poking me in the chest with her index finger and smiling at me with a horny sneer. "Now it's time you wash me. Get the rag there and soap it up."

I grabbed the wash rag from the grab bar on the back wall of the tub and held it under the falling shower spray to wet it thoroughly, then rubbed the bar of soap on it and worked up a good thick lather on it. I stood there with rag in hand, but I was still a little nervous about what we were doing with each other. Kim had to tell me what to do before I would move.

"She grabbed the hand with the soapy rag in it and put it against her collar bone. "Okay, Charlie, start washing me off." She held her arms out from her body slightly to facilitate the bathing.

I cautiously started moving the soapy rag around on her upper rib cage and shoulders. I casually went down each arm and worked my way back up them. I scrubbed her sides and her abdomen, but was a little skiddish about touching her breasts at first, even though I barely moved my eyes away from the huge tits. Sensing my reluctance to touch her private parts, Kim grabbed my wrist and plopped my open palm right on top of her big breasts.

"You have to wash off my titties, too, Charlie. Be a good brother and wash off your sister's big tits for her."

I smiled slightly as I moved my hand around on her luscious D-cups. I fet her hard nipples through the cloth as I grazed over each one slowly and deliberately. I was finally touching the juggs she was always teasing me with. They were soft, yet fairly firm still due to her young age. Neither of them hung down very far, amybe an inch or so. Her stiff nipples stood out sharply from the front of each breast. Her dark aureolaes were about the size of a fifty cent coin and accented her nipples really well. Some girls when they have such a rapid breast development like she did will get huge aureolas that stretch with the expanding skin and grow to 3-4 inches across. Hers, though, looked perfect like they were. Again, another gift her beauty angel blessed her with to go with all her other perfect assets.

She watched me curiously as I scrubbed her smooth skin carefully, taking my time and enjoying this great opportunity. She spun around so I could wash her backside. I started at her shoulders and gradually worked my way down to her amazing ass. She arched her back to jut it out at me.

"Wash my ass good, Charlie. I want it to shine when you're done." she remarked.

I soaped up the wash rag and placed it onto her left ass cheek. I scrubbed it in a circular motion with my left hand while I held the side of her other cheek with the other for stability.

She looked at my hands on her ass and said sensually "Charlie, do you like the feel of your dirty sister's ass? you're spending a lot of time washing it. I'll bet you like my phat ass, don't you, ya perv? You like touching my ass. I can tell. Charlie likes feeling up his big sister's ass."

I just said "Yeah, it's nice, I guess.", trying to play down the obvious appeal I had for her luscious rounded ass.

I finished the one cheek and started scrubbing the other one. Kim made little coy noises as I worked the washrag over her ass.

"Mmmmm.... nice."

"Ahhhnnnn...... my ass..... so nice."

"Good, baby brother...... good boy."

When I was finished with her ass, she spun around to face me and propped one leg up on the front edge of the bathtub.

She said "Now it's time to wash big sister's sweet pussy for her. Use a lot of soap. I like it when a guy's hand is really slippery when he rubs my pussy. Go ahead, get your hands really soapy and wash my dirty pussy, perv."

She grinned at my horny discomfort. I worked up a good lather with the bar of soap between my hands, then slowly put one of them down onto the small tuft of hair she had at the top of her slit. I slid my slippery hand down until it touched her gash. My heart jumped a little as I pressed my soapy hand up against her labia lips and rubbed the lather all over her warm pussy.

She gasped suddenly and exclaimed "Oh shit, my little brother is raping me! Help me! Help me!"

I quickly jerked my hand out from between her legs and backed away from her scared to death. She started laughing hysterically at me.

"I swear you're such a flake!" she said cruelly. See how she likes to torture me?

My heart was racing a mile a minute from the false accusation. "Kim... what the hell?"

"Oh, little brother, don't worry. It can't be rape if the victim is willing. Now get back to work. My pussy isn't gonna wash itself." she said like a spoiled princess.

My heart calmed down eventually. I relathered my hands and set to work washing her groin once more. I slid my hand carefully between her legs and massaged the soap on her puffy pussy and pubic mound. I had to resist the urge to plunge a couple of fingers up into her gash, mostly out of fear the soap on my hands might irritate her tender flesh inside. I knew from the porn magazines I'd seen that baby oil and established sex lubes were the only things they recommend go into a woman's reproductive tract. Soap would definitely cause some sort of a pussy rash or irritation up inside her, so I kept my hand on her outer labia lips.

Kim watched me carefully as I massaged her slippery pussy. She put her hand on my shoulder and said "Mmmmm, Charlie, you're doing great. Make sure you wash my pussy REALLY good now. I need it nice and clean for the next guy I fuck."

My concentration was on her pussy in my hand, not her compliments. When I finally decided to move on from her tasty looking groin, I slid my hands up and down her lean, well toned thighs. She was a cheerleader at school and the practices they held had molded her legs into slender, muscular trunks like a dancer has. Starting at the top of her thigh, I slowly washed each leg methodically, using both hands at once to scrub each one. She put her propped leg down into the tub so I could wash it as well. Once the bathing ritual was complete, she stepped away from me and got under the shower spray to wash her hair.

Standing there completely nude in front of me, she lathered her hair thoroughly. As her hands worked the shampoo through her blonde locks, she asked me "What are you thinking, Charlie. Are you thinking how sexy your big sister is? I see you staring at me like you do at those women in the magazines."

I got a little embarassed. "I.... I'm not...... I mean....."

"I know you are, Charlie. I can see it in your hard dick." She pointed at my obvious erection standing at attention in her direction. When I vainly attempted to hide it from her with my hands in shame, she corrected me. "No, don't do that Charlie. Don't be ashamed to show me your dick. It looks nice. I want to see it."

Her words relaxed me slightly. I slowly moved my hands to my sides so she could see it again. She smiled agreeably.

"There you go, Charlie. That's a good boy. Don't be ashamed of what you've got, and believe me, you have a lot for a boy your age. Your dick is coming along nicely. And look how hard it gets. Your future wife will be very happy with that dick."

Her encouragement emboldened me. I stood there a little more confidently. I was afraid it might be another of her scheming taunts, but I could see a little sincerity in her expression. She was looking at my dick sort of like I was staring at her nakedness. I wasn't totally sure yet, but I had the distinct impression that the 'next guy' fuck buddy she mentioned before might turn out to be me.

She not only lathered her hair with the sudsy shampoo, she also strained some of the soap from her hair and rubbed the slippery lather all over her huge D-cup breasts in front of me sensually. She was moaning slightly as her slick hands rubbed and massaged the massive tits generously.

She looks up at me with a sly look and asks "Did you like washing my big ol' titties, Charlie? I got the impression you liked touching them. Here, why don't you wash them for me again. Come on, it's okay. Come wash Sissy's big tits for her."

To convince me to do it, even though I needed little encouragement at this point, she kneaded her huge breasts with her hands like a ball of baker's dough. She squeezed them firmly and rubbed her fingertips across her hard nipples, moaning softly like she was getting off from it. I stepped over to her under the shower spray and raised my wet hands up to the amazing mammaries and started kneading them like she did. While I felt her up, she leaned her head backward and rinsed the shampoo from her hair before it could get into her pretty eyes. When finished, she placed her hands on top of mine and guided them all around her voluptuous tits immorally.

