A pool at a villa in Italy
I was having a good dream with a hot young girl playing with my cock and I was playing with he sweet little pussy. It seemed so real. I went to turn over finding my hand was touching something and my cock didn't want to turned with me opening my eyes to see beautiful Mary. "Good Morning" I I felt wetness on my finger through her shorts.

"Good morning" as I pulled my hand away she left her hand on my cock feeling the tip.
"I've never seen one before"
"Mary...Mary...Did you find him?" Mary dropping my cock as my soon to be ex wife's cousin came around the corner with her other niece Anna.
I acted like I was still sleeping. "Oh my" Roberta said as she placed her hands on my cock.
"What the hell, Roberta, what are you doing?" looking down at her two hands holding my cock.
"Oh uh, I needed to cover it up. the girls don't need to be seeing this."
"Roberta, I am sure that they have seen one before" Both smiling and shaking their heads no.
"I wasn't feeling good and laid down back her in my own damn yard"
Anna asked "Aunt Roberta, is that why he is so swollen and that stuff is leaking out?" Roberta looking down to see that she was now squeezing precum out of the end. "Oh yes, that why it is so big and swollen and red like that. I have never seen one with all of those veins popping out of it so hard and swollen like that." She looked at me turning red and looking away.
I moved her hands and stood up leaning over Mary to get my trunks hanging on the back of the chair she was now sitting in. my rigid cock looking her right in the eye.
I turned towards Roberta pulling my trunks up as she followed my cock like a cobra watching a flute almost putting a crick in her neck as I popped it up under my shorts pointing straight up.

Roberta was my soon to be exes cousin who lived close to Rome. I guess they were on their way south and needed a place to stay to break up the trip. She was actually very hot in a trailer park sort of way. Always having to have the latest brand named stuff. Dark black curly hair with light streaks tinted into it, big lips probably from some shot, small but not unattractive tits, and a killer lower half. I often tried to steal glances of her big firm yet soft in all the right places ass when she would stay. I would playfully slap her ass or grab it when we were playing around. Her husband left her a few years ago and she is still in love with him. Always looking for a complete copy and not happy with anything less. She was actually attractive without makeup, but slapped it on like a clown thinking that men liked that.

Her two nieces would go with her to the beach and on vacations. She liked having youth around her and these girls would always bring a crowd. Early teens but looked like they were straight out of magazines. Anna was about five foot tall with dark features. Bushy dark hair heavy eyebrows high cheek bones and a slim but not too slim body. Her breasts had started to form and she had handfuls seeming as they were still going. Mary was a beautiful gymnast with lighter hair and dark skin. Her legs were muscular with tight abs and a little bit smaller breasts than Anna. Something about that part of the family as they all had those beautiful asses. Anna's obviously softer than Mary's from her gymnastics.

Mary had small cotton booty shorts and a small half shirt boobs popping out of the bottom when she lifted her arms. She had a small wet spot going in the camel toe I had created with my finger earlier. Anna had a very short hugging nylon skirt that showed her ass and thong line from behind and the outline of her nipples from the front. Roberta had the same type of skirt on with now diamond cutting nipples poking through the fabric.

She stood pulling close to me and asking if it was ok for them to stay. "I'll cook the clams you like later, I bought them on the way in. We need to wait until it is not so hot to finish our drive. Maybe in the morning depending how things go looking down at my erection." She pulled in closed and kissed both cheeks.
"Ok, you can stay."
"Thanks Zio" the girls said in unison as they came up hugging me. I picked them up around their wastes and off of their feet. Anna gasped as her leg brushed up against my erection the top of her skirt pulling down so her tits popped out. She grabbed my neck pulling up putting both muscular legs around my waste letting go with one arm at a time to pull her skirt back up to cover her tits. Her position had her slit propped up by my erection and my hand holding her ass. "Zio, I am a woman now, you can't just play like that anymore."
"Oh, OK, it seemed like you were having fun to me." I rocked her ass so her pussy rubbed the top of my erection. "Do you want me to put you down then?"
"No, I'm sorry it was fun. I was just embarrassed."
"Why? You go topless on the beach right? How long have we known each other?"
"Yeah, but I am bigger now"
"And a gorgeous young lady as well. I understand and will treat you more like an adult. no more playing like before."
I patted her ass cheeks indicating that she should get down. She let her legs drop and slid down against me. Her skirt caught on my erection pulling it up as she descended popping her tight skirt up over her ass. "Oops" she said as she tried to cover her butt tracing her skirt hem from the back around to the front finding whee it was hung pulling my erection away from my body as she tugged down it pulled my erection out and yet still covered by her skirt with the hem between it and my body. Her hand running up to the hem place it around the head of my cock. Not understanding she grabbed it rubbing it as if trying to figure out what it was. Finally reaching under her skirt grabbing it around the shaft to move it out of the way to get her skirt off of it. Not realizing until her skirt popped off and she ended up in the open with her fingers wrapped around my naked cock. She gasped as she looked down, but did not let go feeling the bulbous head with her hand until I reached down pulling me shorts up which pushed her hand off. Still in a trance that I thought I would have broken she placed her hand back on it.
"My god Anna, let it go already." Mary said pulling her out of her trance. Anna just looked up at me to heated to be embarrassed.

