30 yo man finally sees his daughter as a young woman
Authors note: this is my first story and it may be short but I am planning on continuing this in parts. Some will be full of sex, some won't have anything more then kissing (hopfully not but some times it happens) and it does involve young underage girls and an adult so remember this is fiction, I don't condone real life actions like these but you can't help but fantasize.

I'm 30 years old and have 12 year old daughter. My story is not as typical as most, I met her mother in high school, we dated for 4 years she wanted to stay a virgin until she was 18, I was pretty cool about it, but it does help that she wanted to watch me fuck other girls. She would bring home her friends and watch us fuck, and a lot of the time she would join in, usually sucking my cum out of her friend, or having her friend eat her tight virgin pussy.

She turned 18 shortly before our graduation, and as a graduation gift to me, she gave me her virginity, it was the best night of our lives. She was on the pill and I didn't use a condom, we both knew we were clean. However as you know pills are only 99% effective, and that night that 1% happened, and our lovely daughter was conceived, we got married shortly after and I managed to get a job as a telemarketer. Her mother was a red haired beauty, with emerald green eyes and freckles all over, and very petite being only 5-foot even and 32 B-cup tits. I loved her the moment I saw her. However she died giving birth to little Lori.

Lori is a carbon copy of her mother, red hair, freckles and those bright emerald green eyes, and smart. She was accelerated in school by 2 years, so this year she is starting High school. The other kids thru grade school took to her kindly and has many older friends and has plenty of sleep overs. During those sleepovers there would be lots of flesh flying around, and while I miss my wife I can't help but enjoy the sight of such young flesh. A few times during those sleep overs I'd catch glimpses and views I shouldn't really be enjoying on young girls, bits of their flat chests and barely budding breasts, hard nipples on some, even some flashes of pussy now while my daughter was 9 or 10 when she had her sleep overs the other girls were 11 and 12 and their bodies budding, but my favorite memory was last year when Lori was 11.

It was a standard weekend long sleep over, the girls would come home Friday after school, packed and ready right off the school bus, (the teachers were probably not pleased with the girls carrying so much stuff in class) and would go back to school on Monday from my house. However everything was going smoothly until Saturday night. I couldn't sleep and the girls were asleep as well as it was 2 in the morning so I decided to check out the skin flicks on the movie channels and try to relive some of this sexual pressure I had when the girls were over. So as I headed towards the tv room/living room I saw the glow of the TV peeking under the door. I figured one of the girls couldn't sleep so I figured I'd join them for some late night TV, even if it wasn't a skin flick. But as I opened the door, and amazingly we have very quiet doors I heard moaning two kinds,, one from the television and one from the couch.

I peeked into the room and the sight I saw was amazing, Lori was on her knees naked, the glow of the TV casting enough light so I can see her backside but not her front, and her head is in-between the legs of one of her friends who the second moan I was hearing as I shift my eyes to the TV and see a scene being done, not the standard skin flicks from the premium channels no this is an all out hard core lesbian licking scene. My eyes return to my daughter and her friend, I think its Melody, I can see the long blond hair as her head is back, she too naked as my daughter eats her pussy. She has one hand on Loris head and the other squeezing her own tit must be a good C cup. I can make out a shadowy outline of Melody as she pushes her crotch into my daughters face.

I stand there for several minutes, my hand absently rubbing my crotch as I watch the girls in their girl-on-girl action, finally I pull my cock out and slowly stroke myself, already hard at 7 and a half inches my hand pumps up and down slowly, being uncut has some advantages, like not needing nearly as much lube if any when jerking off. Watching the girls I see Melody grinding her pussy into Loris face before falling back onto the couch panting hard. My daughter gets up and sits on the couch next to her friend and spread her legs open and begins to rub her own pussy, I get a good view of it as the video has a nearly all white shot and it illuminates the room bright enough to get a good look at both girls, one recovering from the throws of an orgasm and the other playing with her pussy.

Now I've seen my daughter naked before, but that was when she was 5 or 6. But now she's 11 and turning into a lovely young woman, with the help of her older friend. Looking at Lori I know I'll have to take her shopping soon for training bras or even regular ones, as my eyes move down from her budding chest to your tummy and then abdomen and the sweet valley that is in-between her legs as her fingers run up and down her slit slowly, teasing her clit I can see beads of wetness forming on her lower lips before she spreads them open. I lost it right there I had to cup my hand over the head of my cock to keep from cumming all over the door and carpet. Although I try to be quiet I am a bit noisy when I cum and let out a grunt and moan. I think both girls heard it as I race back to my bedroom. Do you know how hard it is to run with a hard cock that's spewing cum? Well it's not easy I'll tell you I made it back to my bedroom and closed the door, and went into the master bathroom to clean up, and I realized then my daughter, my little girl is a sexual active young woman.

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2014-12-23 17:38:21
Dick hard, now... on to part 2

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2013-05-07 18:22:33
It's a good start. Don't listen to them. You have a lot of potential

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2013-04-14 05:04:11
Who gives a flying fuck its a story not a debate yeah and thank god its believeable cock size and if you don't like why did you read to the end dumb ass. So you could comment how bad it is this his first story give him a break

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2013-04-09 22:14:05
There is over 9,000 incest stories. it is not the story that makes a storie good. This author has taken the time to wright an enjoyable fantasy that we all looked up and read. So enjoy it for the fiction it is. Reality is much worse than anything they could wright about.

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2013-02-16 00:52:53
I totally agree with the guy below! This is a typical fucked up story.. The dad gets a hard-on, then fucks his daughter... Overall just fucking boring!

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