She moaned "Mmmmm, Charlie, your hands feel so nice on my titties. If I didn't know any better, I'd almost have to say you want to have sex with your big sister. Is that the case, Charlie? Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to do incest and fuck your own dirty sister? You want to fuck my pussy, don't you, you sick pervert?"

She put one of my soapy hands down onto the small tuft of pubic hair above her slit and pushed it down between her closed thighs, which kept my fingers and palm right up against her trimmed gash. Kim moved my wrist back and forth to make me rub her pussy involuntarily, and I let her do it. Any excuse to grope her.

"Feel my pussy, little brother. Feel my hott pussy with your hand." She let go of my wrist and I kept rubbing my hand against her love mound on my own.

Kim got closer to me, close enough for her breasts to touch against my bare chest. My unattended cock jumped a little when her hard nipples touched my skin.

She said "Ahhnnnn, Charlie, I like how you think. You're having some really dirty thoughts about Sissy, aren't you? Your hard dick is telling me so."

I almost shot off on her legs when she reached down and squeezed my cock with her hand. If she had jacked it even an inch, I would have. Instead, she merely held onto it and squeezed it repeatedly.

"Fuck, Charlie, it feels so good. I love the feel of your hard dick. Hows about we help it? I know what it wants. It wants Sissy's hott pussy and her mouth on it really bad, doesn't it? Lets find out."

She pulled away from me and shoved me against the rear wall of the tub enclosure, then sat down on the front edge of the bathtub in front of me. She leaned her upper body forward and wrapped her luscious lips around the head of my cock and started sucking hard upon it. It took only 3 head bobs back and forth by her to make me cumm. I suddenly shot a huge load of pent up sperm into her accommodating mouth.

She never batted an eye at the premature ejaculation. She never gagged or anything, almost as if she knew I was going to do it. When my balls stopped twitching, she pulled her face away from my groin, looked up at me smiling with her mouth open to show me the sperm, then closed her mouth and swallowed the entire load down into her gullet.

She said "Ahhhhh, that was a good load of sperm, Charlie. I knew you would do that from the way you looked, so horny and excited. A lot of guys do that with me the first time they see me naked. It's not your fault, little bro. I'm just so hott it makes you guys cumm fast. Ain't that right, Charlie? Is your sister hott?"

I was standing there a little weak kneed from cumming, but I managed to utter "Y-Yeah, you're REAL hott, Kim."

"I knew you liked my naked body, Charlie, you pervert. You got horny from seeing your horny sister naked. You ought to be ashamed for thinking about your sister as a sex toy. What if I told Mom you wanted to fuck your own sister, eh?"

I countered her implied threat with "Well, you tell me since you just sucked my dick, you pervert!"

She grinned and said "You got me there, little bro. Now I think it's time we get this party started." She looked at my half hard cock and added "I think he needs a little encouragement now that we got that first cumm out of the way."

Kim held my cock out with her hand and put her lovely mouth back over the head of it again. She clamped her soft lips over the shaft and sucked the semi-rigid penis into her mouth, then ebgan bobbing her pretty face back and forth on it. I stood there in ecstacy with my hands on her head while she sucked and licked upon my stiffening cock expertly. Once I was back up to full hardness, she pulled it from her lips and looked up at me.

"I think it's time we teach you what a girl's pussy is for."

Kim layed down on her back in the bathtub under the cascading waterfall spraying from the shower head and pulled her legs up against her belly. She used her hands to pry apart her closed pussy lips to expose the inner workings of her wet cunt to me.

She asked me "Charlie, you've seen a pussy before haven't you?"

I said "Y-Yeah, in dirty books, but not up close like this."

"Well, it's time you discover what a pussy is and what you should do to make one happy. Get down here where you can see my pussy better."

I got down on my knees in front of her exposed groin as instructed and stared at it. Kim plied her labia lips farther apart to show me all of the pink flesh inside. The water from the shower head was spraying her crotch and dribbling down into her splayed vagina. I figured that was okay since she had used scented water to wash out her pussy earlier, so I didn't mention it to her. I just knelt there by her bare ass and looked at her pussy with amazement. I had never been this close to one before, not a naked one anyway.

Kim said "Now Charlie, this is a pussy. Every girl has one, and each one is different. Some girls have tight ones, like mine, and some girls have huge ones that would easily fit a horse in them. But mine is nice and tight. That's why the guys like to fuck me so much. Go ahead, Charlie, touch it. Touch my pussy."

I slowly extended my index finger toward her groin. It made contact on her left labia and I pulled my hand back. She giggled at my naivety to sex.

"No Charlie, I said touch it. Here...."

She grabbed my wrist and extended my index and middle fingers for me, then pulled my hand toward her groin. She aimed the digits at her vaginal opening and slid them into her slippery pussy. It felt weird at first. It was warm, for sure. It was also slimy. As she moved my hand back and forth, it made wet slurpy noises. It didn't take me long before I was fingering her dripping cunt on my own. She put her fingers down on her slit and spread it open for me so I could see what I was doing to her.

"Doesn't that feel good, Charlie? See what I was talking about my pussy being really tight? The guys all say I have the tightest pussy in the whole school."

I felt what she was talking about. Her vagina was clamped around my two fingers firmly as I moved them briskly in and out of her. I couldn't fathom how all those guys were able to get their cocks inside her. As I fingered her pussy steadily, she began massaging her puffy labia lips around my hand with her fingertips to get herself more excited.

"Yeah, little bro, fuck my nasty pussy while I play with myself. Oh shit, it feels so fucking good on my tight pussy. Look at my pussy, Charlie. Look at Sissy's pussy. Feel how nice it feels on your fingers. Do you like to watching me play with my little pussy, Charlie?"

I stuttered "Uh.... uh-huh." in a daze. I was so horny at this point. All I wanted to do was stick my hard cock up inside her clenching pussy, but I figured I had better wait until she told me to. I knew it was coming soon, but the anticipation was killing me.

"You know what, Charlie?" she said. "Sometimes when I'm feeling really horny and I haven't been fucked in a while, I'll sneak into Mom's bedroom and get one of her dildos out of her dresser. She has 2 or 3 of them stashed away in there. They are all long and look like a man's big dick. I'll lay up on her bed and pretend I'm her. I'll fuck myself with her dildos like she does. I fuck my tight pussy with the dildos she fucks her own pussy with. Does that turn you on, thinking about me and Mom fucking our tight pussies with the dildos?"

My hand was moving in and out of her dripping cunt rapidly as she described in detail what she did with the fake cocks.

She continued. "I put baby oil on her dildo and push it up into my hott pussy. I push it in as deep as it will go. My pussy stretches over it nicely. I've touched the top of uterus with them, they're so deep in me."

My hand was drilling into her tight pussy so fast I feared I was hurting her, but she simply layed there enjoying the attention I was giving to her exposed groin.