"Why don't we get in the pool and cool off" said Roberta waving air on her flushed face obviously hot from what she had witnessed.
"Sounds good" I said. "Why don't you guys get changed"
"Oh shit, we don't have our suits. We didn't have enough room in my small car and left the wrong bag behind. We have all of our shoes, but no swimsuits. Do you have any inside?"
"You know she took everything when she left, even some of my stuff. I am sure that you guy's have underwear on or shorts you can wear. knowing you guys they are bigger than your swimsuits are anyways. Look, Mary has shorts on"
Mary bent down pulling them off "I'm getting in the pool and the chemicals will ruin my shorts. Can you help me get this off?" Lifting her arms up over her head as I pulled the tight shirt up freeing her boobs. I kept the shirt covering her face for a moment while I inspected them. "Did you get a good look" punching me in the arm hurting her hand.
I grabbed reached out and grabbed the waist band of her thong pulling her back to me scooping her up with one hand under her ass and one on her boob as I took her over and dumped her in the pool. Anna had already stripped down and jumped on me pushing me into the pool with her, my hands going all over her body in the struggle.
I stood up going towards the side when Mary came up in front of me jumping on me with her legs around me and my cock up against her box as she struggled trying to pull me under. I pushed her shoulders jamming her down to dunk her with her legs pressing my suit down my bare erection now against her as I pushed her under it was up against her face. She sprang back up twisting around and I caught her mid flight with my cock in her ass and my hands holding her tits. I turned and dropped her so that she wouldn't hit the side. I reached for the side with my erection just below the waterline and Anna came up getting between me and the side propping herself up so I couldn't get out. My erection rode up her slit and was sitting between her ass cheeks and her tits were now pressed up against my hands as she wrapped her legs backwards trapping me against her. Roberta turned her back to me knowing that I was always checking out her ass. slowly pulling her skirt up over her bare ass with a small string of dental floss down the middle of her cheeks. She then reached up freeing her breasts looking over her shoulder to be sure I was looking as she rolled it down her ass and bending at the waste to pull it from around her ankles giving me a perfect view of her anus and slit from behind.
I was in a trance and not even realizing it had turned my hands around cupping Anna's breasts and precum was flowing out into the crack of her ass. She didn't protest she actually pulled harder against me with her legs as I humped against her ass cheeks as I pinched her nipples. Feeling that she twisted around and Mary jumped me from behind as she twisted my cock got tangled in her thong getting under it so it was right against her slit as she sat on it. looking surprised at the situation bit excited at the same time reached down to pull it out just as Mary pulled me back the pump of her hand as I was pulled under made me cum in reaction. I reached out and grabbed them pulling them close so that they would not see it Mary turned in the struggle and I shot two loads against her ass as I grabbed around her front to pick her up my hand between her legs, she froze but did not protest.

I picked her up from under her arms and threw her. Anna came over and I did the same following them in hopes that they would not see the cloud of semen floating around us. They kept coming at me more and more aggressively “unintentionally touching me while I unintentionally touched them” I was at half erection again and told them that I needed to get out. As I got out I saw that Roberta was using the coconut oil from last night, I remember thinking that this was going to be another wild ride. Her body was glistening her small patch of panties barely covering her slit with her patch of dark pubic hair pushing out the top and sides. Roberta and a big fat pussy and I could tell that she was already excited by the feel of my erection earlier as her lips had flowered and were visible through the white fabric. My erection grew as we admired each other.

Looking down I could see that I had a cum stain that would probably become more embarrassing as it dried. The vision of Roberta and everything that happened with her nieces in the pool had given me a raging hard on. I went to shower “I need to get the chlorine off before it dries up my skin in the sun.” Once in the shower I stripped off my shorts wringing them out and throwing them on the chair. Seeing that the girls were now getting out of the pool. I started using the shower gel and washing my body as I said I would when the two girls came running into the shower with me. Washing my back as I remained pinned against the front of the shower. Finally I said screw it as I liked them seeing it anyway, they knew that I was naked as they could easily see that I had no shorts on. Both blushing as I turned.

