My Ex had always enjoyed playing games, but when a game gets played on her she calls me for some support.
Alright guys, this is my second story and i appreciate any and all feedback.
Will say now that i will return to Redbird, just not yet.
Yes, It's another short one but this will be the first part in an on-going series.
Hope you enjoy it.

I walked into the lounge and lying on the sofa was Abby, she was wearing a skimpy pair of pink shorts and and white tube top, her arm was draped over her face as she snoozed. Next to the sofa was an empty wine bottle, it was only half an hour ago I got the text telling me that she needed to talk to me. I stood there for a moment and took my bag off, she stirred and opened her eyes and smiled. I could tell from the glassy look in her eyes that she was drunk, “Hey,” she said. I smiled and returned the greeting. “So what happened?” I asked.
“I threw him out, came back and caught him banging Holly.” she replied. Holly was her room-mate, they moved in together after working with one another for a year. I liked Holly, she had energy and was generally nice, if I knew she was cock hungry I'd of added her on Facebook.
“Jesus Christ.” I murmured. Abby sat up and stretched, “Can I have a hug, please?” she asked. Her eyes looked so innocent, it was always hard to believe that that she had cheated on me. We were together for around two years, even after her cheating on me I hung in there. There was always something about her besides her beauty. She was around 5ft5'' with long dark hair, she was half Asian. So her skin always looked a little tanned, she didn't have big breasts or anything like that, but always a size 6 figure. I think I remember her saying she was a 34c. Drinking was always a problem of hers, and when she was drunk she always forgot who she was. She liked to tease men in clubs, but then became angry whenever any of them tried to go further. I never could work her out. Her brown eyes stared up at me, “Sure.” I said, sitting down on the sofa. She cuddled into me and we were quiet for a while, “So what's going to happen with this place?” I asked. “I don't know, things were finally going right. First guy I start seeing since you and I come home to find him bending her over the kitchen counter. Blonde bitch.”
Holly had short blonde hair and wore glasses, she was taller than Abby and had much bigger breasts. She was a lesbian until recently, when her relationship went up in smoke she announced being bi-sexual. I'd often wondered if her and Abby ever did anything when they were drunk, Abby had some experience in drunken lesbianism and I remember one time coming very close to having a threesome with her and another one of her friends, though her friend just wanted to get into Abby while Abby got into me.
Abby turned her head and looked up at me, then to my lips. I knew what was going to happen, I knew it the moment she asked for a hug. Abby was feeling low, I couldn't take advantage. I shouldn't.
She leaned up and kissed me on the lips, and then another kiss, and then another. Her mouth opened slightly and before I knew it I was kissing back. I held her head and the kiss got harder, tongues danced with one another, she then broke free and undone my trousers, she reached deep and pulled out my already hard cock. She wrapped her lips around it and lashed it with her tongue, I tilted my head back and rested a hand on her head. She took my cock deeper into her mouth and I gripped her hair, I thrust upwards a couple of times as she jerked. I let go of her hair and reached over to her ass, I slid my had down the back of her shorts and squeezed a cheek, she moaned softly with a mouthful. I pulled my hand back and underneath her, grabbing a hand full of tit I yanked her top down. She raised her head and I pulled her closer, taking a mouthful of her breast, I gripped her ass with both hands as she raised her arms up behind her head. Her tube top was now around her waist, her perfect little titties were being sucked and nibbled, I pulled her shorts down and she got to her feet, removing them as I pulled off my top and pushed down my trousers, I pulled her leg up onto the sofa and buried my face into her vagina, it was shaved as usual, with a small patch of fur about an inch from the tip of her pussy.
I stuck my tongue into her as deep as I could, she stroked my hair as I reached up with my left hand and clung onto her breast. My right hand had gone behind her and pulled her into me, I got to my feet and kissed her hard on the mouth. I went behind her and bent her over, I slid my dick inside of her and listened to her cry out. I held her by the waist as I fucked her, she reached out and supported herself by holding onto the sofa. Her ass slapped against my pelvis as I thrusted in and out, I reached around and gave her clit a tickle and her knees instantly went weak. I realised then that she was close to coming, I fucked her harder and the tickle became a rub. With my spare hand I gripped her top and pulled, pulling her in closer, I could hear her getting louder so I continued to rub and fuck until she screamed out, she squirted juices all over me, her legs almost giving out as for a moment she looked like Bambi on the ice.
I pulled out of her as she struggled to stand, I turned her around and picked her up. I sat her on the kitchen worktop and kissed her hard on the mouth, she leaned back a little and I slid into her again. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, she could hardly support herself, I moved in and out of her. Her hands now rested on my shoulders, her top still around her waist I held her by the backs of her knees, I could see her perk tits bounce with each thrust. I started to slow down, so I pulled her off the counter and held her. I bounced her off my dick again and again as the moans started up again, I squeezed her ass as I forced her up and down, her arms hung over me as he was lowered, I kept going refusing to get tired. I was going to give her the best fuck of my life and hers, make her forget about that ass-hole.
She started screaming again, she shook her head and told me 'No', she didn't want to come again. I kept bouncing her up and down as her head tipped backward, her teeth bared as she grunted and then couldn't hold back any longer, she screamed out as juices flushed over my cock, her legs thrashed, if she was standing shed be falling to the floor, if she was on the floor she'd be wriggling around in ecstasy. Her nipples were like tiny rocks, light brown nipples on now pale breasts. Goose pimples flooded her arms, chest and legs. I dumped her onto the sofa and started wanking furiously, seconds later I exploded with my own cum, it shot out of me and hit her in the face, she flinched, the second shot hit her in the chest, she quickly leaned forward and caught the last shot in her mouth as it was on it's way out. She sucked it up and swallowed, staring into my eyes while she did it, my breath escaped me. I slumped down onto the sofa next to her and reached into my trousers pocket, which was still all bunched up at my ankles, I pulled out my cigarettes and gave her one. We both lit them and took in a long and deep drag.
“That was bloody amazing.” she gasped. I smiled, “The one time I don't secretly record us having sex, and that happens.” I said while she laughed in response. “Well to be fair I did kinda spring it onto you.” she smiled. “Yes did, you pounced.”
her head leaned against my shoulder, we then heard the front door open and then close. Neither one of us could be bothered to move, my eyes almost popped when I saw Holly appear at the door way and lean against the door frame. She smiled.
“So, looks like I owe you a tenner Abs.”
Abby laughed, “See, I told you he always has what I need.” she smiled back. The cigarette continued to burn in my hands, I have no idea what just happened.

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What? I don't understand.

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uhh you seriously shouldn't leave a one-shot on a cliff-hanger

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Wait what just happened? The scandal about cheating was a lie so Abby and Holly could make a bet?

6.5/10 needs more buildup and description of.what the chqrqcters are feeling both physically and emotionally.

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