"I push it in and out of my pussy like it's a man fucking me hard. I take the whole thing into my wet pussy, Charlie. It feels so amazing to get fucked by a big dick like that."

Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter from the inside. She was getting herself worked up with the play-by-play description.

"Just think about what Mom does with these dildos. She lays on her bed and masturbates her pussy by fucking her dirty pussy with them. Can you picture Mom fucking herself with the dildos, Charlie? I can. Mmmmm, it's so hott thinking about Mom laying there naked on her bed fucking her wet pussy with a long dildo."

Kim now had that kinky image implanted in my own mind now. As I frigged her tight cunt furiously, I imagined Mom laying completely naked on her bed and fucking her hairy pussy with one of her dildos in her hand. I know she's hairy down there because one morning in the kitchen she turned around and her bath robe accidentally came open in front of me. I managed to catch a glimpse of her thick brown pubic hair before she pulled the front together and retied the sash. I also got to see her big DD breasts as well. That's how I knew Mom was a MILF.

Kim looked up at my stupored expression and grinned slyly. She knew I was thinking about what she said, about Mom masturbating with her dildos.

She said "It makes you horny, doesn't it, little brother? Thinking about Mom naked on her bed fucking herself like a horny slut?"

I mumbled "A little."

"I've thought about it too, Charlie, when I play with myself. It makes me want to go into her room when she's doing it and lay down with her on the bed. It makes me want to use one of her big dildos on my pussy while she fucks herself with one. Would you like to see me and Mom fucking our pussies with the dildos at the same time?"

My lusty mind imagined that scenario as well. Mom and Kim both laying side by side using the dildos on themselves in front of each other. I liked lesbians as well as the next guy. I have hidden Hustler magazines in my room that show two women getting it on with each other. It wasn't too difficult to put Kim and Mom's faces on the bodies of those porn girls.

Then Kim said something that caught me completely by surprise.

"Guess what, Charlie? Me and Mom have done that together!"

I paused my fingering and looked at Kim confused. "Nuh-uh." I said in disbelief.

"She smiled and said "It's true, Charlie. Me and Mom have done that before. No lying."

"No way!", I asserted. "There's no way Mom would do that with you!"

"Oh no?" she challenged. "I have proof."

"Where at?" I asked still doubting her claim.

"In my bedroom. Lets dry off and I'll show you."

We both got up and exited the bathroom after drying off with a towel. Then we headed into her bedroom still completely naked and with wet hair. Once inside, she turned on her laptop and browsed the files until she came across one that was password protected. She hid her hand from my sight as she typed the password. The folder opened and up popped a couple more folders, one marked 'Pics' and the other 'Videos'. Kim clicked the mouse on the PICS folder and instantly there appeared on the screen numerous thumb images that previewed what each picture had on it. I grabbed a chair from the corner and sat down next to Kim as she glanced through the assorted thumbs.

"Now you're gonna see something REALLY messed up, Charlie." she warned.

Kim double clicked one icon and made the image fill the entire screen. It was a picture of Kim and Mom laying on Mom's bed. Both of them were nearly naked, wearing only lacy underwear and mugging playfully for the camera. I saw a small remote control in Mom's hand that I recognized as the one that operated the camera wirelessly. You only had to set the camera down somewhere and you could take pictures without having to set the timer on it.

Kim clicked the forward button on the image viewer. It showed Mom and Kim kissing one another playfully with closed lips. Another click of the slideshow showed a picture that was becoming more intimate as the images progressed. Mom was sticking out her tongue at Kim and Kim had her mouth open as if she was about to eat it. Another click showed a pic of Kim actually with Mom's tongue inside ner mouth. The next one showed Kim and Mom's tongues licking on one another's tongue. The next showed the two of them kissing open mouthed and possibly frenching as well.

Kim spoke and said "I told you Mom and me had done stuff in her room. Now do you believe me?"

I was thoroughly confused by the illicit images. There was no way Mom would ever do something that depraved, making out with her own daughter like this. Not my Mom. I knew she was a little hard up for companionship ever since Dad died, but was she really desperate enough for sexual attention that she would let go of what she had taught me about incest being taboo and bad?

In a desperate attempt to get my mind right, I denied the images at first.

"There's.... there's no way that's Mom. You w-were making out with one of your friend's Moms."

She assured me "No, little brother, that was Mom. Can you not see her face? It's really her."

I looked at the sordid picture again and concluded that it could be no other person than our very own mother kissing Kim so sensually. I was flabbergasted by their flagrant display, but simultaneously, the image was smoking hott. Like I said, all my friends think Mom is a MILF. Her hottness hasn't evaded my attention either. She likes to wear a 2 piece bikini when we go swimming, and she looks damn good in it for her age. But seing her be so carnal with Kim sort of put her in a new perspective for me. Now I was seeing what all of my friends had already noticed about her. She was hott, plain and simple. And seing her kiss another girl, especially her own daughter, made her that much more appealing to me. She was a MILF in my mind as well now.

I said "I guess....I guess it's you and her. I believe you. But how? What started this?"

Kim replied "Mom came home early one night and caught me in her room using the dildo on myself. I thought she was going to ground me, but instead she sat down on the bed beside me and explained it was normal for a girl to have certain urges, and that it was safer for me to use a dildo than go out hunting for a guy to fuck. She told me to keep going, so I did. As I was working the dildo in and out of my pussy, she stripped off all of her clothes, grabbed another dildo from her dresser, and laid beside me fucking herself with it. I reached over and played with her tit while she did it, and she reached down and played with my pussy lips at the same time, and we both got off together. Mom gets just as horny as I do, she showed me. We just started pleasuring each other after that. It made it more hott."

Her startling revelation took a moment to sink into my mind. She had been in a lesbian relationship with our lonely mother for a long time, probably for a couple of years now from the look of the images she showed to me. There was a trinket on Mom's night stand that she broke a year and a half ago and had thrown away the pieces. They've been pleasuring each other at least that long, probably longer, since the trinket was in the shot. My mind reeled as I tried to sort all of this out.

Kim spoke and said "If you need further proof, just watch."

She clicked the 'Next' button on the slideshow. Up popped an image of Mom pulling Kim's lacy bra down off of her big tits, making them flop out. The next image showed Kim doing the same thing to Mom. Both of them were topless. Another click showed then undoing the bras and tossing them aside. Then the next showed Kim standing on the bed with the remote in her hand taking pictures of Mom peeling Kim's panties down off of her legs. The following pic showed Mom sitting on the bed shedding her own black panties. Finally the gallery showed the two of them sitting beside each other completely naked now and hugging tightly. More clicks revealed them kissing each other intimately again.

The slideshow then got to the good stuff. As they kissed, both Kim and Mom's hands began exploring one another's naked bodies profanely. Kim was holding one of Mom's big breasts up to her own mouth and sucking on the hard nipple hungrily as Mom dug at Kim's bald pussy, which was plainly in view since she had spread her legs apart for the camera to see. Kim must have been sort of young or had her muff shaved at the time because her pussy was completely hairless in the picture.