“Zio, we have never seen one so big or hard like that. Are you ok? Does it go away or stay like that all of the time?” Mary asked.

“I know I felt it on my butt when I had the leg lock on you. I also felt you touching my breasts, which I wish you had not stopped doing. Did you not like them?”

“Yes I liked them, you guys were driving me crazy in the pool. You are two beautiful young ladies, but I should not be having these types of feelings towards you.”

Anna chimed in “Zio, we want to know about these things. Maybe we should not play with you as much if it will make that swell up and hurt like that, but we liked it too. We are older now and it feels different when you touch us than it did before, which is part of the game. Maybe you can teach us how to play like adults. All we know is what the other girls talk about at school, but you know that our parents are so Catholic that they won’t let us do anything around boys. The only time we are really free is when Zia Roberta takes us out.”

My cock twitched at the thought of these two in little Catholic school girl outfits. The blood flow getting even stronger causing the veins to pop out further, damn those pills but thank god for them at the same time.

“Look, this is the wrong place and time for this. I do not know how much you have been told or how much experience you have, but I should probably not be the one teaching or showing you.” Pausing as they looked scolded “What I mean is that you should probably talk to someone like your aunt and ask her these questions and then find the right guys to try stuff with.”

Anna “We are already here and there it is, Mary said that she got to feel it. Can I just feel it so maybe I can quit thinking so much about it?” I really wanted her to anyway.

“Ok, but don’t let your aunt see it and hand me that towel when we are done.” Anna’s hands were shaking as she moved them towards it. She started at the tip feeling it out then running her hand down the shaft to my balls softly feeling those as well. As she did some precum started to show at the tip.

She gasped “What is that? Is that semen?” Mary coming in closer to see as well.

“No, that’s called precum. That is what comes out to lubricate it for sex, much like when you get wet down there.” She continued up my shaft wrapping her little hand as much as she could around it.

“I think I can feel your pulse pumping through those veins” Mary reached in to feel it as well with Anna pushing her hand up out of the way which stroked my shaft pushing a stream of percum out and now dangling from the tip onto her hand. “Oh my god, that’s warm” Mary reached in wiping it across my hole to get it on her finger. They both played with it “It is like lotion” Mary taking it to her mouth and licking her finger “It tastes kind of sweet too” this pushing more out onto Anna’s hand as she licked her palm. “Mmm, not bad.”

“OK, that’s enough. Hand me the towel.”

“Awe, do we have to stop?” pouted Anna. Mary being jealous of how much Anna got to touch it grabbed the towel quickly handing it to me. Anna’s look changed from a pout to a half eyed look at her sister. I wrapped the towel around my waste pushing the head of my erection under the roll I had made at the top.

Roberta had already drank a couple of beers I had I the fridge. I don’t drink, but one of my friends had left them after a BBQ. They were a beer from northern Europe with a high level of alcohol. I am sure that she did not know that, but her getting drunk would not be a bad thing. I brought her another beer and grabbed a bottle of water. Her crotch was drenched and her nipples like big fat pencil erasers. “Here you go, this will help you to cool down. I guess these empty beers means that you are not leaving anytime soon?”

“I guess not” pulling her sun glasses up so I could see her eyes. I also think she opened her legs more, but was not sure. “is that OK with you? Do you have enough room?”

Just playing with her as I have plenty of room “I guess, we may have to double up though, or I could just sleep on the couch.”

“He can sleep with us, we don’t take much room” the girls chimed in.

“No, we have known each other for years. Family can share.” As she gave me a devilish grin. “I mean even though we are not blood relatives we can sleep in the same room. I would not think of you sleeping on your own couch.

“You look like you are getting too much sun, you might want to get in the pool or move to the shade.”

“I am trying to get more tan before hitting the beach. I really need a man and soon.” She returned.

“Yep, but you don’t want to keep it up with these low lifes and need to look for something better”

She smiled at me “It seems those are taken, or not interested.”

“You are way to sexy for them not to be interested”

“Oh, you noticed. Here I thought you were going gay or something.” She retorted

“No he’s not” chimed Mary with a big awkward smile like she just said something she shouldn’t have.

“It is hard not to notice, I have always appreciated how sexy you are. I just don’t care for all of the makeup and high maintenance crap.” She stood up giving me a big hug and hard kiss.

“You have never ever said anything that nice to me before. Thank you! It is nice to be appreciated like that”

“Look, don’t get any ideas. I am not looking to get married again and if I did it would not be to another Italian.” She sat acting like she was pouting.