Clicking the forward button, Kim showed me even more illicit sex scenes of her and Mom cavorting with each other on Mom's bed. Kim was sitting between Mom's open legs with her legs drawn up. Mom was reaching around Kim's body with her hands down on Kim's groin. She was spreading Kim's pussy for the camera to get a good look at her immature love tract. The next picture showed Kim with her ass up in the air showing the camera her pussy and asshole while Mom was on her knees over her spreading Kim's gash again. After that, the images got erotic.

Next I saw Mom in the same pose, but this time her head was resting on Kim's ass. Mom was sticking out her long tongue and it was touching Kim's anus. The next few showed Mom fingering and licking on Kim's pussy while it was up in the air. Then it was Mom's turn. She was the one with her ass in the air and Kim was on her knees servicing Mom's anus and pussy with her tongue. Mom's pussy was surrounded by a thick pad of pubic hair just like the one I caught a glimpse of when her robe malfunctioned, but in that pose, I could see her floppy labia lips showing through the nap of curly hair and a tinge of pinkish flesh between them. The next one showed Kim spreading Mom's womanhood for the camera.. Her pussy wasn't as youthful looking as Kim's was. You could tell it had been used many times. Her vagina gaped open with little effort, whereas Kim's pussy had to be spread by hand to see within it.

The following pictures showed Mom and Kim getting out the dildos and using them on themselves. Both she and my sister were on their backs with their legs drawn up. They each had one of the foot long phalluses in their hands holding it up like a sword. Next showed them with the dildos up inside their pussies at the same time. One pic would show the dildo partway inside their cunts, the next it would be buried up in their pussy. Then they assisted each other. Mom was on her knees pushing a dildo into Kim's pussy, then Kim returned the favor and fucked Mom with one. The rest of the pictures showed the two of them using the dildos on one another until they reached their climaxes. Then the slideshow ended.

I sat there distraught and excited at the same time. Kim was looking at me kind of funny like I was going to flip out or something.

She said "Hey Charlie, you okay?"

I didn't respond right away. When I did, I merely uttered "Y.....yeah, I'm fine.". The thought of my Mom being an incest lesbian was overwhelming to say the least. To think the two of them had done such acts on one another in our house without me finding out about it was hard to believe. It's sort of like when your child comes out of the closet for the first time. It takes a moment to accept it.

Kim rubbed her hand on my still hard erection as a comforting gesture.

"I'm sorry I sprung this on you, baby brother, but I thought you deserved to know everything. Soooo... what do you think about it? You're not gonna go mental on us now that you know about me and Mom, are you? I mean, you seemed to like seeing me and Mom get it on together. Did you like getting to finally see Mom naked and everything? She's really hott when she's nude, isn't she?" she said giggling.

I stammered and replied "Uhm... yeah, Mom's really sexy. By the way, how old were you when these were taken?", I asked curiously.

"These pictures, I'd say I was about 12 or 13, right after she caught me using her dildo on myself. How wicked is that, me and Mom having sex when I was that young?"

Her hand rubbed my stiff cock with a gentle squeeze when she thought about how young she was at the time, like the illegality of the sex turned her on more or something.

I simply replied "I think it's really kinky."

"I know it!" she said excitedly. "Mom is such a perv. When we used the dildos the first time together, she made me lay on my back and she got between my legs and started licking the outside of my pussy while I fucked myself with he dildo. I didn't even tell her to do it or anything. She just seemed to know it would feel great on me, and it did."

"So, what, Mom's turned into a lesbian now? She only likes girls?"

"No, silly. She's what you would call bi-sexual. She will have sex with men and women both, like me. I haven't had sex with any of the girls at school, though, just with Mom. None of my girlfriends are into it. That's why I miss Mom so much being on the evening shift. She's too tired when she comes in from work to have sex with me."

"So that's why you've had sex with so many guys, you miss lezzing with Mom?"

"No, I have sex with so many guys because I love to be fucked! I love the feeling of a flesh and blood dick up in my pussy a LOT. Dildos are okay in a pinch, but nothing beats the real thing. That, plus since Mom is gone to work, I can fuck any boy I want and not get caught."

I grinned slyly. "But what if I tell Mom about all the guys you've fucked in the house? What's to keep me from telling on you?"

She replied "You won't because now I have proof you had sex with me, too, sort of. I'll be right back."

She left the room only to return with Mom's video camera in hand. She plugged the USB cord into the side of it and downloaded a video into the other folder on her hard drive marked 'Videos'. Once it finished the transfer, she clicked on it and popped up the media player. On the video I saw where she was setting the camera up on a high shelf in the bathroom underneath a towel. It was aimed right at the bathtub. Then she climbed into the tub and said the words that made me come into the bathroom in the first place. She had recorded everything we had done to each other in the bathroom!!

I glared at her and said "You are a sneaky bitch, Kim! You'd better delete that video or...."

"Or what, baby brother? You're gonna tell on me? Get me in trouble? Maybe I'll edit the video so it only shows you in the tub with your hand on my pussy and me yelling 'RAPE!' out loud. How do you think Mom would love to see that part, hmmm?"

She had me over a barrel. If she wasn't domineering before, she sure could be now if she so chose to be. I wondered what her main goal was in all of this? What did she expect me to do for her?

I humbly asked her, defeated, "What do you want?"

She grinned evilly and replied "Why, nothing, little brother. Nothing that I don't think you would have any disagreement with doing. I just want to have sex with my little brother, just like we did tonight. I want you to be my butler after I have sex with someone. In return, you can have your way with me if you so choose after you clean me up. You'll douche me, you'll wash me off, and you'll get to play with my naked body afterward. Is it a deal?"

I didn't have much choice in the matter. She held all the cards. Plus, with the added incentive of sex with her, even if it was after she had sex with someone else, was too good to pass up. Just to be able to see her naked and feel her up would have been enough to get me to say 'Yes' to the deal.

I said agreeably "Okay, I'll do it."

Kim said "That's fine, just fine. Oh, and one more thing, don't get so grossed out when you wash the sperm out of my pussy. It's just sperm. It washes off."

"Yeah, but it's someone else's sperm. That's disgusting."

"Hell, I've had gallons of it inside and on me and it hasn't killed me yet." she assured me. "And I'm on the Pill, so I can't get pregnant."

I said matter of factly "Just don't expect me to touch it."

Kim kissed me on the cheek as a kind gesture for becoming her clean-up service. "We are gonna have so much fun together from now on, you and I." Then she kissed me with her open mouth and pushed her tongue against my lips. I had never been french kissed before and didn't know what to do. She worked her tongue past my lips and teeth and darted it at my wet tongue. I just sat there stiffly and didn't move.

She pulled away and berated me for not participating. "What's wrong? Open your mouth and kiss me, dummy."

She pressed her lips back against mine and I opened my mouth. This time when I felt her tongue snaking in, I greeted it with mine, pushing it into her mouth to wrestle with hers. She held my jaw and kissed me very passionately for a couple of minutes before releasing me.

"Now that was a kiss, Charlie. After I'm finished with you, you'll know just exactly what to do with a girl and be good at it. I plan on teaching you how to be a great lover, little brother, and there's no time like the present to start."

She got up from the desk and strode over to her bed, purposely strutting so it would make her voluptuous ass jiggle seductively. She climbed up on the bed, resting her back against her headboard, and curled her finger at me to follow her. I jumped up from the chair and sped over to her side. I got up on the bed, kneeled in front of her, and awaited her instructions.

She said "First lesson: You have to get a girl worked up before she'll give you any pussy. Get down here and lick my pussy, slave."

I hesitated. "No way! You got fucked earlier."

"And we cleaned out my pussy with the douche. There's nothing in there. Now get down here and eat my pussy, dweeb." she commanded.

She spread her legs apart for me and shifted her body down a tad so her pussy would be out in front, but she could still see what I was doing to her. I slowly laid down on my belly and sccoted my head toward her trimmed gash. The closer I got to her pussy, the stronger the scent of the strawberry douche she used became. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all, I thought to myself.

I jutted out my tongue like I had seen the guys do in my Hustler magazines and touched it against her closed slit. She corrected me almost immediately.

"No, dummy. You have to spread my pussy before licking it."

I put my hands in front of me and placed my fingertips against her puffy labia lips. I pried the moist folds apart and peered inside. I saw a triangular shaped piece of pink skin at the top of her gash that partly covered a rounded lump. Biology class taught us that it was her clitoris, one of the most sensitive parts on a woman's body. Right below that was a small indent that must have been her peehole. And down at the bottom of her slit, just above her asshole, was her vagina. Seeing it up close like this made me have to shift my body because my hard cock was trying to drill a hole in her mattress.

She said "Now lick my pussy, slave. Start at the top and work your way down. And when you run out of pussy, keep going. Don't worry, you washed my asshole good."

I did as she asked. I stuck out my tongue at her clit bump and lapped at the small lump enthusastically. She gasped aloud and gripped the blanked covering her bed, grining like mad as I ate her pussy out noisily.

She giggled, pleased, and exclaimed "Holy FUCK, Charlie, you do that so well. Oh my fucking GOD, that feels so great on my pussy! Keep licking my pussy, slave boy. Keep eating Sissy's pussy for her. Oh my fucking GOD-DAMN! Uhnnnnn...."

I worked my tongue all around the smooth little lump. The faster my tongue wagged, the more restless Kim became. She tried to sit still, but her hips were convulsing from the intense pleasure I was giving to her clit. When I decided to suckle the swollen bump like a nipple, she really got antsy and excited. sort of like when someone tickles you and won't quit. It was pleasured torture to her.

She screamed aloud "FUUUUUUUCK, Charlie, my pussy! Oh FUCK..... FUCK! Fucking FUCK! You're killing me, slave!"

I looked up at her and asked "Do you want me to stop?"

She smiled and said "Hell NO! You keep going like that until I tell you to stop, tongue-boy."

She braced herself, so I resumed my suckling. I nibbled her clit bump with my lips as I sucked hard upon it. She twisted and jerked her naked body in response, but never said to stop. Tears were welling up in her eyes, but not from pain. She loved the over-stimulation I was applying to her sensitive clit, even if it did feel cruely pleasant to her.

I worked my way further down her puffy folds to her closed vaginal opening. I saw up close why her pussy was sought after by all the guys at school. I've seen those older women in my Hustler magazines when they spread their pussies for the camera, how their vaginas usually gape open and you can see down into them fairly clearly. On Kim, hers didn't do that. About an inch inside, her vagina was closed off even with me holding her labia lips apart with my fingers. I felt it on my fingers earlier, too, when she had me playing with her pussy in the bathtub. The walls of her pussy looked almost swollen the way they gathered together nicely to seal off her love canal.

Nevertheless, I had a job to do. I leaned in and pressed my wet tongue down into her pussy. She gasped and encouraged me.

"Yeah, Charlie, get in there and eat out my nasty pussy for me. Eat my mother fucking pussy like it was ice cream, you perverted little shit! Eat Sissy's pussy for her like a good little fuck slave. If you make me cumm, I'll suck your damn dick for you again."

Her eyes were filled with lust. She meant it. Excited by her promise of a blowjob, I dove into her tight pussy like there was no tomorrow. I licked and slurped on her pussy hole diligently and swiftly. Again, Kim clenched the bed spread as I assaulted her sweet tasting cunt ravenously. She groaned out loud from the pleasure I was inflicting upon her tender womanhood.

"Uhnnnnn.... Ahhhhnnnnn.... Oh Charlie, you eat pussy so good, you fucking perv! Eating your big sister's pussy is so kinky. You should be ashamed of yourself, getting horny over your sister. Mmmmmm, goddamn you're good, slave. You're tearing my poor pussy up, boy. Holy fucking FUCK, that feels good on my dirty pussy! Ahnnnnn...."

I kept going at her pink fleshy folds hungrily while she writhed around on her bed involuntarily. It was difficult to keep my mouth on her gash, she was hunching and jerking her hips around so much. I loved the strawberry flavoring her pussy had in it.

I kept eating out her convulsing pussy for a good 5 minutes. She was groaning and bucking her hips wildly by now. Then she got eerily still and arched her back sharply like a charliehorse spasm, raising her ass off of the bed. Then out of the blue, she yelled out loudly.

"YAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!" she screamed. It echoed off of the bedroom walls, it was so loud. I backed away from her and sat up, scared that I had done something wrong to her. She rubbed her hands roughly on her puffy slit, which was now oozing some sort of thick, clear fluid from her pussy. I thought she was pissing on herself at first. I didn't know what was happening to her. When she stopped twitching on the bed and opened her eyes again, she smiled broadly in my direction.

I looked at her worriedly and asked "Wh-what the hell was that, Kim? What happened to you?"

She grinned and said "I just got off was all. It felt so good. You did a great job, little brother. Mmmmm, a damn fine job."

I looked down at her pussy, which was really oozing the clear fluid out now. I asked "Ewww, what is that, more of your boyfriend's cumm that didn't wash out?"

She chuckled and replied "No, stupid. That's MY cumm, not his. Women squirt just like boys do when they get off. It's just lube for fucking is all." She wiped her finger into the slime and rolled it on her fingetips. "See, it's clear, not white like sperm. It's all me."

"So that's what it looks like when a girl cumms, huh?"

"Yep, that's how we do it. I do it, Mom does it, your teacher Ms Clarke does it, all women. I love it when Mom cumms while I'm eating her pussy. I love the taste of pussy cumm."

Kim stuck her finger down into her own snatch and pulled the slimy finger out. She opened her mouth and cleaned the digit with her tongue and soft lips lewdly. Twice more she tasted her own cumm juices in front of me, smacking her lips satisfactorily every time to prove her point.

I said "You're really weird, Kim." to her perverse actions.

"And you're really horny, little sicko. Look at your fucking dick, how hard it is. Poor little baby needs big sis to relieve his frustration. Climb up on me and get your reward, you pervert. Let Sissy suck that hard dick for you. I want it in my mouth so bad, you horndog. You can think of Mom naked fucking herself with a dildo if that turns you on."