“Not even us?” The girls blurted out in stereo.

“Maybe when you get old enough we can talk. You know you are my little princesses”

“Zio, that’s next year or so by Italian law.” Mary beamed.

“Oh god, the timer is starting” as I went to kiss her on her forehead she tilted her head so it landed on her lips. It felt good, but I pulled back quickly.

Roberta laughed hard “Looks like you are in trouble!”

“Could you put some of this oil on my back?” asked Roberta starting to slur a bit.

“yeah me too” said each of the girls.

Not wanting to make the situation any crazier than it already was “Let me see if I can find something better. This will not protect you from the sun.”

“We want tan, not protection. This oil will work fine. We are not as fair skinned as you are.” added Roberta. I guess they were asking for it and I guess that Roberta had not figured out what was making her so wet.

She rolled over making a show as she did. “Man, what an ass” came out as I meant it to be under my breath but it was a little too audible.

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing” I said as I saw her get a wicked smile turning her head the other way.

“Don’t miss a spot! I don’t want splotches!”

I started on her back while sitting next to her rubbing long strokes taking advantage of the fact that I was finally able to touch her ass freely. “Ohhh, that feels good. You have very strong hands. You seem so uncomfortable. Why don’t you get up on top so that you can get a better angle.” So I straddled her legs reaching up to get her shoulders. The stretching and straddling pulled my erection out of the fold poking her ass. I could feel her lift her hips and opening her legs as it did. “Dio” (God) was all I heard. I pulled back a bit and could see that she was flooding out of her panties onto the chair. I decided to torture her a bit more laying as I stretched pushing my erection down between her legs so it was rubbing against her ass and slit as I massaged her back and shoulders. “Dio” again as I new she was getting worked up with the oil helping her along. She raised her hands above her head so I ran mine down her sides to her hips pulling up each time I did. She was working to get herself in the right position as well so that my erection would rub where she most wanted. I started feeling it pushing against he swollen opening and could tell that there was not much cover left between us. She was also slick from excitement, very slick. As I rubbed my hands up and down I had been rubbing the sides of her breasts. This time I went up and she lifted up on her elbows giving me full access. I cupped her breasts running my hands across her nipples with my fingers open enough for them to pop in and out as I passed over. She pushed back against my cock as it pushed towards her opening letting the head now push in with her panties.

The oil and juices making the chair a bit slippery as I pushed up one last time my right knee slipped off ramming me about half way in her wet pussy. This time she screamed “Oh DIO” and I felt her body convulse in orgasm as her pussy walls pushed me out. Wanting her to think it was an accident “oh shit, sorry, are you ok?”

All she could do was nod as she was trying to hold in from the orgasm. So I pulled back now straddling her knees and could see her hand was now tucked under her body rubbing her crotch with her legs trembling. I started to massage the oil into her ass opening it wide to get the best view I could. I made sure to not miss her anus rubbing circles on it to get every spot. Then rubbing down her ass cheeks in between her thighs I cupped her hand to let her know that I knew it was there. Her hand was drenched with her wetness and I could smell her musky odor. I took extra care of her inner thighs rubbing from one to the other across her slit. I pulled the panties I had shoved in with my cock out, but did not fix them so that her pussy was uncovered so that I would run my fingers across her swollen lips each time I transitioned from thigh to thigh. Her breath quickened and her body started to jerk as she reached orgasm once more. This time I cupped my hand over her pussy feeling it pulsate with her orgasm wetting my hand with her juices. I pulled my hand up to smell her aroma and licked my hand clean.

I took her panties and covered her slit the best I could running my finger through it from top to bottom with her shivering with my touch. Probably past being overly sensitive at this point. As she turned on her side looking at me I sucked my finger clean. "You may want to either jump in the pool or find a change in panties." She looked stunned at what had just happened as she reached out locking fingers with my hand and just shaking her head.

"Zio, come on, we are burning over here." I sat between them rubbing the oil all over their backs. "Zio, no splotches..." So I rubbed the oil onto their beautiful asses working down to their legs. I made sure that I would get as close as I could without touching their little pussies and it was obviously driving them crazy. They were thrusting their asses towards me just as I would get there. If they were already as horny as they seemed earlier then I am sure that the oil was making them crazy. They probably had no idea what was going on with that and why they were tingling so hard.