I needed no second offer. I hurriedly climbed over Kim's head and straddled her face. My 5 incher was hovering just above her nose. She smiled, then engulfed the entire thing into her mouth and inhaled deeply on my erection. Now that she was able to keep sucking and moving her head back and forth on it without it exploding, the blowjob felt 10 times better this time around. I felt her talented tongue lick on my loose foreskin and my sensitive cock head. I had to beace myself against her headboard to steady myself as she gobbled my cock greedily. Every now and then she would pull it from her mouth and suckle my ballsack gently, rubbing her tongue on the wrinkled skin gingerly, then she would resume sucking my dick. It felt totally awesome when she would probe the tip of her tongue into my peehole.

I was uttering dirty talk at her to encourage her to continue.

"Oh my god, Kim, you suck a mean dick. My sister is sucking my damn dick like a slut. A dirty, dick sucking slut! My dirty sister. Oh yeah, suck my damn dick, you perverted dick slut. You suck guys dicks all the time like this, don't you?"

She uttered a muffled "Mmmm-hmmmm." in response since her mouth was full of my dick.

"And since you like to suck your little brother's dick, that makes you a dirty incest slut, doesn't it?"

Again, the reply was an affirmative "Mmmm-hmmmm."

"Here, let me do you like those other guys you fuck treat you."

I grabbed the sides of her head and fucked my dick in and out of her mouth repeatedly. She offered no resistance to my vulgar treatment. I hunched her face over and over as she just laid there and took it. Then when my legs got a little tired, she resumed bobbing her head up and down on my dick for me once more.

"Do you like it when a guy treats you like a slut like that?" I asked.

She paused her sucking long enough to look up at me devilishly and say "I love it when a man fucks me any way he wants. Your sister is a dirty little whore who likes to be fucked by guys all the time. I love fucking, you little sicko.". Then she swallowed my cock again and sucked hard upon it.

I said "You like fucking so much that you made Mom fuck you with her dildo, ain't that right?"

She merely nodded affirmatively this time.

"Mom caught you on her bed fucking her dildos and you made her watch you do it, didn't you, ya sick incest freak?"

Again, she just nodded with my dick in her mouth.

"My big sister, the cock hungry whore of our school. You'll let any guy fuck you, won't you?"

She looked me dead in the eye, spat out my dick, and said abruptly "Don't knock it until you try it, ya little shit. Why don't you see why the guys all call me the 'Tightest Twat' in school."

She finally gave me permission to fuck that tight cunt of hers. That's what I've been wanting to do all night long. I just didn't do it for fear she might object to having actual sex with her little brother. The whole night has been about her teasing me and me pleasing her. The blowjob was just a reward for my making her cumm with my mouth. She never really gave her approval for full blown sexual intercourse until now.

I climbed off of her head and got in a missionary position on top of her torso. I rubbed my dick up and down her closed slit until I felt the head touch her vaginal opening. I eased my body forward slowly until I felt her tight pussy wrap around the end of my cock, then sunk it balls deep into her wet cunt. The orgasm she experienced gave me more than enough lubrication.

My inexperience showed through when I went to fuck her. I was just hunching her madly like a wild man, thinking more about a quick release than actual love making, which made me more clumsy and insecure than anything resembling real intercourse.

Kim laughed at my naive attempt at sex, which really didn't help boost my confidence in myself.

"Whoa there, stud. You gotta take it slow and easy at first or you'll pop your wad in a matter of seconds. You have to last long enough to get the girl off, too, or it's unfair to her. I know you're young and can recover from cumming fairly quickly, but when you get older and it takes you a couple of hours before you can get hard again, you'll appreciate my advice. Now then, slow down and feel my pussy rubbing against your dick."

I did as she told me to. I slowed my hunching to about 1 thrust every 2-3 seconds.

"There you go, twerp. Now it feels better, doesn't it?"

I had to admit it, she was right. I could feel her tight pussy clamping down on my stiff pecker now. Before, I was moving so fast that I felt nothing but the excitement of the moment. Her pussy was squeezing my dick like when I jack off in the shower.

"Yeah, Kim, I feel it. I feel it." I affirmed anxiously. It feels really nice now."

"See, I told you. Now keep doing that until I say speed up. If you want, you can kiss me or play with my big tits while you fuck my pussy. That will help get us both hornier. Try sucking my tits while you fuck me."

"O-Okay." I replied naively.

I arched my back and grabbed one of her D-cup breasts with my hand. I fed her nipple to my mouth and sucked on the soft bump like a baby while my hips thrust all 5 inches of my hard dick into her dripping pussy over and over again. She grabbed my head with both hands and held me over each breast as I suckled them both hungrily. Once in a while, she would pull my face up to hers and we would french kiss wildly, then I would turn my attention back to her mammoth breasts again.

I was being fairly silent throughout the entire session, concentrating more on my actions than the heat of the moment. I guess Kim was used to guys talking dirty to her when she fucked them and thought it was odd I was so quiet. She wnated to know if anything was wrong.

"Hey, little bro, why are you so quiet? You're not saying much."

I raised up my head from her chest and replied "I-I'm just trying to concentrate is all. Be quiet. I don't want to mess up my first time."

She was astonished. "So you really are a virgin, huh? That is so cute. But you have jacked off before, right?"

I was a little ashamed to say it out loud because brothers don't discuss such personal things with their sisters, but after tonight, I figured it was okay to admit it to her, seeing as how we were fucking and all.

I said "Yeah, a few times."

"Okay, now tell me, what were you thinking about when you jacked off?"

I stopped hunching her and replied "I don't know. I was thinking about naked girls, I guess."

"Did you have to think about moving your hand up and down while you thought about these naked women?"

"I.... I don't think so. I think it just jacked off on it's own."

"That's what you have to when you're fucking a girl. You have to trust your body to know what to do so you can think about the sex and the pleasure you're getting from it. Just don't fuck a girl like a jackrabbit like you did before. Take heed of the woman you're with to see if she's enjoying herself, too. Get horny from watching her getting horny. When you both cumm at the same time, it's amazing! And don't be afraid to say sexy things to her. Get in the moment. Let your horniness out and let it guide you. Tell her she's sexy and that she turns you on.Talk dirty to her. Tell her what you want to do with her. If you want to fuck her, tell her. If you want her to suck your dick, put it in her face and say 'Suck my fucking dick!'."

I tried to ingrain her advice into my mind, but it was difficult since I had no real sexual experience to associate her words with. But since she was an expert at sex since she had slept with so many people, I figured I'd just try what she said and see how it went.

I had gotten sort of soft during her lesson due to inactivity and couldn't get inside her tight pussy very easily anymore, I recalled what she had said and decided to try it. I crawled on the bed and knelt beside her pretty face.

"Suck my fucking dick, Kim. Get me hard so I can fuck you." I said authoritatively.

She grinned. "You remembered, Good slave."

She opened her mouth, so I leaned forward until my softening cock touched her lips. Kim opened her mouth and fed herself with it. She cupped my balls and massaged them as she sucked my rising dick merrily. It felt great.