"It's too hot, lets get back in the pool" said Anna.
Roberta grabbed another itty bitty a pair of panties out of her bag and headed towards the shower.
"Let me get some trunks" heading over to the shower as well. Roberta was standing naked in the shower, what a beautiful sight that was. I walked up to her needing to get my shorts leaning down to kiss her ass on both cheeks and then licking up her crack. She turned around putting her arms around my neck and her tongue down my throat. My erection poking her in the belly.
"Oh Dio, why did that feel so good? Why have we not done that before? Why did you not fuck me with this big thing?" grabbing my cock.

I took her face in my hands "look how beautiful you are with all of the make up washed off. Trust me I wanted to, but we had an audience. Anyway, it seems we have all night if you think you want more."
"Oh yes, you are in trouble tonight..." she replied bending down taking my cock in her mouth. "This is just a taste" as she perfectly sucked and licked my cock.
"Zia, what are you doing?" asked Anna.
"Zio" was hurting so I wanted to help him.
"Sure, are you coming?" handing me my shorts.

I put them on, but the tip was almost sticking out the top. Anna jumped up wrapping her arms around me and legs around my waist shivering as her little nub rubbed against the tip of my cock. "Jump in with me!"

We started playing and they were even more aggressive than before. Asking me to do things. Anna asking me to pick her up like a cheerleader putting my hand between her legs with my finger between her ass cheeks. Then Mary had to do it. They would wrestle with me trying to pull me under climbing all over me. There panties becoming disheveled showing their slits the majority of the time. I pulled Mary up kissing her ass and then sliding her down my body her legs pushing my suit down so that my erection was sticking right between her legs. She started kicking her feet "look Anna it's like a seat" as my hands slipped up to her breasts. "ohhhh, It feels good when you do that!"
Anna comes over "My turn!" as she trades places.
I grab her around the waste picking her up as she bends forward to get away before I dunk her. Her beautiful ass in my face with her pussy almost covered. I lean forward and suck suck her little panty covered pussy. She quits fighting and freezes reaching down to grab my cock missing as I drop her pulling my shorts up.

They jump out of the pool asking me to come over to the edge. I go over and they sit on my shoulders one on each side straddling with their knees under my chin. I can feel the heat from their crotches as I am holding their asses to balance them. Anna then sides down my arm into the pool. I grab Mary and she wraps her leg around my head with her crotch in my face. I lick it and she jumps then pushing it back to me as I start to suck it through her panties. then dropping her into the water.

I finally get out and I am laying on the chair. Anna comes over straddling me "Zio, we're not done playing." feeling my erection against her slit she starts grinding against it. "That feels so good" better than when I touch it myself." "mmmm, Mary come try this!"
"No, I told you that you needed to talk to your aunt before you did anything else."
"Her Mary, I'll hold him down for you" as she sat on my chest Mary pulled it out and sat her slit down on it. I struggled, but not too hard. I pinched Anna's leg which made her pop up so I pulled her down onto my face as I sucked her pussy she started grinding my face. "Oh my god, what are you doing? That feels so good." I pulled her thong to the side and liked her asshole. Making her jump off of me "Ewww he licked my butt hole"
Mary turns around "Do it to me" and I did I actually tongued the hell out of it while I rubbed my thumb on her slit. "Oh my, will you do it some more? I was getting all tingly"
"Go find your aunt and have her come out to see if she is OK with it or if she will show you a few things."

They come back out with Roberta who is now all cleaned up with no make up and all she had on was a little bitty g-string. "they say that they want me to teach them a few things about men and what to do."....."Would you mind being our teaching aid?"
"Just as long as taking virginity is not in the plan."
"Oh, I'm no virgin" she responds.

"Great, show us what you would do to a Zia if she was your girlfriend. Stand up and be all romantic"
I stood up pulling Roberta to me kissing her passionately taking her nipples in one hand and her ass in the other. "Oh Dio" is once again all she could say. I started sucking her nipples as she pulled my head closer as I ran my hand down her belly sticking my hand inside her panties rubbing her fat pussy that was already wet with her juices. I stopped and told the girls to come close.
"You see how she looks slick and wet as I run my finger through her slit." They both nodded feeling their throats to dry to talk. Roberta was humping my hand as I injected a finger between her lips rubbing her clit with my palm. I stopped and turned her around pulling her panties off. I started licking her beautiful ass as she opened her legs to allow me to finger her pussy while I did. Bending her over to eat her pussy and tongue her anus.
I laid her down opening her legs taking her ass in my hands as I licked her pussy sucking her lips into my mouth making her quiver then assaulting her sensitive and swollen clit making her convulse in orgasm sticking my finger in touching her Gspot making her cum harder as I sucked every bit of juice from her clit as she screamed. Calming down "Now show them".


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