I decided to get my licks in on her (no pun intended) while she was in this illicit, compromised position.

I said to her "Sucking your own brother's dick. Such a pretty perverted sister. So cock hungry you'll even fuck your own damn brother to get off. You're so sick and depraved, you sicko."

Kim seemed not to mind the vulgar words I was saying about her. She kept right on sucking my dick the whole time I spoke. I guess she had made peace with being the whore of our school a long time ago. I reached down and put my hand behind her head, then thrust my dick in and out of her sucking mouth forcibly, pulling her face up on my erection like I was fucking it. She went limp and let me take over for awhile. I drilled her mouth like I had her pussy and she just laid there submissively while I did it to her. It really turned me on to finally be one of the guys who got to do this to her. My hips hunched her mouth rapidly as she suckled hard upon my re-energized hard cock.

I said "That's a good slut. Eat that fucking dick like you do for all those other guys. Suck your little brother's dirty dick, you nasty slut! Take it like a whore while he fucks your damn face like a slut."

Kim kind of glanced up at me with a slight smirk on her face. Apparently she was glad I was finally relaxing, enough to get into the kinkiness of the moment and do with her as I wished.

She released my cock and said to me, lustfully "Yes, little brother, your nasty sister is a fucking whore. I'm a dirty, dick sucking whore. I love sucking my little brothers hard dick for him. I'm such a perv, doing incest with my baby brother like this. I want your hard dick so bad, Charlie. Make me suck it for you like a dirty whore, little bro."

She laid her head back and opened her mouth. I climbed back up on her face and pushed my dick down into her mouth. Her talented lips wrapped around my dick and sucked it hard. I started humping her face like a pussy, making my balls bounce on her chin as my pubic bone slapped against her lips. She wrapped her arms around me and planted her hands upon my ass cheeks. She pulled my groin down and assisted me while I fucked her face amorously.

When her lips grew numb from all the suction, she pushed me back and said "Pleae Charlie, I want your dick in my pussy so badly. Please fuck my wet pussy again. I want you to fuck me hard, little brother. Fuck sissy's nasty pussy, Charlie. Fuck it now." She was very horny and it showed in her yearning expression.

I climbed off of Kim's head and crawled back between her legs again. She pulled her legs to her chest to offer her dripping, tight cunt up to me. I pressed the head of my 5 inch cock against her wet slit and it disappeared down into her vagina. My hips repeated what I did to her gorgeous face, thrusting down into her clenching pussy steadily again and again.

Kim laid there with her eyes closed and moaned softly while I plowed her tight cunt. She was speaking dirty thoughts out loud.

"Oh Charlie...... keep fucking my dirty pussy. Uhnnnnn.....Oooooohhh..... that's nice....... nice hard dick.... Mmmmmmm..... Sooo fucking nice, little bro...... fuck me, slave...... fuck sissy's nasty cunt..... Uhnnnnn...."

I was fairly positive Kim was saying those things mostly as a kind attempt to encourage me and make me more confident in my efforts than from my dick moving inside her since she had been with some fairly hung guys in the past. My thinner 5 inch pecker was surely giving me more pleasure than she was letting on it was giving to her, tight pussy or not. I thought it was nice of her to do that for me, even though she was a terrible tease toward me all the time. And it did help keep me hard. The dirty talk really turned me on.

I leaned forward and sucked and licked on her protruding nipples. Her big breasts were swaying around on her chest in rhythym with the impacts of my steady fucking against her trimmed pussy. She smiled at me, grabbed my head, and held my face up to her breasts, saying "Yeah, Charlie, suck my damn tits! Suck 'em like you used to suck Mom's big tits when you were a baby. I've suck Mom's fat tits when me and her fuck with her dildos together. Her milk tastes so good. I bet you wish you could suck Mom's big titties, too, don't you?"

I looked her in the eye with my mouth full of her nipple and mumbled "Mmmmm - hmmm!" very confidently.

She grinned and said "That's good, slave. Very good. Let your horny feelings out. Act upon your urges. Your slutty sister wants you to fuck her tight pussy until you cumm inside her. I want your fucking cumm up inside my nasty pussy, Charlie. And when you're done, I'm gonna finger my dirty cunt and eat your sperm off of my fingers. I'm gonna eat your sticky cumm like I did before, little brother. I'm gonna eat my little brother's cumm out of my pussy, Charlie. You like that idea?"

My hips pumped twice as hard the more she talked dirty about the incest and eating my cumm. She felt it, too. Kim was getting more excited the faster I fucked her gripping cunt.

She said semi-breathless "That's it, Charlie! Keep fucking sissy's wet cunt hard like that. It feels so nice. You're gonna make me cumm again, little bro. Ahnnn.... Ahnnnn.... Ahnnnnn..... Goddamn, it feels good, Charlie! Suck my titties harder Charlie and make sissy cumm all over that hard dick of yours. Fuck me like a jackrabbit now, slave! Fuck me fast and hard and make sissy cumm on your hard dick! Ahhhhhnnnnnnnn!!!"

Kim was rocking her body in time with my instrokes, causing our lust filled groins to slam into each other forcibly. She closed her eyes and let her building arousal take over her mind. She was gnawing her bottom as her pleasure built up inside her tingling reproductive tract. She whined loudly with each hard impact on her pubic bone.

"Nggghhhh.... Nggghhhhh...... Nhhhhggg...." she grunted as I fucked her clenching pussy as hard and as fast as my young body would allow me to do. Kim wrapped her slender legs around my ass to get me deeper into her gushing pussy. I was about to explode as well. My dick was telling my balls to ready themselves because I could tell it wouldn't be long now. Kim was squeezing me with her legs so tightly, it helped me rebound to drive my hard dick up into her gushing pussy quicker. I was fucking her faster now than I did before her sagely sex lessons, but unlike my clumsy attempt the first time I put my dick inside her, we were both at a level of horniness where my animalistic hunching was pleasant to both of us now instead of just myself.

She groaned out loud "Fuck me, Charlie! Fuck my dirty pussy faster, boy.... harder! My pussy...... Oh my fucking GOD! Faster, boy! Fuck that pussy harder, Charlie. Fuuuuuuuuck! Fuuuuuuuck it! Fuck sissy's pussy! Oh my fucking GOD! Here it comes...... My pussy! I'm.... I'm cumming Charlie!! I'm..... AAAAAHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!!!"

Kim's legs tightened even more around me as she climaxed, writhing around uncontrollably underneath me on her bed like a earthworm. She pulled my face toward hers and french kissed me very erotically as her trembling body pulsed with pleasurable bliss. Her tongue probed against mine lustfully as the orgasm coursed throughout her shivering form like a tidal wave.

Her sexy convulsions and pleasured expression were enough to set me off. My body stiffened into a board and, with all 5 inches buried up inside her, my balls began pumping her flooded pussy with rope after rope of my sticky, thick, salty incest seed. I stayed riveted against her pussy until my legs got weak, then I fell into a helpless clump on the bed beside her. My slimy cock was shining, coated in our combined illegal excretions. Her puffy pussy was oozing the same illicit concoction from her tingling womb.

When we both caught our breath, she grinned at me and said "That.... That was a good one, Charlie. Thank you. You did very well for your first fucking. My pussy is a wreck right now. I don't know if was because I was fucking my own little brother or what, but I cummed really hard tonight, both times. Harder than when I fucked that guy earlier."

That gave my ego a bit of a boost, her saying I made her hornier than a guy older and hung better than me.

I replied jokingly "I.... I aim to please."

"So how was your first official fuck, Charlie? Was it as amazing as you thought it would be?"

I smiled graciously and said "Yeah. Yeah it was. Your pussy is so... so...."

"I know. It feels like your hand when you jack off, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, sort of like that. It was so tight. I can see why all the guys want to fuck you."

"Thank you, twerp. That's sweet of you to say." she replied with a kind smile. "Now it's time do do what I said earlier."

Kim swiped two fingers against her puffy slit and wiped a glob of the thick juice/sperm onto them, then opened her mouth and ingested the incestuous mixture with her mouth, cleaning off every drop of it from her fingers. She plunged her fingers down into her oozing cunt and repeated the feasting. She pressed down on her lower belly when her fingers weren't able to get any more easily. It seeped out of her fucked pussy like toothpaste and was quickly wiped up and eaten like the rest. It eventually ran out, so she turned on her side facing me and put her head down by my sticky groin.

"A good whore always cleans a man's dick for him after he fucks her."

Kim wrapped her full lips around my soft cock and licked off every bit of our incest juices.I thought of something dirty and decided to see what she'd say about me suggesting it.

"What if a guy fucks his whore in the ass. Does she still clean him off afterward?" I said grinning devilishly.

She looked me straight in the eye and, without hesitation, replied "Let me get you hard again and we'll find out." very seriously.

She surprised me with that remark. I said "That... That's okay, Kim. I don't think I could get hard again tonight. I've already got off twice."

She smiled slyly and said "okay, suit yourself. Maybe next time.", then winked at me.

She turned on the radio beside her bed to listen to music. We just laid there on her bed cuddling, waiting for our strength to return while the radio played Michael Buble's 'I Just Haven't Met You Yet'. I was spooning against her back and ass with my arm draped over her skinny waist. She had her hand down between her closed thighs gently massaging her sticky labia lips contentedly. Sometime during our intimate rest, I must have fallen asleep. When I roused about 4:30 am and realized where I was, I got fearful of being caught by Mom in Kim's bedroom, so I grabbed up all of my shed clothing out of the floor and stealthfully crept across the hallway to the safety of my own bed and slept there until morning.


I was suddenly awakened by someone tapping on my bare shoulder. I wiped the crud from my eyes and peered into the darkness to discover Mommy standing beside my bed with her pointed finger in front of her lips to indicate to me to be quiet. The alarm clock glowed the numbers 3:00 across the room. She was whispering low so as not to disturb Charlie.

"*It looks like YOU had a good time tonight.*"

In a very low tone, I replied "Yeah, he really gave it his all. I got off twice thanks to him."

"I can smell it. I'll have to wash the blanket to get the sex smell off of it. So how did it go?"

"It went fine, Mommy. I showed him the dirty pictures you took of you and me together when I was 11. He got so horny he was putty in my hands. He's willing to be my sex slave as long as I keep his dick happy."

Mommy smiled at my fast progress. "He even fucked you right after knowing you had sex with that other guy?"

I grinned and said "He even douched my damn pussy for me.". I winked slyly at her. "I think he would have eaten me out if I had suggested it to him. He was *really* horny tonight."

"What was his reaction to knowing me and you were having sex together? Did he act strange when you told him his perverted mother was having sex with you?"

"Nah, I had him so worked up tonight that he looked at the pics and just saw us as naked women having sex, not as his dirty mother and sister doing something illegal."

She breathed a sigh of relief. "Whew, that's good. I was afraid it was going to warp his mind or something to know I made you have sex with me."

"You're safe, Mommy. I told him you caught me with your dildo once and decided to just let me do my thing instead of what most mothers would do, freak out and ground me for a year. He doesn't know the real story."

"That's good, too. I'd hate for him to find out I've been molesting you since you were 4. He would have a conniption if he knew that."

I patted her on the leg reassuringly and said "Don't worry, Mommy. I won't ever tell anyone about that. That's our dirty little sexy secret."

She ran her fingers through my mussed hair and whispered "I know that, dear. I have no worries. You've been a good girl keeping Mommy's dirty secret for her."

I looked up at her lovingly and said "You know I liked doing it, too. I didn't act like it at first, but then I learned it was my job as your daughter to let you do it to me. Am I a good little girl, Mommy?"

She smiled, leaned down, and kissed me on the lips gently. Her hand slid down between my closed thighs and dug at my sticky pussy. I lifted my leg in the air about a foot to give her full access to my oozing cunt. She dug her middle and index finger deeply into my vagina, rotated her hand to make the digits scrape against the slimy walls of my birth canal, then pulled them back out of me and sucked off the incestuous combination of her horny children's ejaculate.

She grinned, licking her lips, and said "You're a very good little girl, Kim. Mommy's very naughty good little girl. I can taste his nasty sperm in your tight cunt. It's delicious. It tastes just like when your father used to cumm up inside your little pussy and I'd lick it out of your impossibly tight little pussy afterward."

"I know. I ate some of it when it came out of my pussy. It tasted just like Daddy's cumm used to when he'd fill up your pussy, too. I loved it." I said agreeably.

Mommy straightened up and turned to walk away. Before she exited my bedroom, she turned back toward me and whispered "You know, my swing shift back to days starts again after next weekend and I'll get to have fun with you at night again, baby. You should keep getting Charlie accustomed to the idea of sex with me like we planned because now that he's in on it, you and I are going to fuck him like crazy from now on. You remember how much fun we used to have with your father and his big cock when he was on leave and came home, don't you?"

Remembering those days fondly, I whispered back "Yeah, it was really fun when Daddy had sex with us."

"That's what I'm hoping Charlie's dick will grow into, one as big as his Dad had on him. No one could fill or fuck a pussy like your dear father could when he was at home."

"I remember, Mommy. I sure do miss him."

"Me too, baby. Me too." Mommy said reminiscing about the good times when Dad was still alive. "Well, it's late and we were really busy at the hospital. I'm worn out. You get some sleep, honey. We'll talk more in the morning and make a plan for Charlie's first time with the both of us. I'm actually off tomorrow, believe it or not. The first Saturday I've had off in over a month."

Mommy blew a kiss in my direction and I playfully pretended to catch it and put it on my lips. She smiled and exited my room. I eased my bottom backward against Charlie's naked body, closed my eyes, and went back to sleep. My first dream was of Daddy all those years ago, laying on his bed next to Mom naked and telling me to take off all of my clothes like them. Then I'd climb up on the bed with him and Mommy and they would take turns licking and fingering me in all of my holes while I sucked Daddy's big dick for him. I slept comfortably with those fond childhood memories running through my slumbering mind.



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